#41704 Apr 26, 2013
Many teens do not realize that being sexFREE is a winning advantage. This is why I think it’s important to give teens a list of the freedoms that being sexFREE provides. The top ten winning advantages of being SF (sexFREE) are:

1. Freedom from unwanted teen pregnancy and teen motherhood.

2. Freedom from incurable STDs like Herpes and fatal STDs like AIDS.

3. Freedom to concentrate on school work and participate in school activities.

4. Freedom to get all homework assignments and studying done and maintain or improve grades.

5. Freedom to participate in learning programs for future jobs and careers.

6. Freedom to graduate with classmates and receive a high school diploma.

7. Freedom to move on to college or vocational school with no restrictions.

8. Freedom to complete a college or vocational program with a degree or certificate.

9. Freedom to look for and accept good jobs with higher salaries.

10. Freedom to get valuable job experience in a chosen career and take courses to learn more job skills.

Getting pregnant and becoming a teen mother will, most likely, take away most of these freedoms, if not all of them. A teen mom has to put the care of her baby first, which means putting her education second. If she has to study for an important test and the baby is sick, the studying may not get done because she has to care for the baby. That may result in her doing poorly on the exam instead of doing well. If a teen mom wants to attend her junior or senior prom but has no one to watch the baby for her, she can’t go to the dance and has to stay home. If a teen mom is going to college, she may fail one or more classes because caring for her baby or child took priority over completing all her course requirements. A teen mom may even have to drop out of high school or college because she could not take care of her baby and do all her school work at the same time.

By contrast, a teen girl who realizes that being sexFREE (or SF for short) in high school and college is a clear winning advantage will avoid sex with partners during those years. She will keep her freedom to enjoy all the advantages that the SF choice offers. She is free to concentrate in school, get all her class and homework assignments done, attend any dances she wishes, and take part in school activities like working on the school newspaper or yearbook. Best of all, she will graduate with her class and go on to college or vocational school afterward. If she avoids sexual activity with partners during her college or vocational school years, she will continue to enjoy the advantages indefinitely. She may even decide at some point that she prefers the career world over marriage and children, which is a perfectly valid choice. Not all women wish to be wives and mothers.

It is my firm belief that there is nothing good about getting pregnant as a teenager. Teen pregnancy and teen motherhood can impair or even destroy a girl’s ability to get a good education, which is the foundation for good employment. If a girl cannot get a good job because she doesn’t have a high school diploma, poverty may become inevitable. Sadly, many teen girls don’t know how very hard teen motherhood is until it is too late. They don’t know because no one ever told them, either at home or at school. It is about time that changed.

The “just say no” approach to abstinence-only sex education programs is miserably inadequate because it doesn’t explain WHY teens, especially girls, should say no to sex. The top ten list of winning advantages is a good informational tool to start off with. When a large majority of teens have this information, they may soon begin to realize that enjoying the advantages of the SF choice is a much better option for them than being trapped by the burdens of teen motherhood.

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#41705 Apr 26, 2013
Ocean56 wrote:
<quoted text>
Yep, I sure have. As a happy "done after one" (DAO for short) of a grown-up son, I remember all the HARD parts of motherhood that the right-wingers and militant religionists would prefer NOT to be mentioned.
I think they only want to see the "warm and fuzzy" moments of motherhood be mentioned to girls and young women, not the parts I outlined above. THOSE parts of motherhood shouldn't be mentioned until later. The "later" being AFTER they've had babies, not before, when they can decide NOT to have children at all. For regressive imbeciles who believe in the nonsensical "cult of true womanhood" so popular in the 19th century, the idea that women can decide for themselves NOT to have children is anthema. So they avoid mentioning the hardships to girls and women who aren't married or pregnant yet.
so true, and they most certainly do not mention all those sickly drug adicted babies born to prostitutes and crack freaks. Then there's the desperate poverty level of some. Some who aren't there but will be because of childbirth.


#41706 Apr 26, 2013


by Anne Eggebroten | July 2010

Hard to believe, but some churches are still talking about male headship.

Today I’m attending a megachurch—Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California—where God is male, all the pastors, deacons, and elders are male, and women are taught to live in submission to men. My husband, visiting Phoenix for a week, texts me that a woman is preaching in the Episcopal church he found near his motel.

These two different worlds exist side by side: congregations where men and women are equal partners in service of Jesus Christ, and others where gender hierarchy is taught as God’s will and the only truly biblical option. On Sunday morning we all drive past one flavor of gender teaching to worship in another. And those in egalitarian churches often have no idea of the wide reach of “complementarianism”—the term, so much nicer-sounding than “hierarchy,” used these days by neo-patriarchalists to describe their view of men’s and women’s different roles.

In Sun Valley, the sermon by Pastor John MacArthur, comparing the accounts of walking on water in different gospels, is excellent; I guess that’s how megachurches get started. After church, in the crowded visitors’ room, I’m welcomed by a friendly woman about my age, a physical therapist with a degree from the college where I teach religion.

I ask her,“Is women’s submission to their husbands stressed in this church?”

“Yes, it is,” she says.“A ship can have only one captain. But it’s not enslavement.” She tells me she’s fortunate that her husband is “not the domineering type. We take a difficult issue to God in prayer. I rarely have to let him decide.”


Why ANY woman would want to subject herself to such subservience and yes, ENSLAVEMENT, to a man, a "god," or a religion/church is beyond me. Luckily for me, that kind of nightmare isn't part of MY life, and it reminds me that my decision to kick the toxic baggage of gods, religions, and churches to the curb over 20 years ago was the right one.

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#41707 Apr 26, 2013
for what ever finer reason,
anybody can justify, in what they decide
for or against
as scientists say, when life began was cells began to divide and multiplies
why would they say that,
as some have said, some too lazy, it broke, for revenge, inconvenient, cramp lifestyle, rape,
but it comes down to only one thing
depression when you get an abortion,
depression when you adopt it out
but at least, your conscience would be clear from killing
some think it's a blob, it's ok cause it doesn't have a little face yet, but it would have if given a few weeks more
don't live with that kind of regret
because it goes against everything a woman is

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#41708 Apr 26, 2013
There is nothing wrong with abortion? Only the devil's advocate would say that.....

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#41709 Apr 29, 2013
mztza wrote:
it's kind of strange some women,
how some women find out their pregnant for only two weeks,
and they run around, celebrating,
calling everybody their having a BABY, go figure!
how strange, they don't call it a blob or a fetus, i wonder why
and yet, some women,
even when they don't want the BABY, for reasons like rape, or economics, don't know who the father is
oops, i mean, the blob or fetus
they give it a chance to live, and then let it be adopted, to a good family
interesting, how some think how inconvenient it is to have a child,
goes against life style, hates kids, don't know who the father is, into promiscuity, had 3 other abortions, no love for child, tooo embarrassed that it might be an ethic baby, family knowing,
i would assume these are valid reasons,
now, for those who goes for abortions, go watch
how they do it, and if you feel nothing
then stand by your DECISION
thats too bad, you just never know, that little blob could have had an answer for cancer, heart problems, maybe the first to travel to mars
i wonder what a future, they, the blobs would have had,
if given a chance ?????
i was an ob/gyn nurse for many years. i have seen how pregnancies are terminated.

i have also seen severly handicapped, deformed babies born and struggle to live but die within a few minutes after being born.

it doesn't change my mind. i still believe that every woman should have a choice. to either continue a pregnancy or terminate it, if that is what she wants.

and the arguement about what the aborted fetus would turn out to be can be argued both ways. what if that child turns out to be another hitler? jeffry dahmer? btk killer..........the list goes on.

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#41710 Apr 29, 2013
Ella wrote:
<quoted text>
Take it up with GOD, it is His Word! Oh wait, you'll get that chance because you will have to give an account for every idle word
you have and will speak as well as any of your actions you haven't repented for.
not everyone believes in your god. thank goodness!!!!!!!

stick your god where the sun don't shine.

“IMAGINE no religion!”

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#41711 Apr 29, 2013
mztza wrote:
<quoted text>
congratulations, you use contraceptives,
why, didn't get you abort the children that you have
is it because you thought them as babies
not a blob
thats because these other women, won't admit it's a baby,
no love for that child, besides it's easier to get rid of it
they don't have to see it in pieces, or whether it's a boy or little girl
besides, they don't want to see the PIECES still moving around and still fighting for life
even the head still, its mouth is still gasping for AIR
thats really strange, for just a said blob
trying to survive, in pieces
for one thing, when it started out as a blob, it already had its characteristic of the parents, as it grows to have a blend of physical from both parents
it has already been determined if that child would have been a blessing in this world
this little blob had a SOUL,
it doesn't have a soul, just when its born
from the moment, the cells, gathered and multipled
it was set, boy, girl, look like parents, smart or smarter, sweet or naughty, loving or alittle brat, athelete, scholar, take care of you in old age, even give you sweet grandchildren
all, i ask of these ladies, is give the child a chance,
give it to someone, who would adore it, who can't even have a blob
because, these women who can't have babies, think this blob as a baby to love
for the ones, who truly don't want, get an operation, thats 100% guarantee
the other way, well sometimes it doesn't work
or be celibate
most intelligent women know what to call the concepts in their womb. the medical term that is, not some childish dumbed down term.

during all of my pregnancies.....my ob/gyns always referred to it as THE FETUS. they didn't have to call it some cutsie name. and all my pregnancies were wanted. tho not all were planned. but that is just me. and i do not have the need to force my beliefs and feelings onto another. what is right for me is not right for another.

and no "an operation" is not 100% guarnteed! i had a tubal after my last child. i got pregnant twice after that. both pregnancies ended in miscarriage.

and no one should be celibate just to please you womb nazi fetus lovers.

“IMAGINE no religion!”

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#41712 Apr 29, 2013
and mzta, a fetus inutero do not "gasp for air" they move the mouth in response to stimuli, like when their hand brushes their cheek.... ever witnessed a newborn babe have its cheek stroked? it will instantly turn its head and start "rooting" in other words looking for a food source. its a survival instinct.

as a fetus reaches the third trimester of the pregnancy it may suck its thumb.

i have seen many newborns with a blood blister on their hand or thumb, when born. from sucking so much while in the womb.

also a fetus will drink the amnio fluid. which is where the meconium comes from.

meconium is the earliest stools of a mammalian infant. unlike later feces, meconium is composed of materials ingested during the time the infant spends in the uterus: intestinal epithelial cells, lanugo, mucus,_amniotic fluid_, bile, and water. meconium, unlike later feces, is viscous and sticky like tar, its color usually being a very dark olive green; it is almost odorless. when diluted in amniotic fluid, it may appear in various shades of green, brown, or yellow.

please seek an education. your ignorance is astounding!

Benton, AR

#41713 Apr 29, 2013
Abortion is EVIL, abortion is MURDER, abortion is OF THE DEVIL!!
Atheits and spinter

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#41714 Apr 29, 2013
Mackenzieee wrote:
Pregnancy and parenting takes a HUGE toll on the females embryo.
Before you do that go and shave your genitals.
Thom Tanner

Medford, MA

#41715 Apr 29, 2013
Doctor REALITY wrote:
Abortion is EVIL, abortion is MURDER, abortion is OF THE DEVIL!!
I love to use you s a toilet!

Benton, AR

#41716 Apr 29, 2013
Thom Tanner wrote:
<quoted text>
I love to use you s a toilet!
Unless you REPENT and turn to Christ Almighty, you will have HELL as your 'toilet'. A 'toilet' were the worm never dies!

Ashburn, VA

#41718 May 9, 2013
Abortion can lead you into motheless

Fair Lawn, NJ

#41719 May 9, 2013
An unqualified and irresponsible parent or the torn remains of innocent life... Damn, I don't know which is more disgusting! D:

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#41721 May 13, 2013
Unknown wrote:
An unqualified and irresponsible parent or the torn remains of innocent life... Damn, I don't know which is more disgusting! D:
The vast majority of abortions are performed early and there are no "torn remains." Histrionics only hurt the PL argument. Peace.

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#41722 May 14, 2013
Abortion, regardless of the stage, is MURDER! If conception is deliberately interrupted without just moral/physical cause, it is MURDER!

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#41723 May 14, 2013
Doctor REALITY wrote:
Abortion, regardless of the stage, is MURDER! If conception is deliberately interrupted without just moral/physical cause, it is MURDER!
lol. Honey, you can ALL CAPS as much as you like, murder is a legal term. Birth control is not murder, abortion is not murder. Your personal (and religious) opinion is irrelevant to any pregnancy but your own. You are neither a doctor or thinking in reality.

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#41724 May 14, 2013
elise in burque wrote:
<quoted text>lol. Honey, you can ALL CAPS as much as you like, murder is a legal term. Birth control is not murder, abortion is not murder. Your personal (and religious) opinion is irrelevant to any pregnancy but your own. You are neither a doctor or thinking in reality.
Abortion is M-U-R-D-E-R!!!!

Kissee Mills, MO

#41725 May 14, 2013
Jane wrote:
<quoted text>
If a woman gets pregnant while on the pill, I would look at it like a gift from God, a privilege, NOT a burden to get rid of by killing. If you are not prepared to raise the child, please have the decency to give it up for adoption...
I am replying in general to this thread. Abortion is killing a baby. You started out as one cell dividing in two and so on so forth. Think about what the Lord will feel about all that. This world is a hard one and through the Grace of God we get through or God takes us home.

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