Why Should Jesus Love Me?


#512130 Mar 29, 2013
Mathews 15:17

Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfill.

Mathews 10:34

Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

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#512131 Mar 29, 2013
karl44 wrote:
<quoted text>
If "eternal reward" requires "belief in @@@@@", and "@@@@@" is a fair god, then how can it be that some find it easy to believe, and others find it difficult? Given the "consequences" this is the most unfair circumstance of all!
It is..I agree with you.
I can't explain it.
I have always believed..from a very small child.
Before the "world's" and my parent's influence..
-you most likely do not believe that..I swear it's true though.

I keep looking..can only find, for me, what seems just. Have vaguely
(I think. lol) written
it here a couple years ago..

It's not your traditional unbelievers "burn in hell" scenario.
.so, I don't want to
share it here again..at the moment..


#512132 Mar 29, 2013
Isaiah 42:8
I am the LORD; that is my name! I&#65279; will not give my glory to another or my praise to idols.

But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the abominable, as for murderers,

fornicators, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their lot shall be in

the lake that burns with fire and sulphur, which is the second death

Revelation 21:8

Turn to me and be saved,all you to the ends of the earth;for i am God,and there is no other

--Isaiah 45:22

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#512133 Mar 29, 2013
LupyLu wrote:
Which is my church Teddy? Do you even know?
You're a Christian. It's the Christian church, right?
LupyLu wrote:
Also, Topix and places like it are not yet covered under plagiarism
Plagiarism occurs on Topix, as it does anywhere that words are published. Duststorm did it here.
LupyLu wrote:
and are not academic or professional environments.
That's not a requirement.
LupyLu wrote:
I'll just leave it there as it is futile to attempt reason with lunatics. Have a GOoD Friday :)
And on that note, please allow me to share the REAL Easter story with you. Here's what really happened:


Jesus was lured north of the border to the promised land - Tejas - to help in the fields at harvest time. But he was persecuted doggedly by the INS, who were out to nail him. So, he hid out for three days in a cave in an undisclosed location, concealed by a huge rock.

The INS was getting nowhere looking for Jesus. Nobody was talking, not even Jesus' amigo Pedro, who thrice denied even knowing Jesus, let alone his hideout.

But zealous vigilantes determined Jesus' location nevertheless, based on a tip from one of Jesus’ homies - a guy named Judas - who had simply tired of Jesus' insufferable stories, his dime store magic tricks, and most of all, that preachy, know-it-all attitude of his. So Judas sold out his homie Jesus for a pair of oversized woofers to trick out his Nova.

Based on this tip, the vigilantes found the cave, rolled back the rock that was guarding its entrance, and raptured Jesus off. They frog-marched him to the Rio Grande and made him walk back across. Not surprisingly, he sank like a stone and drowned.

The INS was not pleased by this murderous vigilantism, and launched an investigative probe. But the ranks closed around the mob, and nobody would talk. Everyone swore that the cave had been empty when they rolled the rock away.

“He didn’t just vanish into thin air,” the INS agents accused.

“Yes he did,” the witnesses said.

And that’s how it stands to this day. Pascal feliz.


#512136 Mar 29, 2013
1 and 2 commandment

I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.

You shall have no other gods before me.

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#512138 Mar 29, 2013
waaasssuuup wrote:
if you REALLY want a good belly laugh, try putting down in black and white what antichrist 'scientists' believe as an alternative theory of origin from Creation! it's so absurd it's hilarious AND they actually claim they believe it! i'm not even making this shit up!:-)

Your myth begins "In the beginning ..." and ends with "amen." How is that different from "Once upon a time ..." and "they lived happily ever after"?

United States

#512139 Mar 29, 2013
Adam wrote:
1 and 2 commandment
I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.
You shall have no other gods before me.

“What game?”

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#512140 Mar 29, 2013
Huh wrote:
<quoted text>Whatever floats your man in the lifeboat.
That would be me.


“Educating the uneducated”

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#512141 Mar 29, 2013
simplyput wrote:
<quoted text>Why is it that you have such poor eyesight and poor comprehension, are you getting old and feeble minded?

Or were you just trying to be funny and don't know how?
Way to be irrelevant.


#512142 Mar 29, 2013
karl44 wrote:
<quoted text>
most readily spread through intravenous drug use.
your bigotry is showing
you must be a christian
Drug use? No
Bigotry? No
Christian? I follow Jesus not a specific church

Verily,the teaching qoutes from the bible comes not from me but from god the LORD and Jesus

Who inspired your comment?


#512143 Mar 29, 2013
Doctor REALITY wrote:
<quoted text>Hello,antbrain.
Have you done your homework?
Here For Now

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#512144 Mar 29, 2013
Chris Clearwater wrote:
<quoted text>
You never know... My wife works for Publix. We had prayed on moving back but this condo I bought back in 2005 holds us here for now. I do know that if the Lord wants us there it will be. God is good.
I agree because you are looking for Gods will in your life.

Yes, God is good!

“Educating the uneducated”

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#512145 Mar 29, 2013
scaritual wrote:
<quoted text>I've pretty much ceased to wonder at what you mention. It goes beyond the occasional typo or inadvertently misspelled word.

I think the overall import is that if a person can't spell or utilize basic writing skills - and by extension the reading skills must be affected, too - then it's no wonder they're stuck in the ramblings of primitive nomads and find great wisdom in mythological and superstitious blather.
One of the things that get me the most is the spelling of "lose."
Some say "you loose," which we all know is horribly wrong.
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#512146 Mar 29, 2013
Again, you have no clue as to what classifies as a myth.

Think about it, can you or I start a myth today?

wait for it...


“Educating the uneducated”

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#512148 Mar 29, 2013
Serah wrote:
<quoted text>mmmh ~ have never seen one of those breeds but both dogs are old breeds and have good reputations for being clever :)
Look it up on Google, they are extremely cute.


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#512149 Mar 29, 2013
It aint necessarily so wrote:
<quoted text>
I assume that by "God" you mean Jehovah-Jesus.
If so, you are wrong. Your god is self-contradictory and therefore logically impossible. Reason trumps fervent hope, even if you have no need or respect for it.
<quoted text>
That's absurd. The penalty - hellfire - is just an empty threat, and it is made to capture your mind. And it works on many.
<quoted text>
<quoted text>
Read it again. I said no such thing
<quoted text>
It's not.
It's always a pleasure and profitable to converse with the faithful.
<quoted text>
It's not.
<quoted text>
If your god, sin, damnation and salvation exist, then yes, being giving the will that that god wants me to have is obviously in my best interest.
Having the right will - what you call being a robot - would feel good, just like it does now. It would be a good life. There would be no temptation to betray others.
My will is to be faithful to my wife. Having a will to wander is no help. It means that I am always at risk of hurting somebody I love and possibly destroying my marriage. Why would I want that kind of conflict? When I was younger, I struggled with it. Fortunately, my better nature dominated over my instincts. Today, I am far less tempted. I have almost no will to stray. I am nearly that robot. Being a "robot" for the right thing is a good thing. There is no value in having a conflicting will that asks you to go wrong.
I want to want what is best for me to want, and nothing else. If that's a robot, then it's always been my goal to be such a robot, and to teach my kids the same: to want what is good for them and to not want the opposite.
<quoted text>
Are we not in the same conversation? Where do you get that?
<quoted text>
Your god doesn't exist. It can't welch on its promises.
But the priests who speak through the fiction of your god have lied. The gifts of the spirit are a false promise. So is returning soon.
<quoted text>

QUOTE who="It aint necessarily so"
How could your religion have made my life better? It would have consumed tens of thousands of hours and dollars, and asked me to give up much of the best that life has to offer with its senseless restrictions on living, laughing and loving.
You're the one that claims Christianity put restrictions on living laughing and loving.

Christianity have not put any of those restrictions on me. So what exactly are you talking about "restrictions"? Sounds as if you really do not know what you're talking about.

Mankind not having to live like Robots having no choice but to serve and worship YHWH, was and is the best means for YHWH to populate the citizenship of Heaven, with billions of souls that loved YHWH, by CHOICE.

It was a stroke of genius. So then any soul that YHWH damns for eternity because they rejected His Son, knows they belong in hell, because they did not love YHWH, so they will not be forced to live eternity with a being, that they rejected.:)

It's not relevant to me when Jesus returns. If Jesus returns while I'm living, great. If I die and my soul meets Jesus in Spirit, great. That is not an issue to me. In fact Jesus says the day and hour no man knows. So why be concerned about it. Enjoy living and live.

You don't believe in my God? <shrugs>, I don't believe in your philosophy secular humanism. I believe it destroys and makes a wreck of people's lives. So what does it really matter what you don't believe? does it matter to you that I reject your beliefs?

You think Hellfire is an empty threat from Jesus?

Well then, science says there is evidence your soul exist. So your soul will know without a doubt, if the words of Jesus about hellfire was a myth. Or you're wrong, and Jesus is the Son of God, and he did not bluff, and you're forever, damned.

But keep writing [Jesus is a myth or the Christian God is a myth] if it is medicine to make you feel better. You're a doctor, afterall.:)

“Educating the uneducated”

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#512150 Mar 29, 2013
boooots wrote:
<quoted text>Their parents pulled them out of grade 3 and put them to work selling religious publications door to door???

Sorry I meant grade 1.
Ahh boooots, I forgot to ask; how have you been?

In regards to the response:
I wouldn't be surprised.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#512151 Mar 29, 2013
Eve wrote:
I have sent somebody a easter message post card with the same quote from Jesus in german language.
It looks like you have transgenedered yourself, Adam. Your location - "Bad Vilbel, Germany" - betrayed you.
Here For Now

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#512152 Mar 29, 2013
simplyput wrote:
<quoted text>
Aging? I think that is another name for slowly dying--lol
But Yes Mam, you are so right , one day theses aches and pains will be all gone"What a day of rejoicing that will be!
Hey SP,
Yes slowly dieing where our bodies are concerned, but not the real us.:)

Lots of rejoicing gonna be going on!
Here For Now

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#512154 Mar 29, 2013
LAWEST100 wrote:
<quoted text>Yes, I look forward to my house made without hands, lol.

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