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Once again

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#43 Jun 10, 2011
Mayor storms out of meeting... when Virgil Wilson did that he was called a crazy cenile old man, who just ranted and raved... does that apply to Carol too? Does she really know what she wants other than to control people, play police officer. For the love of God, it is Urbana Missouri, does being Mayor really give her that big of a power trip? She will never give it up, she can't controll the mentally hanicapped people anymore, so she has to fill her time somehow, all I can say is payback is a bitch...
Not Surprised

Ellington, MO

#44 Jun 10, 2011
Carol Walker is no different now than she has ever been. She is a vindictive, money hungry, trouble maker. It is my sincere hope that she resigns the office of mayor for real. Urbana is a nice town and deserves better that someone like her. She used to have a "care center". If she is this mean (in public) can you imagine how terrible she treated the unfortunate people that were her residents?
think about it

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#45 Jun 13, 2011
If there was meeting between Mayor Walker, Alderman Wallace, Alderman Lancaster at the Urbana Tire Shop. Then I'd have to say the meeting Wednesday that was just suppose to be a budget meeting will turn into an alternate meeting disussing other things. A Motion and vote was taken for it to be just that (a budget workshop) and that is what it should be for if I am not mistaken it needs to passed before July 1st. If I was a council person I would go. Do budget only. If not WALK OUT of the meeting stand up to your motions and votes. Don't be buffaloed.
Dan Howard

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#46 Jun 14, 2011
I'll be there!
Never Change

Ava, MO

#47 Jun 14, 2011
Things will never change as long as Carol is Mayor,she will do as she pleases and have as many special meeting as she wants including the ones at the tire shop. Council can motion and vote for a budget workshop and she can turn it into a special meeting with other thing on the agenda. She has her own agenda and that's the way it going to be no matter what the people or the council wants. As long as Puppet Master is Mayor nothing will change.
Dan Howard

United States

#48 Jun 14, 2011
The people of Urbana need to speak to their council members. U elected them they are your voice at the council meetings. Get walker out of office and get someone in that will do things for the city and the people in it and not use the office for their own purposes.
Against the Puppet Master

Ozark, MO

#49 Jun 14, 2011
Wow! Carol is evil, vindictive and obnoxious! Not to mention senile. I truly believe that Carol is more senile than her own mother! Poor thing is locked up in the nursing home while her hateful daughter is running the poor town of Urbana into the ground. Meanwhile, Councilman Don is driving on expired tags.. wonder if I let my tags expire how long it will be until I get a ticket???!!!! The mayor needs to be prosecuted because she has committed terrible crimes. She plays favorites. I'm tired of the "good ole boys club" she's running. I say we all band together at the next meeting and get that senile puppet master out of town and into a nursing home!!!!
Against the Puppet Master

Ozark, MO

#50 Jun 14, 2011
Oh and in response to Not Surprised.. I feel sorry for the residents she once took care of. How can she manage many residents yet send her own mother into a nursing home!!! Carol reminds me of the wicked witch of the west... The Wicked Witch of Urbana.. wait The WICKED SENILE Witch!!! She needs to be taken out of office. I'm tired of watching her throw temper tantrums... Does she forget she resigned the previous day? Maybe that's the issue... I think she's losing her mind!!!
keep informed

Barnesville, OH

#51 Jun 14, 2011
Against the Puppet Master
I think you have it wrong she is not losing her mind, she has already lost it, because no one in their right mind would have took back their resignation after being made a fool of at council and walking out. Really playing like she is a police officers what a joke, everyone is making fun of her how can she hold her head up and walk back in as Mayor. No sane person could.)

Sparta, MO

#52 Jun 15, 2011
keep informed your right she is insane to show her face the next day at city hall and wanting her resignation back. Everyone keep in mind "Special Budget workshop" tonight. i bet she tries to pull some crap, because she wont think alot of people are going to be there. So I hope everyone shows up. She needs to be ran out of town. What doesnt she get " NO ONE LIKES HER". I agree also with one of the other posts. I think Delois has been railroaded by Carol and maybe she is now seeing the true Carol. The Communtiy needs to stick together and get rid of her she is ruining our town remmber this is URBANA we needs to keep it URBANA. ITS NOT WALKERVILLE!!! meeting tonight about budget, and i bet more so please be there and then next wednesday June 22 is a regular meeting hope to see you all there!!GREAT JOB TO THE BUFFALO REFLEX REPORTER WHO DID THE ARTICLE ITS GREAT!!! Please keep up the good work and the articles about our towns lack of leader ship by and incompetant puppet master!!!
save urbana

Sparta, MO

#53 Jun 15, 2011
Folks, its time we all stick together and attend the meetings! i was at the last meeting and i recall there being an approval for a budget meeting. Why does the agenda on the window have other things on it?? Did the SENILE MAYOR forget it was just a budget meeting?? You would think a woman in their right mind of her age 75+ years old would give the job up if she can do it. Oh i forgot she is not in her right mind. Those of you coming to meeting tonight just sit back and watch how many times she will be in the middle of something and totally loose her train of thought and even what they were talking about. the council will have to remind her. now go to webMD and look up the signs and symptoms of alzheimers and dementia! ITS CLEAR SHE HAS IT!!!! The city has a bunch of fine employees that she is literally putting through hell. The proof is int he pudding she has lost it to pay ransom jones that much money to pave a street that is no better than it was prior! oh wait hes her friend. Do you like the nice big garage he put up after ripping off the city.I like the previous post its URBANA not WALKERVILLE!! Listen to her and the people of the town love her, didnt seem to be much love going on at last council meeting now was there! Yeah there was WE WOULD LOVE TO SEE HER SENILE OLD HATEFUL SELF GONE!!!!!
The Truth

United States

#54 Jul 6, 2011
Mark was an excellent police chief. You dont know what your talking about. Check the figures. The police department under mark brought in over 100,000 and all from hard work. Jesse will tell you the same. Mark also fought hard for Jesse. you will see what kind of department you have in 90 days. It will be gone. No one ever ran a department in Urbana as well as Mark.
The Truth

United States

#55 Jul 6, 2011
Mr. Blevins never said a bad word about you. He had nothing to do with you getting fired. A police office is not hired to make friends. 90% of urbana is made up of criminals anyway. As for the oath. I dont believe you know the facts of any police officers particular case as well as no one knows all ther facts about yours.
long time urbana resident

Branson, MO

#57 Dec 28, 2012
Dumbfounded wrote:
Here we go again!! What a mess. What's worse, Carol or Lancaster? One thinks she owns the town, the other hasen't seen soap and water since sometime in the late 70's! The whole damn thing is a joke! Can anyone imagine Lancaster representing the city if Carol steps down? Hell, when was the last time he has even SEEN the city? Anyone ever look at the dirt ball's glasses? wouldn't be surprised if he walks into the damn walls! Actually, with the condition the city is in, Lancaster is the best to represnt it...NASTY AND DISCUSTING! The police department has been the only positive thing this little po dunk town has going for it! Poor Jessie, can't help but to feel sorry for the man. No wonder he is taking his leave. I would wash my hands of the whole damn thing too. Does NO ONE have any interest in the town itself? Guess not. Best of luck to the people of Urbana, your going to need it.
dude.....jam good luck up your ass!....we have done fine for years without crooked cops preying off the poor. my mother was on the city council in the late 80's and nothings changed. worry about that crap hole you call hickory co.

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