It didn't feel like a day in the middle of May when we launched the boat. One of the two guys who were putting their boat in the water when we arrived was wearing a winter coat. Fish were flouncing everywhere and in the flooded greenery around the lake it sounded like a feeding frenzy. I tried every lure you can imagine, from plastic worms to spinners, even a deer hair muddler minnow with a spinning bubble. When that didn't work I removed the spinning bubble and sank the deer hair bug to the bottom with a big split shot. This always works. But not this day. At the end of the day all I could figure is that the fish were making noise as if they were feeding....but they weren't. Low temperature. Low air pressure. If the world's weather is changing I would welcome milder summers but not if I can't catch a bass. Or a bream. Or a crappie. What do ya'll think?