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#166432 Aug 11, 2013
Roberta G wrote:
By the way, Catcher, you had nothing at all to do with my visiting that thread. I saw the thread name on a list and thought it looked interesting, simple as that.

It can get very nasty in that thread.

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#166433 Aug 12, 2013
I'm home, by popular demand on this thread! BWHAHHAHAHAAaa

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#166435 Aug 12, 2013
So Assange consults with his group, and at 9 a.m. on 19 June, enters the Embassy of Ecuador. His team opens negotiations with British agents in London, with the Swedes in Stockholm, and American diplomats in Rio de Janeiro. They agree to let the Olympics pass, after which he can quietly go to South America,‘just do not talk about it.’ But somehow they don’t trust the Anglo-Americans and rightly so. So they carry out two masterstrokes on 3 August and 4 August.

On 3 August 2012, 16 months ahead of schedule, Argentina President, Cristina Kirchner, arrives at the headquarters of the IMF in Manhattan, accompanied by finance minister and foreign minister of Ecuador, Patino, representing ‘Alba’(Labour Alianza Bolivariana America), the economic union between Latin America and the Caribbean.

On that occasion, Kirchner hands a cheque of €12 billion to the IMF (whose loan was due on 31 December 2013). She announces that with this installment, Argentina has shown itself to be solvent, to be a responsible nation, trusted and reliable for anyone who wants to invest money. Argentina in 2003 went in default of $112 billion, but refused to seek cancellation of the debt; it declared bankruptcy and sought 10 years to return the money,including interest.

For 10 years, Argentina fought IMF’s attempts to impose restrictive measures of economic austerity. It opted for a different path, in line with Keynesianism, and based on financing infrastructure, research, innovation, instead of cutting expenditure. And it recovered. And it paid off the last installment of the IMF loan 16 months in advance. It thus proved once more that the ideas of the IMF and World Bank on economic ideas are noxious and wrong headed. TINA (“There is no alternative”) is a lie forced upon the majority of the world’s population by the oligarchic elites.

Fifteen minutes after making the payment, Kirchner lodges a formal complaint against the US and UK to the World Trade Organization, on the basis of files made available by Wikileaks, that is, Assange.

Argentina, having settled the debts, now wants damages; with compound interest. It’s a fight between Kirchner and Lagarde. Thanks to Assange, as his team has the transcripts of several conversations in different governments of the globe, involving the US, Britain, France, Italy, Germany,the Vatican, where money is the master: Osama Bin Laden has been sent to the attic and replaced as the arch villain by John Maynard Keynes in the minds of the financial hegemons.

Assange has become public enemy number one of the great powers since he has gained the classified records of these long conversations about how to cripple the economies of South America, how to take away their energy resources and prevent their recovery; how to prevent their governments from pushing through Keynesian economic plans instead of applying the dictates of the IMF, whose sole purpose is to pursue a neo-colonialist policyprincipally for the benefit of Spain, Italy and Germany, with British capital.

Most files have already been published on the internet. Those and others were handed over by Assange in Britain to the Ecuadorian ambassador there.

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#166436 Aug 12, 2013
On August 3 in New York, Ecuador became the first nation in the Americas and only nation in the Western world since 1948, to apply the concept of “immoral debt” or the political and technical refusal to pay foreign debts because they were made by previous governments through corruption, in violation of constitutional laws and requirements.

On 12 December 2008, Rafael Correa the new president of Ecuador (whose GDP is around 50 billion euros, or 30 times less than Italy’s) announced on television that he had decided to cancel the national debt considering it illegal, because it violated the constitution to oppress the people. Today in Ecuador, the new constitutional principle is that what is right for the community is legitimate.

Amount of debt:€ 11 billion. The IMF literally expunged Ecuador from the list of civilized nations.“The country is isolated,” declared Dominique Strauss-Kahn, then IMF Director General. The very next day, Hugo Chavez announced that Venezuela would contribute
free oil and gas to Ecuador for ten years. Four hours later, President Lula announced that Brazil would give 100 tons/day of wheat, rice, soy and fruit free to feed the population, for a long as the nation takes to recover. In the evening, Argentina announced it would give 3% of its beef production free to Ecuador to ensure adequate protein for the population. The next morning, in Bolivia, Evo Morales announced the legalization of cocaine for domestic production and collection, and free coca leaves to Ecuador with aloan of 5 billion interest-free, repayable in ten years in 120 installments.

Two days later, Ecuador denounced the United Fruit Company and Del Monte & Associates for “slavery and crimes against humanity”, nationalized the agricultural industry in bananas (Ecuador is the world’s biggest banana exporter) and launched a national organic label.

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#166437 Aug 12, 2013
Ten days later, Bavarian Green of Schleswig Holstein, Conad in Italy, and Denmark, and Haagen Daaz were prepared to sign contracts with the new entity on the basis of “fair trade”. On 20 December 2008, taking note of the protest of the United Fruit Company, President George Bush (still in office until 17 Jan 2009), denounced the ‘criminal decision’ of Ecuador and called for its expulsion from the United Nations.

Bush said that the US was even ready for a ‘military option to safeguard US interests.’ The next morning, the powerful New York law firm of Goldberg & Goldberg submitted that there was a legal precedent for Ecuador’s action. Six hours later, the US gave up and called on the international community to challenge the legitimacy of the concept of “immoral debt”.

The United Fruit Company has a record in systematic political corruption; it was ordered to pay damages of $ 6 billion.

Interestingly, the legal precedent was dated 4 Jan 2003, and signed by George Bush. Yep. This happened in Iraq, which at that time was ‘technically’ an American possession since it was occupied by US forces and the interim government was not yet recognized by the UN. Saddam Hussein had left debts of 250 billion euros (40 billion euros against Italy, thanks to the transactions concluded Tareq Aziz, deputy to Hussein and an ally of Vatican’s Opus Dei), which the US erased by applying the concept of “immoral debt”, thus creating the recent historical precedent.

New York lawyers for the government of Ecuador offered Washington a choice: either accept and be silent, or if you challenge the decision of Ecuador then also cancel yours for Iraq and get the US Treasury to immediately pay the €250 billion, including compound interest for four years. Obama, not yet in office but already elected, asks Bush to throw in the towel. The New York lawyers are paid by the Brazilian government.

Rafael Correa, Ecuador’s president-elect, is not a farmer like Morales, or trade unionist like Lula, or a military officer like Chavez, he comes from an upper class family and is an intellectual. He is a graduate in economics and economic planning from Harvard, and self-described as a “Christian socialist”. His first official act was to freeze all bank accounts of the Church’s IOR in Quito’s banks and divert the amount into a social welfare program for the economically disadvantaged.

He put on trial the entire political class of the previous government, most of whom were sent to jail, with average sentences of 10 years, confiscated their property and nationalized it and and redistributed it in ecological agricultural cooperatives. Correa sent a letter to Pope Ratzinger in which he called himself “always the humble servant of Your Enlightened Holiness” and in which he officially bade the Vatican send to Ecuador only “clerics gifted with deep spirituality and eager to serve the needy, avoiding profiteers who would incur the rigor of human laws”.

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#166438 Aug 12, 2013
Today, the new South America says no to colonialism and slavery of the European and US multinationals. For 400 years, ever since Europeans discovered bananas rich in potassium, Ecuadorians have lived in poverty, exploitation, destitution, while for hundreds of years a group of brutal oligarchs got rich at their expense. It is no longer the case. And it never will be again. The example of Ecuador is alive and can be replicated in any African or Asian, or European, nation in the world.

But the decisive blow to the system was a bombshell made public on 4 Aug 2012, when Julian Assange assigned the Spanish judge Garzón, the public enemy number one of organised crime, the most ferocious enemy of Silvio Berlusconi, and absolutely the most dangerous enemy of the global banking system, to defend him.

The Spanish judge has 35 years experience and has been responsible for the prosecution of the most important cases of his country for the past 25 years. He is an expert in ‘media and finance,’ and rose to international prominence in 1993 after Interpol issued a warrant on his behalf against Silvio Berlusconi and Fedele Confalonieri (Berlusconi’s right hand man) regarding transactions involving Telecinco, Pentafilm, Fininvest, Reteitalia and La Cinq.

From this it came out that the Pentafilm (Berlusconi and Cecchi Gori members, namely PD and PDL together) bought at $100 the rights of a film that it sold to Columbia Pictures for $500 to Telecinco that sold them at $1000 to an Italian network which then ultimately sold for $2000 to Rai, and so on a total of 142 times. The same film.

That is, the Rai (or us) paid the rights to a film 20 times the value of the market and bought it three times, so that all parties were taken care of.When it came to the crux of the matter, Berlusconi was prime minister, and so Garzón was stopped by the European Union. He got a half victory. He closed the Telecinco and sent its Spanish executives to jail.In 2003 the battle re-opened, with Berlusconi’s new front Mediaset. Garzón was always there.

In 2006, the Italian government at the time (Prodi & co.) helped Berlusconi to escape conviction. In 2004, Garzon opened a dossier against Pope Wojtyla and against the management of the IOR in Spain and Argentina, in relation to funding and support from the Vatican to the military juntas of Pinochet and Videla in South America.

In 2010 Garzón resigned under pressure from the Spanish Government, but before he retired, he opened a law firm dedicated exclusively to international ‘media & finance’ in The Hague, The Netherlands. And now as official legal eagle to Assange, judge Garzón has access to 145,000 files still in possession of Julian Assange that have not been made public. He has already made it known that his office is prepared to denounce several Western heads of state to the court of civil rights in The Hague. The charge will be ‘crimes against humanity, crimes against the dignity of the person.’

The battle is therefore open. It is going to be decisive for the future of freedom in the network [internet]. In the US, they make no secret of the fact that they want him dead. So do the British. But they are having trouble because Assange has taken steps to bring about a global group that deals with counter-information (real, not the Italian one). Its members are anonymous. They do not have an identified site. They simply enter the data, news, information and events. Besides, who wants to know where to look and who wants to understand? When the temperature rises, everything comes to the surface.

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#166439 Aug 12, 2013
The British Empire has lost its composure and wants to seize Assange who has access to direct source material. And the mere fact of releasing it in public turns the tables on those who rule, and reminds the people that we are caught in an invisible war. The rulers do not know how to stop the dissemination of information about what is happening in the world.

There are people who risk their lives by the mere act of uploading information from some anonymous Internet location in Canberra, Bogota or Saint Tropez. Wikileaks should not be read as gossip. It is not. Its anonymous team deserves our respect.

We can no longer say tomorrow,“but we did not know”. Whoever wants to know today, is well served. Just try.

Translated, this means: until we send home the foul political class that poorly represents us, the chatter will have no effect. Because now we all know how things are. Otherwise, you cannot complain or be surprised that in Italy no one has ever spoken before of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, or of what happens in South America, the furious battle taking place between the Argentine President and Brazil on one hand and Christine Lagarde and Merkel other. Why wonder then, that the British want to invade a foreign embassy?

This never happened even in the hottest days of the so-called Cold War. As they say in South America when someone asks “What do they do in Europe, what’s happening there?”, you answer “In Europe they sleep. They do not know that there is life out there.”

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#166440 Aug 12, 2013
The Ecuadorians Aboriginals of The Amazon rain Forest is fighting to Rid greedy/corrupted Texaco-Chevron for polluting the Ecosystem and destroying life...

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#166441 Aug 12, 2013
Chris Clearwater wrote:
Is Chicago next? I used an Obama approved source here. I say to every place that goes like this, own it, embrace it, deal with it. DO NOT ask others to bail you out.
Chicago Budget Shortfall Expected To Surge To $1 Billion Barring Pension Fix: City
1 out of 4 counties in every state is pending bankruptcy and out up for 'Financial Martial law! Enjoy!

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#166442 Aug 12, 2013
igotmylefteyeonyou wrote:
Both left and Right eye should get Black and blue Treatment, you need one badly! WBHAHHAAHHAAAA

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#166444 Aug 12, 2013
if you can't see the collapse happening you are completely blind. Many store closures. Pontiac Gone, Montgomery Ward Gone, Circuit city Gone, Mervyn's Gone, Saturn Gone, Lehman Brothers Gone, Bear Stearns Gone, Best Buy closing stores, JCpenny, Office Depot, Game Stop, Toys R Us, I can go on and on.

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#166445 Aug 12, 2013

Ground Zero on Wall Street
Fed Funds and T-Bills Hit 0% Interest
by Ellen Brown

Congress could just nationalize the Federal Reserve and print Federal Reserve Notes itself... The objection to the government printing dollars and simply spending them on public projects has always been that it would be inflationary, but that alternative would actually be less inflationary than letting the privately-owned Federal Reserve print dollars and swap them for U.S. debt, as is being done now. This is because Treasury debt, once created, is never paid off. The U.S. federal debt hasn’t been paid off since the days of Andrew Jackson. Instead, U.S. government securities wind up circulating in the economy along with the dollars that were printed to buy them. These securities represent a claim against U.S. goods and services just as dollars do. Indeed, that is why the government’s securities are so highly valued: they are just as good as dollars. They can be cashed in at any time for their dollar equivalent or deposited and borrowed against for an equivalent sum in loans, and they can be swapped for the risker toxic collateral that is tying up the banks’ capital, preventing the banks from making new loans. Federal securities are particularly valuable to banks, because they can become the “reserves” for generating many times their face value in new loans. If the government were to print dollars directly, the bonds would be taken out of the picture. There would be debt-free, permanent money in circulation, money not subject to perpetual servicing with interest by the taxpayers.

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#166446 Aug 12, 2013
Noam Chomsky,

Over 440 villages were totally destroyed and well over 100,000 civilians were killed or "disappeared," up to 150,000 according to the Church and others, all with the enthusiastic support of the Reagan Administration. Huge areas of the highlands were destroyed in a frenzy of irreversible environmental devastation. The goal was to prevent a recurrence of popular organization or any further thought of freedom or social reform. The toll since the US regained control is estimated at about 200,000 unarmed civilians killed or "disappeared," and in the highlands, episodes that qualify as genocide, if the word has meaning. In an amazing triumph of the human spirit, popular forces and leaders continue their struggle against US-inspired neo-Nazism.

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#166447 Aug 12, 2013
Chalmers Johnson, Sorrows of Empire, p39
In the United States, the first militarist tendencies appeared at the end of the nineteenth century. Before and during the Spanish-American War of 1898, the press was manipulated to whip up a popular war fever, while atrocities and war crimes committed by American forces in the Philippines were hidden from public view.

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#166448 Aug 12, 2013
if you can't see the collapse happening you are completely blind. Many store closures. Pontiac Gone, Montgomery Ward Gone, Circuit city Gone, Mervyn's Gone, Saturn Gone, Lehman Brothers Gone, Bear Stearns Gone, Best Buy closing stores, JCpenny, Office Depot, Game Stop, Toys R Us, I can go on and on.
all because of walmart.

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#166450 Aug 13, 2013
RiccardoFire wrote:
<quoted text>all because of walmart.
Not everything is walmart fault... The Bi-partisan acidic NAFTA and Other FTA bills, illegitimate Leech-Bliley-Gramm Act...
WEST Fascist Warmonger

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#166451 Aug 13, 2013
Published on Jul 29, 2013

disturbing manufacturing report for the Central Atlantic region of the U.S.,

Fifth District Survey of Manufacturing Activity
https://www.richmondfed.org/research/ ...

In U.S., Fewer Young Adults Holding Full-Time Jobs in 2013. Decline holds, regardless of education level
http://www.gallup.com/poll/163727/few ...

4 in 5 in USA face near-poverty, no work
http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/b ...

“Rainbow: God's covenant ”

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#166452 Aug 13, 2013
So let me understand this. During the Bush admin people often wished death on him, mocked him to no end ect but if a clown mocks President Obama all hell breaks loose? Why not just outlaw anything bad said of Obama and anyone dares drone him? This guy can go right to hell. Bring it on coward.

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#166453 Aug 13, 2013
Chalmers Johnson, Sorrows of Empire, p39
In the United States, the first militarist tendencies appeared at the end of the nineteenth century. Before and during the Spanish-American War of 1898, the press was manipulated to whip up a popular war fever, while atrocities and war crimes committed by American forces in the Philippines were hidden from public view.
Not entirely hidden. I know Sam Clemens, for one, was vehement over Philippine atrocities (see "To The Person Sitting In Darkness"), as well as generally disgusted with America's apparent lean to a quasi-imperialist tack. People cared, just not enough people - much like 1965, and 1987, and 2003, and....

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#166454 Aug 13, 2013
Chris Clearwater wrote:
So let me understand this. During the Bush admin people often wished death on him, mocked him to no end ect but if a clown mocks President Obama all hell breaks loose? Why not just outlaw anything bad said of Obama and anyone dares drone him? This guy can go right to hell. Bring it on coward.
Woe is you.

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