Tamil vs Kannada. Which one is the ol...

Ashburn, VA

#548 Jul 21, 2014
Telugu is the oldest and sweetest language in india. No language in India produce such great lyrics and poetry like Telugu. Telugu is legendary and highly tremendous.

Bangalore, India

#549 Jul 21, 2014
Naveen kumar wrote:
<quoted text> u crossbreed moron dont bark simply, read the links and come. Mad fellow u fools r crossbreed of telugu and kannada. Its even waste thing to compare Telugu and kannada with fake Tamil.
Vaaya mooduraa kena... you are thre cross breed of not human being two animals. Thats why you are writing this silly comments. Loosu koo..

Mumbai, India

#552 Jul 22, 2014
Naveen kumar wrote:
u tamil barbarian slaves r crossbreed of that 2 animals u have mentioned those are gorillas and chimpanzees. You know nothing about languages and your fake Tamil history. Go and bark in ur Tamilnadu like tamil tamil tamil tamil tamil tamil. Tamil script derived from pallava script. Pallavas r early descendants from shatavahanas. Some shatavahana descendants ruled karnataka regions. Kuntala satakarni a 13th ruler from shatavahana dynasty was founder of early kannada kingdoms like kadamba and ganga. Grantha born from pallava script. Pallava script born from brahmi. Pallava script given birth to Tamil and malayalam scripts. Sangam gramer writen by telugu people in modified pallava script. Sangam gramer similar to sangam telugu dialect spoken by some telugu people in Tamilnadu. Sangam gramer writen during 10th to 15th century. Sangam grammer writen under the mid chola kingdom, these mid cholas(eastern chalukyas are telugu kannada kingdom) they are the other line kings of shatavahanas(TELUGU origins). Sangam writers comunity was from Amaravathi guntur(Andhra) it was ancient capital of telugu people Telangana,rayalaseema and Andhra. U know half of Tamilnadu residents r telugu people from Andhra Telangana and rayalaseema regions. Chennai was a telugu city at madras presidency.
Have You any evidence? Whole south indians are Tamilians only. You know? Dont tell again again pallava, pallavaa... May pallava being telugus they only ruled part of tamil nadu (ancheepuram). not whole tamilnadu.
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#553 Jul 22, 2014
Mad fool, u tamils r barbarians came from africa through srilanka after A.D. times. Telugus and kannada people are natives of India. Mainly Telugu people came from Indus valley civillization and ancestors of many indians and their kingdoms. The whole temples in tamilnadu were builted by telugu kings pallavas,nayaks and a telugu kannada kingdom eastern chalukyas(mid cholas) again the descendants of shatavahanas(telugu origins). No temples were builted by ur so called tamil kingdoms like early chola,pandya and chera even these chola and pandyas came from north and north west india. Cheras r sinhaleese and buddhists. U people lived as slaves under the kings of various states. Sangam gramer writen by telugus for eastern chalukyas descendants of shatavahanas(telugu origins). We gave script and gramer. Tamil and malayalam scripts born at end of 7th centurys from pallava grantha. Grantha born from late 7th century telugu script. If u dont know anything about history learn. And u r not my standard to argue with me. Learn history and come. Tamil is combination of sinhala+sanskrit+telugu+kannad a. Tamil is a chaste sinhala came from srilanka and influenced by telugu,kannada and sanskrit. Telugu and kannada both are older than tamil indeed its a waste thing to compare these 2 languages with tamil.
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#554 Jul 22, 2014
Early Chola kingdom established by vellalars they came from north india. Pandya kingdom was estd by devars in tamil tevars/mukkulathors they came from north west india. Chera kingdom was estd by native sinhaleese of tamilnadu with some buddhist warriors. These 3 kingdoms did nothing and didn't builted any temple architectures. Its only telugus pallavas,nayaks,eastern chalukyas(medieval cholas) builted temples in Tamilnadu.

Ashburn, VA

#555 Jul 22, 2014
bhavana wrote:
<quoted text>
Satavahans are not telegus or andra. andra means servent or shudra. please read the recent findings by historians. the satavahans showing its origin to east of andra. they have called themselves has kuntaleshwars not has andras. please read history and recent findings. read the blog controvery in history and comment in that site.
Shatavahanas r telugu kings and shudras only. Simukha founder of shatavahana dynasty was a shudra mentioned as "Vsrola Bali" meaning Strong Shudra mentioned in bhagavath purana. Shatavahana(telugu) kings ruled Andhra and karnataka,maharashtra regions.

Ashburn, VA

#556 Jul 22, 2014
Kshatriya doesn't mean a race. Kshatriya means ruler/king. Shatavahanas r shudras not brahmins/vaishyas. Shatavahanas r telugu kshatriyas of Andhrapradesh corresponding regions of Telangana,Andhra and Rayalaseema.(ANDHRA PRADESH). Shatavahana capital was kotilingala( present day karimnagar) and Amaravathi( guntur).
Naveen kumar

San Mateo, CA

#557 Jul 23, 2014
I have just watched the wiki of shatavahana dynasty now. It is very injustice that kannadiags added to shatavahana dynasty. How they r claiming i cant understanding it. It was moda sattva a kannada blog writen to his favour. He mentioned in that blog as Andhras as servants and shundras. Then how come bhagavath purana mentioned simuka as VSROLA BALI meaning STRONG SHUDRA. Shatavahanas r shudras of Andhrapradesh(3 regions). Therefore his claim is wrong.
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#558 Jul 23, 2014
Matsya purana; siruka, vishnupurana;sipraka, vayupurana;sindhuka, bhagavath purana; vsrola bali mean strong shudra, Brahmanda purana; chishmaka. All these r supposedly to refer the king simuka who estd shatavahana dynasty. Matsya purana mentions 30 rulers of shatavahanas. Actually kuntala satakarni is name of a 13th shatavahana ruler. After the rule of him this region got name called kuntala. Only chalukyas and rashtrakutas called themselves as kuntaleshwars and they belong to 5th to 9th centurys so kuntala region is not a ancient region it was the region belong to 5th to 9th centurys. Though i mentioned these points in coments in his blog but he is not publishing mines bcoz he is false and wrong.
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#559 Jul 23, 2014
Continue.... Karnata the tribe only found in mahabharata tribe but kuntala tribe of south india never found in mahabharatha tribes. So karnata is identified with karnataka. The 11th century sanskrit work udayasundarikatha soddhala mentioned the capital of kuntala country. By this it proves kuntala region belong to A.D. Times. And it was named by the chalukyas and they called themselves as kuntaleshwaras. Aihole inscription of Pulakeshi 2 includes all these areas mentioned in kuntala as maharashtra. Pulakeshi II Was chalukya king belong to 6th century. So the theory of modasattva is wrong and fake from beginning.

Bangalore, India

#560 Jul 23, 2014
Theories are not facts
There are many theories regarding origin of Satavahanas.Few historians have claimed satavahanas as Andhra origin but other eminent historians have rejected Andhra origin
Origin of Satavahanas is still a controversial topic
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#561 Jul 23, 2014
Moda sattva in that blog wrong from beginning. He Said andhras are servants and sudras. But simuka was a shudra founder of shatavahana dynasty. Shatavahanas r andhras ruled and patronised kannada regions.

Aldie, VA

#566 Jul 25, 2014
it is sad that when I search for "Kannada History" that this link shows up on Google with all the unnecessary chatter which does not help the of trying to be good neighbors. I think lots of people from Tamilnadu and Karanatka share a common blood, so let us show some respect for each other. Thank you all.
HK Mahesh

Vijayawada, India

#567 Jul 25, 2014
Someone said that Tamil got more than 20,000 years of history... what a blunder!!! it clearly shows that some tamillians are fools.. they come to bangalore begging for a shelter and now they're barking on us!!! the fact is it is dravidian language... kannada and tamil was born by brahmi language... both were born together !!! so stop fighting here...
HK Mahesh

Vijayawada, India

#568 Jul 25, 2014
super guru

Mumbai, India

#569 Jul 25, 2014
Naveen wrote:
it is sad that when I search for "Kannada History" that this link shows up on Google with all the unnecessary chatter which does not help the of trying to be good neighbors. I think lots of people from Tamilnadu and Karanatka share a common blood, so let us show some respect for each other. Thank you all.
Dont talk about karnataka people. Fool. Kannada is the sweetest language. Do your history research in your telugu. Kannada is the greatest language.


#570 Jul 25, 2014
Very well said

Los Angeles, CA

#571 Jul 27, 2014
Nimmour thullu elladkintha munche samskrutha,amele nim kannada tamil telagu etc, mangya sulemakla

United States

#572 Jul 28, 2014
halo Mr.Naveen... Wat ra dng here!!!

started pouring ur own stories here too!!!!!

u fellow stood with Kannada's in Sanskrit Vs Tamil topic
claiming Telugu created whole universe...
but here u r against Kannada's claiming the same...

dai dai dai.. I think people don't know well about u shall I show them ur idiotic multiple faces, huh!!!

Ashburn, VA

#573 Jul 28, 2014
my fellow humans, if u like to know more about Mr.Naveen a legendary bed time story writer about south Indian history..
check dis..

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