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Don Boroian and Francorp Expanding Company

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“Francorp - Franchise Leader”

Since: Oct 08

Chicago, IL

#1 Nov 17, 2008
Francorp’s Chairman, Don Boroian held a meeting three weeks ago with the entire staff of 60 people at Francorp. The meeting was focused on the economy and the direction of our business, country and global economy. Mr. Boroian is extremely well read, he goes through 6 papers every day and reads numerous publications focusing on the economy and economic news.

He voiced some of the concerns that every American is going through right now. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel here? What is tomorrow going to look like? When could I possibly retire with all these swings in the market? Don Boroian has not acheived all of the successes and accolades he has compiled in his 55 years of business by being one of the “flock”. Mr. Boroian expressed an extreme displeasure with the media and their focus on the negative aspects of our economy. Mr. Boroian spoke of the negative effects.“When an average consumer hears a news report that talks of doom and gloom, they don’t go on that vacation or buy that car they were thinking about getting.” It is a vicious cycle, the consumer’s behavior is driven by the information they have, right now it is all negative information about the economy.
We see many companies downsizing and shrinking their businesses as a result. We then have less employment and therefore less spending. Mr. Boroian pointed out that of course there are some deep underlying economic issues at hand here, but the fact is that we create our own destiny. If we succomb to the media and the swirl of negative publicity, then we ourselves will fall into that trap.

Don Boroian is a bold person. He throughout his life has made decisions and moves with his business and clients that others would not have the gumption to do. As a result, he is Chairman of the world’s largest franchise consulting firm, Francorp. Prior to Francorp Mr. Boroian created an industry in the music business by franchising a chain of music operations. He also did the same in the restaurant industry. It is this temperment for tumultuous times where most business owners are “pulling in their horns” that Don Boroian makes aggressive moves.

It was announced at the Francorp meeting that we would be bringing on some new staff. Could this really be true? That when all the news and publicity is saying that every company in America is faltering and Francorp is hiring new people?
Mr. Boroian mentioned, that now, more than ever, Francorp clients need the resources and attention of Francorp staff. Look at the world’s most successful investors, they make their moves when the market is down…not when it’s up! Having been in business for almost 33 years, Francorp has seen several recessions and market downturns, this is nothing new to Don Boroian.

Francorp has recently hired Gail Doonan on full time as Regional Director Administrator. Ms. Doonan brings over 30 years of business experience to Francorp and Francorp clients. She has owned her own businesses and successfully managed client projects for some time. Ms. Doonan will be working closely with the Francorp Regional Directors, who are a nationwide network of franchise brokers and franchise sales people.

Francorp also recently brought on Tiffany Franco as a full time person. Ms. Franco works closely with Mr. Christopher J. Conner, Vice President of Francorp Consulting. Ms. Franco brings over 10 years of business experience to the consulting firm.
Francorp will also be adding some additional staff to support and manage client development. Mr. Boroian closed the meeting with Francorp Staff with a final thought.“As long as we can continue to develop successful clients who sell franchises, Francorp will continue to sit at the top of it’s industry. Everything we do is to be of the highest quality workmanship and nothing leaves this building without every bit of our effort and attention. At Francorp, the client is king.”
Bill Hampton

San Francisco, CA

#2 Nov 18, 2008
That is quite impressive, a company expanding right now means a strong and well founded organization. Don Boroian has his act together over there. I have worked with Francorp some time ago and was overwhelmed with the company's vision, dedication and focus. They really know what they are doing.
Jim Rogers

Apple Valley, CA

#3 Nov 18, 2008
Don Boroian and Francorp are the market leaders, who else could be hiring staff at this time. They are still doing a great deal of client work. There is a reason that this firm is the industry leader, it's because they do the best work and make the most successful franchisors in the market. My kudos to Don Boroian and his team.
been there-done that

Country Club Hills, IL

#5 Dec 20, 2008
Donald Boroian and Francorp are all show - they are awful to work for and even more awful to deal with. Many of his 'key' employees are young family members that couldn't get other jobs! Don't be a fool - DON'T GIVE TEM YOUR MONEY!

“Francorp - Franchise Leader”

Since: Oct 08

Chicago, IL

#6 Dec 24, 2008
It is always funny to notice where negative comments about Francorp come from. The consulting firm is literally the best franchise development company in the world. The negative comment comes from Chicago, where former employees of Francorp who couldn't cut it at Francorp now try to be competitors. It is a shame that through the internet people can hide behind their comments without disclosing who they are. Francorp consistently has delivered the best work and the most successful franchise companies in the market for over 32 years. That is no secret.
Ronnie Willman

Boynton Beach, FL

#7 Dec 26, 2008
I am familiar with Francorp and Don Boroian, they are without question the leader in franchise development. The other companies that attempt to compete with them are only a fraction of what Francorp IS and DOES for its clients.
Bill Doonan

Addison, IL

#8 Dec 29, 2008
Francorp is unquestionably the best franchise consulting and development firm in the world. It couldn't be any more clear that the people who say otherwise have something to gain from it.
John Feinsten

Snow Hill, NC

#9 Jan 9, 2009
Francorp always has the most professional and capable people. I am constantly impressed with their people and overall understanding of franchising.

Vernon Hills, IL

#10 Jan 13, 2009
Bill Hampton wrote:
That is quite impressive, a company expanding right now means a strong and well founded organization. Don Boroian has his act together over there. I have worked with Francorp some time ago and was overwhelmed with the company's vision, dedication and focus. They really know what they are doing.
In a few short months, a lot has changed at Francorp. They have had an almost 20% reduction in work force and they are missing payroll consistently.
Harry Franklin

South Gate, CA

#11 Jan 13, 2009
I don't care what kind of staffing Francorp has, show me one other company with even close to as much of a track record. I personally know the company and their competition, the other companies are a joke compared to Francorp.

Vernon Hills, IL

#12 Jan 14, 2009
The best way to deal with competition is to eliminate them. At the end of the day, the company that still has it's doors open wins. Remember, Francorp has been around for a lot of years, but it has only been a few short years that Francorp's work and professional reputation have had to stand up to scrutiny on the web. In this day and age, there is no where to hide. Consumers have far more resources at their disposal to assist them in making business decisions. If you do a google search of I-Franchise, Francorp's most bitter rival, not much comes up in the way of lawsuits, felony convictions, employee turnover, or deceptive business practices. Where there is smoke there is fire the saying goes. I guess time will tell. In this economy, your reputation had better be solid as granite, with less money being spent, and more diligence being performed, once profitable shell games, in every business, are proving to be a tough way to earn a buck.
Dominic Swanson

Fresno, CA

#13 Jan 14, 2009
That's funny, I have heard of this company I-Franchise and I met the company's owner, Mark. He could not be any more slimy if he tried to be. Just because Francorp hasn't played dirty doesn't mean that I-Franchise is any better of a company. Mark Seibert is a perfect example of a stereotypical consultant. Someone who acts like they are not trying to sell you their services and tells you everything they think you want to hear. I visited the so called offices on the west coast, it was a rented cubicle more or less. You want to talk about shell games, I-Franchise has nothing more than a group of independently former francorp people.

Mckinney, TX

#14 Jan 14, 2009
does there need to be an investigation.

Vernon Hills, IL

#15 Jan 15, 2009
Yes, you are correct, Francorp and I-Franchise are very, very similar in their approach to business. They both offer the hope and dream of multi-unit success thru franchising. However, both business models rely completely on clients who are died in the wool entrepenuers, people who are much more inclined to overlook the details, not perform proper diligence etc. If you are one of those clients, however, and you do at least the minimal amount of homework, and google Francorp and I-Franchise you will find far more negative information on Francorp. When making a decision about a consulting firm, that bad information can certainly tip the scales in favor of I-Franchise. I don't think that it is too much of a stretch to believe that the layoffs and payroll issues at Francorp accurately reflect Francorp's reputation in franchising communities where potential franchisors get the majority of their information on all things franchising.
On the inside

Plymouth, MA

#16 Jan 15, 2009
Francorp has now missed 3 paychecks to there employees.
William Hammond

Berwick, PA

#17 Jan 15, 2009
I think it is a bit misleading to say that Francorp is the bad guy here, the only negative source of information comes from the company's main competitors. I-Franchise is an extremely poorly run company with very little value to the client. One could argue the same for Francorp, but I would never hire someone like Mark Siebert who has never even run a franchise organization of any kind. What kind of experience and operational know-how is that? For someone who loves to throw stones, I was very surprised to learn that he really doesn't know anything about franchising than what Francorp taught him. The only negative forum on the web is that ridiculous site Blue Mau Mau which couldn't be any more slanted if it tried. That site has been used against Francorp for over three years now, it hasn't seemed to slow down Boroian much.

Vernon Hills, IL

#18 Jan 16, 2009
Apparently, Francorp has been slowed quite a bit. A significant loss of employees over the last 30 days, and now they seem to be really struggling with payroll too. Yes Seibert is inexperienced, but so is Boroian. Don Boroian never worked for a franchisor. He says he has, he claims on his resume that he was an executive VP of a large franchisor in the fast food business, but that is just not true. Much of the negative information about Boroian comes form published news reports, or postings from an investigative reporter, other information comes from people who have worked with Boroian in the past, long before Don even met Mark Seibert. As far as Blue Mau Mau goes, that is one of the fastest growing franchise web properties in the business. In a short span of time that will become the largest on-line portal of franchising information on the web. It is far from a ridiculous site. I agree that Francorp gets its share of bogus flak, but the fact that there is no positive information from clients, reporters, former colleagues etc, to offset the bad press that Francorp receives is in and of itself a point of distinction, wouldn't you agree ?
Been There

Addison, IL

#19 Jan 16, 2009
Francorp had a record year last year, get your facts straight, for signing in as knowledgeable, you don't really know what the business is doing. Francorp will continue to develop successful franchisors. Francorp has told all of its clients and employees to stay off of the site and not respond to any of the negative things said about Francorp by its competition. If that is the stance, why would you not see clients of Francorp coming out to join in on the negative comments?
Steven Yussarian

Addison, IL

#20 Jan 16, 2009
I personally have spoken with many different Francorp clients. They all spoke volumes about the work that Francorp did.
On the inside

Northborough, MA

#21 Jan 16, 2009
Two dynamics at work here. First, Francorp has no control who posts on an industry blog site, good or bad. Nobody does. If you build it, they will post. Go to , consumer reports, or other industry sites like the vault or yahoo's message board. There is an extremely wide spectrum of opinion on all things consumer, business, etc. In the midst of all that information, good or bad, the American business person, regardless of the industry, uses that information to make an informed decision about how they want to spend their hard earned dollars. Francorp has no control over that. Secondly, Don Boroian has been in the same business for over 30 years. In that time, it is hard to believe that he has not made an enormous amount of professional and personal connections through his business. Surely, with all of his philanthropic interests and considering his heavyweight status in franchising, there would be some positive information that would offset the negative. As with other on line forums varied sources weigh in with all types of opinion, it just doesn't hold water that Francorp has been able to arbitrarily and completely shut off everyone who has wanted to post, and everything left on the web is just hearsay and innuendo? No, I don't buy it, where there is smoke there is fire and most of the comments, articles and published reports about Don and his business paint a pretty accurate picture of how Francorp has always operated. Given the state of Francorp's business today, missed payroll, the legal department at ethical odds with Boroian and huge layoffs, and I don't think anyone else does either, especially potential franchisors.

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