All you ATHEIST nuts out there, PROVE...
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Saltville, VA

#7199 Aug 27, 2012
hey are you a brain worshipper??

Shawnee, OK

#7201 Aug 27, 2012
Yahweh Is not a god man made him a god by changing his name.

Monticello, IN

#7202 Sep 27, 2012
God is real deal with it..

Fresno, CA

#7203 Oct 21, 2012
GreenwoodGuy wrote:
<quoted text>
Darwin was a Christian supporter and financier. Evolution was only a "theory" to him. There is zero evidence for evolution. There may be some "conclusions", but only towards the theory and not as matter of proven fact. Those same conclusions support a theory of creationism. Anyone who even mouths the word "evolution" is a lot kookier than any Christian extremist.
You're a Dumbass, there are thousands of physical evidences proving Darwin's theory.

Monash, Australia

#7204 Oct 21, 2012
John Coffey wrote:
<quoted text>
nice try but your post makes no sense... i believe in the chirstian god... the god of the bible... the heavenly father of jesus christ... and in doing so i don't have to believe in any other god and i don't... and it's a belief... just as an atheist believes there is no god... so all are not atheist... try again... see the question was to prove there is no god... have you done that... nope... and i don't have to because i believe there is a god... so prove there isn't one... because you sure didn't with your post...
You do understand that the one making the positive claim owns the burden of proof? Other theists claimed Baal is the true god. Is it up to you to disprove them? Or does the burden of proof lay with them in providing proof and evidence that their claims are true. Then you logically deal with their claims to see if it stands to reason.

If you want evidence the Christian god is not as claims well now we have something to debate. 1 Kings 18. "The god test". How does your god test?

“"None shall pass"”

Since: Jul 11


#7205 Oct 21, 2012
Christian Man wrote:
Can you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is NO God? No, you cannot, no more than a Christian can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there IS a God. There is only evidence suggesting it. Based on that evidence, I made the decision to believe, and it has made all the difference in the world in my personal life.
Hi CM! I am glad you grasp that neither side can prove their beliefs about God.

For myself, I find that making reality, as far as science can demonstrate, and my interpretation of God agree to be as close to Truth as I can come.

Too put it bluntly, as a heretical Christian, if the Bible and Reality disagree then my interpretation of the Bible is wrong or the Bible is wrong. I have no belief that a collection of books written by humans that has existed in a variety of forms and translations that contradict each other over the last 1700 years is "The Word of God". The oldest surviving Hebrew Scriptures (200 BC) show that anything given by God to man is almost immediately debased if not turned to evil.

Monticello, IN

#7206 Oct 25, 2012
I should go to heaven for not killing people.. or you think I should go to hell for watching porn??
Some person

Tustin, CA

#7207 Oct 26, 2012
If there is a god then who made him?

“Worm Gitter”

Since: Oct 12

Vivian, LA

#7208 Oct 26, 2012
Having athiests around denying God just proves that HE does exist!

Just Results

“Jesus is Love”

Since: Jul 12

Hutchinson, MN

#7209 Oct 28, 2012
Christian Man wrote:
<quoted text>
Just what is Pascal's Wager? From all I have read about Pascal, he was not a betting man. I have never read or seen anything about his WAGER until here on Topix.
it's a wager where an atheist can't win, no matter what. Just like reality.

Just Results

“Jesus is Love”

Since: Jul 12

Hutchinson, MN

#7210 Oct 28, 2012
Duke Johnston wrote:
Having athiests around denying God just proves that HE does exist!
God does exist. Atheists are what don't exist.

“Behave Yourself”

Since: Jul 07

Fort Worth, Texas

#7211 Oct 28, 2012
Just Results wrote:
<quoted text>
God does exist. Atheists are what don't exist.
...And your proof is?
The Wingster

Trussville, AL

#7212 Oct 30, 2012
Edthirty wrote:
<quoted text>
So you admit that your invisible and silent God who created Atheists is a vindictive One, yes? I'm not worried in the least, my friend.
You're lying to yourself. You are horrified.
The Wingster

Trussville, AL

#7213 Oct 30, 2012
Duke Johnston wrote:
Having athiests around denying God just proves that HE does exist!
The Wingster

Trussville, AL

#7214 Oct 30, 2012
christianity is EVIL wrote: tm
now all you kristain nuts prove there are not all these Other gods
I hope Sandy is killing a lot of atheists as it disrupts the trashy atheist butthole of America...the northeast. Maybe it will jog north to Canada and kill some junk brained atheists up there too.

“Behave Yourself”

Since: Jul 07

Fort Worth, Texas

#7215 Oct 30, 2012
The Wingster wrote:
<quoted text>
You're lying to yourself. You are horrified.

“There is no such thing”

Since: May 08

as a reasonable person

#7216 Oct 30, 2012

Monticello, IN

#7217 Nov 6, 2012
she says she doesn't believe in god yet i can't get laid because it's cheating.. O.o
Live Action

Oklahoma City, OK

#7218 Nov 6, 2012
their are lots of gods but the creator is not one man changed his name and made him a god...his name is Yahweh.....his sons name is Yahshua it never was jesus their was never a j in the hebrew language at this time.

Alexandria, VA

#7220 Nov 27, 2012
get over your boners for debunked josephus and debunked pascals wager nothing is eternal its all natural you dumb christians science proved that already, there's no cosmic justice system after death either you dumb christians so get over it there is no candy land for yall delusional idiots after you die no presents or rewards given to you by santa claus the tooth fairy or easter bunny.. which btw all your holidays you celebrate you stole from paganism you know that religion all you guys claim to hate so much that is of the evil red man with a pitchfork lol which came years before christianity so if anybody is going to hell or bogey man land its gonna be yall not the non believers and non christians.. yall are the real heretics.. you all suffer from something eternal alright, eternal retardation.

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