Okay. So My uncle is gay and his partner is Italian he speaks English tho. So We treat him as one of the family we call him uncle P*******. and all this and that. I have a strange attraction towards him. he walks around shirtless at his house most of the time at his house and even when im there (im a guy). So my dad and my real uncle went to go and run an errand. My dad offered me to go but I said no because i wanted to play the xbox but i actually wanted to be with my uncles partner alone. so my uncles partner was all like yeah that'll be cool and they left. so he came in the room where i was watching tv and sat right next to me. i looked at him and he gave me a sexy look. he looked down at his crotch and you could see a buldge. so he took my hand and put it on it. it felt good so i started to massage it. he then told me that my dad and my uncle were going to be gone for a while and that we could play around. so he said that he was going to take a shower and that if i needed to pee just come on in. i said okay. so after a few minutes passed i was curious. so i went into the bathroom and faked a pee. on my way out i look in the curtains and there he was all wet and naked, he turned a little and saw. me. he asked if i liked what i see. i stood there motionless. so he got out of the shower and took off all my clothes and i got in the shower with him. he pressed his penis against my but and started to grind on me. and i grinded back. after a few moments he had a rock hard boner and i did too. so we went back to his bed room and we got in his bed. he laid me in my back and humped me. the put hid penis in my face. so i sucked it. after that i gave him a hj till he came. he went to his dresser and got a condom and put it on. he inserted it inside me and he went work on me. he fucked me till he came in my face. and then that was it. it was really hot amd i want to do it again but i dont know how to ask. HELP ME!