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#512362 Mar 30, 2013
The "zestament"?

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#512363 Mar 30, 2013
LupyLu wrote:
<quoted text>
Nope. No proof of theft. Try again.
I've provided proof on WINLAC. But since the matter has spilled over to this thread, here it is again.

Your post without attribution:


The original source:


I also provided proof that plagiarism is widely considered theft. From my post on WINLAC:

From Merrian-Webster:

...to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own
....to commit literary theft....


From thesaurus.com :

literary theft
Main Entry: plagiarism
Definition: copying of another's written work


From the Free Dictionary:

literary theft
See: plagiarism
Burton's Legal Thesaurus, 4E. Copyright © 2007 by William C. Burton. Used with permission of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.


From two academic resources:

Plagiarism is defined as “literary theft”....


Plagiarism is literary theft of a person's work....


Google returned approximately 23,000 results for the exact phrase "plagiarism is literary theft" in about a quarter of a second.

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#512364 Mar 30, 2013
Peace_Warrior wrote:
I'm happy for you Brother!
And with 11 children you have a tribe of your own...
Ja BLL... it is your choice of Psalms... and Jah too!
Thank you for sharing this..
You probly know all of them so here comes another... a little different.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =rdLi0ah9qHsXX
Always good to 2CU my Friend.
May He hold you all in the palm of His hand
Until again,
Yeah. We've got a starting five, plus four, for a basketball team! LOL!

I'm a big fan of Reggae music, but I don't agree with the Rastafarian movement. Musically, I like The Abyssinians, even more than the Wailers.

Until next time...

May the shalowm of our 'Elohiym remain with you and yours.


#512365 Mar 30, 2013
scaritual wrote:
The "zestament"?
I was writing from my bed while I have my laptop on my stomach. It's dark out and I do not have the light on in my room. Sorry for my spelling mistakes.


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#512366 Mar 30, 2013
boooots wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, I do disagree with that because I am not aware of there being a God, so it would make no sense for me to say that all things are possible with God. I know that many people do follow that old cliche though, but I also know that of all those people known to me who believe that, all things have not been possible to them.
I have never met anyone who has admitted to having done all things because of God. I have, though, met many people who have made a statement, such as 'with God's help, I did such and such, or God willing I will do so and so'. If any of those people did the things they talked about, I have had no information confirming that they had any help from God, and none of the people who I have known in my life, had anything happen to them, that was made public, that could not have happened without a super being being involved.
Well their you have it, you stated that you are not aware of there being a God, so of course you will never see God in anything, and nothing will ever make sence to ya. To all of ''your questions'' you find ''your anwers'' so to speak.. Ever thought that you may be asking the wrong questions, therefore getting the wrong answer??
I respect your right to believe that however, but I would not condone your condemning or judging me or anyone else who doesn't believe that, or doing anything else that might adversely affect someone who doesn't believe that.
As do i respect what you choose to believe, however your projecting of me condemning you or judging you i disagree with....

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#512367 Mar 30, 2013
Serah wrote:
<quoted text>That was kind of you...... some people are just outright rude, so keeping it to yourself was indeed grand. Glad you could get it out of your system in here, it must be a relief letting your true feelings out!!
Actually, there were not many true feelings to let out. Possibly the only irritation would be getting up at around 5 am though due to various delays we didn't get to the site until well after sunrise. People here talk of doing things on 'Bajan time', which essentially is something planned will start much later than scheduled.

I guess a very small irritation, which is part of belonging to a marriage and the related families, is that sometimes people make plans and include me in their plans without first checking with me, or even informing me of what these plans are ahead of time.

Had I have had lots of prior warning, though, in this particular situation I would still likely have done much the same as I did, though I might have had longer to think negative thoughts about other people planning my day.

Because this place is the original homeland of my wife, and those we know here are mainly relatives or connections of her, I pretty much just go with the flow. My wife actually sacrifices her own desires a lot of the time because of knowing that I don't particularly like doing certain things, such as going shopping, rather than relaxing on a beach. If she is agreeable to that I have found myself letting her do these things on her own without going with her to assist her, because it seems to be the most manageable solution. As a trade off, although perhaps not spoken, I tend to let her make most of the plans for us.

However, I have always been a follower rather than an initiator in most of my lifetime connections, so doing this here is not unusual for me.

I have participated in a fair number of events such as the sunrise service in my lifetime, so I was not in unfamiliar territory.

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#512368 Mar 30, 2013
Epiphany2 wrote:
My Grandfather was the tenth of the Fifteen children his Father had (His mother died in childbirth after her tenth)then he married his sister in law and had 5 more. That was up in the mountains of NC in the 1880s to 1890's...Times were tough then.
I don't know how you support all of them....I'm sure GOD bleses you
I wonder that, too, Epiphany, as to how we support them all. We work it out, though. On that, I'll say this; I've bought, maybe, two pairs of pants in the past 10 years, and one pair of sneakers. That's one way we support them all. lol


#512369 Mar 30, 2013
I should get up and turn on the light. Instead, I will light a candle and speak some magic words.


#512370 Mar 30, 2013
It is one of the darkest days that is taking place in America today even the President of the united States is trying to push through the supreme court the law that the same sex should have the right to marry it is already allowed in about 9 states now.

When you go against the law of God this nation will no longer be the nation it once was. God does warn us as it was in the days of Lot so shall it be when the Son of man shall be revealed read, Gen. 18 and 19, Luke 17, and 2 Peter 2. and Romans 1

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#512371 Mar 30, 2013
Happy Birth-Day anniversary, LupyLu.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#512372 Mar 30, 2013
Le_le wrote:
I feel just as you do..
Can any one here disagree with this post?
Thank you for saying so, Le_Le.

Look how much of this is due to modern telecommunications.

The Moral Majority stuff rose to prominence with the advent of cable TV, and Christians satellite stations with its televangelists.

Then came the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine and the rise of Rush Limbaugh and hate radio. That was mostly political propaganda, but the connection to the church was palpable with so much focus on religious based political wedge issues as "family values," abortion law, gays in the military, assisted suicide, stem cell research, and gay marriage.

Then came the Internet, which destroyed the church's ability to keep the boys from finding one another with settlements that could be revoked if anybody spoke. The victims found one another on message boards, and the magnitude of the problem became known.

And satellite telecommunications brought every Christian scandal to every home with cable service, a dish or an Internet connection real time.

And message boards are where skeptics like us in this thread find one another, and teach one another both facts and strategies. Also, it is here that young people can find out the truth about the church that simply was impossible to learn about before.

And how about the rest of the web? I have watched dozens of hours of The Atheist Experience on YouTube from whom I have learned, especially Matt Dillahunty. And dozens of videos from Pat Condell, from whom I have also learned much. And Tracie Harris' Atheist Eve cartoons. And by DarkMatter2525 and philhellene's videos. There are so many fine ideas floating out there. These all get many hits

And even the entertainment media are joining in. Just watch an episode of Bill Maher, and immensely popular show on prime time HBO. The Christians there do the same thing.

Many have already left the faith based on this kind of thing. Even here on this thread, several Christians indicate that they want to distance themselves from it and its religion.

Of course, the old fashioned media are also in the act. How about the raft of best sellers from the likes of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris?

Or the print ads on billboards and the sides of buses telling doubters that they are not alone and that one can be good without god beliefs?

These are the places that my considerable contempt for the Christian church incubated, LONG after I had abandoned it. I left the church with no hard feelings for it or its god, for which I felt no more hatred than I did for Santa after discovering that he was mythical. I considered it all a growth phase. I tried faith, and am glad I did. I learned a lot that is valuable to me today.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#512373 Mar 30, 2013
psalms 23 wrote:
All things are possible with God of course you will disagree to that claim
That could be the easiest claim to falsify ever. The question is why you don't disagree as well. Isn't that obviously wrong to you?

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#512374 Mar 30, 2013
Serah wrote:
<quoted text>You would have been more honest not going to Church..... stand up for your beliefs, don't get sucked in to what you have no Faith or belief in.
Serah, I went to church, because I wanted to during the time I did attend church, except maybe as a young child when going was as my parents insisted, as we children had no choice in the matter. With both parents going to church they certainly were not going to leave young children at home, and in those days people did not hire baby sitters so they could attend Sunday services.

I am now ashamed to admit that early in my first marriage, I had to do a lot of arm twisting to get my wife to attend church, as though she had been raised similarly to me, she wanted to rebel against that, and didn't want to attend church. That was one time in my life when I overruled what was going to occur, though when we had children, she wanted them to be involved in church too, and after that there was not an issue about our attending.

She did however become very disillusioned with the congregation in the last church we attended regularly, where I was an elder for a number of years, because she was disappointed by the fact that we entertained in our home several of the church members but they did not reciprocate and she also found that people there were not generally friendly, as those in other churches previously had been.

I have no idea whether she attends church now, nor do I even know where she is living, because it appears that she retired from her two jobs - working as a case worker/therapist for an agency and running her own therapy practice from her home, a few years after we split up, and subsequently stopped publishing her phone number, and though I have seen her a few times at events involving our children and grandchildren, my children, on her instructions, will not discuss her with me, nor do I bother to ask anymore because I don't want them to be placed in the uncomfortable position of having to tell their father that, what or where their mother is, is none of my business.

I would not treat her that way, but she has always had that nature, even when we were married. I do care about my 1st wife, because we were married for over 31 years before we separated, and knew each other since the first year of university, and we have shared a lot of events and memories together over the years, even though we had generally a very rocky marriage.

I would like to know the state of her mother who I have known almost as long as I knew her, and who often treated me better than she treated her own daughter, and would sometimes take my side in an issue between my wife and I. I was her first son-in-law, for about 5 years the only one (she had 4 daughters, all who married; one losing her first husband in an accident, and then remarrying), and I was very involved with planning and taking charge at the time of my brother-in-law's accidental death, and also my father-in-law's premature sudden death, at 70.

As far as going to church with family, on infrequent occasions, I am not so opposed to religions or church that I would make an issue about doing so, and perhaps upset them, for no gain on my part. I will not start attending church again, though, as a regular thing because of someone else's wishes, and if it was to become an issue, I would stand my ground on it.

I just have no desire to make that activity part of my life any longer.


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#512375 Mar 30, 2013
It aint necessarily so wrote:
<quoted text>
Your god's preference for people that will grovel to him based on bad evidence and an immoral book can only garner it the ones with no respect for reason or conscience. As I said before, if we live in a universe run by such a god, we are all already screwed, you as well.
So, tell me. Suppose there is a heaven and you are accepted in. Forget that your god said that he'd be back soon, but it's been two millennia, that he said that any of you could move mountains with just a mustard seed of faith, that you were promised a peace that passeth all understanding and the fruits of the spirit, which almost none of you has. Let's suppose that you god keeps the promise of heaven.
What makes you think that you will be able to stay there? Do you not expect to have that free will in heaven that your god craves so much in those who worship him, or do you expect to be converted into a "robot" then?
If you do have free will, you will surely be thrown out of heaven eventually. A third of the angels failed that test already, and given infinite time, so will you. Every soul admitted into heaven will eventually rebel.
Do you disagree? How long do you think you can hold out in heaven with free will? A billion years? A billion billion years? How about that a billion times over? Who can last that long? Maybe one person. Could he do it twice? Ten times? A billion times? As Woody Allen noted, "Eternity is really long, especially near the end." Eventually, one day, everybody weakens, and like the rebellious angels, will be cast out of heaven into the fire forever without hope of parole.
If you are correct about your god, I'll see you in hell.
You first, and no you won't see me there and I'm correct that God is accessible through the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

God's preference is for those that have a Spiritual knowing relationship with YHWH. YHWH is not awed that a person knows a religious book called the bible. Knowing the bible helps a lot, but knowing the bible does not save anyone. Christianity is not Islam. Islam requires knowing the Holy Qur'an.

Are you saying Christians do not have a peace that passeth all understanding and do not have the gifts of the Spirit, because they defend and discuss their faith, sometimes passionately against the likes of you on the billboard? is that your reasoning?

The Jesus Follower will be perfect in heaven. There won't be a desire to sin because a Jesus Follower will not have this old sin flesh and bone nature to sin.

Also the bible says Jesus Followers will rule over angels:
1st Cor.6:3
Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!

Therefore the Jesus Follower will not be like the Angel, the Jesus Follower will have authority over Angels.

So that 1/3 of Angels that was cast out of Heaven due to rebellion, the Jesus Follower will have a nature higher than that. I'm not sure what it will be like. But I would figure whatever love the Jesus Follower had for YHWH on this earth and in this life, in heaven that love will be multiplied a billion by the perfecting of the Jesus Follower. YHWH will give the Jesus Follower a nature where the Jesus Follower is not a robot, a nature that is higher than the angel, but will have no desire to rebel.

You keep referring to this [we are all screwed]. No writer, >>You<< are screwed iyai!!

YHWH judges on a personal and individual basis. so the only soul you can speak for, is your own soul. And if you want to screw your own soul, then you certainly have that right.

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#512376 Mar 30, 2013
Serah wrote:
<quoted text>It depends on the actions and intentions of the Jew or Muslim, just like it depends on the actions and intentions of one who calls themselves a Christian. JESUS Himself tells us HE will gather 'sheep' from other folds; John 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one...
We don't know who will be a part of the Flock (Fold) of JESUS, and we are walking the paths of the PROPHET that has made themselves clear to each of us. I believe your question has been answered :)
Without wanting to be argumentative or give offense, Serah, in all honesty, I think everyone should admit that those words of Jesus are actually the words of whoever authored the book from which people read those words. I think Christians believe that Jesus never left any written words behind that he wrote himself, and also that all of the books were written from a few years to many years after he 'died'. Therefore all of the words written concerning Jesus came from the pen (or whatever writing tool the writers used) of the author(s) of the books.

I also think that much of what people say about what 'we know or Jesus meant, or God intended' are just words that humans have added into the mix a long time after the time of the events portrayed in the books.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#512377 Mar 30, 2013
Adam wrote:
Mathews 7:21
"Not everyone who says to me,'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.
This is very bad news for Dim, who says the equivalent of "Lord, Lord" a lot.

Dim is in open rebellion of his god's commands, and if he has one, is risking his immortal soul with his behavior on this thread - assuming that Dim actually believes that a god that expects him to obey certain commands exists.

And if he does actually believe, couldn't he be damned just for being so presumptuous? Maybe Dim's god has no say in the matter. Maybe Dim decides for himself whether he is saved.

What will Dim say to his god if it asks him why it ignored the humanist messenger that it sent to tell him to beg forgiveness? That he thought the devil sent me? Good luck saying that to the Big Guy.

All things considered, shouldn't you be advising Dim to beg forgiveness from me just to show his god that he wouldn't be so arrogant or take such a gamble? No harm could come to him from begging me. So little was asked of him, and he refused.

Shouldn't Dim be terrified of being wrong? Shouldn't you be terrified for him? I've noticed that Christians don't like to do what's right if it's a little uncomfortable.

Or maybe you don't care about Dim's soul any more than I do. What's one more soul in hell, huh? It's not your problem.

United States

#512378 Mar 30, 2013
http://news.yahoo.com/reward-dead-california-... You know,some people can be so GREEDY,and TWO-FACED,when it comes to money! All of those people,and or associations,pledging that money KNEW that it was HIGHLY LIKELY that Christopher Dorner had an 'Osama Bin Laden mentality'. Meaning??! Meaning it was VERY UNLIKELY that he would be taken alive!! They KNEW THAT!! But,now,even though information was given that led DIRECTLY TO DORNER,they want to withdraw ALL OF THE MONEY they had pledged! REALLY??!! If they had any kind of decent intentions,they would STILL set aside a reasonable amount of money to the people who encountered Dorner,and managed to escape and give information that led to Dorner,and ended a rampage that could have cost MORE officers their lives! I mean,GET REAL!! To not give those people ANYTHING would be like someone coming forward with a legitimate lottery ticket worth millions and telling them 'we changed our mind'!


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#512379 Mar 30, 2013
It aint necessarily so wrote:
<quoted text>
You put a little smiley face after that? Don't be so smug. According to the book, a third of the angels extended their middle wing feathers to your god, and they had first had knowledge of what he and heaven were like.
<quoted text>
No, I do not. I think it is an empty threat from the people that exploit and manipulate other people using psychological terrorism. If Jesus ever lived, he is long since dead.
To you Jesus is dead, because you have never experienced the Risen Lord. That is your loss. Don't envy me or any other Jesus Follower because we have experienced YHWH through the Spirit of the Risen Christ. Envy is bad. However I have nothing against you for not believing.

I'm not smug at all. I don't know how Angels can be corrupted, but some certainly were and consequently cast out of Glory along with the accuser and slandering Enemy of God.

We have such a hard time figuring out each other here in the physical realm. Even some husband and wives have a hard time figuring out each other and they live together for yrs. Why are you even attempting to figure out Angels that are invisible and of the Spiritual realm of existence???

You biting off way more that you can chew. Don't choke.

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#512380 Mar 30, 2013
http://news.yahoo.com/public-asked-stay-away-... Is it time for the Lord Jesus Christ to bring natural disaster Judgements upon this odom and Gommorah-like state where gay marriage is legal,smoking marijuana is legal,and where it is LEGAL TO HAVE SEX WITH ANIMALS??!!

United States

#512381 Mar 30, 2013

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