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Who are you voting for in the Texas Governor race?

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GREEN Brandon Parmer

R Greg Abbott


WRITE-IN Sarah Pavitt

D Wendy Davis

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Cambridge, MA

#189 Mar 4, 2017
Vote farts wrote:
Just farts
Post pharting

United States

#190 Mar 14, 2017
gabby44 wrote:
L. Morales you are doing a major disservice to potential voters by posting things you are so sadly misinformed about. I just hope the people you are reaching out to will check out all these things for themselves.

San Jose, CA

#193 May 30, 2017
Egg farts

United States

#196 Jun 8, 2017
Flatulence Fred wrote:
Speaking of Festus.....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =LX4dy-pJJaEXX

Time for another...


The jarring nature of running makes flatulence (FARTS) during workouts a fact of life. And it provides endless opportunities for embarrassment. There’s the “Every Step You Take” variety that sounds like a sputtering old engine trying to catch. There’s the “Hitting The Wall” kind, where you run into the stench of silent-but-deadly gas from a runner in front of you.“Whomp!” farts come out of nowhere in quick loud bursts, to the surprise of everyone. Often, there’s nothing a runner can do about it, even when they try to hold it in; which can lead to a “Squeaker” that escapes your control and sounds like a door creaking open.

Leslie Bonci, the director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Running Times High School nutrition guru, explains it this way:“The foods our body can’t digest break down and produce gas that we eliminate via belching or farting.” Some foods tend to make you gassier than others, so she warns to watch out for bran, beans, cabbage family vegetables, and not to eat too much fruit at once.“If you don’t want to toot,” she says,“decrease your portions of gaseous foods, especially in the meals prior to running”!!

Even with a perfect diet, a runner might let one loose during a run with friends. If you do fart on a run, there are a few options: You can act like it never happened and feign ignorance. You can claim your foot slipping on the ground sounds a lot like “phhhrrt.” You could blame a younger member of the team.

Another option is getting rid of the stigma by talking about it. Often. Russell Brown and Will Leer have a lasting friendship, forged during the time they trained together in 2009 and 2010 with the Oregon Track Club in Eugene. Brown, a 3:51 miler, now runs with the New Jersey-New York Track Club while Leer, a 3:56 miler, currently trains by himself in southern California.

When they trained together, they talked about cutting the cheese.“Will loves talking about farts, hearing about farts, and even farting,” Brown says, and Leer agrees:“I do enjoy a good fart.”

Brown has to stop and catch his breath, he’s laughing so hard remembering old “Whomp!” and “Every Step You Take” stories. And he’s not overstating Leer’s appreciation for a good gas story, especially when it relates to running.“Running and farting are a perfect match, as old as time itself,” Leer says.“There’s the hilarity of the fart sound and none of the stinky repercussions. Running is a safe zone for farts. You can just let ’em rip!!"

Leer’s openness notwithstanding, gaseous emissions are not a subject a lot of people want to go on the record about. Brown hesitated when I asked him whether I could include his name. Another elite athlete I know laughed hysterically as she told me her most memorable running toot story, but she refused to let me use her name in print. Which went something like this...

The athlete, Runner A, noticed her shoelaces needed tightening just before the start of an interval on the track. Her teammate, Runner B, was inches in front of her. Runner B’s stomach acted up just as Runner A reached her laces. It was a “Whomp.” Then coach told the girls to go. Says Runner A,“I tasted it through the entire interval.” She can barely get the words out, as she’s overcome by uncontrollable chuckling

Laughing it off is always the easiest way to handle the embarrassment of an unexpected toot during a workout. Because, fundamentally, running farts are funny.......FART!!!!

Add handling flatulence to the unspoken rules in running: Don’t start conversations asking,“What’s your mile time?” Don’t run two steps in front of someone you’re going for an easy jog with. And make sure to jog to the side so that no one’s behind you if you have to, ahem, cook eggs...
Don't eat eggs and go running or you will fart a lot.
Jogs of fartmilk

Mountain Lakes, NJ

#198 Jul 2, 2017
Egg farts wrote:
<quoted text>

Don't eat eggs and go running or you will fart a lot.
Jogging farts strollers are full of delicious fart stains

Alice, TX

#202 Sep 25, 2017
L Morales wrote:
<quoted text>
For the Sake of the economic sovereignty of the great state of Texas it is imperative that we help Gregg Abbott win the governors seat. Once again El Paso will vote democrat and once again El Paso will loose in the long run. El Paso will be screwed for state funding because public corruption in EP by democrats discourages Republican officials from handing El Paso a single dollar. Gregg Abbott will bring the Democrats 50 year rein of corruption in El Paso to an end. Abbott called El Paso's political corruption "third world nation style corruption" and he is right. Democrats your days are numbered.¿Y Que?
You got Abbott's phone #? I hear that tamalera he's married too makes a good pot of beeans.
cost of izrael

Bradenton, FL

#203 Sep 27, 2017
Jared Kushner , abigail klein , michael kaydar , judas tevlowitz , ben cardin , John Barrasso and the mike raphan banksters love zionist Samuel Pallache slave traders and the kosher nostra parties celebrating the israeli terrorist attacks on the USS LIBERTY , peace flotillas , TWA fl 800 .
Ok yeah

Padre Island Ntl Seashor, TX

#208 Jan 6, 2018
The Hispanic woman from Dallas.
Ok yeah

Padre Island Ntl Seashor, TX

#209 Jan 6, 2018
The Hispanic woman from Dallas
That one

Kyle, TX

#210 Jan 15, 2018
Go ninja

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