Why I hate Fox News

Hobbs, NM

#183 Nov 22, 2009
Xcntrik InVidor wrote:
<quoted text>
"Does anybody really watch Fox News for true"
You must, you seem know an awful lot about them.
I wasn't aware that Sean Hannity was a Klan member.
You have no idea what the truth looks or sounds like!

“Reconquer This.”

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Haymarket, VA

#184 Dec 9, 2009
I hate Fox News because as a liberal and ultra-leftist radical, I can only capable of hating and thinking in terms of hate. Hate is all I know.


“Freedom is not free”

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#185 Dec 9, 2009
They hate the country that gave them so much. They hate the Americans who died fighting for THEIR freedom.

They hate every single tradition and institution that makes America.

So it is just natural for them to hate Fox news.

“To Eff The Ineffable”

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#186 Nov 29, 2012
I love Fox News...and the circus. Can't have too many clowns.

United States

#187 Nov 29, 2012
Charlie Wilson, congressman from Texas, named chairman of the House Intelligence Oversight Committee during the Afghan period, he wrote at once to his pals in the CIA

“The fox is in the henhouse. Gentlemen, do anything you want to.”

United States

#188 Nov 29, 2012
comedian Lee Camp live on Fox News 2/24/08

What is Fox News? It’s just a parade of propaganda, isn’t it? It’s just a festival of ignorance.

United States

#189 Nov 29, 2012
2007 Pew Research study
Viewers of the Fox News channel had the lowest knowledge of national and international affairs

United States

#190 Nov 29, 2012
Al Franken, about the lies and disinformation on Fox News - in a book-signing talk

The more you watch Fox News, the stupider you are.

United States

#191 Nov 29, 2012
Fox News: A Myth in the Unmaking Fox News’s status as a politically impartial channel is at last being exposed as a fiction
by Michael Tomasky
The Guardian/UK, November 19, 2007

Fox News is a breathtaking institution. It is a lock, stock and barrel servant of the Republican party, devoted first and foremost to electing Republicans and defeating Democrats... And yet, because it minimally adheres to certain superficial conventions, it can masquerade as a “news” outfit and enjoy all the rights that accrue to that.

... Because of the conventions of journalistic propriety, Fox [News] can’t admit that it’s a Republican outfit. It would have no credibility with politicians if it did and would be too easily dismissed as “ideological media”. To get around this problem, its marketers devised what must be the most deviously ingenious pair of advertising slogans of all time:“We report, you decide” and “Fair and balanced”.

United States

#192 Nov 29, 2012
Contrary Notions
by Michael Parenti
The Michael Parenti Reader
City Lights Books, 2007, paperback, p9

Fox News supports U.S. military interventions around the globe, the untrammeled glories of the "free market," and just about every other reactionary cause, with a lockstep precision and persistence that is unmatched by the rest of the political spectrum.

United States

#193 Nov 29, 2012
Senator Ernest Hollings

How To Watch TV News
by Neil Postman and Steve Powers
Penguin Books, 2008, paperback, p21
The top five programmers - Viacom/CBS, Disney/ABC, NBC, Time Warner and News Corp./Fox - now control 75 percent of prime-time programming and are projected to increase their share to 85 percent.

United States

#194 Nov 29, 2012
The Difficulty of Being an Informed American
by Paul Craig Roberts , Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy (i term only, Left because of US corruption) and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal...
It was neoconservative Bush regime propaganda fed to America through Judith Miller and the New York Times and through Murdoch’s Fox “News” that convinced Americans that they were in danger from a small secular Arab country half way around the globe called Iraq.

United States

#195 Nov 29, 2012
Inside the Military Media Industrial Complex: Impacts on Movements for Peace and Social Justice
by Peter Phillips and Mickey Huff
Project Censored. December 21, 2009

The media are increasingly dependent on governmental and corporate sources of news. Maintenance of continuous news shows requires a constant feed and an ever-entertaining supply of stimulating events and breaking news bites. The 24-hour news shows on MSNBC, Fox and CNN maintain constant contact with the White House, Pentagon, and public relations companies representing both government and private corporations.

United States

#196 Nov 29, 2012
Chris Hedges on ‘The Death and Life of American Journalism’
reviews the book
“The Death and Life of American Journalism Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols

The lie told by newspapers and traditional news is the lie of omission, which is not as bad as the outright lies told on Fox News, but in the end it is still a lie. Our power elite are bankrupt, and the press, tethered to the elite, is as bankrupt as those it covers.

United States

#197 Nov 29, 2012
The Economic Elite Vs. The People of the United States of America
by David Degraw
AmpedStatus, 2010, p52

A significant majority of [Barack] Obama's campaign funding came from [Business] Roundtable members... Fox News is owned by Roundtable member Rupert Murdoch, and Fox relies heavily on advertising money from Roundtable members. Rupurt Murdoch even supported Obama over [John] McCain... So here you have an excellent divide-and-conquer psychological operation. Fox News declares Obama the enemy, and Obama declares Fox the enemy, yet the Economic Elite remain in the shadows, behind the scenes, untouched and continuing their plunder.

United States

#198 Nov 29, 2012
Most of you who kowtow to FOX - and Faux Mass media had been Outfoxed! BWHHAHAHAHAHHAHAA

Astoria, NY

#199 Nov 29, 2012
that is Outfoxed by DemoncRATS and RePUbLieCATS! WBHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAA

United States

#200 Nov 29, 2012
The Fox got caught in the Trap! Bwahahaghaha

“To Eff The Ineffable”

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#201 Dec 9, 2012
Chris Wallace and Shepard Smith are ok. The rest are the neo-con clown posse and conservative provocateurs. "Let not your heart be troubled" is just a smarmy poltroon. I suggest balancing every hour spent at fox with an hour at a msm channel. Then watch John Stewart to acquire the proper perspective.

Bakersfield, CA

#202 Dec 10, 2012
Fox does tell the conservative side and liberals can't stand the other side being told because they are completely one way. I'm middle of the road but I do like seeing liberals running scared because another view is being told.

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