Jon...let me start by saying he is lazy. thinks he is perfect when in reality he is so fake saying I dance like I have polio when in all actuallity I was a striper in Pittsburgh,Pa and also was a Raver in Pittsburgh,Pa also. Jon attacked me for pushing his hand away from me and me and Amanda had an arguement and he took it upon him self to bust my nose. He also thinks sleeping with other guys for money is okay to do when in a relationship. He is the true definition of a "Whore". lost his welfare because he went to jail...duh.

Amanda Jo...Nice at first. She worries about Pot more then she does her kids. Uses people. Talks shit about about Elizabeth Asher. blames her issues on others. She lost her welfare because of being in jail...duh.

Andrea Marie...Nice at first. cares more about pot more then her kids. I warned her she would loose the kids if she didn't change.

Andrea & Amanda...Stupid for taking in Jon's dumbass.