Affordable Healthcare Act....ObamaCare

Affordable Healthcare Act....ObamaCare

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#1 Aug 8, 2014
Americans must understand that the U.S. Government was only able to implement the Affordable HealthCare Act because Politicians, Judges, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the IRS, York-rite Masons, Scottish-rite Masons, Prince Hall Masons, their many sub-fracternities, and all forms of law enforcement in each state, targeted many Americans who opposed ObamaCare, turned Americans against one another, or made all opposition to them look like racist movements. We say racist movements because President Obama, and his many demons, were constantly in the media claiming acts of racism being utilized against him/them for trying to carry out nationwide healthcare that was designed by parties from the State of Israel. This was very well planned out, because, the only way to know the minds of the people is by getting amongst them and finding out their likes, their dislikes, their enemies, and all of those who oppose what Obamaites support President Obama on/about. ObamaCare was made a law of the land based on lies

Americans must understand that police have informants everywhere who tell them all they need to know concerning anything. This information is then fed to their supervisors, who in turn, feed the information to their superiors, and so on and so forth. The information, thus, reaches the U.S. Attorney General, who in turn, feed what he knows to the President. That is how they are able to know what is going on, or how people think in communities! And the many malevolent uses of informants is what made ObamaCare a success.

ObamaCare was designed to divide people into classes; making masses of people extremely poor, and others filthy rich! The Affordable Health Care isn't as affordable as the liars proclaimed prior to it becoming the laws of the land! Americans can't keep their same doctors, nor their same insurance, as promised, and many American patients are being priced out of hospitals. ObamaCare doesn't cover out of state treatments, other than in emergency situations only! Elderly people all around the U.S. is slowly but surely, being forced into poverty! Others are being targeted by police, arrested, imprisoned, or is shot and killed. Some elderly people are committing small crimes just to get by. So why is there a need to kill out anyone who relies on their monthly income, that is between the ages of 60 to 90? Well, we know that the U.S. Government is trying to stop women from having children because under the so-called Affordable Healthcare Act, business women are being forced to purchase birth control. The elderly are dying all over America, diseases are being unleashed into our communities, poison is being placed in our water supplies, poison is being placed in our seas, contaminating the seafood, and many of the meats that we purchase from the stores have anything from human flesh to deadly bacteria in them. So you still don't think that your government is trying to kill down its population?

The so-called Affordable HealthCare Act is a major post apocalyptic data collecter, designed by the State of Israel's elites. You will soon found out why, and there will be no turning back.

For 2014, the Affordable Healthcare Act demands the following:$95 or 1% of your income.

For 2015, the Affordable Health Care Act demands the following:$325 or nearly 2% of your income.

For 2016, the Affordable Health Care Act demands the following:$695 or 2.5% of your income.

Since: Sep 13

Zurich, Switzerland

#2 Aug 8, 2014
Can you see the trick? The job market will continue to fail for ordinary Americans and your insurance premiums will continue to rise! Soon you won't be able to pay your rent or your mortgages. Do not trust what President Obama may say out of his mouth concerning fixing the problem. It is an urgent matter for the courts so that you can get your own paper-work to confirm the ruling. Politicians lie, and President Obama is their greatest liar! He may tell you that he is going to do something, and then claim that it was done. You will never know the difference! Americans need to understand that the State of Israel is designing much of this stuff and you had better start realizing it. The real Jebusites (Jews) don't run the State of Israel because, traditionally, they have similar appearances like comedian, "Jerry Seinfeld." Their traditional dark hair and long noses is defined even within your Bibles. Those running the State of Israel today are what you term, "Neo Nazis." Genetic human hybrids defines their anatomy. They hold little to no genetic traits of the traditional Jebusites (Jews). They are imposters and must be stopped. White supremacists should not attack traditional Jebusites because its the rulers of the State of Israel with blond hair, and blue eyes, who are causing global catastrophies! The same race classification of those you have been programmed to support. Know the difference, and don't be used as pawns against global victims like yourselves! We all can help each other if we stand together against global Neo Nazis!

The President and his minions, used both African Americans and Caucasian Americans against one another just to pass this law! Today, he doesn't care how many African Americans support him because he have been able to launch a system which will crush all parts of the business infrastructures in this country, and his employers are proud of the job he done! Doctors, all over America, have been quitting the medical profession.

43% of the medical doctors in America plan on retiring within the next 5 years. And 60% of the medical doctors swear that ObamaCare will have a catastrophic impact on all ordinary Americans. Unfortunately, President Obama, and his minions, will send their human hybrid "Gregors" to claim that the doctors are quitting because they can't keep their private practice, due to the Affordable Healthcare Act forcing them to become part of hospitals!

The truth of the matter is that nothing was wrong with the previous healthcare system. For Americans to say that they weren't being given coverage were lies to assist in the unleashing of Obamacare. And proof of this is found in the COBRA Guidelines. Observe:

Since: Sep 13

Zurich, Switzerland

#3 Aug 8, 2014
COBRA, for all those who don't know, stands for "The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act." COBRA was passed in 1986 to address the problem of patient dumping by hospitals, or medical providers, because the patients were unable to pay. This federally mandated standard of practice applied to hospitals and physicians who received Medicare funds from the "Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA). " Nearly all hospitals were receiving federal funding. COBRA required that hospitals:

1. Provide a medical screening exam to all patients that present on its premises or facilities...(Note: Asking if you have insurance was not a screening exam)

2. Provide stabilizing care.

3. Not transfer patients who were potentially unstable if the hospital had capabilities and staff to treat the patients.

4. Maintain an on-call system to provide coverage to assist stabilizing.

5. Provide medically appropriate transfers when a patient is transferred for medical need.

6. Acceept requests for incoming transfer is the hospital has the capabilities needed by the patient, and the transferring facility does not have the capabilities.

Prior to the Affordable Health Care Act, very few patients were aware of their rights as defined by COBRA. In situations where the patient presented to a hospital for emergency evaluations, but was turned away, and was felt to be turned away for lack of funds or insurance, the mere mention of COBRA guidelines would have stimulated the staff to act in an appropriate manner. And if there were further issues after mentioning COBRA guidelines, the patient could have contacted the HCFA of the Office of the Inspector General.

Since: Sep 13

Zurich, Switzerland

#4 Aug 8, 2014
Unfortunately, the Rothschilds, to whom Kate "Rothschild" Middleton, who recently had a child with Prince William, is related, masterminded the Affordable Health Care Act, with the State of Israel, prior to the ObamaCare. Thats why in North Carolina, no doctor at any hospital, nor any medical staff, would ever inform their patients about COBRA. And many of the victims were African Americans, which is why ObamaCare went down so smoothly. Playing the race card in hospitals, like a chess game, were over-seered by Secret Societies within the hospitals. Countless Americans don't know that there are alot of witches and warlocks employed at medical and mental hospitals, who were/are in alignment with the Illuminati of Picardy, the Illuminati of Avignon, the Illuminati of Stockholen, the Illuminati of Bavaria, the Rothschilds, the Council of 13 (Grand Druid Council), the Council of 33 (33 highest freemasons in the world), the Council of 500 (500 richest people in the world), the York-rite Masons, the Scottish-rite Masons, the Prince Hall Masons, the Knights of Columbus, and their many sub fraternities and secret orders. If Americans go back 2 to 5 years prior to President Obama ever running for President, there was a rise in complaints at the hospitals! This was no coincidence! It was well planned! And for many of you who still won't accept the fact that these same demons have a deadly plan for the American people, will soon be shocked. It was well planned!

Thats why, if any new big corporations is coming to a city or town near you, and is claiming to employ a few hundred, to a few thousand, ask who they are they planning on hiring? Because the insurance premiums alone to hire a few thousand people, will be off the charts highly estimated in the Affordable Health Care Act! They may find themselves paying out more than they make! Stop being ignorant Americans! All of these people are working together! Get rid of ObamaCare or it will continue to crush you from state to state! If African Americans should be in dispute about these facts amongst themselves, then fight against those who seek to keep it, because it does more harmf than good! The same applies to those within Caucasian American communities! Thousands of patients died from medical malpractice at: Moses Cone Hospital, in Greensboro, High Point Regional Hospital, in High Point, and countless other hospitals all across North Carolina. Some patients were sacrificed in sick Satanic practices! Others were neglected and died to give more power to the upcoming Affordable Health Care Act, which they knew about prior to the masses! These secret societies are alot more close knitted than many of you would like to believe. Wherefore, if Americans don't repeal each and every element of the Affordable Health Care Act, you will witness thousand upon thousands of you becoming homeless by 2016. Thats if you last that long! And if we can successfully repeal the demon law together, afterwards, we will try and bring an end to the non-sense that September 11, 2001, was implemented by outside terrorists, imposing the Patriot Act, and killing down nearly all Constitutional Rights! 9/11 was part of a Grand Design folks! We know you love your politicians, but the truth shall free you from the psychological chains binding you! Just observe whats going on below which will prove to you that this country isn't any safer by taking away your rights:

After Thought: After patternizing many of their policies after both California and Virginia, North Carolina will soon start fracking as well.

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