Why do White Women think Blacks actua...

Buffalo, NY

#211 Mar 19, 2013
Herb Sewell wrote:
I am curious as to why some white women think that getting into an interracial relationship/marriage(black man white woman) is a good idea? From the statistics I have seen over 75% of African Americans come from single family homes. Statistics have also proved that the greater the difference between the male and female the less likely the relationship/marriage will succeed. So why do some white women actually think that they will defy the odds and have a successful interracial relationship/marriage? We have seen a plethora of failed black male/white female relationships: Obama's mother and father, OJ and Nicole Brown, Seal and Heidi ect.
Is it a good idea for a white women to date a black man over say dating a white or Latino man knowing the chance of success?
black men are sexy and know how to talk to the ladies. back off

South Ockendon, UK

#218 Apr 2, 2013
I have never read such narrow minded guff, come on people (with a minor few exceptions)... Honestly.. What a sad world we live in....

I like black guys, white guys too.. Mostly intelligent, open minded guys mostly though!!!!

Milwaukee, WI

#220 Apr 11, 2013
yon wrote:
<quoted text>
Ernie Banks could have become Governor of Illinois. Not because of what he could do with a ball but because he had character.

Oh yeah, Ernie sure did (He still does) have character.

But, what would have been the critical motion which would have set him in the path. Had he ever attemped to run for governor of Illinois.---- Ernie being established as a great Chicago Cub baseball player.

Milwaukee, WI

#221 Apr 11, 2013
yon wrote:
<quoted text>And that goes for Willy Mays, Henry Aaron, etc. Show me the ones today with that kind of character

You are correct about Henry Aaron.

I just point out Hank Aaron, because many years ago, Willy Mays played in a game of baseball for old, retired players. Mays felt that he wasn't played enough in this game. Mays stormed off the field in anger.

So, I say that Ernie Banks, Joe DiMaggio, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Tony Lazzeri, Vic Raschi, Dom DiMaggio, Vince DiMaggio, Dizzie Dean, Stan Musial, Bob Feller & Mickey Mantle.--- Were ex. professional great baseball players who had more character & class. Than Willy Mays.

Milwaukee, WI

#222 Apr 11, 2013
yon wrote:
Even somebody like Roger Staubach. So what if he could throw a football and make a billion $$$ in real estate?

I totally see your premise about Roger Staubach. Roger SURE had character. He was a class act.

Roger was a great quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Outside of professional football, Roger was a very great businessman.

In Rogers playing days, passing wasn't as dominant. Such as what it has been from 1979 till now. The air attack in pro football really escalated in dominance, with the San Diego Chargers offensive passing attack. The "Air Coryell" offensive system. With their quarterback Dan Fouts. Fouts throwing to wide receivers Charlie Joiner & John Jefferson. To Tight End Kellen Winslow.

Then, a couple of years after this.---- With the San Francisco 49ers. Headed by their innovaters, Bill Walsh, Seifert & Michael Holmgren.

When Roger was playing for Dallas.--- Despite the passing attack not being as dominant such as what it has been from 1979 till now.----- Roger was a GREAT play caller. A GREAT reader of the opposing teams defenses.

Roger Staubach is also a very good Conservative Republican.

Milwaukee, WI

#223 Apr 11, 2013
yon wrote:
And as for the Chicago Cubs, around 1975 all Ron Santo would have had to do is say "I'm running for Mayor - There's going to be some changes. Write me in." And not say another word.

Yep, Ron is another former, ex. Chicago Cub great.--- Who, if he had run for mayor of Chicago, he would have won.

But (Mind if I say), if Ron would have run for mayor of Chicago.--- He would also have HAD to have run as a Democrat.

Since, the Democratic Party has been VERY firmly established in Chicagos politics for many, many decades.

Milwaukee, WI

#224 Apr 11, 2013
yon --- A few statements & a few questions to you about the Chicago Cubs.---

Clearly, the Chicago Cubs are not owned by the Tribune anymore.

1. What do you think about the Chicago Cubs being owned by a family trust of TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts?

Dave Kingman hasn't been with the Cubs in over 3 decades.

Do you think that the Cubs front office errored when they let Dave Kingman go?

I pose this question, because Kingman SURE had hitting power.

An example.--- The Cubs 1979 season.--- Kingman was injured for a large part of the 1979 season. He played ONLY 105 games.

Yet, Kingman hit 48 homeruns. He batted 115 rbis. He scored 97 runs. He batted .288.

Had Kingman played a couple of dozen more games that season, he could very well have set a record for homeruns in a season. Maybe even a record for rbis & runs.

Kingman was a great slugger for Cubs.

Do you think that the Cubs could have retained Dave Kingman?

If they could have retained Kingman, do you think that quite possibly?--- That the Cubs could have had a very good chance of making it to the world series?

Even without Kingman, the Cubs almost made it to the world series back in 1984.


Ashburn, VA

#226 Apr 11, 2013
All human beings are created equal.You will see the same positive/ negative lifestyle in each and every race. But something I'd like to add is...just as many White women lose their children to drugs as black if not more regardless of the color of their partners skin.

Milwaukee, WI

#228 May 1, 2013
yon ---- You said "If great athletes with character would simply let their character do the talking instead of selling out to political powers they could break those criminal strangeholds".----Could be.

You said "I could actually see Ernie on the day he announced his retirement to say, "Oh btw - I'm running for Governor as a write-in. There will be some changes. End of press conference".---- I see your point here.

Hey yon, did Ernie ever give off a vibe that he was interested in politics?

Did Ernie ever give off a vibe that he was thinking of running for any respective form of elected office?

I pose this question, because when Ernie played, this was way, way before my time.

Furthermore, I'm not a native Chicagoan.

Milwaukee, WI

#229 May 1, 2013
yon --- In regards to a couple of your previous points which you typed up to me about Ernie Banks.---

I'd say when Ernie played for the Cubs, he really didn't have too much of a supporting cast on the team.

When Ernie started off with the Cubs, he had Hank Sauer.

By the late 1960s, Ernie had third baseman Ron Santo, pitcher Ferguson Jenkins & outfielder Billy Williams.

In addition, pitcher Ken Holtzman.

I'd say that Ferguson Jenkins was more dominant with the Cubs. Than what Ken Holtzman was.

There was also relief pitcher, Phil Regan.

That would be it.

So, throughout Ernies career with the Cubs.--- He really didn't have too much of a supporting cast.

To go along with Ernies talent.

Milwaukee, WI

#230 May 1, 2013
yon --- You said "Ditto Santo".--- Oh yeah.

Did Ron Santo ever give an inkling that he was interested in politics?

Did Ron ever express any interest in running for any respective governmental position?

Do you remember the Pat and Ron Show?

Pat Hughes did the play by play. Along with color commentator Ron Santo.

Tragically, Ron passed away back in December, 2010.

I remember, several years before Ron passed away.--- He was a type 1 diabetic. He lost both of his legs to diabetes.

Milwaukee, WI

#231 May 1, 2013
yon ---- You said "As for the passing game being less dominant there were some real operators starting with Namath, Bradshaw, etc.".--- Oh yeah.

Joe Namath, the very first quarterback in professional football to pass for over 4,000 yards in a season. He accomplished this feat during the 1967 season.

When the New York Jets played against the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III.--- Before this game, Namath guaranteed a victory over the very heavily favored Colts.

Joe delivered the victory.

You are absolutely correct about Terry Bradshaw. Throughout Terrys professional career, he was working with 2 very fine receivers.--- Lynn Swann & John Stallworth. Also, a very good tight end, Bennie Cunningham.

Terry had 4 Super Bowl victories. 4 Super Bowl rings.

Milwaukee, WI

#232 May 1, 2013
yon ----- You said "As for Staubach, it pains me to think of the number of completions he created late in games. They should have called him Roger Football".---- I see your 2 points here. I'm in agreement.

Roger was out of the Naval Academy. Even when he started out at the Naval Academy.--- Many collegiate coaches stated what a great play caller Staubach was.

Hey yon, since you mentioned Rogers completions.---

Do you remember Staubachs performance in Super Bowl XIII?

When Dallas was trailing Pittsburgh 21-14 in the 3rd quarter. It was 3rd down. Roger threw a pass in the end zone DIRECTLY to his tight end. Then, 38 year old Jackie Smith.

Jackie dropped Staubachs pass in the end zone.

Dallas ended up losing to Pittsburgh, 35-31.

Milwaukee, WI

#233 May 1, 2013
yon ---- You said "I moved away from Chicago around 1980".--- Oh okay.

A couple of years before Democrat Harold Washington was elected mayor of Chicago.

You said "and sort of lost interest".--- I see your point here.

From 1980 till now.--- American baseball hasn't been the most popular sport in the United States.

From 1980 till now.--- American football has been the most popular sport in the United States.

Some sports writers have also commented that American baseball has also been eclipsed by American basketball. In popularity.

You said "The name Kingman I haven't thought about since"".---- Okay.

This is understandable considering that Dave Kingman left the Cubs by around 1983. So, Kingman hasn't been with the Cubs in quite awhile.

You said "As for who owns the Cubs since doesn't matter. It's not the same game".---- I agree.

Milwaukee, WI

#234 May 1, 2013
yon ---- You said "I remember the days when you could walk into Wrigley for free in about the 6th inning?".--- Really?

Because I wasn't aware of this until you mentioned this.

You said "with Brickhouse, Vince Lloyd and Boudreau on air".---- Oh yeah.

Jack Brickhouse manned the Cubs radio. Especially the Cubs television booth for at least a 34 season span, from 1948 till 1981.

Clearly, there is also Harry Caray. Harry was broadcasting with the Cubs from around 1982 till 1997.

There was also Ron Santo, Judd Sirott, Keith Moreland, Steve Stone & Chip Caray.

Milwaukee, WI

#235 May 1, 2013
yon ---- You said "They were like kids. Back then those guys were all like us".---- Okay.

When did you notice a change with the Cubs front office? When did you notice a change with the Cubs announcers? Any particular year?

Do you think that the Cubs front office & the announcers for the Cubs.--- Will ever be able to garner the aura which Brickhouse, Vince Lloyd, Boudreau, etc. were able to command?

Milwaukee, WI

#236 May 1, 2013
yon --- I have to step out now. I still have to respond back to a few of your previous posts which you addressed to me. A couple on this thread. About the United States demographics.

On that other thread, about Europes demographics & about Islam in Europe.

I should have some time by next week Monday. Either way, I'll definitely get back to you.

Newtownards, UK

#237 May 1, 2013
White girls love that massive black cock
leaving us asians and whites out.

Fort Bragg, CA

#239 May 9, 2013
I've got a black man I am engaged to. I've known him for several years since my husband left me for a teenager and his wife left him. He is sweet and lifts me up when all I want to do is give up. I've got a lot of health issues but he doesn't care. And he shows it! We met at a time that we both wanted to get out of the house yet wanted to be left alone and we started just joking around when we saw each other. Its important to find someone in life who makes you feel important no matter the reasons. Yes, we love the contrast of our skin colors. It is beautiful. But so is the fact that we are each other's best friend. It took almost a year before we "hooked up" and even though it was amazing we only did it a few times and far between. Now 5 Years later we are looking at getting married.

Personally I don't even care what his motives might be because around him I can be myself and he doesn't want the blond shaved teenage pornstar type. He wants a woman who looks like a woman and I love not having to change myself for him. Unfortunately I can't have more kids but we are both parents and we like that side of each other too and our kids are happy together.

Skin color really shouldn't be ignored but enjoyed and at the same time it should be the person inside that skin you are loving till the day death parts you.

Milwaukee, WI

#241 May 21, 2013
yon wrote:
Interestingly I just heard yesterday that the number of Blacks playing baseball is in major decline to something like 7% down from around 20% in the 60's-80's."

yon, you using the term "blacks", I take it that you mean African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves)?

I pose this question, because there are many Afro-Latinos in baseball.

The percentage number which you gave in your statement above, of 7%, would be quite accurate for the percentage of African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) in baseball.

In major league baseball, also, in baseballs minor leagues, Afro-Latinos have WAY overtaken African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves).

African Americans (Descendants of black American slaves) will NEVER be a dominant group in baseball. Such as what they were decades ago.

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