Interracial experience-Mexican men an...

Chicago, IL

#25 Apr 30, 2013
I'm 38 years old and have never been attrcated to a Mexican man. Maybe just because the opportunity has never presented itself. Now it has. He's only 22 years old but I'll tell you the way he looks at me is unlike any other man has. On top of the cultural/language barrier there is a big age difference. But I don't seem to care. Neither does he. If two people make each other feel a certain way...none of that should matter. Even if its just for fun and enjoying each others company and trying "something new" it's worth it!
Brandy Chambers 1990

Los Angeles, CA

#26 May 10, 2013
I'm a 23 year old light skinned mixed woman (half black and mexican) with individual braids in my hair and I've been seeing someone from Barcelona Spain for close to 9 months. His name is Esteban he's almost 25 and very handsome. He's a good listener and sincere. We met at West Los Angeles College in the admissions office. He came over introduced himself to me. He exchanged the numbers and went out on a date a week later on a Friday Night back in September and we ended up spending the night together.

United States

#27 May 28, 2013
I am 18, young and black and My first love is Mexican. I don't care why black guys and girls don't like seeing us walk down the hallway of our school together but i know that it will never matter. I am happy that we found each other. I dated black and white guys and never felt the way I did with them that I do with him. I found love and will not care that be give me rude looks and comments. At the end of the day those people go home to their empty lives wishing for what I have. So me and baby say "f**k em"

Freeport, IL

#28 May 31, 2013
I'm black nn I black men is my favorite but I love Mexican men too cuz they so sweet ! Right now I'm dating a Mexican nn I'm in love with him. I think black women and Mexican men get along real good cuz they help us open up

Suwanee, GA

#29 Jun 1, 2013
Hello everyone...I really have a HUGE crush on this Mexican guy.However, from what I observed by watching him is that his familia is VERY important to him(just as any other Latin men). My Spanish isn't that well yet, but I've decided to start learning for personal reasons. Have any of you non spanish speaking women or men dated a Latino/a and felt strange because you didn't know Spanish around the family? Also,I've never been with a Mexican I've always been with Ricans any tips or pointers when dealing with a Mexican man?

Ironsides, MD

#31 Jun 9, 2013
I'm a male Mexican from San Antonio Texas which is predominantly Mexican. I was married and to a Mexican woman for 15 years. We separated and got a divorce 3 years ago. When I started dating, I decided I wanted to experience and date out of my race, so I dated Asian, Middle Eastern, White, Carri-bean, and other Latin woman. I love all woman, but the last person I dated was a black female. It wasn't because she was my last choice, it just happened that way. Well let's put it this way, I didn't realize what I had been missing until I met her, I am in love and plan on asking her to marry me very soon, as she can't wait for me to ask her and can't wait to make beautiful children. I live in Northern VA/ DC area and I notice the looks but it doesn't bother me. We get along great and my family likes her. I don't see or haven't seen a lot of Latin men with black woman, but I will tell you she was my first and I love me some Black women. Just for the record I consider myself good looking and I have no problem attracting woman especially my own kind and I do get flirted with on purpose when Im with her by both black woman and latin woman, its crazy its like a competition. Latin woman look at it like oh what does she have that I dont, and a black woman is like ohhhh he likes black woman let me show him some more... But I love my woman and sorry ladies I'm hers. She does her thing!
Miguel san diego

Oceanside, CA

#32 Jun 18, 2013
miguel wrote:
I've always love black women and get the same problem. It mostly from hypocrits that are in interracial. To me they tell me anything they want but when someone disrespects my black queen they are in big trouble.
Hey thats the same damn thing that happens to me. my women is black and fine as hell. The big problem is that i have black dudes staring big time and disrespecting when i have my baby girl with us and i just cant start shit knowing that it might get my 1 year old in danger. any advice ?

Los Angeles, CA

#33 Jun 23, 2013
Iam also mexican men and I think black womans are the bomb they are sexy and streight up on what they think and feel more power to love which does not look on color of skin but on its chemistry personaly iam a admirer of black womans I am mexican/Russian/Hungarian and I love all nationalities of woman I think god made woman when he was very happy

Los Angeles, CA

#34 Jun 23, 2013
Hurray for u black woman for love does not discriminate Iam a Mexican male Ihave russian/mexican/hungarian in my blood ,but iam happy for both of u that you have found each other and forget about the remarks that you get from racist or people with backward minds good thing that love does not discriminate and more power to you for my self I admired black womans I think they are gorgeous they speak their mind and say what they mean and are very sexy I would love to married a black woman they are a nockout of a woman

Lagos, Nigeria

#35 Jun 23, 2013
miguel wrote:
I've always love black women and get the same problem. It mostly from hypocrits that are in interracial. To me they tell me anything they want but when someone disrespects my black queen they are in big trouble.
I need a man to be mine forever ...i mean mexica man

Conway, AR

#37 Jun 24, 2013
Fried chicken, any Mexican brothers??

United States

#38 Jun 24, 2013
Hey young world the world is ours! Interracial dating is a beautiful thing! 5'7", long legs, beautiful dark skin, sexy big feet, sexy sexy hips and a pair of lips that wont stop baby!!!!!!!!! And my beautiful black women loves this Latin lover! And we have a lot of kids! We didn't mind making them either! Lol. Because our love wont stop, cant stop! And she can cook her @$$ off! So guess what? HEY YOUNG WORLD THE WORLD IS OURS!!!!! LOL.

United States

#39 Jun 26, 2013
I love me some Mexican men I never dates one but I am looking to soon!

United States

#40 Jun 30, 2013
I am actually a black woman who has a child with a Mexican man. His family is racist and would cause trouble with me even before we conceived.

I am American born and raised and it just baffles me to see how illegal immigrants start trouble with Americans. It's the Mexican women mainly...

How do you come into a country illegally and feel like you have seniority over anyone? Mexican women are so stupid that way. When they are living their lives hidden. That pisses me off.

United States

#41 Jun 30, 2013
Women will be women! Ignorance is alive and well! Sad but true! I'm a Latin man who lives for me not my race! When a man and women come together everything else is put to the side! Sometimes you gotta say to hell with family! Keep your head up Cas!

United States

#42 Jul 1, 2013
Tony wrote:
Women will be women! Ignorance is alive and well! Sad but true! I'm a Latin man who lives for me not my race! When a man and women come together everything else is put to the side! Sometimes you gotta say to hell with family! Keep your head up Cas!
Well said Tony. Thank you so much.

United States

#43 Jul 1, 2013
He broke up with me at a restaurant when I was 2 months pregnant with our son (knowing that I don't have any family of my own) because he was/is too much of a coward to stand up to his meddling family. My son isn't even 1 year old yet. But GOD is an Allseeing Allknowing GOD & that's what it all comes down to.

United States

#44 Jul 1, 2013
Sorry to hear that Cas! Everything in life happens for a reason! Whether good or bad! Be positive in all aspects of your life and good things will happen to you! The big man upstairs always delivers!


#45 Jul 2, 2013
Am canadian black lady,since september last year i was dating ,sexy cute,understanding,loving and most good looking mexican man,he went for vacation to mexico city to see his parent,when he come back his friends mexican guys lie on me,that i was dating some other guys,which was not true,now almost 5 moths my guy doesnt say hi to me,i miss him alot,,we work in the some company...eye contact nothing else....i dont feel dating again i will wait for him back to my life for awhile...
hell yea

United States

#46 Jul 6, 2013
Imma young good looking Mexican Guy from Mississippi and I am after this I mean gorgeous beautiful looking black girl that makes me wanna bite my lip whenever I see her everything about her is perfect her hair legs skin lips and can't forget her booty ;) she's not my gf yet but hopefully soon she will be I've always liked black girls and man they love me but I never dated one my families really open minded and I don't think the people round here would trip because everybody knows me I grew up here but anyway man I swear this girl got me crazy about her I Wanna be her man and protect her from whatever cuz shit on the real this amigo don't take shit how else u think everybody round here know me but yea we need to increase on black and brown dating we all brothers if u think about it

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