How Do You Last Longer In Bed?

How Do You Last Longer In Bed?

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Pretoria, South Africa

#1 Sep 2, 2013
Can somebody please tell me how I can last longer bed without using pills and stuff like that.

Since: Aug 13

Pretoria, South Africa

#2 Sep 2, 2013
Can somebody please tell me how I can last longer in bed without using pills and stuff like that.

Since: Apr 10

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#3 Sep 2, 2013
"How Do You Last Longer In Bed?" That's a good question Sam.

It is every man's desire to be the seductive and powerful lover - one who has the ability to last as long he wants in bed and bring his woman to the pinnacle of sexual pleasure. Sadly, premature ejaculation often rears its ugly head and makes potentially heart-thumping sex fizzle out in a flash.

Does this sound like what is happening to you most of the time? Well, most guys who are reading this now have the unfortunate distinction of being a "minute man", one who lasts no more than a couple of quick minutes before ejaculating. I used to be one of these luckless chaps...

But the truth is also that you can achieve total ejaculation control and enjoy long-lasting sex that is as pleasurable for you as it is for your wife, girlfriend or lover.

I was searching the web when I came across this website that helps men re-wire and re-program their ejaculatory reflexes and permanently turn the tables on Premature Ejaculation. Here’s the link below:


The methods are said to be completely safe, natural and proven to work. No pills, creams, sprays or medications are needed. Just simple, proven, natural techniques that you can learn and practice from home to supercharge your sexual stamina.

Do these methods really work?

Well, I put them to the test, and like all things that are worth doing, it does take some time and effort. But what a difference it made to my staying power in bed!

This program took me by the hand and showed me exactly what I needed to do... and how to unlock my natural ability to permanently boost my sexual endurance.

It's easy once you learn how. And instead of the pain, embarrassment and frustration of finishing too soon in bed, I'm now lasting at least 5 times longer than I used to... and my girl couldn't be happier!

Click on the link below to unlock these secrets (you'll be glad you did!)

Uncle Daddy

Seongnam, Korea

#4 Sep 2, 2013
I actually wear a condom, the thickest heaviest latex kind I can find. But I always cut the tip off once I get it in place so that the woman is not cheated out of the hot flooding splashing sensation when I unload my jizz into her. The only time I don't cut the end off is when it's someone other than my wife, like the babysitter or something (yes that actually happens sometimes) and she's not on contraception. Actually in cases like that before they invented the morning-after pill which is so available now, I would wear double condoms. That really deadens the sensation and I was able to go for maybe an hour or so before I couldn't take it any more and would explode within the latex.
PDX Dave

Portland, OR

#5 Sep 2, 2013
Well the simplest thing to do is use a condom, I mean the problem with those is they kill sensation for the man and so if that's what you're after, wanting to last longer, then go get some latex. But unless it's somebody like a wife or a woman you play with all the time and you know they're safe, then you should be wearing one all the time anyway!
Cisco Kid

Sonora, CA

#6 Sep 2, 2013
Sam_808 wrote:
Can somebody please tell me how I can last longer bed without using pills and stuff like that.
Here's a good way to last longer in bed without pills and stuff.

Get some good exercise during the day, take a nice hot shower in the evening, have an early meal and then relax with a couple of drinks. Just before you go to bed enjoy a glass of milk, make sure your drapes are closed so no light comes in and keep a quiet environment.
You should be able to last longer in bed, maybe even snooze till 11:00 am.

United States

#7 Sep 2, 2013
Practice. Practice makes perfect babe. ;-)

Norwich, UK

#8 Sep 10, 2013
Think of an ugly bitch!

Fort Worth, TX

#9 Dec 3, 2013
If you want to last longer in bed without taking weird pills or foreign supplements, This is my gift to you:
Master sex position

Hanoi, Vietnam

#10 Dec 15, 2013
Here are some tips help last longer:
1. Performing longer arousal time through well-planned foreplay.

2.Taking deep breathe and exhaling slowly to distract attention from ejaculation.

3. Putting pressure on perineum to delay ejaculation.

4. Squeezing the penis tip – area below the glans –to delay ejaculation.

5. Pulling testes a little can dissuade ejaculation.

6. Performing Pubococcygeus muscle contraction – squeezing of muscles in the pelvic region just before ejaculation, postpones climax.

7. Performing Kegel workout or “start-stop” method – where the body is trained to control ejaculation. Just when it is time for the climax, the stimulation is stopped. Repetition of this method controls premature ejaculation.

8. Masturbating before sex – over arousal can boost early ejaculation. Masturbating would help to release sexual energy and allow delayed orgasm. You can also perform start-stop method while doing this act.

9. Using different sex positions for intercourse –(All of sex positions here), care must be taken to ensure that muscles near the pelvic region are not tensed. With men-on-top position, the muscles can contract easily – helping in quick ejaculation. With female-on-top or rear-entry, the muscles are not strained.

10. Taking Medicines – various tablets, gels, and ointments help to control premature ejaculation. Anti-depressants such as Clomipramine, sertraline are some popular medicines that are often prescribed by doctors to enable delayed orgasm.

11. Taking Special Massage Therapy – Special therapists provide specialized massage to the body to help normal ejaculation. Often, essential oils are used in the process as well, such as sesame oil, castor oil, and some herbs. The massage is applied predominantly on prostrate and penis. Special rub is also provided to induce contraction.

12. Applying anesthetic gels – these are applied to the shaft just before sex. Soon after it is applied, the sensation at the penis diminishes which delays semen discharge. However, there are side-effects which are often undesirable.

13. Applying anesthetic laced condoms – these condoms have benzocaine laced inside them which allow late ejaculation.

14. Applying Master-Johnson technique – where the partner can help squeezing the penis at the opportune moment to slow down ejaculation.
Chose diffirent sex position: http://last-longer-in-bed-techniques.blogspot...
Stop PE

Hanoi, Vietnam

#11 May 30, 2014
Exercises for premature ejaculation are one of the most effective means of curing this condition. The best part is they are a natural cure, don’t cost anything, and don’t come with the side effects that can be associated with medical cures. Exercises also have other sexual health benefits you’ll enjoy.
Kegels for Men – For many men, doing Kegel exercises have not only stopped premature ejaculation, but have also lead to male multiple orgasms. Kegels are a simple exercise you can do anywhere, at any time. Stronger pelvic floor muscles improve your erection angle, give a harder erection, enhance enlargement efforts, and result in a healthier prostate. Keeping your pelvic muscles strong will help you keep them relaxed during sex. Overactive pelvic muscles are one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation. Read more about Kegels in our article Kegel Exercises for Men.
Edging – Edging is one of the best penis exercises to help you improve your stamina, bringing you to the brink of the point of no return and helping you to control your response when you get to this point. You learn to recognize your body’s sensations right before orgasm, so you can learn to remain in control.
Squeeze Technique – The Squeeze Technique centers on your partner firmly squeezing the end of your penis, where the glans meets the shaft, when you feel like you’re almost ready to orgasm. This prevents you from ejaculating. This squeeze technique is repeated, as needed, until you are ready to orgasm. Many men find the Squeeze Technique helps them learn to delay their orgasm, and eventually can control it without the squeeze.
Start & Stop Method – With the Start and Stop method, foreplay or intercourse is conducted, as normal. However, when you feel like you are about to ejaculate, stop what you are doing completely, for 30 seconds, or until the feeling has subsided. Repeat this process as needed. Eventually, as the time required to regain control lessens, and you begin to recognize your orgasm body cues, your stamina increases and you no longer need this exercise.

Fort Worth, TX

#13 Nov 11, 2014
This blog helped me out. Good articles. techniques worked.

Fort Worth, TX

#14 Nov 18, 2014
Here's a better link:

Since: Nov 14

Baltimore, MD

#15 Nov 20, 2014
uhhhh i dont do all that i just beat off then nut before sex....... then the action starts

Chicago, IL

#16 Nov 20, 2014
take one sleeping pill...... you will feel drowsy............ and last longer in bed........... sleeping :)

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