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#480296 Jan 24, 2013
LAWEST100 wrote:
<quoted text> Thank you Drew, as for the weather, South Carolina and particularly the midlands are notorious for false alarms when it comes to snow and the wintry mix ( as I hope is the case here ).
Me too, Scott.

Well I'm outta here. Good night all (Bon nuit).


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#480297 Jan 24, 2013
It aint necessarily so wrote:
<quoted text>
It's not? You religion teaches that only the in-group is of value to your god. The remainder, the out-group, will be discarded like rubbish to be tortured forever. And you don't think that Christianity can be a cult because it doesn't tell you that only your group has value? How removed from reality are you?
<quoted text>
Free? You've been made free by this system of beliefs? Free of what? The threat of hellfire? Your religion created that for you. How lucky that it offers the cure as well.
Atheism can cure that fear for you as well:
"To the philosophy of atheism belongs the credit of robbing death of its horror and its terror. It brought about the abolition of Hell." - Joseph Lewis
"Religion is based ... mainly on fear ... fear of the mysterious, fear of defeat, fear of death. Fear is the parent of cruelty, and therefore it is no wonder if cruelty and religion have gone hand in hand.... My own view on religion is that of Lucretius. I regard it as a disease born of fear and as a source of untold misery to the human race." - Bertrand Russell
Well then if you want value, serve Jesus. As far as the torture thing you must be talking about hell. The bible and Jesus talks about hell. You have a problem with it, go consult the 66 authors and God that inspired the bible and tell them to change it. Just because you no like the contents of the bible, not matter one bit.

I'm free not to serve my flesh but to serve Jesus Christ. And its the greatest experience in the world to get my needs met in the Spirit by Jesus Christ, and no have to resort to the dead end dead bones heavy and evil burden of your philosophy human secularism.

I no know what you talking about religion. Worshiping Jesus Christ is a spiritual experience, not religion. Someone say this about you that you so dense and is true. you keep arguing the same point over and over. is like you go from billboard to billboard and throw out the same talking points to different people of faith.

I tell you all the time Christianity and worshiping Jesus Christ as God are mutually exclusive things most of the times. But you can't get it, because you have never experience Jesus. So all you left with is to deem something as religion, because you cannot relate whatsoever and is clueless and blind to the spiritual.

So you quotes pointless. Atheism similar to buddhism, and they both is a dead end evil and false philosophy.

You like that other wilderide writer defending sodomy, out of arguments. both of you arguing the same thing over and over. you starting to become a bore and a yawn. discussion no fun when you keep throwing out the same tired old talking points.

keep you secular humanism, and go tell you friend wilderide go find a anus to nest in. I understand you all come from another billboard, go back there and leave these peaceful people alone on here let they get back to talking about Jesus the bible.

Do what you want to though, but as far as I concern all you talking becoming circular. YAWN.

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#480298 Jan 24, 2013
Drew H wrote:
<quoted text>
I believe that the Bible clearly conveys that any and all sexual relations outside of a monogamous relationship between a married couple, husband (man) and wife (woman), are sinful. That being said, as you stated, I do love and respect everyone, and have no malice in my heart towards anyone.
And I believe that Jesus came and lived and died and rose again and paid the penalty for all sin, a penalty that we couldn't pay; and that's Good News.
Hello Drew,

Though we may not orbit the same 'eschatological sun' you can still give me a shout:){written with agape}

See the link I just left for Quin above, like your thoughts on it...

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#480299 Jan 24, 2013
Qu_innocence wrote:
<quoted text>Hey Juice... I'm just about done being caught up again... missed a few. Thank you, the point of the story is somewhat similar to the point of HFN's imho... that is, "stepping out on Faith" though I don't understand (HFN's) or see ahead of me (Yours).
Not sure I understand, lol, I don't see ahead if that's what you mean, I think that God does.


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#480300 Jan 24, 2013
Senecus wrote:
<quoted text>
I think you might find this interesting:)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =CIw6ngIqaD0XX

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#480302 Jan 24, 2013
Happy Lesbo wrote:
<quoted text>
.. thank you kind person ..
.. will the religious wolves ever be domesticated ??..
No, I am afraid they will never be..
I believe they will just keep putting on their
"sheeps" clothing from time to time- to continue
to hate and judge in the name of God..

You see, they want to be God and that's why they judge others.

Some people are easily fooled by these "wolves"..

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#480303 Jan 24, 2013
Mercy Carol wrote:
<quoted text>
Doing fine LeLe.
Waiting for Spring to get out an get active.
About stir crazy in house.
There's not but a few people posting here that I remember.
Thread still rolls in fast motion.LoL
Take care LeLe,I'll drop in often now,like to holler at a few others that I once post to.By the way where's Scom?
Hi MC-

Yeah there's alot of people who do not post here anymore.
I missed some of you and thought I would make an effort to post
here more..In hopes to maybe seeing some of our "friends"..

So happy to see you here!
Don't be a stranger.

Skom was here a few days ago.. not sure where he went to..

Take good care girlfriend..

“ Xue Rengui”

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#480304 Jan 24, 2013
Catcher1 wrote:
<quoted text>
Hello Catcher,

Hey, least somebody watched it and gave an opinion;)

Guess the gang went to bed(uh, individually...)

You have a good night ...

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#480305 Jan 24, 2013
It aint necessarily so wrote:
I will? How?
What part of that was inappropriate apart from failure to simply accept whatever your god does because he does it? If we were talking about Satan or Allah, you'd have no problem with this.
How's it going?

I was having some fun with an "apologist" on another thread, and wondered if you had time to talk to him.


"Please, go and watch Greg Bahnsen or Dr Jason Lyle, they are all pre-suppositional apologists, just like myself...

This argument is called:

Pre-suppositional apologetics if someone wants to go and check it out.

Christians on here, should understand it, you will soon realise that militant atheists do not have an argument against this.

But have to reduce their worldview to absurdity to escape the logical conclusion..."

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#480306 Jan 24, 2013
Rider on the Storm wrote:
<quoted text>
Your right Le Le, I cant
I've always admitted thats what i do.
I think your quick judgement of Juicy is unfair, and to be honest, I think its just because she is getting along with someone you dont care for. I could be wrong, and there could be more to it. But if not I find it childish. Had you just kept it up with Q I wouldn't have butted in. I'll do my best to stay out of it from here on out.
For the record, I think Q and his T mail he got about you is wrong to bring up, and more then likley made up by him or some other poster.
My apologies to you Le Le. Stay warm..........
Thanks Larry.
This was unexpected.
I appreciate your post.

Although it puzzles me why any "new" poster would fawn all over
a few of the extreme
"christian' fellas here, and laugh and slap them on the back for their rudeness towards others..I asked Juicylu a question, she responded rudely. Did I then have to accept her "half" apology when she
realized she was wrong? Maybe I should have for peace sake.

I've read a little of her posts around topix..
Let's just say, she's no victim.
Anyways- her "friendship" w Q had nothing to do w my responses to her.

As far as Q and that outrageous cheap shot.
Thanks for voicing your opinion on what you thought of the situation.
There was more than one post regarding an-l sex and slander towards me from Q..
An outright lie, that Q blames on the "anonymous" poster that
t-mailed him??....ok??
That's accountability in the year 2013 for ya..

Anyhow, thank you..thank you.

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#480307 Jan 24, 2013
Laconic Assassins wrote:
<quoted text>Black sheet for you, doof. You are an idiot.
Thank you kindly L, that means a lot.

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#480308 Jan 24, 2013
Qu_innocence wrote:
<quoted text>I used to go by the name of James in Charlotte. I wasn't as calm as I am now (if one can call me calm lol)... I can understand why I would be banned there as there were intense disagreements on both sides while I was on the abortion thread. So I grey boxed as Que Avanza 8... Lawest came here and I saw that le le and others were giving him a hard time so I came to defend lawest and ended up staying here. That was about almost 3 years ago. Some others wanted me to sign up so eventually I did as Quintessence 8.
Please feel free to ask others in here why I got banned as I don't know. And at that, I guess it depends who you ask lol.
Out of respect to Lawlest and a couple
women involved, I am not going to re- hash yesterday's
garbage here with you.

You have an excuse and a "poor me" answer to every wrong you
done here on topix.

I believe you were banned and re-banned for your vulgarity and hatefulness..
Keep "smiling" though.. that fleece you are wearing is fitting just fine. for now..

And by all means, keep bringing up my name, I love an
opportunity to say hello.

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#480309 Jan 24, 2013
Drew H wrote:
<quoted text>
I believe that the Bible clearly conveys that any and all sexual relations outside of a monogamous relationship between a married couple, husband (man) and wife (woman), are sinful. That being said, as you stated, I do love and respect everyone, and have no malice in my heart towards anyone.
And I believe that Jesus came and lived and died and rose again and paid the penalty for all sin, a penalty that we couldn't pay; and that's Good News.
Hi Drew.

That is very Good News indeed.

Yet, why are there outright crusades against
one or two "sins" and not all "sins"?

We as Christians can raise the flags and call an outright war on homosexuals
in the name of "our" God??
Whoever gave anyone the right to judge such a tender emotion as

Right or wrong- I, nor anyone else, has to stand before a
mere mortal and have my being judged.
You are not doing this, I am just bouncing off your post..

--Still bitter cold here in the NE.
Always warms my heart to see your words.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#480310 Jan 24, 2013
Happy Lesbo wrote:
.. some Christians are warriors for Jesus. They've been taught not to fraternize with the enemy ..

.. of course Trifecta1, Counter_Strike and the real Dr. Shrink must be angry. They do not understand why anyone would be disobedient to their god ..
Warriors for Jesus is right. They all appear angry at nothing more than a failure of freethinkers to submit with them.
Happy Lesbo wrote:
.. they see Secular Humanism as a major threat to their religion, an enemy to their supremacy. So, they campaign against such principles as compassion, equality and tolerance ..
Yes, all the while talking about a god of infinite love, justice and mercy. It's quite a contrast.
Happy Lesbo wrote:
.. our work was mostly done in the dark, but, thanks to the internet, secularists, atheists and gays have leaped out of the closet. Some Christians fear this new, bold challenge and the end result ..

.. but, there's hope. Many Christians on this thread display humanistic qualities. They need to step forward, challenge archaic beliefs which derail the human spirit and keep people in chains ..
Well said.

And to those Christians, well done! It doesn't have to be a war.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#480311 Jan 24, 2013
It aint necessarily so wrote:
I read and understand English perfectly. Why do you think otherwise?
Counter_Strike wrote:
Your grasp of scripture is not an impressive one.
What an amazing coincidence that I read and understand all sorts of material from many different resources, but your bible, originally composed for uneducated, illiterate goatherds, eludes my grasp.

Yet you, who reads virtually nothing else, and whose only argument is, "Submit!" claim that you understand it better.

Sorry, but you're in your own little coccoon.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#480312 Jan 25, 2013
It aint necessarily so wrote:
The Flintstones were inspired by the Honeymooners
wilderide wrote:
Oh yeah, that's right! So obvious now that you point it out.
Isn't it interesting how hard it is to make that connection without being told? I had to read it, too. Yeah, they didn't really change the characters much at all, yet you could go a lifetime not seeing that Barney speaks and acts just like Ed Norton, and that Wilma is exactly like Alice Kramden.

But it illustrate nicely how "inspired" is not good enough for what purports to be the words of a god. It allows for so much range in interpretation as to result in a work that is unrecognizably different from its original.

Have you heard the original version of Crossroads that "inspired" Clapton and Cream's version? Without the lyrics, you can't tell it's the same song:

[Robert Johnson version]
https://www.youtube.com/watch... [Cream]

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#480313 Jan 25, 2013
Counter_Strike wrote:
<quoted text>
Well I shall be testing you even more Mr. Catcher. These same people make it difficult to show empathy towards them because they feel it not so necessary to separate their deviant lifestyle from their conversation. this therad was going fine before you all tried to paint it in rainbows and tie bows and ribbons on it.
You're severely off topic with your rants. You are just as hateful for me as a despise the homosexed behavior. If the peopel could be separated from tehir sexual debauchery, what a wonderful though strange...but still wonderful human beings they would be. However, you fail to understand and you bunch yourself up with these people and their useless arguments as to why the gay is right.
You ought to know better, then comparing me to the violent KKK. You're such a silly little feller trying to drum up sympathy for the gay by comparing their struggles to the black civil rights movement. A watered down and putrid argument you supply. Worse, because you know you're wrong, you curse the Most High Creator. This is not Burger King, and you very well can't have things your way right away.
So man-up and stop behaving that way, so effeminate and softy. As a matter of fact, you're a coward, because you fail to see that all men are accountable for their deeds and you support man loving man as man loving women as ok and totally fine.
You're sick. no difference betwene you people and one Jeffrey Dahmer.
...and believe me, I was being very kind to you. Worse, you should apologize as well then leave this thread and go back from whence ye came.
That would be ok for starters.
Counter_Strike: As it si written, then let it be done.
You're like a dinosaur angrily flailing in a tar pit. One wants to pity it, but at the same time, it is so vile and vicious that you also want to get more tar.

You're losing this cultural war. Secularists are becoming the majority, and will eventually replace Christian values with humanist values wherever they differ. It's our turn to try, and we will try to make the world better than you did. I think we can.

We don't need your permission to go ahead and try. You can either accept the change gracefully, try to help, and hope for the best, or you can just keep roaring, spitting and flailing. Your choice.

“Life may be sweeter for this”

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#480314 Jan 25, 2013
trifecta1 wrote:
its immoral because God said its immoral.
Hardly a reputable source of morals.

Your god is angry, jealous, and vengeful. It supports genocide, rape, and slavery. As Wilderide noted, your god considered eating a ham and cheese sandwich immoral, but not the ten plagues he visited on the Egyptians after hardening their pharaoh's heart, which included killing infants. So you can add infanticidal and pestilential to your god's resume.

Obviously, decent and rational people reject all of that.
trifecta1 wrote:
I no have to give you reason. God said it, accept it or reject it.
That's an easy choice.
trifecta1 wrote:
I no have to give you a reason why adultery immoral.
You do if you want support for that position. We're rational skeptics. Reason is pretty important to us.
trifecta1 wrote:
How many times I have to write it. I no have anything against what the bible say about slavery.
Then you are no better than your god, which is kind of the point. Millions of copies of you fill the neighborhoods.
trifecta1 wrote:
if the owner kill the slave, the owner is punished. if its an accident, then the owner not punished and just lose his investment in the slave. I no have any problem with that.
I do.
trifecta1 wrote:
if I was living on the street and my daughter in danger from crime hunger and disease and I know a slave owner that sign contract with me saying my daughter will not be beaten or abused in anyway, she will have plenty of food to eat and drink, she can marry and have her own family one day, then yes, she can go into slavery.
Bad news. Your daughter was beaten to death. It was declared an accident. Her former owner wants to know if you have any others for sale, preferably younger.

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#480315 Jan 25, 2013
lil whispers wrote:
<quoted text>
Good mornin to ya;
lol well you best get to baptizing cause it lookin like the lost sheep come home again.The more the merrier.Tis does not matter the walk or the talk cause there stilled loved.

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#480316 Jan 25, 2013
Hidingfromyou wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi how are you doin.Is it cold where you are at??I am in the land of enchantment is why I ask out west.Think everyone running from the cold temperatures.

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