Tamil vs Kannada. Which one is the ol...

Zuchwil, Switzerland

#204 Dec 3, 2013
Tamil pronunciation is worst because they can't pronounce ''HA'' if u ask any tamilian to say ''MAHENDRA'' they say ''MAGENDRA'',this is the real difference,I asked my tamil friend to say ''HAYAWADANA'' he said ''GAYAWADANA''if any one has doubt with this pls try with your tamil friends ,they can't Pronounce ''HA''..haha..how they will compare with Kannada,one who speaks kannada,his accent is perfect,if u want to know tamil accent ,then pls watch Chennai express movie...one more thing pls visit ay tamil Restaurants ,their u will find ''GOPI MASALA'' special tamil dish ,don't get confused it is Gobi masala...hahaha...

Bangalore, India

#205 Dec 4, 2013
many who commented against Kannada stay in Karnataka(Bangalore).

Los Angeles, CA

#206 Dec 4, 2013
Both r nice languages
Peace keeper

Bangalore, India

#207 Dec 7, 2013
One has to admit that Tamil is a older language as per scientific evidence, the sangam literature written by the Tamil poets is one of the finest literary works in the world, unfortunately most of it is now lost ........but the Tamil language is not without flaws for example the grammar in the language, the vast difference in written & spoken language.
Kannada is comparatively newer language the oldest written edict being the halmidi inscription but since the inscription is so proficiently written & the grammar quiet advanced there might be older inscriptions yet to be found & Kannada has made up for its relative newness by producing vast amounts of literature in the past (12th century vachana Sahithya) & modern time the grammar in the language is also considered quiet superior to most languages in the world & being on par with Latin, Sanskrit, Greek & modern English .....the flaws in Kannada language are it borrowed largely from Sanskrit from the 9th to 11th century when the scholars tried to translate literature from Sanskrit to Kannada (although subsequently corrected) & lacks substantial speakers of the language outside the state let alone the country ..unlike Tamil which is spoken In many countries.
Puvith Kannadiga

Ashburn, VA

#208 Dec 7, 2013
If Tamil is the oldest language why you guys in tamilnadu drink our water it's like drinking our shit and toilet hel tindange kanro. jai KARNATAKA

Los Angeles, CA

#209 Dec 16, 2013
Dont compare tamil with kannada, the oly language in india to get 8 jnanapeth awards kannada is oldest and sweetest language .. Proud to be an kannadiga

New Delhi, India

#211 Dec 17, 2013
The sources of influence on Kannada grammar appear to be three-fold; Pāṇini's grammar, non-Paninian schools of Sanskrit grammar, particularly Katantra and Sakatayana schools, and Prakrit grammar.[26] Literary Prakrit seemed to have prevailed in Karnataka since ancient times. The vernacular Prakrit speaking people, may have come in contact with the Kannada speakers, thus influencing their language, even before Kannada was used for administrative or liturgical purpose. Kannada phonetics, morphology, vocabulary, grammar and syntax show significant Sanskrit and Prakrit influence.[26][27]

Some examples of naturalised (tadbhava) words of Prakrit origin in Kannada are baṇṇa derived from vaṇṇa, arasu (king), and from Sanskrit, varṇa (color), hunnime (new moon) from puṇṇiv ā, paurṇimā (full moon), and rāya from rāja (king).[28] Kannada has numerous borrowed (tatsama) words such as dina, kopa, surya, mukha, nimiṣa, anna.[29]
santhosh balaji

Chennai, India

#212 Dec 23, 2013
Puvith Kannadiga wrote:
If Tamil is the oldest language why you guys in tamilnadu drink our water it's like drinking our shit and toilet hel tindange kanro. jai KARNATAKA
Hey dude kannada language itself derived from tamil ,if your abusing tamilians it is like abusing your parents , and your comment is totally irrelevant to the toopic

Pasadena, CA

#213 Dec 23, 2013
Stop fighting fellos try to b Hindustani first tamil is great in Tamil nadu, Kannada is great in karnataka an others in der states but u pepol forget wer these states r dnt forget all d great indians said to b in unity so respect each other an help india to a strong an united country fight enemies not among us k

Chennai, India

#214 Dec 23, 2013
saravana wrote:
<quoted text>
I made MA in History, as i was search about kannada language that time i knew it kannada language is older the Tamil Language, And one more thing is as kannada words no limit but tamil is limited words. Whatever we are Indian and one Family.

Bangalore, India

#215 Dec 24, 2013
Kannada is the oldest language as OLD KANNADA is found to be independent from Sanskrit so it is the oldest language of the world.

Bangalore, India

#216 Dec 24, 2013
kannadam gelgae ,kannadam balgae
rajesh k v


#217 Dec 24, 2013
Yes, Tamil is 10000 year old language. Understand why people hate this stone age language..? It sounds like stone age,.......the way it is spoken, the people who speak it,.........everything is pathetic....
Kannada is new, modern and decent people's language. Kannada sounds like a beautiful song, Tamil sounds like a dubba old bus with screaching noise......... No one likes to hear that language...except ofcourse..these unique tribe called Tamils.

Bangalore, India

#218 Dec 24, 2013
Friends, I love Tamil as well as Kannada, whichever is older does not matter to me, But the fact is that We have to feel great that We in India, had such a rich history and vocabulary, during times in the other part of the world, still were barbarians and cavemen ruled. We are a great Nation, and both these languages have contributed equally...Both are definately older to our present National language...

Chennai, India

#219 Dec 25, 2013
History of Kannada[edit] source: wikipedia

Halmidi Inscription replica
Kannada is the oldest south Indian languages with an antiquity of at least 2500 years.[44][45][46][47][48] The spoken language is said to have separated from its proto-language source earlier than Tamil and about the same time as Tulu.[49] However, archaeological evidence would indicate a written tradition for this language of around 1500–1600 years. The initial development of the Kannada language is similar to that of other south Indian languages and independent of Sanskrit.[50][51]
Stages of development[edit]
By the time Halmidi shasana (stone inscription) Kannada had become an official language. It is said that the halekannnada later developed and deviated into 2 currently coexisting languages Kannada and Telugu.

Gulbarga, India

#220 Dec 26, 2013
tamils are great becouse these people using in tamil only not like kannad people but kannad is very sweetest language in world, i am only kannadiga loving kannada lguge
Guruprasad_Banga lore

Mumbai, India

#221 Dec 27, 2013
I am a Kannadiga...But I respect all languages. But when it comes to insulting Kannada, I wont keep quiet....Its my Mother Tongue...Mr. Thamizhan, do you have Numericals in Tamil. Just a simple question??? please answer
PDX Dave

Portland, OR

#222 Dec 27, 2013
I'm still trying to figure out the answer to the question "why does it matter, and who cares?" So long as they're both functional languages, it's immaterial which one is predating the other. So what is this, the case of 'my language can beat up your language'? Maybe it's a cultural thing, and I just don't get it (being a pragmatic Western thinker)


#223 Dec 28, 2013
compared to all dravidian language, most of the ppl select KANNADA as a second language. but other dravidian language has their native speaker only, its true.


#224 Dec 28, 2013
kannada is a good language, compare to other dravidian language bcz . more of the ppl select kannada as a second language. the native speaker of kannada only 34 millions but total speaker of kannada 60 millions. more then 24 millions ppl select as a kannada 2nd language. But native speaker of tamil 60 millions and total number of speaker 66 millions. tamil language difficult to ppl so only 6 millions ppl accept as a tamil as a second language.
And telugu native speakers 66 millions and ttl no of spkr 70 millions and same way malyalam ntv spkr 33 millions and total no of spkr 34 millions.

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