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Ozark, MO

#1 Mar 21, 2011
who is running for city council in Urbana in april, does any one know?

United States

#2 Mar 22, 2011

Ozark, MO

#4 May 31, 2011
Whats going on in Urbana I here the Mayor is losing it can't remember anything and is runing off our good police officer. I heard Jessie has resigned and Melvin who sit the board has also quit. They let Mark do as he please till I guess they caught on to what was going on and fired him. No one seens to know what went on there. Now they have a good trustworthy person and their are running him off. I don't know the other two only met them once or twice, but they seen alright and doing their job, if the Mayor will let them. Any one have a opion on this subject. If you want to voice it at council meeting next is the 8th of June show up and support Jessie as he is going to address the council at that meeting. Hope to see you there.
home grown

Mansfield, MO

#5 May 31, 2011
yep the old puppet master is at it again. Heard she ran off Melvin and Victor is gonna be leaving too from what I heard. They found out how she is and they are not puppets. So that just leaves her and puppets Donn and Delois. Donn drives around in an illegal pickup truck, while Delois has several unmowed lots herself in the city! Why does Carol keep getting involved in the police department business?? Police Department seems to be running fine. She needs to be watching the road guys who sit around all day! Look at the park the damn grass is so high bathrooms are so gross you cant even use them!! Roads are not mowed, but she had the bank by her house mowed!! but she is bothering the officers who I have been seeing out and about patrolling. Looks like the mayor needs to get her priorites in order!! We will be there on June 8th to support the Police Officers!!
Dan howard

Branson, MO

#6 May 31, 2011
mayor walker doesnt want good police officers working there. all she wants is for someone to sit on 65 and right tickets. urbana police are not allowed to do community oriented policng. which means getting to know the people living in the community. talking to them and being sociable. when people in a community get to know the officers they are a good source for information when a crime does happen. mr blevins said on many occasions he was not there to make friends with THESE people. to him everyone was a criminal. i tried to do a decent job for the people of urbana and got fired. no reason given. can only assume it was because i didnt drop my 3 yr old son the second they called wanting an officer to come in off duty for a non life threatening non emergency situation. which according to the then cheif blevins was against his policy. we were not to work unless schedualed and we were not allowed to come in off duty wearing civilian clothes or police t-shirts or we would be terminated. still have the memo on that one. i will be there to support jessie as he is a good officer that isnt allowed to do his job properly.

and if you dont like my opinion to bad just stating the facts. i dislike dishonest people and i dislike any officer or government official that does not up hold the oaths they take. and i dont hide behind a made up name on here. i wonder if a certain coucil member ever got tags on his truck that had been expired for a year when i worked there. good thing i was told not to write him a ticket.

Opelousas, LA

#8 Jun 1, 2011
Dan would you or any other officer, write up a notirized statement stating that you where told not to give Lancaster a ticket for his truck. I know the plates are exspired but I have also heard that the plates when run thru DMV aren't even for that truck. Wouldn't that be another ticket? I believe when Sara Cooke was on council she recieved a letter of abatement for her vechile not being licenced and that Debra Glass got a nuicance letter to get rid of mowers. These two where on the council at the time Lancaster was still driving his rig. Does the Mayor know his truck isn't licenced? She may tell you NO but actually she does. Who do think picks him up and takes him to meetings? SHE does!!!!!!
Dan howard

Branson, MO

#9 Jun 1, 2011
everyone knew lancasters truck had expired tags. i personally asked the mayor and blevins to say something to him and was told they would take care of it. but since lancaster and walker are buddies nothing was ever done. the only reason glass and cook got letters is because they were to outspoken for walker in my opinion. probably still doesnt have tags on it.

cant sign a statement because there is no proof of the conversations. if i had a written memo on the event i would but there isnt one.

writting him a ticket is also a waste of time because the mayor would have it destroyed or dismissed.

in urbana its not about doing the right thing or obeying the law and oathes you take, its all about who you know. the mayor is not about the people of urbana she is all about carol walker and what she can get. where do you think all that money from the fines goes? general revenue. from just the tickets i wrote when i worked there you could have paved main street instead of the coating of tar they had sprayed. what about all the money blevins raised and got donated for the skate park. where did all that go?????? dont see a skate park anywhere in urbana. i could go on and on about the things that went on but im going to stop for now.

keep in mind good people of urbana things arent as they seem on the surface.

Branson, MO

#10 Jun 2, 2011
I heard there is going to be a special meeting Monday night, what a waste of tax dollars when there is a regular meeting wednesday. Is this meeting so important that it can't wait, if so why not have it this week. Maybe the Mayor needs a little extra money this month, or she could just be on one of her power trips and called it just because she can more likly she thinks if she has it now not as many people will show up in regards to the police department. Council should put a stop to it, and refuse to attend and waste money. Of course we can alway hope she is calling it to resign, but we're probadly not that lucky, because that would be a good use of tax dollar.

Wheatland, MO

#11 Jun 2, 2011
Here we go again!! What a mess. What's worse, Carol or Lancaster? One thinks she owns the town, the other hasen't seen soap and water since sometime in the late 70's! The whole damn thing is a joke! Can anyone imagine Lancaster representing the city if Carol steps down? Hell, when was the last time he has even SEEN the city? Anyone ever look at the dirt ball's glasses? wouldn't be surprised if he walks into the damn walls! Actually, with the condition the city is in, Lancaster is the best to represnt it...NASTY AND DISCUSTING! The police department has been the only positive thing this little po dunk town has going for it! Poor Jessie, can't help but to feel sorry for the man. No wonder he is taking his leave. I would wash my hands of the whole damn thing too. Does NO ONE have any interest in the town itself? Guess not. Best of luck to the people of Urbana, your going to need it.

Branson, MO

#12 Jun 2, 2011
I agree with you 100%, the Mayor needs out of there, the council can appoint who every they want it don't have to be Lancaster. We now have good officers and they need to let them do their jobs.
The Mayor needs to back off and realize when you have good people working for you doing their job leave them alone they know what they are doing. when we had cheif Belvins he treated the town people like shit, they let him do as he pleased and never questioned anything he ask for or wanted to do. They got rid of him finely and now when we have good officers they or should I say she is running then off. She is going to keep up her dictating ways and we will not have any offices left, and remember if they hire new ones we might just get another Mark.
Dan howard

Branson, MO

#13 Jun 2, 2011
walker doesnt want good people working for her. she wants people that will not question her and that will do what they are told with no questions asked. and she will lie straight to your face in a heart beat. she straight up lied to me when i was fired saying she didnt know anything about it and didnt know what was going on. BULL!!!!!!and guess what she fired my mom years ago to. blevins didnt like me either because i corrected him on a couple of occations about laws. even had to physically show him the state statute before he would believe me and admit he was wrong. and one was a law that took effect in 1999 damn.

i enjoyed working in urbana. it was nice to work in a small town and get to know the people in it after working for a large county dept. the things i didnt like was the small town snooping and being nosey. running tags to see who was at whos house. watching peoples houses because someone thought they was doing something wrong when actually they was just not liked. i actually worked alot for free at the beginning because i enjoyed the town and the people in it. then all the stupid stuff started. thats not what law enforcement is about. i would even stop to check on other officers, county, buffalo and urabana, while i was off duty to make sure they was ok and got a nasty gram from blevins about it. we were not to act as officers off duty unless it was a felony. those were his words. but when called in while off duty for an infraction and refuse you get fired?????? what the hell?????

see you try and do good things for your community and fellow officers and you get a nasty memo, but when u do what you were told to do in that memo you get fired. hmmmmmmmmm

i even got a letter of accomadation from the urabana fire dept for helping with emergency cpr while off duty but this is not the kind of people that urbana wants working for it. hmmmmmmmm

end of rant today good night all

United States

#14 Jun 2, 2011
Yes, there was a special meeting posted for Monday and the adgenda had personel on it. Then later it was gone. Meeting, no meeting. Since council meets the second and fourth wednesday of each month why call a meeting 48 hours before a regular one. The Mayor and council are paid for each meeting attended.
If an employee is asked to be there they get paid for their time as well. So, because the word personnel is so vague (which it is meant to be) one could assume that all of them need to be their and can you imagine the amount of money that could take and then spend even more for the regular meeting.
But hey their working on the budget.

United States

#15 Jun 2, 2011
Maybe the Mayors canceled the meeting and took down the agenda. The agenda that was up had all personell on it listed. Guess they are all in trouble if this is a closed session, or they are all being given raises. The agenda listed a closed session and they can only go into it for hiring, firing,discipling, or promoting a individual employee without breaking the sunshine laws, which we all know the good council and mayor would not do. if she is just wanting to air all the employee complaints it will have to be done in open. either way i would think it could wait until the regular meeting and not cost the city any more money

United States

#16 Jun 2, 2011
I think the Mayor is in control of the adgenda. Maybe a new adgenda will put tomorrow with more information on it, or maybe good judgement will come in to play and have whatever needs to be discussed added to the regular meeting. I think that to be the wiser with the tax payers money. With this economy the way it is it really would be a waste of money.

United States

#17 Jun 3, 2011
so does anyone know if this meeting is opened or closed shouldn't that be stated on the agenda after the topic, i for one don't want to go to a meeting just to here them go into closed session. i don't see how they can just list personell with all departments after it, even the city attorney,and go into closed session and be in compliance with the sunshine law. which states it to be on a individual and only if the for hiring, firing,disciliping,or promoting a individual.

United States

#18 Jun 3, 2011
So, So glad not to be living there anymore, but you can bet, if Jesse leaves you can bet Carol will try to get rid of his Mom. Then that skank Lynn will be in charge again, hell, she runs that town just as much as Carol does, maybe check her for the skatepark funds.. Like a bunch of Monkey's F*&^%$# a football..

Ozark, MO

#19 Jun 3, 2011
Sorry son have to correct you. Carol Walker did not fire me but she was the main reason for my resignation and that of all aldermen and the city attorney at that time. Can't imagine why the citizens of Urbana are putting up with her shit all over again. Shows me the Citizens of Urbana don't much care who runs the city government.
Just asking

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#20 Jun 3, 2011
How many police officers has the mayor gone through?

Since: Jun 11

Location hidden

#21 Jun 3, 2011
Interesting site this "Topix". I'm a bit curious as to why no one other than Dan Howard is willing to identify themselves though. It's not like your gonna get arrested, I mean..Blevens is gone..RIGHT?!? LOL Koodles to you Dan for not hiding behind a fake name or alias. I don't know how much of all this is true or false, but makes for damn good entertainment. Although, I must say, with all that I am reading here...I think I'm glad I didn't win the election.:-) I am gonna stand up for the city workers though. Unless you follow them around, which means you have no job or no life, you have no idea what they do or what they are responsible for. I truly hate to see Jessie go as well...seems like one hell of a guy and officer. Would make a GREAT police chief too. Definatly an asset to the city. Now for the biggest question...If Carol does, in fact, resign...Who would any of you like to see take her place?(NO, I'M NOT OFFERING!!). Along the same lines...who would you people like to see on the council? I see ALOT of negativity. How about some positive suggestions? Anyone?

Branson, MO

#22 Jun 3, 2011
in the first year that Carol was mayor she had 22 special meetings I checked.. that means that she made over $1000. herself and most of those meetings were now necessary because the business could have been taken care of at regular meetings I was told that it was because of several council members were unavaliable.. well council is not a full time job... and the disscussion of the budget well they have perfectly good warning signs so they had to buy 4 new ones for $800. and we have TWO secretaries for 400 people How long did Lynn have to teach Candie? How about the fact that Carol NEVER wears her seat belt some people get tickets but if you are a friend of can get away with..... now that we have minimal coverge for police the boys are driving up and down on the streets like it's a race track.

Hey why do I bother.. the citizens of Urbana spoke volumns when they voted for Carol (what did she promise), who resigned TWO times and Lancaster resigned once but hey the people wanted them in office.

Im done ranting too. the crap goes on for ever. Yah where did the money for the skate park form the Cardinals goooo

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