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#538350 May 23, 2013
Skombolis wrote:
<quoted text>LOL, you have warned me?!

I think what you meant to say is you see how clearly I showed you are not being honest

You made up an insincere question, you formed a conclusion on the insincere question, and you judged him for it

That you want to keep lying and pretending you didn't really suggest he sleeps with his mother and was just asking a question then you only hurt yourself
Warned, as in told you in the past that I wouldn't read posts of yours that were longer than double of mine.

Though I read through this one, sure that you would present a lie.
Lo and behold, you did.

Let me clear it up for you one last time.
I did not once accuse anyone of sleeping with their mother.
I asked what Lawlest meant and followed it with a tease.
Only an idiot, such as yourself, would take it to be a heartfelt accusation.

“Educating the uneducated”

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#538351 May 23, 2013
MisterCharrington wrote:
<quoted text>In islam you can be `loving` towards your `dancing boys`, you can marry a girl at the age of 10, mohammed married aisha at six, and had sex with her when she was 9 so if it`s ok for the prophet....welll you get the idea.

Rape is also a legitimate weapon of the jihad.

Just don`t be gay.
It only goes to show how wrong they are.

“Ditat Deus”

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#538352 May 23, 2013
Lacez wrote:
<quoted text>
The willingly uneducated are the worst of the uneducated.
I dunno....

The retards are unwillingly uneducated and those dudes are pretty damn strong....


“A Universal Cause”

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The Cosmos

#538353 May 23, 2013
Counter_Strike wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, I don't answer to you but I will be honest. The way Trifecta went about things was quite harsh. However, what I do echo is that living a homosexual lifestyle is filthy, dispicable and most certainly sinful. Now if one leads a filthy lifestyle, i.e. eat out of the garbage, then said person could be regarded also as being filthy. However if your mouth stinks, it doesn't mean I have to embarrass you by telling you out loud in public. It is a choice. We can all choose to be better people, just as Christians and other religious people can choose not to allow gay people to cause them to act outside of the Messiah's character, how He would like to see us.
We really shouldn't go around saying these things to people. I made a cynical comment because I though Lacez was unflappable, which was wrong. Some people need help, or a friend to talk to, someone to share their fears and concerns with, someone who feels hard done by life and may well be depressed. Therefore, wisdom says, not because you feel a particular way about something means you have to let everyone know about it. That's not hypocrisy, just wisdom and caring for people. We must remember, that in the end, we are not the judges of anyone, for in our over-zealous religious ways we seek to judge and condemn to hellfire, we may in turn be judged for our overly pious and Pharisaical behavior.
If I'm asked my opinion, I would be honest, but it goes against purpose to beat someone in the ground about how they live especially if, because of choices or life lead, they are shackled. Homosexuality is not a thing I approve of, but I can learn to tolerate them as human beings, as positive contributors to society and as people who love their country. That said, if homosexuals persist in throwing their feelings in our faces, and want more of gay marriage and adoption, then also our freedom of speech will lead us to say Heck No! We don't have to approve of someone to love them. Yahweh's love isn't partial not does it have conditions, yet we are called to sin no more and obey, or cause ourselves to perish. As we believe, we will not inherit a free for all world of sin, where lust, death, pain and evil will abound. So we cannot promote or accept a sin.
So let it be known, I am no gay supporter of homosexual living, but I am also not a supporter of bullying nor allowing my beliefs to cause me to hate people. I can hate the way you use profanities or walk around in cat poop in your house, but I don't have to hate you as a human being. If many are asked, if a gay firefighter pulled you out of a burning building where you were trapped, would you hate the firefighter? Would you run back into the burning building to perish?
Thank you CS... The door is always open in this Light... Peace is more than a word and between those where God is Love, it is Love in action.
Shalom always


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#538354 May 23, 2013
Counter_Strike wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow... this is something else friend. Talk about incendiary. I never thought you could get under Lacez's nerve.
Andrew (CS).
Because he no want to discuss his practicing of gay sex acts.

He quite comfortable calling Christians bigots and about restricting his freedoms and minority rights and his rants of the evil Christians trampling on his rights etc etc etc etc.

He has plenty of confidence and bravo when he talking about that.

But when it's time to discuss in detail and specifically what he asking the human race to treat as normal...then suddenly he uncomfortable. suddenly it disgusting. Him run and no want me talk about that. He not like me wrap him in the blanket of his sexual lifestyle push his face into it and force him to look in the mirror.

He not like that. But when it come to his rights, him brave.

Dish, but can't eat. Well I going to keep feeding him and see what happen.

“Ditat Deus”

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#538355 May 23, 2013
Tide with Beach wrote:

I already said that I would likely support any mocking or ridiculing of Islam.
Why do you think it's ok to mock a person's religion but not some of their other choices?

You got upset with me a while back for mocking stoners.

I've been called a homophobe for mocking gays.

I've been called a misogynist for ridiculing women.

I've been called a racist for posting racial jokes.

And you get called an intolerant bigot for thinking its ok to mock a person's religion.

Fair enough?
Rosa Winkel


#538356 May 23, 2013
MisterCharrington wrote:
<quoted text>
...but `Bacha Bazi` is fine under the eyes of your semen stained prophet.
Why don`t those `pretty little dancing boys` wear the burka?
You people are sickening.
Yeah, definitely sickening what happened to that soldier.

Then there's the rioters here. I wish they'd all GTFO in a leaky boat.

“Ditat Deus”

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#538357 May 23, 2013
Lacez wrote:
<quoted text>
It only goes to show how wrong they are.
Not that I agree with anything Islam stands for, but what is "wrong" is relative.

I knew a Mexican immigrant (one of my closest friends) that was raised up thinking a 15 year old girl is a 'woman', and he nothing wrong with that idea.

There are people on this very thread that say what you do in your personal life is 'wrong'...

Who's right? Who's wrong?

“Educating the uneducated”

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#538359 May 23, 2013
hick-up wrote:
<quoted text>Now I understand why you are what you are ...and couldn't get a date with a real woman.

Just another Canook crying about the US ...
Aww, resorting to more childish insults that wouldn't even scare away a 2 year old.

I expected as much, from our altercations in the past.
I hope that one day you'll get pulled out of your bubble and give up on your indifference to the treatment of other human beings.
Though that is unlikely, for your comfort in the majority is bound to keep you ignorant.
Rosa Winkel


#538360 May 23, 2013
Adam wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey don't blame it on the prophet. I condemn any kind of terror in the name of religions.
Your wish to kill Homo Sapiens is not terror? I see.
Here For Now

Lenoir City, TN

#538361 May 23, 2013
blind man n the bleachers wrote:
<quoted text>
Hello Lacez. A good argument can be made with freedom and equal rights. Being black is not. There is no act, thought, feeling, or desire, involved with being black. Also, the argument for and against, is over simplified on this site and in the media. For many, it is not an argument about what you can and can not do or even equal rights. For many what brings the argument is being told they are bigots, or homophobic or other names if they don't agree. While some might be, it is not the case with most. Many people, while sinners themselves, believe that there is a God, and his word is true, and they believe that it is a very dangerous thing to say that God is wrong. And they feel it is wrong for anyone to force them to teach their children that God is wrong. It in many ways it is much like the evolution/creation discussion. There is no unquestionable evidence to prove either. Yet, instead of teaching, some believe that creation was made by a creator, and that is an interesting theory. And others believe in evolution, and that is a good theory. For both views would hold the opposite view to be just that, theory. We should respect the right of others to hold a different view or see things in a different way. But, that is not what is taught. It is taught to despise those who believe in creationism. And that evolution is a proven fact. It is not. So too with homosexuality, it could be taught that people have different views, and lifestyles, and beliefs or non-beliefs. We should respect that different people are different. And that we should never hate or abuse someone because they think differently than we do. But, again that is not what is taught in the school and the media, or on this site. It is taught that if you have a different view than the homosexual view, you are a bigot, you are homophobic, you are uneducated, you are name after name after name, and are treated with the utmost disrespect. I have many close friends that are gay. They know my views and I know theirs. We disagree. They live their life and I live mine. And we respect each other, not every view, but we respect each other.
Now quickly to the earthquakes and natural disasters being the wrath of God. One major problem with that argument. If it is the wrath of God, then it is against all sin, not just one specific sin. Judgement on Sodom and Gomorrah was on all sin, and because there was not ten righteous. Will ten deny themselves for the world? Just some of my thoughts on the matter.
Good post BMNTB

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Columbus, OH

#538362 May 23, 2013
LAWEST100 wrote:
<quoted text> It is very clear to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, those who still hold on to the idea that ALL of the OT ordinances are still in effect to be obeyed under the new covenant of truth and grace IN Jesus Christ are likely confusing Christ with Judaism, you have to know what applies and what doesn't. And also if you are referring to RR's reply to you, he didn't say that ALL of the old laws were "null and void".

Only the ones that were comfortable to the culture hijacking the religion applied.

Odd that, huh?


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#538363 May 23, 2013
Lacez wrote:
<quoted text>
It only goes to show how wrong they are.
that what you doing, trying to convince Christians your sexual choices are right?? lol. how that working out for ya so far mr homosexual man.


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#538364 May 23, 2013
Catcher1 wrote:
<quoted text>
Exactly. But if you want to be perceived as a peacemaker, I would suggest approaching those on your "side". Have a talk with Trifecta about his rants on "filth" and "perversion"; encourage Lawest to show some decency; give a nudge to Clearwater; whisper in Hick Up's ear. If you insist on limiting yourself to chastising those who disagree with your basic tenets, you will be properly seen as being partisan.
Your frequent sarcastic, paternalistic and pompous tone doesn't help either.
I think you misunderstood what he meant by "We could all do better".

I will let you figure it out though.

Little Rock, AR

#538365 May 23, 2013
Adam wrote:
<quoted text>
I dont agree with you.
You are of your father, Satan the devil.

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#538366 May 23, 2013
Peace_Warrior wrote:
<quoted text>
Your fancy new language my friend escapes one still learning how to put the right English terms together to form a reasonable discussion!
Looks like you need some-one with a history for languages here... as where I am and come from, we are very simple, and language is not a thing to prove ones understanding... English is not my native tongue and longer posts wouldn't read without spell check or thesaurus here. I'm sure Jesus won't hold this against my love within the bride of Christ... to date my Father in heaven hasn't... nor been disappointed with our translation of the Bible... but none of those words are in it. God's Love is purely God's Love, no questions asked.
I certainly wasn't amongst those taught there was some-one for everyone... would imagine that would be for those who keeping hunting for 'that one'?
mmmmmm very different cultures.
But! The Love of God wins above all such things, and wins every time is my experience... even where no language is understood. I would call that loving our neighbour as we should etc etc without judgement of knowing what beliefs they have or not.
I also don't know pagan religions... have never gone into them... tho missionaries called my people heathens... which the thesaurus tells me is the same. That's hardly a fair judgement on their behalf, when half my friends were not. It's like the Africans being called Kafir, a term extremely degrading just for being black, when in truth it means unbeliever.
Folk with many dogmatic Christian beliefs and religions are messing up that simplicity of Jesus, and many truly are not worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth... and many things practised are far from Biblical. There is a great rift between humble and their self glory.
Matthew 18
1 At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?
2 And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them,
3 and said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.
4 Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.
5 And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.
God's Love and Blessings B/man.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =oWnvmKoLWUUXX&list=PL2xJs pzvHg5nvZNtAGFi3a9kiV4xEEuzg &index=57
Hello Peace Warrior. Know that there is no need for you to walk gently with me.
Firstly, forgive my use of the word pagan. There was no intent of offense to anyone or their belief. I will learn and be more exact. There was no useful reason to use it. It would have been well enough said to say the concept of a preordained soul mate in the bible that I am aware of. You use the words "True Love" in a way that agrees with the teachings of the bible. I have not and curently am not studying Greek. I am studying Hebrew. I will better translate what I said with out the Greek. Jesus asked Peter, do you love me? Peter did not respond yes I love you. He responded I have affection for you. Then Jesus said "feed my sheep" Then Jesus asked Peter again. "Do you love me" and again Peter responded yes I have affection for you. and again Jesus said "feed my sheep" A third time Jesus asked of Peter. But not the same question. The third time Jesus asked Peter "Do you have affection for me?(Which is what Peter was saying he had for Jesus) and Peter again responded as before as did Jesus. There is a bit more in the responses but this is accurate to the point. The point was that we have devalued love in the way we use it. We look at a woman or man with sexual desire and say it is love. We have affection for a friend and say it is love. And we say God loves us. And say it is love. And it is. It is the love that God wants us to have for each other. All of us. It is unconditional. It is as you say "True Love". to be continued...

“Hippie Witch”

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#538367 May 23, 2013
Chess Jurist wrote:
<quoted text>
Only the ones that were comfortable to the culture hijacking the religion applied.
Odd that, huh?
Hey my friend, good to see you!(((Chess)))
Rosa Winkel


#538368 May 23, 2013
Lacez wrote:
<quoted text>
"You need to accept responsibility for your actions..."
Anyways, if every gay individual stayed silent and no one spoke out against the hateful speech against them, then where would we be now?
We'd still have "sodomy laws" and gay people would still not be able to serve their country by offering their services to the army.
Why don't you go tell the black people that they should have "accepted responsibility for their actions and quit whining" a couple decades ago for their freedom?
To think like that, you are probably not part of a minority, and therefore are perfectly fine in your pampered majority life. For those of us WITHOUT all our freedoms, it's a different story.
You have a lot of nerve to go around telling people to shut up and take the discrimination.
If your mob didn't stand up for yourselves, you'd be in the same cellblock as Oscar Wilde.

“Romans 8:1.”

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#538369 May 23, 2013
Lacez wrote:
<quoted text>
Yet you attacked me for my posts and smiled upon Lawlest's posts.
You poor abused victim. Here's a song just for you little fella.


“Educating the uneducated”

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#538370 May 23, 2013
Le_le wrote:
<quoted text>He (skom) wants to fight.
That's what he comes in here for. Isn't it blatantly
They aren't defending any god, that I can tell, they are here
to attack those who are different from them..

Look how they have all surrounded you now..attacking
you to your very being..This is what I was trying to
warn you about in a few of my posts.

Life is unfair- people are cruel and yet- I am finding these
Christian men on wsjlm are amongst some of the cruelest I have
across- so far..
God help us all if this is what Christianity has done to their hearts.

Wishing you the best day ever! There once was a fella, in here, who would have stood right beside you through all this..and he too
would be wishing you the same!
It's fine, I can take the heat, an anagram for "hate."

I know Skom and the rest really don't want me to stop posting, because it gives them an argument.
I do like how frustrated they get when proven wrong or when the extremes of their hate come out.
They're damaging their own religions, and it's funny to see them do that.

As for my day, it wasn't the best, but it was pretty high on the list.
At work, I won tickets to go see The Hangover 3 tomorrow.
Along with that, I'll probably grab some good sushi for supper before the movie.

Fun times!

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