Women and Men: DO NOT marry/date an E...

Redlands, CA

#43 Sep 10, 2011
It seems that some folks are scared of the analytical type they might see through your Gold digging ways

Grove City, PA

#44 Nov 1, 2011
You know, I've had two engineers play two very significant roles in my life. The first was my biological father. He was quite selfish and uncommunicative, very like the stereotype presented here. In contrast is my sweet and loving boyfriend. Also an engineer, he is intelligent, industrious, respectful, and stable. He is frugal, yes, but he has no qualms about spending money on things that either of us find valuable. He does have difficulty communicating his emotions, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have emotions or even that he doesn't try. With a little bit of patience, he opens up just fine. Some engineers are more like my father. Others are more like my boyfriend. Similarly, some artists are nasty snobs, and others are inquisitive expressionists. Some doctors are cold-hearted and calculating, and others are warm-hearted and devoted to saving lives. You can't assume much more than very general things about a person merely from knowing his or her vocation (in this case, frugality and confused communication both appear to be consistent, for example), and even then your assumptions may end up being wrong.

At any rate, even with a stereotypical engineer, a little patience and an honest attempt to get to know the person before you judge probably wouldn't be a bad idea.

Toledo, OH

#45 Nov 10, 2011
I love engineers. Yes, they have quirks, but that's what I find so endearing about them. My old bf was sooo incredibly intelligent, but he couldn't spell to save his life, and I always found that so ironic and funny. He stuttered and was a little socially awkward, but once a person looked past this and heard what he had to say, they instantly had a respect for him. He wasn't cold or unemotional to me at all. One of my favorite memories of him was how he used to lull me to sleep at night when I had insomnia by rambling on endlessly about random things(weird I know, but just hearing him talk would comfort and help me relax). He was constantly reading or learning some new random information and could spout it back nearly verbatim. His loyalty, strength, and stability were incredibly sexy. I knew I could count on him more than anyone else in the world. There were no lengths he wouldn't go to if I needed him. We broke up over a long distance relationship when I was in college. I still regret not trying harder to make it work. He was a wonderful man and I'll always have a place for him in my heart. Engineers are definitely worth their "quirks."
Engaged to an engineer

San Francisco, CA

#46 Nov 20, 2011
I thought I was the only one. I have been in a relationship with an engineer for 4 years, and I am ready to leave him. yes he loves me., and he is sweet, however the lack of emotion, attention and down right apprication is making me pack my bags. He thinks saying I love you, and showing love (ie dates, flowers, etc...) is not important and that everything should be done as fast as possible. This means sex. He is very frugal, can't make quick decisions, shows very little love type attention to me. He has issues communicating, expressing love, and his ego is way big. He's very good looking, and has a sense of humor (which is rare) He is social, charming, and but thats how he is when in public. Our relationship lacks, sex, lust, passion, communication and courtship. He dosent want to be bothers by anything, like making the bed, or simple chores around the house. Takes me for granted. However if there beer or football hes all over it. After 4 years of trying to get him to somehow understand women and our needs I have finally given up. So for all you vulcan engineers, here's some advice. READ BOOKS ON WOMEN...educate and train yourself on how we work and what women want. And just because your brain does not understand it, it does not mean it invalid. You can apply that to anything you want.

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#47 Nov 20, 2011
A lack of emotion and concern could be traits exhibited in any man...not just engineers. Why generalize? There are good and bad in various career fields.

Have any of you ladies considered that your relationships lack passion because you're not being passionate, sexy, concerned and loving with him?? it's a two way street.

Moreno Valley, CA

#48 Nov 20, 2011
Every man is different. As far as you love him and care for him, he would know it and he would feel it. Maybe he doesn't remember to show to you that he loves you and cares for you. You both should have a nice talk together and work it out. If a man just cares for how sexy you look and how passionate you are, eventually he will look for another woman who is more sexy and more passionate you are. Think about some day you will get old too. Using sex to win a man that is a big No.

Downers Grove, IL

#50 Nov 24, 2011
I love how the people who are calling engineers names are the coldest of them all!

Firstly, let me say that this question doesn't make much sense.

It assumes that engineers have the same personality, same thoughts, same dreams, same loves. You are talking about millions of individuals, there is no way you can lump them all into one persona.

If you are asking if engineers are good to date because of a guy / girl you like who happens to be an engineer, then we can't answer that question. We don't know what you like, who this person is.

Like, if you want that kind of advice you need to be more specific about those details if you want answers that will be remotely helpful.
Zamsy 2

South Africa

#51 Jan 5, 2012
Im a female Reliability Technician studying towards my Engineers ticket....Yes because of targets ,projects,call-outs the hours at work are endless .So i think its better to date people in the same field ,they'll be more understanding,able to assist and definitely wont give me a blank face when i start speaking about work....And we do have emotions ,although mostly we act like hard asses.

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#52 Jan 5, 2012
Great, so I bought that poofy striped hat for nothing....

Chapin, SC

#53 Feb 4, 2012
I've been married to an engineer for almost three decades. You have to listen carefully to their detailed discussions, and you have to support their every endeavour - but you can create your own life (even thought they want you consistently immersed in their routine and efforts). I've always worked FT but I also volunteered for all of his activities - it was expected. Engineers can be demanding. My fellow is prone to overwork and I used to worry - I've learned to back off. Ultimately an engineer is a good find because they do seem to mean what they say, and when that saying is "I love you"... well, that is important.

Doha, Qatar

#54 Feb 4, 2012
The worse thing I could say about my engineer is that he is obsessed with learning more and more all the time. He has a degree in engineering, linguistics and project management. He decided to work on his masters and to finish memorizing the Quraan. You know how much time this leave to do anything FUN??? Not much. He fishes though, and we have fun together, though we still haven't figured out how to deal with cleaning the fish. Neither one will do it, so for now, a nice restaurant takes care of the honors. My engineer is squeamish. He will smush bugs though, so he isn't useless:)

Anchorage, AK

#55 Feb 16, 2012
When I first ran into the no-engineers rule I was quite upset. But then I realized why would I ever want to date or have a relationship such a shallow bitch.

Cleveland, TN

#56 Feb 16, 2012
i've never seen a engineer girl before.

Cleveland, TN

#57 Feb 16, 2012
its true... i've never been on a train before.
Just sayin

Charleston, WV

#58 Feb 22, 2012
My girlfriend and future wife is studying to be an engineer. The only thing that I can find wrong with her is that she studies all the time.

Rockdale, Australia

#59 Feb 22, 2012
K8MG wrote:
I'm a female engineer and I ONLY date other engineers.
That's because the numbers are in your favor. Lots of dicks and not enough chicks...


#60 May 3, 2012
TheJazuma wrote:
<quoted text>
That's because the numbers are in your favor. Lots of dicks and not enough chicks...

Tyngsboro, MA

#61 May 3, 2012
andet1987 wrote:
from the word engine, machine, not human, no heart.
Gosh, Andet, you're being awfully kind today.

Tyngsboro, MA

#62 May 3, 2012
Engineers are have Asperger's Syndrome.

That's why they're both intelligent and seemingly emotionless.

Tyngsboro, MA

#63 May 3, 2012
MENAgirl wrote:
The worse thing I could say about my engineer is that he is obsessed with learning more and more all the time. He has a degree in engineering, linguistics and project management. He decided to work on his masters and to finish memorizing the Quraan. You know how much time this leave to do anything FUN???
Those things ARE fun to an engineer.


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