Why Should Jesus Love Me?

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#535391 May 17, 2013
mike wrote:
<quoted text>
Still looking for a girl Skombolis?
Projecting again? We both know how uncomfortable you get when it comes to talking about women. Last time i asked you if you ever even had a girlfriend you disappeared for days You sure you wanna go down that path?

Are things different now? You rollin' in the ladies?

Meh, you hang in there Mikey. Some day a girl will love you for who you are. There has to be a woman whose dream is to share your mom's basement and lay around in her pj's all day as her man trolls internet chat-rooms anonymously to start fights with strangers! You stay positive, your day will come:)

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#535394 May 17, 2013
mike wrote:
<quoted text>Who will comfort your troubled mind?
Do you desire to be a pastor/pimp?
The comforter, The Holy Spirit

No, I have no desire of being a pastor.

“Jesus is coming soon”

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#535395 May 17, 2013
Lacez wrote:
<quoted text>
An "understanding of things" isn't saying "my god did it" and thinking that's true.
To actually have an understanding of things, you must actually understand those things.
But of course someone like yourself who do not believe, have a better understanding than the believers, right?

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#535396 May 17, 2013
Happy Lesbo wrote:
<quoted text>
.. when a prosecuting attorney calls an authority to the witness stand,(s)he is hoping to convince the jury that the defendant is guilty. Such an action is called an "Appeal To Authority." ..
.. by quoting scripture to Lasez (an Appeal To Authority), your position is clear - you condemn his behavior. If you say, "I didn't say it, God did," you're simply using the bible as a cloak to mask your position ..
.. let me rephrase my question ..
.. by quoting scripture, did you want or did you need to condemn Lasez ??..
You don't understand what the word condemn means. Certainly not in the biblical sense. It is something you should know if you are going to speak to a Christian about the Bible and claim they condemned someone.

Do you think any time someone uses the Bible be it about turning the other cheek or love thy neighbor or its views on divorce or homosexuality that they are condemning the sinner? And of course they wouldn't use scripture if they didn't feel it represented a moral path. You don't agree with her morality, she doesn't agree with yours. So what, its a free country

But she didn't condemn anyone as that has to do with their resting place of their eternal soul.

What is it that you don't understand about that?

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#535397 May 17, 2013
Adam wrote:
<quoted text>
Thank the Lord, not me.

“Jesus is coming soon”

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#535398 May 17, 2013
Adam wrote:
<quoted text>
Well I was going to do good works in the name of the Lord until the snake came and tempted me to sin. But I do not call it sin, but self-defense.
Self defense can be a sin my friend depending on what you had to do to defend yourself.

Ephesians 4:26
26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:

Romans 7:21
21 I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#535399 May 17, 2013
RiversideRedneck wrote:
So you do want to be forced and you do want God to come to you on your terms.
My terms are reasonable and compassionate. Your god's terms (of course, it is just men speaking for a god) are not.
RiversideRedneck wrote:
You say you've been in churches a lot throughout your life, you should know that man is on God's terms, not God on man's.
Please try to acknowledge somewhere in your posting that I am an atheist, and many of your assumptions are not shared.

What I would say is that the priests make up the terms, and that they are unjust, unkind, and self-serving. Calling them "God's terms" does not change any of that for me.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#535400 May 17, 2013
RiversideRedneck wrote:
What would be the point in existing if God controlled every step of our lives?
Again? What god?

But OK, just for you, let's pretend it exists. The point? For the pleasure of it - to please god and wind up in heaven. It would lead to eternal happiness, happiness not available to somebody like me.

If I had your will and behaved like you do toward your god, would I be expected to be any less happy than you? Smokers hope that their god will intervene and overcome their will to self-destruct. Would you answer somebody who prayed for help achieving the right mind in that area the way you did me?'What would be the point in existing if God controlled your urge to smoke and made it go away?'

How am I different for wishing that if a god existed, that he did the same for me in an even more important area, my eternal soul?

All of this is self-evident, and arguing against it is simply more apologetics: defending the reality of no god intervening with language like yours.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#535401 May 17, 2013
RiversideRedneck wrote:
That would be the only way for us to live out our lives without making any mistakes.
Why would that not be desirable?
RiversideRedneck wrote:
If that were the case, then I would agree with your assumption that we have no free will.
I don't assume that. What I have said is that the term is ill defined, that the freedom to disobey a judgmental god is not a gift, but a burden, and that if you had no free will - if your will was determined by chemistry and delivered to you, that you wouldn't know or fell the difference, nor care.

Free will that you can't distinguish from a deterministic process is a disaster if your immortal soul is at stake. I don't know what fraction of humanity you expect will be damned because they have the free will to sin, but it seems like over 90%. Is that good for the human race?
RiversideRedneck wrote:
But since bad things happen, and evil people exist, and murders occur, and rape happens, etc. that tells me that God does not control anything that we do.
Me, too.

“Jesus is coming soon”

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#535402 May 17, 2013
Obama, Turkish prime minister discuss how to end civil war in SyriaObama,

(CNN)-- The leaders of Turkey and the United States are huddling in Washington on Thursday over how to handle the Syrian civil war, the raging conflict that has left an estimated 80,000 people dead and a few million displaced -- despite more than two years of diplomacy to halt the bloodshed.

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, meeting in Washington, discussed how to strengthen the Syrian opposition, help the many people displaced by the war, and mobilize the international community to put more pressure on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and forge a political transition.

They spoke as the warfare in Syria raged Thursday. The opposition Local Coordination Committees in Syria said at least 63 people were killed, including 45 in Damascus and its suburbs.

"We're going to keep increasing the pressure on the Assad regime, and working with the Syrian opposition," Obama said. "The prime minister has been on the forefront of the international effort to push for a transition to a democratic Syria without Bashar Assad. And Turkey is going to play an important role as we bring representatives of the regime and opposition together in the coming weeks."

Syrian refugees stuck in limbo
Obama said he and Erdogan agree that al-Assad needs to transfer power.

"That is the only way we're going to resolve this crisis. And we're going to keep working for a Syria that is free from Assad's tyranny, that is intact and inclusive of all ethnic and religious groups, and that's a source of stability, not extremism, because it's in the profound interest of all our nations, especially Turkey."

Turkey has been a major player in the effort to push for change in Syria, which sits on its southern border. At one time, Erdogan and al-Assad had close ties, but the war has made them antagonists. Turkey has long harbored many Syrian refugees and hosted opposition entities.

"I've made it clear again today that the United States is going to keep on helping countries in the region, including Turkey, shoulder this burden, doing our part as a major donor of humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, including those refugees in Turkey. And we're going to keep working with our Turkish partners to deliver the food, shelter and medicine that's needed to save lives."

Erdogan said ending the war and meeting the people's demands for a new government "are two areas where we are in full agreement with the United States. Supporting the opposition and Assad leaving are important issues. "

"We also agree that we have to prevent Syria from becoming an area for terrorist organizations. We also agreed that chemical weapons should not be used and all minorities and their rights should be secured. These are all priority areas for all of us," he said.

“Jesus is coming soon”

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#535403 May 17, 2013

"But separate and apart from the chemical weapons, we know that tens of thousands of people are being killed with artillery and mortars and that the humanitarian crisis and the slaughter that's taking place by itself is sufficient to prompt strong international action."

He cited a "whole range of options that the United States is already engaged in" and said he preserved "the options of taking additional steps, both diplomatic and military, because those chemical weapons inside of Syria also threaten our security over the long term as well as our allies and friends and neighbors."

Syria's internally displaced
"This is also an international problem, and it's very much my hope to continue to work with all the various parties involved, including Turkey, to find a solution that brings peace to Syria, stabilizes the region, stabilizes those chemical weapons, but it's not gonna be something that the United States does by itself, and I don't think anybody in the region, including the prime minister, would think that U.S. unilateral actions in and of themselves would bring about a better outcome inside -- inside of Syria."

Diplomatic moves

On Wednesday, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution calling for a political transition in Syria.

The resolution, which passed by a 107-12 vote, with 59 abstentions, also condemned the government's increased use of heavy weapons and ongoing "widespread and systematic gross violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms," said a U.N. statement.

It was the fifth resolution on Syria voted by the body since 2011.

"If we are unable to do anything to stop this tragedy, then how can we sustain the moral credibility of this organization?" Assembly President Vuk Jeremic said before the vote, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov discussed the revival of a peace initiative based on last year's Geneva conference.

That conference, brokered by Russia and the United States, outlined how a transitional government could be formed in Syria.

"I think it's fair to say that both of us are confident about the direction that we're moving in and very, very hopeful that within a short period of time, the pieces will have come together fully so that the world, hopefully, will have an opportunity to be given an alternative to the violence and destruction that is taking place in Syria at this moment," Kerry said.

Lavrov cited the Russian-American proposal to convene a conference to start implementing the Geneva communique last June.

"It's self-explanatory, and what we need now is to mobilize support for this initiative on the basis of what was, I believe, in Geneva and what was proposed by Washington and Moscow: to mobilize support, first of all, by all the Syrian groups, the regime and all opposition groups; and second, by those outside actors who have influence on either one or the other Syrian group," Lavrov said.

Obama and Erdogan addressed the Geneva initiative.

"I do think that the prospect of talks in Geneva involving the Russians and representatives about a serious political transition that all parties can buy into may yield results," Obama said.

Erdogan said that "we will continue to explore what we can do together, what we can consider as part of a road map looking at Geneva and beyond."

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#535404 May 17, 2013
MisterCharrington wrote:
<quoted text>
Old? Approaching middle age.
Decrepitr[sic]?: Physically limited I agree(but then I haven`t hidden the fact that I`m disabled) due to military service, I`ve had extensive maxilo-facial surgery and a lot of post trauma therapy, I had to learn to walk and speak again
I don`t scare my own child, she loves to feel my brain through the soft spot in my forehead. She`s a creepy kid...very smart though, unlike you.
We don`t grant law licenses here, here you actually have to have an education. I got my masters and passed the bar in the New York in six weeks...many UK students do it in the US...FOR A LAUGH!
My wife is Pocahontas, not joking.....if you saw her you`d think, "Holy shit, that`s Pocahontas" she`s a British Army biathlon champion.
...and you? LMFAO
What an amazing post you wrote! Congratulations.

“ Ah see's lanlubbers Cap'n BT!”

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#535406 May 17, 2013
trifecta1 wrote:
<quoted text>you have eh? lol. You get a pass, because you're no atheist.
I get shot at from all sides, because I am different.

“Jesus is coming soon”

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#535407 May 17, 2013
Obama Gets The Nixon QuestionObama Gets The Nixon Question:

David Jackson, USATODAY

Now President Obama has gotten the Richard Nixon question -- and he didn't sound too happy about it.

Asked Thursday"how do you feel about comparisons by some of your critics of this week's scandals to those that happened under the Nixon administration?" Obama told reporters: "I'll let you guys engage in those comparisons."

The president added: "You can go ahead and read the history I think and draw your own conclusions."

As we noted this week, Obama's staff has also gotten Nixon questions in connection with Republican accusations over Benghazi, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Justice Department seizure of Associated Press phone records.

White House spokesman Jay Carney presaged his boss' reaction earlier this week, saying: "I can tell you that the people who make those kind of comparison need to check their history."

Part of that history is that just about every president has received received variations of the Nixon question since he resigned in 1974 amid the Watergate scandal. It's part of the political culture.

Obama and aides can point to one difference with Nixon: Neither this president nor any specific aides in the White House or the Obama 2012 re-election campaign have been accused of specific wrongdoing.

In the meantime, Obama told reporters: "My concern is making sure that if there's a problem in the government that we fix it. That's my responsibility, and that's what we're going to do."


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#535408 May 17, 2013
It aint necessarily so wrote:
<quoted text>
Again? What god?
But OK, just for you, let's pretend it exists.

You is a rather amusing "atheist" [wink]...lol

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Watford, UK

#535409 May 17, 2013
_-Alice-_ wrote:
<quoted text>
<quoted text>
Which part of being a female Asian atheist teenaged vegan homosexual amputee is a normal part of your life?
lol, good joke :)
I used to like this one...

An elderly man was walking through the French countryside, admiring the beautiful spring day, when over a hedgerow he spotted a young couple making love in a field. Getting over his initial shock he said to himself,'Ah, young love. Ze spring time, ze air, ze flowers, C'est magnifique!' and continued to watch, remembering good times.

Suddenly, he drew in a gasp and said,'Mais, Sacre bleu! Ze woman, she is dead!' and he hurried along as fast as he could to the town to tell Jean, the police chief.

He came, out of breath, to the police station and shouted,'Jean! Jean, zere is zis man, zis woman, naked in farmer Gaston's field making love.' The police chief smiled and said,'Come, come, Henri you are not so old. Remember ze young love, ze spring time, ze air, ze flowers? Ah, L'amour! Zis is okay.''Mais non! You do not understand; ze woman, she is dead!'

Hearing this, Jean leapt up from his seat, rushed out of the station, jumped on his bike, pedaled down to the field, confirmed Henri's story, and pedaled all the way back non-stop to call the doctor.'Pierre! Pierre, this is Jean, I was in Gaston's field. Zere is a young couple naked 'aving sex.'

To which Pierre replied,'Jean, I am a man of science. You must remember, it is spring. Ze air, ze flowers, ah, L'amour! Zis is very natural.' Jean, still out of breath, grasped in reply,'NON, you do not understand; ze woman, she is dead!'

Hearing this, Pierre exclaimed,'Mon dieu!' grabbed his black medicine bag, stuffed in his thermometer, stethoscope, and other tools and jumped in the car and drove like a madman down to Gaston's field. After carefully examining the participants, he drove calmly back to Henri and Jean, who were waiting at the station.

He got there, went inside, smiled patiently, and said,'Ah, mes amis, do not worry. Ze woman, she is not dead; she is English.'

“Jesus is coming soon”

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#535410 May 17, 2013
Texas Twisters Leave Horror, Desolation:

GRANBURY, Texas - As the roar of the storm grew and the walls began to shudder, Carlton and Christy Russell crammed themselves and their 11-year-old twin daughters into their hall closet and sang church songs.

Outside, the muscular tornado that ripped through this city, 35 miles southwest of Fort Worth on Wednesday evening was bouncing from house to house, shredding roofs, splintering homes and tossing cars and people blocks away. Inside, the Russells prayed for a miss.

"You can feel the walls breathing and the roof going up and down," Christy Russell, 37, said Thursday at a Red Cross shelter set up at a local church. "We were singing and praying. And screaming a little bit."

The Russells walked away from the ordeal but Hood County, Texas, officials say at least six residents died in one of the worst tornado outbursts the city has ever seen. Late Thursday, rescue workers were searching for seven missing residents. The storm displaced more than 250 others.

Hood County officials on Thursday said two women and four men were killed in the tornado. Officials will next begin the long, meticulous task of cleaning up debris and rebuilding. Nearly 100 homes were destroyed in the storm, some ripped clean to their foundations.

After surveying the destroyed neighborhoods Thursday morning, Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds said he was surprised there weren't more deaths. The Rancho Brazos subdivision - the hardest-hit area of the city - was a barren landscape of splintered homes, flattened cars and piles of jumbled debris sitting atop of concrete foundations where homes once stood.

"I was expecting more loss of life," he said. "It was one of the worst things we've ever seen in Hood County."

Ismael Martinez, 57, was driving home from work at the Pecan Plantation with his son when baseball-size hail began pelting their car. They pulled over and parked under a tree, hoping for a break in the weather. Slowly, the hail shrunk from baseball-size to golf ball-size to nothing.

"We thought we were going to be stoned to death," Martinez said. "I've never seen anything like this in my life."

The Granbury tornado was one of 16 twisters that touched down in North Texas late Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service in Fort Worth.

The weather service damage survey team in Granbury found EF-4 damage on the Fujita Scale of Tornado Intensity, with wind speeds of 166 mph to 200 mph. EF-4 is the second-highest level on the scale.

Deeds said 37 people were treated at hospitals. The injuries ranged from lost limbs to minor bumps and bruises, he said. The victims were found in or near their homes, mostly in the Rancho Brazos subdivision. Earlier Thursday, about 20,000 homes and businesses in the region were without power. By the evening, it had dropped to 3,500.

As the storm approached Wednesday evening, Deeds drove through town and huddled over a handheld radio with the National Weather Service and local "storm spotters," he said. As they noticed the dark, twisting clouds dipping toward the ground, Deeds triggered the city's "Code Red" emergency phone service that dialed 18,000 homes and alerted them of the impending twister - a move that may have saved dozens of lives.

One call recipient was Christy Russell, who immediately hustled her family into the hall closet.

After more than an hour, with sirens still blaring across town, Russell said she ventured outside and saw destruction and debris - uprooted trees, flattened cars and demolished homes - where her neighborhood once was.

"Each time the sky lit up with lightning, you would just see - nothing," Russell said. "Everything was gone."

Roberta G

Tucker, GA

#535412 May 17, 2013
I'd call Obama a skunk, except I don't want to offend skunks.

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#535413 May 17, 2013
It aint necessarily so wrote:
<quoted text>
What an amazing post you wrote! Congratulations.
dunnop about that, it was 2am and I`d had a bottle or two of vino colapso...

“"None shall pass"”

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#535415 May 17, 2013
LAWEST100 wrote:
<quoted text> Jesus Christ is alive and well in the kingdom of Heaven,....
Yup. Jesus is dead.

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