Why do White people put up with verba...

Parrish, FL

#540 Jan 20, 2008
okay so somebody explain to me why a black person can call me every name in the book, and as soon as i even whisper the word "black" the f*cking world comes to an end
a shame, a crying shame
Just Real05

United States

#541 Feb 13, 2008
IndyDave wrote:
<quoted text>
You wish. Most of us couldn't give a rat's ass less to be "ACCEPTED" (go back to school, lose the ebonics and learn English) in American Black society.
What's happened is the "blacks" have screamed about alleged inequality for long enough, people are tired of listening to the constant ranting, so the courts have turned a "deaf ear" to the white man. WE are the minority now.
Dude 90% of you on here sound like idiots, i happened to stumble on this page by accident, and read a few of these comments and can't help but be annoyed by the ignorance coming from them. This is coming from a young black man, and i can tell you one thing nobody i know or hang out with thats black runs around saying white boys can't jump or calling people crackers or honkeys lol no, i call a white person a white person and thats that, and if your ignorant enough to believe that in americas history there was only "alleged inequality" then maybe your dumbass should crack open a book. Because although america has made a change for the better this country at one point in time was corrupt in its treatment of black america, and though its not loudly annouced racisim still lingers today. Sorry about that just thought id give you a dose of reality from an intecual brother.

London, UK

#542 Mar 13, 2009
Black is bad, Look at Darth Vader

Mankato, MN

#543 Aug 12, 2009
JCS wrote:
Wow, I'm white and I'm married to a black guy, and I have never seen this so called phenonmenon. You'd think I would have seen both sides of the story - but I don't have a clue. Can you please enlighten me on this subject?
What phenonmenon are you referencing ?

“IMAGINE no religion!”

Since: Feb 09


#544 Aug 12, 2009
Tito wrote:
Its simple white people could say anything to black people for hundreds of years especially the n word. So white people you have said enough (not to mention what you've DONE) to black people so why even get mad when they say anything.
i am sorry but this is a bullsh!t answer. no one should pay for the sins of their ansectors.

using this arguement is what keeps racism alive.

i am native american, i can sit and whine and piss and moan about how people hundreds of years ago treated native americans then. i can harbor anger and hate and hostility. that would get me no where. or i can let the past lay like cement, in the past and move on and upward!

stop living in the past. cut the albatross from around your neck and become a strong human being!!!!!!!!!!


Clayton, NC

#545 Aug 12, 2009
AJS wrote:
I don't understand this phenomenon, blacks can call whites anything in the book, and never get repremanded for it.
I dont put up with that. And blacks dont test me. If you allow yourself to be verbally abused then shame on you.

Phoenix, AZ

#546 Aug 12, 2009
why do mexicans put up with verbal abuse from whites?

“IMAGINE no religion!”

Since: Feb 09


#548 Aug 13, 2009
why do mexicans put up with verbal abuse from whites?
they shouldnt.

why do battered women put up with abuse from men?

capital punishment

Teaneck, NJ

#550 Jun 28, 2010
"i love black people i think they are so sexy. F#$# the white people they just jealous because nobody likes any more"

^^^ obviously a fruit who likes black weeners

"Because white america want to be excepted by Black america so bad they will take anything we dish out and love it.The need to be seen as a equal in our eyes is very important to you people"

^^^^ sets the black community back centuries

i grew up in a predominantly black and hispanic neighborhood in brooklyn and even though my family is 100% puerto rican i classify myself as an american because PR is part of america anyway.Im looked at mostly as a white guy by blacks because my skin tone.That being said, I've been called white boy countless amounts of time to the point where it does'nt phase me anymore. If you're white and you don't like the slurs some(less intelligent) black folks use, you have to realize their vocabulary is limited to pejoratives and slang. Same goes for ignorant white people and so on.Theyre equal amounts of verbal abusers on all ends. If youve played Xbox live youve been called an N-word by a white guy even if youre not black. Who cares what they call you. Letting ignorance affect you will only make your life harder because, I dont know if you noticed.... but we are surrounded by numbskulls... just take a look at pop culture and you can see the state of mind the general population of the us is in.

Philadelphia, PA

#551 Apr 21, 2011
Just An Observer wrote:
White America. That is so funny. Here we have White America complaining about freedom of speech, or the balck and white issue. Sadly, White America is the reason you have the black people here at all. You brought them over to be slaves, remember???? Now that you can't enslave them any longer, and both women and blacks have fought against the Gov't for equal and civil rights, well......here we are again, welcoming the CHEAP labor market for the rich back in------i.e. China, the Mexicans. It never ends. The rich, white male agenda is always trying to put somebody BENEATH himself. As far as freedom of speech. To the black race: please don't waste all the time you've spent marching in Selma, or elsewhere, to start calling your brothers and sisters, names like---the "n" word, or the "b" word. Everybody must get their minds and speech out of the gutter. This isn't about a little "oh ****, I spilled the milk on the floor" kind of thing.
Just An Observer is no longer an Observer

Romford, UK

#552 Jul 5, 2011
Hancock County Native wrote:
I don't put up with any type of white racial slur. I don't care if its said in jest or not. I have confronted blacks for using them and told them if they don't like being called names they had best not use them them either. Followed with a cold stare. They back down. I even turned a former co-worker in for using the term "cracker". She never did it again. I went to my daughters school when a black kid called her a "kraut" and had him suspended for three days for intolerance and told the black prinicpal that she and I both knew that if the situation had been turned around and a white kid had called the black kid a racial slur all he!! would have broken loose. She agreed and he was suspended. The point is that we can be polite and still stand our ground and get our point across. We HAVE to stand up for ourselves.
what is a kraut?

Romford, UK

#553 Jul 5, 2011
luke wrote:
Black is bad, Look at Darth Vader
thats offensive would you like it if i said white is bad look at
look at corbra from g.i.joe
good wife

San Antonio, TX

#554 Jul 5, 2011
true, i have witnessed black people abusing white people, and the white people have a good natured attitude about it and laugh it off, but you're right, no one should be bashing anybody. a black person should not call a white person whitey if they don't expect the same courtesy.
Go see a black comedian making fun of whites and all the whites in the audience are laughing their a$$es off - if a white comedian got on stage and did the same to blacks he wouldn't make it off the stage. Whites have learned to laugh at themselves - blacks can't.
good wife

San Antonio, TX

#555 Jul 5, 2011
awesome2beblack wrote:
<quoted text>
what is a kraut?
a German

Calgary, Canada

#557 Oct 1, 2012
Time to ship 'em back. Would solve a lot of problems

Lynwood, CA

#558 Mar 24, 2013
When a black man or women doesnt get the job or promotion,they scream racism-if a white person doesnt get the job or promotion the endure and try harder-what is that all about?
Fed up Fran

Pawtucket, RI

#560 Sep 2, 2013
I don't think its important at all. I'm old school and don't kiss ass!I refuse to play the double standard polityical correctness game. Its bull!
Fed up Fran

Pawtucket, RI

#561 Sep 2, 2013
I don't need your acceptance! I'm old school. I don't kiss ass, or play the double standard, politically correct game. Its bull shit! This country is becoming a cess pool.
Fed up Fran

Pawtucket, RI

#562 Sep 2, 2013
You're so right!
Fed up Fran

Pawtucket, RI

#564 Sep 2, 2013
Hey Dummy! Two wrongs don't make a right. You're using the excuse of us abusing you in the past. You're mistreating us now because you're a violent people. Weren't you once savages? Apparently you still are! Loo9k at the news.

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