Prolene Mesh = Auto-Immune Diseases
Donna Harris

Pensacola, FL

#88 Dec 28, 2013
All the stories sound so familiar . My problem is finding a doctor who actually believes that the mesh is/was the cause of my symptoms and finding my diagnoses . I did find a urologist whom believed the mesh was causing an auto immune response and had my bladder sling mesh removed dec 2012 . One year later I have had improvement with daily bloat and abdominal pain . I continue to suffer leg pains and joint pains plus I have these knots on my shins ,thigh muscle ,forehead ,top of feet been told they were calcium build up , fatty tumors , varicose veins . Can anyone tell me what testing I should ask for ? I've run out of money , patience , im so depressed i cry daily and truely believe I'm dying inside and nobody knows it but me . How can we get doctors to believe that we suffer it's not about lawyers money It about living the life I once had just 5 yrs ago .
Anne in pain

High Springs, FL

#89 Jan 3, 2014
Ive been dx with asthma, angioedema, and multiple sclerosis since my mesh implant in 2006. 2 weeks ago I had revision surgery to try to get the mesh out. Coulldnt be done. I'm looking for scientific studies that look at the connection between autoimmune disorders and mesh implants. Does anybody have any? I'm in cinstant pain, had to retire on disabilit, and can't do anything I used to do.

Marinette, WI

#90 Jan 10, 2014
I am a man who had hernia surgery with a polypropylene mesh.... I now have MS

Marinette, WI

#91 Jan 10, 2014
Prolene sutures were used in the surgery
Grasping at Straws

Portland, OR

#92 Feb 2, 2014
I am here asking or advice,,(not medical, just direction)

My sister is literally dying from what we firmly believe is the mesh implant. Her organs are shutting down, she has no adrenal function and is alive because of steroids which will eventually not work. She is tall and her weight is down to less than 100 lbs. She can barely find the strength to brush her teeth and make it to the bathroom each day. She had her mesh implanted almost 7 yrs ago and started a decline shortly after, Small things at first. Eventually she lost her job, and her whole world. She can't get disability because her diagnosis is "exhaustion" even though they know her adrenals are non functioning. Other organs are dying and we can't find a Dr that will touch her. She has become destitute, with no insurance and certainly doesn't have the energy or the time left to get help through an attorney. She ha spent thousands at a multitude of Dr.s that all eventually give up or demand mass money. She is alive because of a good multitude of food and vitamin suppliments including vit D. But we need to get her help... get the mesh out etc. Does ANYONE know of any competent Dr anywhere that would take destitute cases or doing study's, or benevolent work that would get the mesh out of her? She will die without that. We are at a loss as to what to do for her. Any help anyone can direct us to would be so very appreciated. Thank you.
another victim of mesh

Brooklyn, MI

#93 Feb 12, 2014
Prolene wrote:
<quoted text>
for academic reasons...and also I think you're probably a sue happy lawyer who is fullofshit.
Hey Prolene, pull your headouttayourass. I too am a victim of this and was diagnosed with autoimmune disease, never was sick prior to this implant....which 4 surgeries later...still isn't completely gone..........almost lost vision in one eye and have suffered the last four years in hell behind the mesh..........have you had a mesh implant.....suffered and continue to do so? Unless you have been there STFU You sound like a backwards country hick to me.

United States

#94 Mar 22, 2014
I had a hernia lower left quadrant repaired with prolene mesh. My dr didnt warn me of its dangers. I have canualris red rings on my body and hand caused by low immunity. Mesh implanted 2009. So my skin has red horseshoe shaped marks. Also diagnosed with fatty liver syndrome 2012. Swelled abdomen no energy pain behind mesh daily sometimes so bad i want to die. Drs wont help. One of my kidneys now has a cyst on it sometimes i can barely pee. I look like im 9 months pregnant, none of this before mesh i was happy and energetic even tho my hernia caused me occasional ibs. My dr told me when i showed him how my skin now hangs down below my thigh area he is no longer my dr. Help!!

Chilliwack, Canada

#96 Nov 11, 2014
I had a burch repair before 2000 in Canada……does this apply to us at that time? thanks

Brunswick, OH

#98 Jan 4, 2015
Scleroderma after mesh total to go to Dr tired pain,eye sight affected spot on each lung swelling lymphedma and lipidema cpap now ,compression pumps no shoes or rings fit,,hands are so swollen hard to write anything...brain dead can't think or concentrate..voices from ppl sound like Donald Duck had more test and MRI that mysteriously show nothing. one surgeon stated he removed all mesh just to find out from MRI there us something on the public bone. I have a football sz growth on one lung but stating not cancer fatty tissue...hard for me to breathe..I had erosin AMS mesh that was a cyst down there that was removed..then supposeably total mesh removal. sex us painful..I am irritable,on eight meds a day. I am not a Dr and can realize the breaking down of the mesh has caused this and slowly killing me

Dixon, IL

#99 Jan 26, 2015
Hello. I had the bladder mesh implant in 2012 I think it was. I have been having lupus symptoms such as malar rash, kidney pain, extreme fatigue, joint aches and swelling, and more. My doctor decided to check me for lupus, so today I went for labs. When I arrived my lab orders were not even there, therefore the lab tech just "winged it" by notes from my last visit. Three vials of blood were drawn, and no UA. I was also to have my cholesterol level checked so that accounts for 1 vial. I am so frustrated right now I can hardly stand it! I guess I'm just looking for advice on where to go from here. It's quite obvious that my doctor is not taking the serious in the slightest. Thanks for being here Hope! Julie

Monterey Park, CA

#101 Mar 26, 2015

Monterey Park, CA

#102 Mar 26, 2015

North Platte, NE

#103 May 20, 2015
Mimimarie wrote:
I don't think you are a "sue happy Lawyer"...My gut tells me no, but I have been wrong before. Hopefully posting on this new thread will help develop a source of information for people like us.....
I am the 'poster child" for mesh related autoimmune disease. I have been battling illness and autoimmune sickness and other painful illness's since this horrible mesh was placed in my body, then was officially diagnosed with Lupus in Oct of 2011. My mesh was ex-planted a few months back, with Dr. Raz performing the surgery and he made it clear to me that my "autoimmune" was caused from the mesh leaching into my blood stream..his thoughts being that it could be cured from the ex-plant of the mesh, but I'm still being treated for Lupus and my Rhuematologist says it is not curable! So now I live my life not knowing what my future holds for me. My horrible pelvic pain and low back pain has diminished somewhat but I still am plagued with fatigue, joint pain, stomach problems, swelling, and all the other wonderful gifts that Lupus gives us. I am hoping that someday we will all find out the truth behind all of this and we can get some sort of answers, if not closure.
Alison Manning

Bristol, UK

#105 Dec 11, 2015
Prolene wrote:
<quoted text>
Could you cite a scientific paper that provides evidence that prolene elicits an autoimmune response? I know prolene is used often as both a suture and a mesh for repairs of abdominal wall hernias and have never heard of either of these causing autoimmune disorders. Can you provide evidence for a direct causal link and what if any immunological studies have been done that conclusively establishes this link?
I had a hernia repair two years ago. Soon after I developed an autoimmune disease which I've been battling with chemotherapy drugs for two years! I'm now trying to find out what type of 'mesh' was used in the procedure, and hopefully get it removed and get my life back.
Tammy Jackson

Nicholasville, KY

#106 Mar 17, 2016
Hello Hope, I have been diagnosed with Lupus, please reach out to Jane for my phone blessed Tammy Jackson

Palm Coast, FL

#108 Apr 3, 2016
I was thinking tonight because I read an article my doctor wrote a few years ago, where He did not think that autoimmune disease was related to the MESH, I have a niece in Dallas that is head of a research department for a doctor that conducts studies on new medications, I sent her a private message asking her if she could provide me with the information of how many patients have to be followed for how long, and what symptoms have to be documentation to make a determination, I just told her I was involved with some mesh groups ranging from everything from hernia mesh to TVS. I did not name any specific manufacture or say I was a patient, or that I had systemic lupus after MESH or name off a list of my many health problems after MESH, I am hoping she will find time to write me back, she does have a husband a teen, and a 3-4 year old. plus her job so she is a busy lady. But is she writes me I will share any and all information I gain, as I am sure MESH causes Systemic Lupus, that perhaps at the time my doctor did that interview in 2013, he may have been unaware of how many post MESH victims have developed autoimmune illnesses, and Systemic Lupus.
Denise Schrader

United States

#110 Apr 26, 2016
Prolene wrote:
<quoted text>
it could have been coincidentally caused by vaccines or any one of a multitude of evironmental toxic exposure.
Well 'LET'S SAY NOT!!!' I don't know what kind of evidence you have about "IT'S NOT THE MESH" why don't you tell us Prolene.... and then you can look on facebook and see just how many people there are that have had this mesh and hernia meshes put into them and they seem to have the same problems. Mine started in 2010 when a dr told me that I NEEDED HERNIA SURGERY, I had 4 small 1-cm holes in a bifemoral bypass scar in my abdomin. Since I didn't have the recommended 5cm hole this dr cut all small holes into a giant fuccing mess, then put hernia mesh over the hole. SEVEN days later after suffering from 102 fever and having infection that you could see on the outside with heat coming from infection and dr that did it told ER to give me an IV and send me home because I had an appointment the next day with him.....the next day I went to dr, not only did he make me go to admittance office to admit myself, in so much pain, I had to wait to get room. Nov 5 2010 I woke up after surgery and had A GIANT HOLE IN MY CHEST, they had to take EVERYTHING THAT TOUCHED MESH, including my abdominal muscles, OUT. I haven't been right since, and this is now 2016???? I have been put into hospital for bowel obstruction for all the scar tissue that has built around the human mesh that a plastic surgeon put in because after the ab muscles grew back they grew outward and I looked like I was 9 months pregnant, I happen to get the partner of the dr that did this original surgery and he had the balls to tell me that "this was all my fault" because his partner did this to me and even though I had records that his partner talked to a plastic surgeon during surgery and he didn't want to deal with it. I AM POSITIVE THAT IT IS NOT JUST THE ENVIRONMENTAL TOXIC EXPOSURE, BECAUSE I DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING WRONG WITH ME 8 YRS PRIOR TO HAVING THIS OPERATION, AND THE WORST THING IS THIS MESH IS OVER TOP A BIFEMORAL BYPASS THAT GIVES MY LEGS BLOOD FLOW....HAD TO HAVE 2 FEM FEM'S ALREADY BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO DEAL WITH THE MESH, NOT EVEN THE PARTNER OF DR THAT SIGNED MY DEATH CERTIFICATE WHEN HE PUT THIS HERNIA MESH INTO MY BODY BECAUSE FDA HAS NEVER TRIED THIS IN HUMAN BEFORE THEY USED IT FOR SURGERY......
Barbara l Melling

Gig Harbor, WA

#111 Apr 26, 2016
I have had two meshs and have been diagnosed with auto immune disease , first 7 doctors when I went in on emergency with sepsis diagnosed me with lupus ,then had Anna test was neg so sent to rumatoligist who thinks its R.A. As factor was 15' but fevers run higher then for RA so just know auto immune RA and ? Have had fever over a year severe pelvic pain stomache pain lower back leg nausea o energy sex is horrible pain unreal! So sick

United States

#112 Apr 27, 2016
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Flipping meshed out

Cumming, GA

#113 May 23, 2016
HopePagano wrote:
Well someone had to do it...My name is Hope Pagano for those of you who do not know me.
I had the TVT Gynecare Mesh procedure done in May of 2011. By June of that same year I got the flu and couldn't get rid of it. Like any average person I would get a cold or flu but once in a while but this time was different. I would run fevers which was very rare as my temperature had always run subnormal at 97.8 degrees. Rapidly over the following 6 months my health began to rapidity decline although I must say my incontinence was 95% cured, I felt horrible. My other symptoms came on like gang busters and within a year I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus, and auto-immune disease that usually takes years to diagnose.
I was having many of the symptoms the other women have described under the Topix, "lawsuit filed Gynecare TVT bladder suspension tape (Prolene Mesh)", and was able to gather information there that I believed saved my life. Although the site is and continues to be extremely informative, and a source of me support to Mesh victims from all walks of life, the fact remains, If you read the Complaint filed against the "Johnson & Johnson Gynecare Lawsuits" you will notice it does not include biochemical adverse reactions to the Mesh itself. Many of the auto-immune diseases normally healthy people like me developed after having the Prolene Mesh implanted in our bodies are incurable and can become lethal in some cases.
I am starting this sight not to take away from the original site, but to develop a source of information and support for those people who like me are suffering from these silent killers, known as auto-Immune diseases. It is my sincere hope (no pun intended) that by gathering enough people like me and information supporting the connection between the Prolene Mesh and Auto-Immune we together can be heard and hopefully stop this Toxic madness.
I invite all who are interested in supporting this specific "Topix" of Prolene Mesh = Auto-Immune disease to join my plight to prove what I already know to be true. The Mesh is toxic and can cause life threatening diseases to develop in otherwise healthy people.
The only rules I hope to invoke are these:
1) We stay on Topic, which is proving the connection between the Prolene Mesh and the development of auto-immune disease.
2) That we put this principles above personalities in hope's of raising awareness and gathering indisputable evidence of the connection between Prolene Mesh and the Development of Auto-Immune disease.
3) Lastly, that no one person is greater than the group. This site is designed to help get the Mesh off the market once and for all and that self promotion or self serving ulterior motives will not be tolerated.
That is it folks. As far as I am concerned the more people who take an interest in this subject the better. Researcher, Doctors, Lawyers, Lawmakers and most importantly Suffers are welcome and encouraged to join me and help make a difference in uncovering the dirty little (big) secret that
Thank you all in advance for your support and input.
May God Bless this site and all whom visit it,
It took 7 years after the mesh was put in for my Lupus to be officially with blood work results. I had been sick since shortly after but it took that long. I suffered 7 years and untreated.

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