spanish bullfighting should be banned...
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New England

#24 Jun 29, 2009
Should we watch where we're walking all the time so we don't kill caterpillars and dig up all the worms before construction like in that movie 7 years in Tibet?

Should we prosecute animals for harming each other?

Are you saying Jesus was a vegan?

Montréal, Canada

#25 Aug 26, 2009
Bull fighting is sick, and of course, was invited by humans, the sickest lowest shit I am not proud to be. I would love to take an automatic weapon and shoot blindly at the crowd, and when the swat team arrives and kill me, well, GOOD! Another human dead. Type:''Bull Fight Finish'' on

United States

#26 Sep 16, 2009
It sickens me that these animals are tortured like this. I enjoy it when these dumb asses get hurt. They deserve what they got.

Darling Point, Australia

#27 Nov 17, 2009
Carl wrote:
spanish bullfighting should be banned now!!!
It's their country and their laws. You don't like the bullfighting.
Abortion in America is our country and our laws. I don't like it.
What would you say if the Spanish said abortion should be outlawed in America? I think you'd tell them to go pound sand.
Save the babies.
Abortion isnt good but we're talking about bullfighting here....its another agenda altogether! There are lots of bad things going on in this world but it doesnt mean bullfighting is any less cruel does it? With your attitude there would be lots of animal cruelty in the world with no-one doing anything about it because we should all be looking at abortion! Are you concerned about destroying forests? Slavery (still happens)? mass genocide? Child pornography?.....Yes there are lots of things we need to stop.....and bull fighting is another one!

Dartmouth, Canada

#28 Nov 17, 2009
Get Pam Anderson and her famous PETA friends to do something. Pam is full of bull.


#29 Dec 13, 2009
I can't believe that anyone even considers killing a helpless and innocent creature. Its a revolting sport which encourages violence and aggression. Torturing bulls is not a sport, it is a massacre and you should be ashamed of it.

It is animal cruelty to raise an animal and not give it a choice of what to do in its OWN life.

It is also unfair because the human has a better chance of winning-winning meaning leaving another's blood on your heart forever. Bullfighters and their viewers are murders at heart.

What more can i say?

Bad Homburg, Germany

#30 Jan 4, 2010
To start of, yes I am Spanish and I have watched bull fighting.
I that they only kill the old bulls, they let them live their life until they are old.
And then, I dont get why you guys start critisizing others, because have ever thought how many turkeys are being killed just in America in just one day (Christmas eve)?? Of course I dont know the exact amount, however lets just take the population in america and half it : 308,292,000 / 2 =154, 146,000...and we all know more than half america eats turkey. The bulls killed per year in spain (300,000) is NOTHING compared to the turkeys killed in one day in america.

I also have to add, that even thought it is spanish and its mainly done in spain. Bullfighting can also be found in France, Portugal and South America!
So stop blaming spanish people, cause, YES WE DID START IT. But if its SOOO CRUEL, why do french and portugese etc. copy us????

Lynnwood, WA

#31 Feb 7, 2010
Hey Maria, we kill the Turkeys to eat them. The Bulls are killed for sport ONLY! There is no use for them after words, it is all just for entertainment. You cannot compare the two!! Please don't post until you can put down an intelligent argument!!!

Lynnwood, WA

#32 Feb 7, 2010
Just because France, Portugal and So. America do it too, it's still cruel! They do it for the $$$$, obviously!!
Mr Right

Glenroy, Australia

#33 Apr 28, 2010
Bullfighting is disgusting. I HATE bullfighting with a passion it's pure cruelty yo the bulls. Yes I eat meat however when the cows sheep etc are slaughtered it's done quickly & the creatures don't feel pain, or tourment. The bulls however feel enourmous pain, tourment & angwish. I don't care if bullfighting is part of spanish, Mexican culture, it's a horrible act & I hope very soon that bullfighhting is prohibited everywhere in the world. I don't know how anyone can view this despicable thing as entertainment. I hope I NEVER meet any matadors in my life i may not be able to restrain myself. I HATE MATADORS WITH A PASSION Matadors are the scum of the earth a plague in communities & I hope karma bites all the matadors in the arse & when karma strikes I hope the matadors feel intense physical pain because that's what they deserve.

United States

#34 Apr 28, 2010
Moo Kahn wrote:
Furthermore - we shouldn't arrest little kids for pulling the legs off of ants... we should arrest their PARENTS for gross negligence if they allow their kids to torture ants. If pulling the leg off an ant is OK... how bout cutting the leg off the family dog ? Or killing mommy ? It's all the same. You either respect life, or you DO NOT. I'm sorry but I don't see a gray area based on the size of the creature you're torturing.
So you are seriously comparing an ant to a dog or to a human being? I think your priorities need some work.

United States

#35 Apr 28, 2010
The Spanish don't care about how the world feels about their traditions. The bullfights will never be banned, don't even waste your time.
Rick Gastiger

Saint Augustine, FL

#36 Jul 8, 2010
Some people say,we eat Hamburgers or Steak,but Bullfighting is different,It is torture and barbaric,and it should be ended diffently,I read the paper the other day,a asshole kid wants to be a Bullfighter and he is only 10 years old,Good Luck Son,I know God will be watching you and be ready for you.This is very sad to see the Bull was bleeding and they continued to stab it till it was dead.I hope one day,GOD will punish those Ugly bastards and send them to HELL.By the way GOOOO Bulls.
hi lee

Chandler, AZ

#38 Jan 24, 2011
bull fight should be out lawed now ! poor animal they are bring killed
Danny G

United States

#39 Jan 24, 2011
Best comment yet!!!
Danny G

United States

#40 Jan 24, 2011
All of you should shut the F up and walk into a slaughter house one day Morons! That which is trully Barbaric happens within the borders of our Great Nation. Look in the mirror once in a while folks.

Auckland, New Zealand

#41 Apr 3, 2011
u guys are all g*y. bullfighting is a sport just like hunting, if u think bullfighting should be banned what do u think about hunting or any sport like that one. BUllfighting is also a long tradition wich none want to loose
get ur facts right f***s

Lyons, IL

#42 Apr 3, 2011
how hypocrite !!

you people love to watch wrestling and boxing. humans fighting and bleeding. you even pay tickets for front row seats.

yet, when it comes to animals being tortured, you become angry.

you mean to say, animals are more precious than people ? animals are more honored than people ?

“Winchester Model 1894”

Since: Apr 07

Roy, Washington

#43 Apr 3, 2011
The next time anyone gets their knickers in a twist over animal cruelty try watching the Kentucky Derby. Horses being whipped so they can run faster. Better yet, go to a rendering plant and see where your sirloin steak came from.

I'm not a big fan of bull fighting, but if you look into it you'll discover those animals are treated better than most humans.
bullfighting is sick

Jerez, Spain

#44 Feb 17, 2013
Carl wrote:
spanish bullfighting should be banned now!!!
It's their country and their laws. You don't like the bullfighting.
Abortion in America is our country and our laws. I don't like it.
What would you say if the Spanish said abortion should be outlawed in America? I think you'd tell them to go pound sand.
Save the babies.
you are absalutely an idiot bullfighting is sick and you should help us baned it becausee put youre life in the bulls you wouldnt like it.
and abortion is sick.

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