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Who's got your vote for Congress in Kentucky's 5th District?

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R "Harold ""Hal"" Rogers " - Incumbent

D Ken Stepp

Just So You Know

Garrett, KY

#73 Jan 6, 2017
i think wrote:
all KY.voters like when Daniel Boone name was took of the park way,the Hall Rogers parkway.now is just would not been right to named it the taxpayers parkway.see Hall built that all by himself with a pick and wheal barrow. that's his parkway.so all the smart voters vote for him.see you dems don't understand when he gets to be the president he can change the white houses name to the Hall Rogers house.if Mitch don't beat him to it.but Hal could rename the state to the Hall state.
Who gives a shit what he's naming parks and parkways!? If the rich, old, crooked mfr would STOP pocketing off the drug problems and stop the corruption going on from the cops to the judges and officials in between, he could BE president and call his PETER "Lil Hally & The Berries" for all I give a shit. Trump isn't going to rename the White House but that doesn't mean he's going to be a great leader either! Wake up Ky, is right!

Fishers, IN

#74 Jan 12, 2017

Evansville, IN

#78 Feb 23, 2017
I support Hal and I will continue to support him.
Billy Bob

Livingston, TN

#79 Mar 29, 2017
Never vote REPUBLICAN ,look at WEAK TRUMP THE RUSSIA LOVER who is a crook.same as his kids and son in law

Devil's Tower

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Nunes and White House schemed to halt the House investigation, and it's working
By Mark Sumner

Rep. Devin Nunes, Chairman Intelligence Committee speaks during the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence hearing on Russian actions during the 2016 election campaign on March 20, 2017 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.../ AFP PHOTO / Nicholas Kamm



Weak Trump == DonaldTrump He is also a Russia Lover

The Trump–Russia story is full of deceptions, misstatements, evasions and outright lies. It’s a story where Trump himself spent years touting his “personal relationship” with Vladimir Putin, then denied it ever existed. Where Paul Manafort took in tens of millions to advance the Russian agenda, then said he never worked for them. Where multiple players in the Trump regime spent months cheering for leaks to spread the actions of a foreign government, then declared that their major concern is … leakers.

But nothing seems to encapsulate the sheer insanity of the moment like the conflict over House intelligence committee chair Devin Nunes. Nunes’ actions are so blatantly evasive, so in-your-face deceptive, so loaded with conflict of interest that even the most Russia-weary are shaken.

After days of chaos, one thing seems blindingly clear: Devin Nunes worked directly with the Trump White House to one end, to halt the progress of the House investigation.

Tom LoBianco, Sara Murray and Manu Raju at CNN:

The Trump administration is refusing to provide details Tuesday to who signed House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes into offices on White House grounds, as the House investigation into Russia's interference in the US elections is stalled, the victim of a partisan showdown.

Ryan Lizza at New Yorker

The evidence is now clear that the White House and Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, have worked together to halt what was previously billed as a sweeping investigation of Russian interference in last year’s election.“We’ve been frozen,” Jim Himes, a Democratic representative from Connecticut who is a member of the Committee, said.

Trump’s team has determined that the only way to win this fight, is to never have this fight.
Mentally ill Trump

Winchester, KY

#80 Mar 29, 2017
Ky will never wake up and will continue to vote for the Republican con men. Lie after lie and it's like Ky needs to be at the bottom, broke, and without insurance while these thieves continue to rip us off. It's the backward Ky way. Either let them steal it or give it to them. Slick Mitch is just as bad. Paul is the worst. It is no coincidence the rest of the Country look down on us and consider us ignorant. We prove it every election.

Evansville, IN

#82 May 8, 2017
soo wrote:
<quoted text>you a member of the drug bunch, or are you a ind?
No that seems to be what you are !! Get it right !!

Evansville, IN

#83 May 8, 2017
Mentally ill Trump wrote:
Ky will never wake up and will continue to vote for the Republican con men. Lie after lie and it's like Ky needs to be at the bottom, broke, and without insurance while these thieves continue to rip us off. It's the backward Ky way. Either let them steal it or give it to them. Slick Mitch is just as bad. Paul is the worst. It is no coincidence the rest of the Country look down on us and consider us ignorant. We prove it every election.
Do you really think that Hill , would take up for Kentucky!! Your just a weak person that wants to draw !! I'd say ! The Dems cannot stand they lost , get over it!! The Republicans didn't act like this the whole time they were out! Now the Dems act like children!! Bout par for course!!!! Bless you heart !! We have to work together!! Get over the loss , life goes on !!!!!

“very interesting apparently”

Since: Dec 09

Location hidden

#85 Jun 1, 2017
Hal has been our representative since the 80's I think it's about tyme for a change. Especially because he hasn't done $hit to improve eastern ky. Y'all want term limits? That's fine until then we have to vote them out on our own. Get to it.

Winchester, KY

#86 Jun 15, 2017
I called Hal Rogers office yesterday and asked about investigating the Russian interference in our election. Although I didn't get to talk to him the man that answered said they were not concerned with it. I'm not sure how they would answer today since it is now official the Orangutan is under criminal investigation. I explained I was a coal miner and had made the regrettable mistake of voting for the egomaniac, and went on to explain that not only was I changing from a Republican but would vote Democrat in every election for President, congress, Senate, and Governor. Local politics I might actually vote for a Republican but the Republican Party at this time is a far cry from what they once were. They are now a scourge on Society and have taken this once great Country from the leader of the free World to being Putins puppets. Even our allies have turned against us. So Rogers can kiss where the sun don't shine. Putins orange puppet will be the end of the Republican Party. John McCain, a man I thought would have made a great President, and has stood up against the Orangutan, has been bought off. A nice job for his wife by tRump was the price. First time in my life I have been ashamed of being an American. What has Rogers, McConnell, or Paul done for Ky? Well the statistics are easy to look up. If bad we are at the top of the list. If a good thing we are at the bottom. Highest unemployment, highest illiterate rate, top the list of drug abuse, bottom of the list in education and job training. The three, right along with a republican Governor have made this the worst State in this Country. Vote all three back in again and get exactly what you deserve.

Winchester, KY

#87 Jun 15, 2017
On top of that we deserve no better. Manual labor is all this part of the Country is good for. We prove it even when voting. No company is ever gonna locate here. Too many idiots that hate everybody else for being smarter. The Power Company is trying to hire and can't even find qualified people to hire. Now a Factory that needs manual labor like mixing flour and sugar to make pop tarts and this is the area. Minimum wage is exactly what we deserve. I'll even put it simple for those who don't want to agree. We let Virginia dump millions of gallons of raw sewage" pure chit" in our rivers for years and just sit by like it didn't happen. Not one lawsuit to force it to stop. A couple words to anybody who has enough intelligence to listen. "Bottled water" to drink and even for the coffee pot.
Media man

Winchester, KY

#88 Aug 26, 2017
I will vote for Cluster. Hal is an old
man and a joke. He has been a suck for 40 years Go Hal lol

Manchester, KY

#89 Aug 29, 2017
Twice I had a problem with the V.A in Lexinton Ky, and twice he took care of it in the nicest way possible. He is also a very good man, these are Just a few things that got him reeleted every time. God looks over the good ones. If Trump really wants to drain the swamp, let good old Hal handle
it. God bless you Sir.
Harold Maude Tatterall

Corbin, KY

#90 Sep 2, 2017
Wish there were more choices...probably will not vote.
A Hillary Deportable

Mount Vernon, KY

#94 Oct 13, 2017
American Republican wrote:
<quoted text>

The VA medical clinic below HRMC, billions in federal funds for eastern KY in general, and in fact.
Rogers has been the founder of numerous organizations and served on others, including the Southern Kentucky Economic Development Corporation, the Southern Kentucky Agricultural Development Association, the Southern and Eastern Kentucky Tourism Development Association, Unlawful Narcotics Investigations, Treatment & Education - UNITE, and The Center for Rural Development. Rogers first such organization was Forward in the Fifth, which promotes better education, and Rogers efforts through Forward in the Fifth brought national attention to his district which at the time had the worst education attainment in the U.S. Through SKED, Rogers has been instrumental in the creation of 10,000 jobs in southern and eastern Kentucky, I know that's more than one IND, and you don't have enough education to even read it. But one thing he didn't do was re-name the Daniel Boone Parkway, the State of Kentucky did that!
As you can tell by my posting name, I'm a Republican. I am not a fan of Hal Rogers. I would like to see him defeated by a good Republican. But the fact is he cannot be beat; never mind the fact that all he does is get money to spend in Eastern KY. I don't know about the Manchester federal prison, but the one he got built in McCreary County took a piece of the best land in the county and took it off the local tax base and it hired very few from the county. Therefore, from a financial point of view, it did more harm to McCreary County than good.
I am not aware of a single Bill that Hal has filed in Congress. He just sets there and votes on Bills filed by others and tags on a pork project that he wants funded for E. KY. He has spent a lot of money wastefully.

“Just a regular guy ”

Since: Dec 17

Barbourville, KY

#95 Dec 30, 2017
Hal Rogers all the way!


United States

#96 Jan 11, 2018
It Political

Salyersville, KY

#97 Jan 25, 2018
This Republican is going to vote Democrat. I guess I better check the other guy out!!!!!
Worried Voter

Harlan, KY

#99 Feb 14, 2018
Tell you Who not Rick Torstick His son a stupid ass that treats ppl like hell but now I see dope dealers driving his truck that's a hole new thing. Then I heard he going to get these ppl a house we'll somethings smells. Is Rick that dumb isn't his kid a cop busting drug dealers now you think he would know who's working for him. Looks like to me by getting your son to be a cop your making your way to the dope game to haven't u guy learn Cops fooling in the game don't work out not in this town he'll ask the last sheriff but hell in this town of greed bet goes on up the latter all I know the new guy may be the master mind. Lol. To all the Real church ppl these ppl are running a game on I'm sorry there such sorry ppl they spend all there money getting hi and don't do nothing for there kids heck they freeze them to death keeps the heat on 60. Plus they eat there one kid ADHD meds.

United States

#104 Mar 1, 2018
Mickey Stine for Governor. Stines for congress. U

Flint, MI

#105 Mar 2, 2018
ANY Democrat will put the safety and welfare of an illegal before the American people
Let that sink in..........


The mayor of Oakland, California, is under fire after she warned illegal immigrants that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) could soon be conducting raids in the area.

Libby Schaaf (D) shared the warning — which she said she “learned from multiple credible sources”— in a press release on Saturday, later claiming it was her "ethical obligation" to share the information.

Just another Democrat protecting illegals while putting American's safety at risk..........

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