Tamil vs Kannada. Which one is the ol...
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#391 Apr 16, 2014
HISTORY OF TAMILNADU 4; TEMPLES in tamilnadu were builted by telugu/ap origins like pallavas,nayaks, and some temples was builted by medieval cholas after 800 a.d. who were eastern chalukyas/rajputs merged with early cholas and builted temples. No tamil kingdoms like earlychola,pandyas,cheras didn't builted any temple architectures in tamilnadu.
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#392 Apr 16, 2014
HISTORY OF TAMILNADU; ANCIENT TAMIL regions belong to andhraites. Tamil tribes belong to the kingdoms of early cholas,pandyas,chera remaining indegenious people belong to andhra tribes. Medieval tamilnadu was formed with more than 42% of telugu origins. Tamilnadu,tamil, only old as 300 b.c. There was no name called tamil before 300 b.c.
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#393 Apr 16, 2014
HISTORY OF TAMILNADU;Tamil language and gramer was created by agasthya,18 sidhars,40000 velalars who migrated to deep extreme south and estd a mini tamil language country. Tamil sangam gramer was modified versions of vedic gramer by north indian saints who migrated to south.
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#394 Apr 16, 2014
HISTORY OF TAMILNADU; ALL THE FAMOUS PEOPLE IN TAMILNADU ARE TELUGU ORIGINS; Some of them are pallavas,nayaks,bodhi dharma,tyagaraja,syamasyastri, sarvepalli radhakrishna,kambar, politician families like anna,jayalalitha,karunananidhi ,vaigo in srilanka etc.. Many great people are hailed from telugu in madras presidency or old south india. Most of the other famouspeople who r converted to tamils like subayya/subramanya bhartiyar, and ilayaraja etc... Even present tamilnadu governor and cm are telugus. Tamilnadu cine superstar rajini kanth is a marati origin, no famous person was born in fake tamilnadu.
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#395 Apr 16, 2014
HISTOR OF TAMILNADU;Tamil and Tamilnadu only 300 b.c. Formed by early north indians who migrated to south. Kumarikandam is a myth no evidences found about tamil,no ancient indian literatures mentions about tamil tribes, tamil and tamilnadu 300 b.c. Only
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#396 Apr 16, 2014
Tamilnadu is fake and joke
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#397 Apr 16, 2014
The first south indian kingdom belong to ANDHRAPRADESH. ASHMAKA is the first kingdom of southindia from AP AT 800 b.c


#398 Apr 17, 2014
Naveen kumar wrote:
The first south indian kingdom belong to ANDHRAPRADESH. ASHMAKA is the first kingdom of southindia from AP AT 800 b.c
Blah blah blah... blah blah.. blah... blah!!


#399 Apr 17, 2014
Seriously Naveen, where do you get these info? Can you provide me some links to your online reference material? or any bibliographical proof?

I am very curious to know how you claim your statements as facts..

Dubai, UAE

#400 Apr 19, 2014
Sivan wrote:
<quoted text>
Dear All,
"Iniya Tamizh Puthandu Nalvaazhthukkal"
Wish You a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2014 for Tamil Nadu, Assam, West Bengal, Kerala, Manipur, Mithila, Odisha, Punjab, Tripura , Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka and Thailand & Some part of China.


Ancient Cities in Tamil Nadu May Be Over 12,000 Years Old.predate the Sumerian civilization .

CHENNAI, INDIA, January 5, 2003: A British marine archaeologist and author Graham Hancock has been examining a submerged city on the East Coast of Tamil Nadu. Mr. Hancock says a civilization thriving there may predate the Sumerian civilization of Mesopotamia in present-day Iraq and definitely existed before the Harappan civilization in India and Pakistan. He has been excavating the site off the coast of Poompuhar, near Nagapattinam, 400 km south of Chennai. At a meeting of the Mythic Society in Bangalore in early December, Mr. Hancock said underwater explorations in 2001 provided evidence that corroborated Tamil mythological stories of ancient floods. He said tidal waves of 400 feet or more could have swallowed this flourishing port city any time between 17,000 and 7,000 years ago, the date of the last Ice Age. The Gulf of Cambay was also submerged, taking with it evidence of early man's migration. The populations Mr. Wells and Mr. Pitchappan (see previous article) mapped settled on India's East Coast 50,000 to 35,000 years ago and developed into modern man. According to Hancock, "the Poompuhar underwater site could well provide evidence that it was the cradle of modern civilization." Hancock's theory is strengthened by findings of India's National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), which has explored the site since the 1980s. Man-made structures like well rims, horseshoe-shaped building sites are some of the lost city's secrets. At low tide, some brick structures from the Sangam era are still visible in places like Vanagiri. The region, archaeologists say, has been built over and over again through the ages and some of its past is now being revealed. Mr. Glenn Milne, a British geologist from Durham University, has confirmed Hancock's theory.

More information is found at: http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_132193 ...

The Tamil language is older than Sanskrit and is "the mother of all Language.

Chennai, India

#402 Apr 23, 2014
Tamil than daa gethuu.....kannada 2500 years only but tamil goes back 20000 years or the origination of earth......"KAL THONDRA MAAN THONDRA MUNNA THONDRIYATHU TAMIL MOLLI" tamilzhan daaaaaa

Ashburn, VA

#404 Apr 25, 2014
no use of talking
Rafi- tamilan

Tampa, FL

#405 Apr 25, 2014


#407 Apr 28, 2014
madhan wrote:
in erode disticts of tamilnadu we can find peoples still speaking tamil- kannada as their mother tongue,it shows kannada is born from tamil and their community name is madari community or chakkiliyan community or arunthathiyar community.if you ask these community people about mother tongue they will tell kannada but ask them to speak kannada the will speak tamil-kannada,similarly telugu they speak tamil-telugu,similarly ask tamil to speak they speak pure tamil,this is clear evidence that kannada and telugu are born from tamil as mother.this community peoples are the ancient dravidian peoples and original tamil peoples and original indians , lived in sangam period and father of tamil,telugu,kannada origin.
Mr. Madhan,
Its because of the majority tamil speaking population that the kannada and telugu have changed to tamil-kannada and tamil-telugu respectively...

Ashburn, VA

#409 Apr 28, 2014
Tamil is the mother of all language. . I never seen a worst script like Kannada. . Kannada people r worstest ever


#410 Apr 28, 2014
Mudaliar wrote:
Tamil is the mother of all language.. I never seen a worst script like Kannada.. Kannada people r worstest ever
Another Tamil Fascinist....
Prashanth Kadapa

Delhi, India

#412 Apr 29, 2014
Mudaliar wrote:
Tamil is the mother of all language.. I never seen a worst script like Kannada.. Kannada people r worstest ever
Mad fool don't say tamil is the mother of all langauage there is no proof except in your imagination. Sanskrit is mother of Tamil.
Sanskrit is very much an Indian langauage only tamils call it as a foreign langauage and dead langauage
Tamils are like Muslims both are fanatics and fools
Tamils are langauage fanatics, Muslims are religious fanatics

Ashburn, VA

#413 Apr 30, 2014
Naveen kumar

Ashburn, VA

#414 Apr 30, 2014
Prashanth kadapa, u r absolutely right. Only tamil fools in india says sanskrit as the foreign language. European muller,nazi, at british rule stolen a word called ARYA from sanskrit and they made it into a race called ARYAN and created fake theories like arya-dravidian theory, aryan invasion theory and indo european language theories to steal the indian pride and history as they did in plundering the indian wealth under their rule. I can show u anykind of proofs about my statements. We can easily see the sanskrit influence in tamil and every indian language. Sanskrit was the early language of indians b4 separate state languages. Infact sanskrit language and sanskrit literatures are composed by all the ancient indian saints,poets and wisepeople across ancient india from south to north at that time most of the south india belongs to andhrapradesh tribes and at that time there were no muslims in india, ancient north indians r similar to south indians in culture, but the present north indians were merged with muslims and their culture even their body and facial features,dressculture,food culture,languages,etc...got changed after they merged with muslims

Pune, India

#418 May 2, 2014
Oldest could be TAMIL but Kannada is a refined language (than Tamil)
I am a Maharashrian and Like TELUGU too (though the phonetics is not plesant)

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