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#519772 Apr 13, 2013
Chris Clearwater wrote:
<quoted text>
I love spring too. Around here we have what is called the jacaranda that blooms now. I also love the azaleas. When I lived in snow country the spring meant a bit more to me as the winter was my least favortie time of year.
Hi Chris :)


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#519773 Apr 13, 2013
trifecta1 wrote:
<quoted text>maybe. The Ruach Hakodesh calls atheists fools.
But no, I don't think God will be sad that He could not reach some one. God sees Jesus Christ, God did enough.
You who reject Jesus Christ, will be the one that will be sad, not YHWH God.
Bible verses used to belittle someone? how do you know that person is using the verse to belittle? maybe that Christian believes that verse applies to the discussions at hand.
I would encourage any Christian though that thinks their writing of the bible on the billboard annoys someone, then do it. If the Word annoys them, then that means the Word is hitting their conscience, and that's great.
Hebrews 4:12
For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.
That is what the Word supposed to do. And if someone is annoyed at reading the Word, then the Word is doing its job. Keep annoying them I say.
Listen Trifecta...I have been on this thread for a long time...I have never opposed scripture being posted. What I have opposed is when someone replies to me with scripture as a response and gives no explanation as to why...what they were thinking...what message they were trying to send. It is difficult to respond to someone when they give you no indication as to how they think that scripture applies to the conversation.

Having said that...

Do you think that it is okay to use scripture (God's word) as a way to annoy or irritate people? Do you think that was God's intention for the words that he has given you?

This is my understanding as I learned during my walk in the Christian faith...

1. Scripture is to further a Christians walk with God.

2. Scripture is to teach a Christian what is expected of them in order to take that walk.

3. Prayer is a way of communicating with God.

There was just nothing in my teaching that said it is okay to use scripture and prayer to irritate others.

My thoughts are...If they do not like the scripture and the prayers then it is their problem and not that of the Christians on this thread. However when you misuse scripture and prayers it then becomes the problem of the Christian.

What you are anyone else chooses to do is up to you. I was only voicing my opinion based on my own religious upbringing...it was fairly strict.

All of that is just my opinion...that is what this thread is all about...opinions.


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#519774 Apr 13, 2013
Serah wrote:
<quoted text>
Proud of seeking Scriptures and Prayers to share with others? Maybe proud isn't quite the right word, but I am happy to do so. Found this one, just for you!!
Dear Lord,
I ask you, tonight, to fill me with the knowledge of Your will,
through all spiritual wisdom and understanding.
I pray this in order that I might live a life worthy of You,
and that I may please You in every way.
Help me, Lord, to bear fruit in every good work.
Help me to grow in my knowledge of You.
Strengthen me, Lord, with all power,
according to Your glorious might,
so that I may have endurance and patience.
I joyfully thank you and praise you, Father,
that you have qualified me to share
in the inheritance of the saints
in the kingdom of light.
http://www.ourjourneyoffaith.net/2010/07/pray... ***
The early bird catches the worm.

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#519775 Apr 13, 2013
Serah wrote:
<quoted text>When your family cause you grief, you can turn to GOD. Unless you have experiences issues such as these, you will never understand......
Many have survived greif without a 'Bible God' and many without a religion and many without belief in a "god" at all.

What works for you does not make it a universal truth.

“Thank you GOD for JESUS”

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#519776 Apr 13, 2013
Peace_Warrior wrote:
Re-post >>>Epi<<<
<quoted text>
If only we could be not so judgemental and see into a soul who means so well, or is totally innocent of accusations made against them, due to misinterpretation of what they meant.
That... is worth dreaming about!
I had many dreams about my Mum last night... and one of them we were on a train, and when I woke up, it took me some time to get used to not moving; an amazing feeling laying in bed feeling 'still' instead of the motion of the train!! Some dreams are amazingly real :)

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#519777 Apr 13, 2013
AnnieJ wrote:
<quoted text>
I have heard no atheist nor agnostic say that it is ironic that they speak of God.
That's what happens when you take offense to a comment taken out of context.
You said it is ironic that an atheist will speak of God. I said that I had heard many say this.
Not sure why that would make you defensive. You are welcome to explain that to me however.
If the topic was unicorns, those posting would likely speak of unicorns whether they believe in them or not, to stay on topic. Likewise what is the purpose of an atheist participating in a discussion about God (or Jesus) if the atheist does not speak about the same topic as is posted? In my case at least I know the topic of discussion well, though I no longer believe that it is about a real existent being.

But because it still has such a huge effect on humanity, it still needs to be addressed.

Aurora, CO

#519778 Apr 13, 2013
AnnieJ wrote:
<quoted text>
I still do not know what your argument is about or why it offended you. I know what I said...
One last time then I am finished with this because I can find no point in continuing.
You said...
Paraphrasing here...don't want to go back and find the post...
Ironic that atheist talk about God
I said...
I have heard many of you say this
In another post...
I said...
I have not heard atheist nor agnostics say that it is ironic that they speak of God (at least I have not heard the say this)
Was I speaking of Christians when I said (I have heard many of you say this)...of course I was SP...I am just not sure what you find offensive about it nor have you explained yourself.
That is what I have been trying to find out...what is wrong with that statement and why it would be offensive. Since after several posts you have still not explained yourself...I am done.
What is the cruel insult that you seem to be finding in this statement...
"I have heard many of you say this"
Why do you act like I am arguing here? Is ever disagreement to you an ARGUMENT? NOR am I offended that you said this.

You said, I singled out atheist---I said I sure did---I admitted to singling out atheist.

It is very hard for you to admit that you were singling out Christians when you said--'Many of you say this'

You did NOT say --'I have heard many say this.'

So I showed you where you said this. I am not the one trying to argue here, you are .

You sure can point out fault in other people posts---but when they point out your posts doing the same thing---you say they are trying to ARGUE. If you can dish it out---you need to learn how to take it also.

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#519779 Apr 13, 2013
G_O_D wrote:
<quoted text>
Many have and do.
It just that a few athitards and funditards seem to think they have the only "truth". They will never change, constantly claim that they are right and the world is wrong, post hundreds of posts that no one believes and continue on in their pitiful existence wondering why they are alone, unheard and depressed.
The loudest voices are not always those of the majority.
G_O_D, I really have not yet grasped what side of the topic you speak on here. Am I correct that you are criticizing people on both sides for their behavior. If so I agree with you.

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#519780 Apr 13, 2013
Epiphany2 wrote:
<quoted text>
He said he is in his late 50's or early 60's I believe...
Good to see you Friend
Sometimes age does not represent itself properly :)

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#519781 Apr 13, 2013
Catcher1 wrote:
<quoted text>
For me, this thread has been a real eye opener.
I never knew there was so much ignorance out there.
What a bunch of cave dwellers.
macumazahn wrote:
<quoted text>I found it appalling, too.
Fortunately, there aren't nearly as many of them as they pretend.
"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid."

Benny Franklin

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#519782 Apr 13, 2013
G_O_D wrote:
<quoted text>
There is a psychological agrguement that some Christians believe they are God. Note the use of the phrases "We are the body of Christ" and "The Holy Spirit lives in me" (&etc.). It implies that they are in fact God.
Now I am not saying ALL think this way but many do.
That has been very apparent in some believers on some of these threads. Some of those also would be considered the most un-God like of the participants.

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#519783 Apr 13, 2013
Peace_Warrior wrote:
<quoted text>
We were both posting at the same time!
Speaking of time, and 1,000 years but a day to God...
The Time Line thru the Earth is just a few kilometers away from Tahiti and Kiribati in the Pacific, yet it is Sun 3 am in the west side and Sat 2am in the east!
So hello Sunday very soon here, and hello Sat to you all there!
Hello Sunday PW ~ and GOD Bless :)

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#519784 Apr 13, 2013
trifecta1 wrote:
<quoted text>Writer, you're no atheist for one. But lets pretend you are.
And those four people are a representation of aspects of atheism. But it's many more than four atheists. What is happening is atheism on a whole is being studied as a major contributor to mental illnesses.
Many Christians relate to the personality and character traits of Christ.
Just like many Republicans relate to the personality and character traits of Reagan.
Many serial killers relate to the personality and character traits Manson and other serial killers.
Many feminist relate to the personality and character traits of Gloria Steinem
And many atheist relate to the personality and character traits of those four individuals.
The fact that they were mentally ill should be a factor when looking at ALL so called atheists. Of course that is a rather dubious stigma, so I can understand your apprehension with the association with those four, but there are many other atheists that had a mental defect and disease.
There are studies under way to find out why atheists commit more suicides and are more mentally unstable than people with religious faith. Here is an excerpt from one such study as an example:
“Overt atheism, in other words, atheism that is professed as a way of life by some individuals — a manifesto of sorts – was found to be a common component inherent to many people suffering from other forms of severe mental illness,” said Dr. Hans Zimmermann MD PhD
“We started to notice that many of our experimental volunteers — those who were defiantly atheistic in their beliefs — were also suffering from various forms of dissociate disorders and social adaptation manias. This came as quite a shock to us as we studied patient after patient because for years we have been led to believe that religious zeal was often a patently obvious sign of mental illness, but in fact this is not the case. Quite the contrary.
“The individuals we have studied, especially those under the age of forty who actively participate in open debate about their own avowed atheism, or people who are very strident about their atheism are heavily prone to mental illness — and most of the illnesses are quite severe. This was not a handful of subjects who were studied, mind you. There were 17,809 people in the study. It was a very large model as far as psychological experiments go.”
Scientific evidence shows atheists are way more prone to mental illnesses than people with religious faith.
That is why you're so sensitive about the subject. When was the last time you had a mental evaluation, mr so called "atheist"? or do you as you and Dr[do little] have so often done here, deny science, for your Myth.~~grin~~~
When Zimmerman publishes a peer reviewed scientific paper on the subject, get back to me.

Until then you're supplying goofy links with "Mars Attacks" icons and articles exposing:

"Joey Lawrence and His Weird Red Hair"

That site you linked, obviously, in your opinion, qualifies as a legitimate source of cutting edge scientific news.

You might look into utilizing The Cartoon Network as a news source in the future.

It might be right up your alley.

Lemme ask you a question.

Huckleberry Hound, real or no?

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#519785 Apr 13, 2013
simplyput wrote:
<quoted text>
No AJ, you said 'Many of you say this' and you are REPLYING to me, a Christian.
You said I singled out Atheist and agnostics---and YES I did, I said it was ironic that they dont believe in GOD, but they want to talk about GOD all the time, and lol!--it is.
To ME, they (Atheist) are very contradictive people.
Simplyput, would you prefer we discuss the weather on a discussion site whose title is refering to God? We talk about the topic of discussion; that does not mean we have to agree with your opinion about that topic. That is what a discussion is all about.

On the other side of this, I have been on several threads which were about topics not related to God, yet some Christians made a point of talking about God in almost every post. That to me seems more inappropriate than an atheist talking about God in a topic which is about God.

Aurora, CO

#519786 Apr 13, 2013
boooots wrote:
<quoted text>
What are you talking about? You have not described me at all, and based on the quality of that post I would think that I am not near as ignorant as you are.
I have no interest in convincing anyone that a God exists or doesn't exist. I will however speak if someone tells me something that I know to be untrue, concerning what they believe, and I will never say that gods have been proved to not exist, nor will I accept anyone saying that God has been proved to exist, because that is absolutely untrue.
If God had been proved to exist why would we be having this argument? There is currently no evidence, other than the writings which believers claim are the "Word of God' of the existence of any gods. That is a well known fact, and the basis for people talking about belief rather than knowledge. We don't have to believe or not believe in a God, if that God is proved to exist. We might choose to worship or not worship that God, but the question of existence would never be entertained.
The very fact that we can argue about whether or not a god exists is the fact that a god has never been proved to exist, nor is there any proven evidence of such an existence taht any man has verified to the world..
If believing in God helps you through life, and makes you a better person, then by all means believe in God, but don't ever tell anyone that you know that God exists unless you are prepared to show that God to that other person so that he also knows what you know and sees it for himself.
The problem that I have had on this site, Topix, is the 'Christians' that I have encountered here (some of them) have proved that believing in a god makes then a lesser person than my expectations of a human being. I cannot accept that these people then are true believers in what I understand was the teachings of the character, Jesus Christ, whether he existed in real life or not.
Okay booots, believe what you want. Don't believe anything you don't want too. It is YOUR life.

If Christians are a lesser person by believing in Jesus, why are you hanging around all these lesser people than YOU? If it is that appalling to you?

'A fool says in their Heart, there is no GOD.

“H-o-o-o-o-o-o-ld on thar!”

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#519787 Apr 13, 2013
Happy Lesbo wrote:
Catcher1 wrote:
<quoted text>
For me, this thread has been a real eye opener.
I never knew there was so much ignorance out there.
What a bunch of cave dwellers.
<quoted text>
"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid."
Benny Franklin

Hi, Les.

Aurora, CO

#519788 Apr 13, 2013
Serah wrote:
<quoted text>Hello Sunday PW ~ and GOD Bless :)
It is so good to hear a GOD BLESS.

I am not getting yard work done, as I told Lawest--I have winter (snow) in my front yard and Spring (green grass) in my back yard--LOL

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#519789 Apr 13, 2013
simplyput wrote:
<quoted text>
I do not put words in your post. I do not start an argument, your making it appear that I do .
It did sound like you were saying to Trifecta that he shouldn't laugh at these atheist, because God would not laugh at them or maybe you just didn't notice how that did sound.
Simplyput, my understanding is that the internet site called Topix, is set up as a site for discussing various topics. When people discuss topics they usually have as many opinions about those topics as the number of people in the discussion. No two people agree on every possible topic in the world. We will always have differing opinions, so if one is here and doesn't want people to disagree with them, then why are you here?

“Thank you GOD for JESUS”

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And thank you JESUS for caring

#519790 Apr 13, 2013
Epiphany2 wrote:
<quoted text>
Nope.....And won't have it done either
How bout you?
I would never have it done; but how amazing is it that this was predicted to happen a couple of thousand years ago?

" Accountant K Kumaran's ordeal began when he was run down by four men in a small car as he was about to get into his Mercedes in a Kuala Lumpur suburb.

The gang, armed with long machetes, demanded the keys to his car.

It is worth around $75,000 second-hand on the local market, where prices are high because of import duties.

Stripped naked

The attackers forced Mr Kumaran to put his finger on the security panel to start the vehicle, bundled him into the back seat and drove off.

But having stripped the car, the thieves became frustrated when they wanted to restart it. They found they again could not bypass the immobiliser, which needs the owner's fingerprint to disarm it.

They stripped Mr Kumaran naked and left him by the side of the road - but not before cutting off the end of his index finger with a machete.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/43968... ***

“Educating the uneducated”

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#519791 Apr 13, 2013
simplyput wrote:
<quoted text>Most all Atheist said that they ONCE believed in God, they were a devout Christian! They LIE.
Saying God is a fairytale, God doesn't exist, God is imaginery---might as well move your magic wand----THIS is CRUEL.
If you do not believe in God--then don't. continue to defend the Atheist, if this is what you want to do.
Agnostics say they believe in God, but not Jesus--they do not believe Jesus died for their sins---you can not get to GOD but through Jesus Christ.7658
See, your post proves you don't know much.
Agnostics don't believe in a god, neither do they disbelieve.
They choose not to think about it.

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