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#494959 Feb 26, 2013
dr Shrink wrote:
you like to reap from all people glories,sweet words, blessings, and how big you are?
Sounds like envy.


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#494960 Feb 26, 2013
Qu_innocence wrote:
<quoted text>Most Pedophiles are in hiding, chased and prosecuted, I gather... unlike NAMbLA who "pridefully" flaunts it at gay parades, at conventions and at other public venues.
NAMbLA stands for North American Man/boy Love Association for those who don't know. They are homosexuals who unashamedly prey on boys. Wonder if there is a sister organization to NAMbLA?
I have no idea about a sister organization...you will have to research that.

If Nambla is flaunting their pedophilia in public...why are they not arrested.

I know that in your quest to shine a light on homosexuality that you are trying to point out all of their "sins". Shouldn't we instead be focused on every offender of child abuse...whether they be pedophiles, homosexuals, lesbians, heterosexual males and females? They all deserve to be prosecuted...sent to prison...and in my opinion...if we didn't live in a civilized country...let them have a taste of what they imposed on a defenseless victim.

You are turning the crime of pedophilia in to a homosexual crime. That is not fair to those that have been victimized by those outside the homosexual community.

Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

#494961 Feb 26, 2013

The two cities Sodom and Gomorrah. The two synonyms for detestable sins.When people hear of Sodom and Gomorrah they think of gays and lesbians. Period. Unless you invent a time machine, travel back and re-write history, this will not change..

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#494962 Feb 26, 2013
Peace_Warrior wrote:
<quoted text>
What we post is each our choice my Friend, and I don't have time for other threads. So maybe you know others more than me...
But in the time I have been here I sure have been 'surprised'- shocked - astounded - saddened - and almost anything new in the English language I have learned which I have never read, nor heard from peoples lips. So... that said... Ja... HFN like many of us... had her point... but free will is a choice. Some use and others abuse, but it isn't why I come in here either.
The Golden Room as it was known must be an attraction - regardless - and is a little different to a host arriving at a wedding feat! But it is for the king to say who's who... and we just get on with things as they should be.
Now take a deep breath and chew your food slowly! I do believe you are burning the candle at both ends, like, well, I can be guilty of myself. But God Bless my Brother... tomorrow is a brand new day... and we all become a part of it. But what we make of it is yet to be seen!
Love all ways... 2U
More like burning two candles at once:)

I would never invest this kind of time on Topix if I wasn't multi-tasking

Indeed we are all responsible for what we write and whom we address

I see it has been relatively peaceful in here today

That has been the goal I have been working towards at well

But the alcoholic who has had too much to drink and refuses to leave at closing time often doesn't change his mind and go willingly

Show that people use dishonest tactics and hate and bigotry and keep holding that mirror up to their face and eventually those with any integrity will stop. The few that have none that will continue. But that won't be enough of a difference to be a disturbance

I don't mind other people here but let them act with integrity

Then the more the merrier

Different paths to the same goal sister

(T) Peace

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#494963 Feb 26, 2013
It aint necessarily so wrote:
<quoted text>
<quoted text>
Show me. I've never seen it.
I have showed you half a dozen times what you denied to Juicy and then what you said to Brother Lee and I know everybody in here knows it

Either you really are going senile, are this dishonest, or this is simply some tactic

Either way I am no longer particpating

Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

#494964 Feb 26, 2013
Homosexuality or homosexual lifestyle is not ordained by God it´s not lawful, and therefore it is a detestable sin because it´s already condamned by the Lord when God rained on them a shower of m of brimstone.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#494965 Feb 26, 2013
Seraphine wrote:
<quoted text>
Bonjour mon ami,thank you. In regards to religion cherry picking is something we have seen many,many times Gandhi was a Hindu but he was an example of a spiritually enlightened individual. We are also pacifistic. Homophobia is a sin in itself, all discrimination is this world id big enough for all of us.
You and Sora are good examples. Too bad that you are so atypical for your church. It doesn't seem to have influenced you at all. How could anybody object to religion as you live it?

You other Christians that want to blame everybody but yourselves, please note this. If you could be good neighbors like this, we wouldn't have so much cause to denounce your church and the way it makes so many of you. It's you Dim and Trifecta, not jealously or insecurity as you suggest when trying to divert criticism. You are neither a threat nor possessors of anything enviable.

Nobody here hates Christians for being Christians. We have a problem with the kind of people that most of you have allowed yourselves to become. You've let yourselves go intellectually and morally. We need many fewer of you being led by the nose into homophobia, atheophobia, and antiscientism for starters.

People like Sora and Seraphime aren't made by the church. They seem to have transcended its worst influences. Congratulations. You are welcome neighbors.

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#494966 Feb 26, 2013
River Tam wrote:
<quoted text>
This THREAD is what I deem it to be.
I've only been here for a couple of days and so far I've seen little charity.
Serah called me a dickhead and accused me of being mean to her.
I'm here. Whether I'm welcome or not means little at this point.
Well..c'mon now..I would think you would be first to admit you like to ruffle feathers at times. I do too if it helps:)

And for what its worth I like you being here

Although no invitation is required

(T) Peace

El Cajon, CA

#494967 Feb 26, 2013
Peace_Warrior wrote:
<quoted text>
Violence breeds what it is Sora... there is enough of that!
It is the non-violence that is what I like about Jesus teachings, but alas, have also learned as a pw what it means to turn the other cheek. Some think that is the passive way... I say it is progressive.
Yet either way, many - including Gandhi and Jesus - met their death that way. But that which those who went before brought to this earth was more than many have left for others to follow. Each with a message of Love for one's neighbor. More good things have come out of than bad, despite many many lives lost in their cause.
I believe more have been lost over time when religious clashes come between man and state, rather than between man and God. But again... when even there is no creed to battle there has always been tribal.
And yet... some of my own memorable times with any soul, has been when pure and simple respect became a dignity to outclass any class factors. And spirit to spirit, one can communicate within peace, accomplishing more in a shorter space of time than all the rhetoric of royalty.
This is another thing I enjoy about Jesus's Way. Whatever he said was worth every word, and none of his breath was wasted. One only has to be in the right frame of mind, and most of all words are understood. And if not... no harm is done in asking questions.
God Bless
Bonsoir Madame violence breeds more vilence and an eye for eye makes the whole world blind. In regards to the teachings I agree no breath was wasted and Gandhi and Jesus did not argue or debate their points such a thing is futile. The way of peace and love is eternal Madame it never dies and it never fades.

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#494968 Feb 26, 2013
Here is snippet or two... or three of the NAMbLA homosexual "hobbyist" and how they justify their incursions":

"...advocates are attempting to create an ACADEMIC RATIONALE...

"Some of the information on this site is so terrifying to someone who has three granddaughters that I cannot express my shock,” said Hartle."

"How prevalent is pedophilia among women?

Hampton says that he gets an average of more than 200 reports related to female pedophilia on the Internet each day, including websites, message boards and other forums.

It’s growing, he says of the presence of female pedophilia on the Web, though sites related to male pedophilia are increasing at about 10 times the rate."


<<<makes a soft gesture with his hands>>> "Rationale" they call it... Emancipation they call it... human rights of adults and the young!

God calls it sin, perversion... and obviously for those who haven't yet been turned out and reprobated ----> It is obviously sick in the head.

Shame on you Christians and Nons who lend support to this kind of thing.

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#494969 Feb 26, 2013
Happy Lesbo wrote:
<quoted text>
.. do you think you can persuade all of the Christians on this thread to comply with a politesse decorum ??..
.. that would be nice ..
You losing credibility fast

You can't possibly pretend those on your side of the fence have been polite can you?

Why is it so impossible for you to show some accountability for yourself and your friends?

I will help you with an example by admission

I often am not polite, especially to those I don't like. While i personally don't necessarily feel that bad about about meeting me in kind I know my duty as a Christian man is to work to overcome that and give better better than what I get, not the same or worse

See, it really is not that hard to admit culpability for things one has done

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#494970 Feb 26, 2013
It aint necessarily so wrote:
<quoted text>
You and Sora are good examples. Too bad that you are so atypical for your church.
And how is 'church' not being used as Christians here?

Your bigotry is clear

And your statement is the same as saying to someone black, well I like you guys but that's because you are not like most blacks

You don't know 99.999999999% of the Christians alive so how do you know what is atypical?


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#494971 Feb 26, 2013
Adam wrote:
The two cities Sodom and Gomorrah. The two synonyms for detestable sins.When people hear of Sodom and Gomorrah they think of gays and lesbians. Period. Unless you invent a time machine, travel back and re-write history, this will not change..
Thank you for your input Adam...none of it however changes the fact that child abuse runs rampant among all groups of people. When only one group is the focus that leaves the doors wide open for others to continue abusing our children.

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#494972 Feb 26, 2013
Grace Walker wrote:
<quoted text>
Beautiful Verse Epi..Keep em coming. I have a Drs. Appointment to get to but will post some later tonight. Love you sister
Hey Grace

Just waving HI

Haven't touched base in a while

Talk to you soon

(T) Peace

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#494973 Feb 26, 2013
lil whispers wrote:
<quoted text>
Thought I heard a echeo coming from you again.lol What ya want more trouble again.lol Knock knock who there says rider?Well who you think it tis the lil whisper in the wind lol lol have a good one.
Hey Little Whispers

Just waving Hi

I'd tell Larry I have liked him being around but I am not sure he would believe it coming from me LOL

He and I used to see a lot of things the same way. Maybe a lot has changed. maybe not as much as we think. Time will tell

Anyway, hope your day is a good one

(T) Peace

“Painters Find Beauty in Life ”

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#494974 Feb 26, 2013
Peace_Warrior wrote:
<quoted text>
Hello Seraphine,
As you and Soya share the time and conversation, I will try and keep them different – unless posted together – so as you can share this too. Your heritage is as colourful as many in here who share theirs too, in many ways. Time indeed has brought about a very multi cultural set of nations. Except for national language, many too speak more than one. I myself am not a natural linguist as it seems Soya, but at least I can communicate - speak only - in 3. These were due to first my home Islands of the South Pacific, in Africa, and Australia... I have come a long way by learning English in here too! The other - a 4th .- is unspeakable and at times hard to translate, transfer into words, belongs in my mind.
Thank you for sharing your 'soul-mate' experience... I can identify there and we are blessed. Like all good things, some can take a life-time to find such a friend.
Peace marches turn violent as a rule due to the before tension of those who do not understand, or want to quell... and sadly where-ever they are in the world, many end with tragedies. Many really put themselves on the line for what they believe in. That seems to be the driving force behind all goodness... where passion is stronger than compassion.
Be Blessed in your work also...
Bonsoir mon amie, Sora speaks and writes in languages that are extinct. I speak 13 languages right now, Sora speaks many, many more it is his gift and what he does for a living. We blieve in letting our lives speak for our beliefs words in my opinion are never good enough. We have seen many peace marches turn violent, pssion without compassion is useless, they go together and are a driving force. I grew up in a multi-lingual and multi-ethnic household in New Orleans my parents encouraged me in everything I do and they want me to make a difference in the world and find someone who wishes to do the same all good things come to those who wait and I am pleased very much so. In rgards to my heritage thank you many of the older Creole familes like mine are aware of who we are. Creoles traditionally are Catholic but my parents are who I learned from and not The Church. I learn from people and not an institution. They are Christian Humanists like I am and Sora as well as are his parents. It is generational.

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#494976 Feb 26, 2013
River Tam wrote:
A pending conflagration?
Did I ever tell you that I almost died in a fire?

It was at a pants factory.

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#494977 Feb 26, 2013
Catcher1 wrote:
<quoted text>
Please note, RiversideRedneck is one of you.
A Christian.
A follower of Jesus.
Not a secular humanist.
Not in the "bad" group.
Perhaps there are more than two groups?

Or is that concept too hard for someone who hangs with people very invested in making it only two groups and hating everyone in the other?

“Painters Find Beauty in Life ”

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#494978 Feb 26, 2013
Hidingfromyou wrote:
<quoted text>
What a wonderful use of your time! I, too, play chess, but not super well.
I've taken up pottery as a hobby lately :)
Bonjour mon amie, thank you. Chess sharpes the mind and teaches patience our games go on for hours because we know eachother too well. Pottery is beautiful and well it is a craft that requires attention to detail. Like what I do.

“~ Prince of Peace~”

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~ And the greatest is LOVE~

#494980 Feb 26, 2013
AnnieJ wrote:
<quoted text>
Make fun of those atheist all you want...just leave us agnostics alone!
Just kidding...as long a you don't mind a little poking at the Christians.
How boring would it be if we all just said "God Bless" and "Have a great day"? LOL
Who you calling boring?.....

God Bless and Have a great day!!


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