germany rules

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#343 Apr 4, 2012
germany rules wrote:
We are God's race... no one can compare to us... we are way above any other race...
.... so true brother^^^

Since: Apr 12

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#344 Apr 5, 2012
because they lost the war stupid

Hamburg, Germany

#345 Apr 11, 2012
I tell you what! I'm mixed! But I'm born and raised here in germany! What you guys say about hair and stinking is the greatest bullshit I've ever heard! You know what! Everywhere on the fucking world you'll find some people who doesn't care about cleaning themselfs well and stinks! Here in germany if you smell a lil bit or some, people will talk about you and make fun of you! They don't even wanna sit next to you! And what about shaving and everything? That's the greatest nonsens I've ever heard! And the new generation has nothing to do with that nazi bullshit you talking about! It was in the past and I bet you idiot's don't even know that the germans were betrayed by Adolf Hitler and later on forced to do all of that shit! My grandma was a child back then and she told me what was going on with her family and everything! Cuz everyone who was standing against the nazis and helped the jews was killed and haunted! Adolf Hitler betrayed everyone only because he was good at talking! What gave you back then the right to bomb hiroshima and nagasaki??? Only because of the pearl harbour attack? Pff.... That's rediciolus! More people has suffered wich has nothing to do with that war then any attacked army at pearl harbour! And even today the children of the people who still live there are retarded! I know what your thinking: "So why do they still life there?" What would you do if you can not go anywhere and this is your home? You should learn more about german history befor you talk about us! You have no right to judge us with beeing mass murderers by yourselfs! Or should I say thank you for japan, thank you for afghanistan, thank you for iraq! The people are now more suffering then anytime before! And only because you guys think you are the greatest and the world gotta be kidding me! Everybody here knows that you guys only went there for resources like oil, opium poppy and shit! You know what? I hate some german people by myself for their arrogant personality! And befor you say something about my other half! I'm a christ and have nothing to do with the other side of my familie but I know the other side better then anyone of you! 90 percent of my friends are outlandish people or mixed like me! No one is a nazi! Almost all of their friends are outlandish people too! We only hate the people who came here and rub other people, beat and kill them for no reason! These are the people wich all of us hate here! People who are not willing to apreciate that they can life in this country having something to eat, a own flat and money! They don't apreciate that we let them life here far away from their own war destroyed countrys! But not all of them are like that! Everywhere on this planet are good and bad people living! You know what I mean? Even if it sounds like I would hate your country I don't do that! I love your country for your music, the language, cultur, lifestyle and everything! It's just fucking my head that people like you say such bullshit! You are like mind brainwashed puppets from your own government and TV! Even I when I watch TV use my brain and know what is right and what is wrong! And if you are all like sheeps following one guy who is telling you what you have to do and make your mehhhh then I feel sorry for you! Use your brains and don't be puppets! Don't belive in any bullshit wich is running on TV! Politicians will only tell what differences we all have and not what brings us together! And that's why the hate is spreading all around the world! You say germans are arrogant and everything? Oh yeah for real? And what are you guys talking about others and think you are better? You are the same what your talking about and not more!

Camden, AR

#346 Apr 20, 2012
You guys are all stupid hypocrites I mean saying that a race is racist, is racist. I have never actually met someone from Germany but I'm willing to bet that they are all so much smarter than all you stupid rednecks... Yes I'm assuming you are all rednecks because you're so stupid that you think calling a race racist, is not racist.

Camden, AR

#347 Apr 20, 2012
Oh yeah btw I'm American and I have traveled quite a bit around the country, and I can tell you the stereotypical American is actually only half right. The southern half fits the stereotype perfectly, northerners are actually quite smart.


#348 Apr 22, 2012
Ilona wrote:
<quoted text> I have to agree with you....I am german and i lived in germany probably longer then any one of you...and im a teen...and most of the crap you guys say isnt even true...btw...we do shave...just not as much as Americans do...our climate is not that hot.
Your climate is not that hot so an excuse not to clean up? or am I missing something here? Mr man you better clear that BUSH below or...*straight face*


#349 May 1, 2012
Motzkopf wrote:
Hello >.<
I am really shaken about many of these contributions here and also very disappoint. I am a German woman and at the same time one calls me stinking, racialist, like a monkey, unshaven, impolite ect ... I think that´s really very impolite and racialist ...I am frightened how much hate and ignorance approach me here....One of the saddest things in the life is that a human must do many good deeds, to prove that he is capable, but it needs to make only one mistake, to prove that he is nothing good....I think every country still has made mistakes and makes her...I fight against your reproach to be a "Nazie" Those which aren't ready
changing her thinking, are never able to change something at all...
Have a nice day

You're right people should not being judged like that, not fair we all human equally. You and me might be a different person but both of us are human.
German guy

Omaha, NE

#350 May 6, 2012
Sol wrote:
germany sux because they stupid
Well let's see it's not like they have invented jets, rockets, assault rifles, unmanned vehicles and many other sophisticated inventions. Oh and thanks to German people like Verner Von Bron America was able to steal rocket technology and go to the moon.
German guy

Omaha, NE

#354 May 6, 2012
Wolf wrote:
You guys are all stupid hypocrites I mean saying that a race is racist, is racist. I have never actually met someone from Germany but I'm willing to bet that they are all so much smarter than all you stupid rednecks... Yes I'm assuming you are all rednecks because you're so stupid that you think calling a race racist, is not racist.
I know right!!! These guys are all racist against Germans by saying this stuff they need to just mind their own damn buisness and piss off!!!

Stadthagen, Germany

#355 May 23, 2012

Eppertshausen, Germany

#358 Jun 5, 2012
Wolf wrote:
Oh yeah btw I'm American and I have traveled quite a bit around the country, and I can tell you the stereotypical American is actually only half right. The southern half fits the stereotype perfectly, northerners are actually quite smart.
Hey douchbag,

Americans,whether from the south or north, are top notch. Deutsche, whether from East to West, Suck.


Now Screw

Eppertshausen, Germany

#359 Jun 5, 2012
AEC wrote:
Here's another post - why do stupid, uneducated Americans suck butt?
Because they are the only americans who do not realize the Deutsche Suck Butt More!!!!

Since: Nov 11

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#360 Jun 5, 2012
Why does anyone suck butt? To get w
There way or sway your thinking mr to their friendsside of the the fence.

Houston, TX

#361 Jun 14, 2012
I do not know what made me read all these sad comments about another human, but it is truly sad..Another persons culture is just that, their culture.. I like deodrant personally, and prefer people around me to wear it... but hey,.. lets not be so mean and cruel.. The german girl who thinks germans are better only said that because of all the rude, hateful comments being thrown around.. There are other ways to get our feelings across without being inhumane to people and treading on their dignity... I am American born but of German decent.. AND I MEAN STRAIGHT UP GERMAN GRANDMA.. The other half is Irish.. Anyhow.. I act and behave as an american, obcessed with cleanliness more than most... its ones culture.. raised as american I have that 'be ultra clean' attitude,, only worse.. So in conclusion, lets be nice to all people. If you have a problem with something, there are nicer ways to address the issues without looking and acting low class.....:)

Houston, TX

#362 Jun 14, 2012
And I am attracted to a german who lives in america and he looks like he just stepped out of GQ magizine... Hes gorgeous and is a excellent provider, abeautiful accent and manners.. I can't imagine anyone being any nicer. I wish my ex british husband in England had some of that...
Lots of harm can come from being intolerant of other people.. We all live on one planet, one creator of all colors of humans.. He is not pleased when we treat our fellow humans like animals... Stop the bickering and look for good in our diversity..........

Horb, Germany

#363 Jun 19, 2012
ITS MORE THAN SAD that threads like this only exist!

Montebello, CA

#364 Jul 20, 2012
SheNinja wrote:
I'm half Spanish, half Mexican, and half German. You are all racist buttf***s. How dare you talk that way about my people! Stupid buttf*****s. I will NOT let you get away with this you stupid AIDS infested morons!I am proud of being a german.Wenn sie nicht gefällt, dann kiss meine deutschen butt!Ich habe noch nie jemanden gesehen so respektlos!Ich hoffe, dass sie alle sterben einen schrecklichen Tod.
Wow you're one and a half person? Half of Three ethnicities? That's a math failure and to some extent your education system failed you. Hope you did not get your education in Germany.

And do you know what infested means? Check look for the HIV prevalence rate per country it might amaze you.
Lisbeth Salander

Guangdong, China

#365 Jul 20, 2012
'I'm half Spanish, half Mexican, and half German.'

Hahahaha, what a frickin' spazmaloid! I can't even begin to wade in to show you how completely mongaloided that statement is.

Just... just... Jesus Christ. I think LIFE has failed you, rather than the education system.

You are a Grade A goon, and you should really be lying down quietly in a padded cell talking to no-one. Ever.

Harlem, GA

#366 Sep 27, 2012
Germans RULE wrote:
Up front, i am shaved everywhere u can imagine!
we do not stink!!!!
Yes, we are better than the rest of the world period.
You Americans show your lack of intellect just in your post's, it sounds more like jealousy.You mention how German Woman smell but you never mention how hung German men are. We knock the stench right out of them.
As far as us Germans being racist we are far from it, we believe the rest of you are dog shit your race doesn't exist.
So if you don't like my post then Come to Germany and get me I have a nice seat in a oven for you.
yeah i am german we rule

Yazoo City, MS

#367 Oct 2, 2012
Linda wrote:
Because they're rude to New Yorkers for one and they're racist.
yes and i agree!

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