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#74375 Jul 20, 2014
Conservatives only care about the parts of the Constitution that they like

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#74376 Jul 20, 2014
It has often been said that the innate genius of democracy is its assurance that people will ultimately get exactly the sort of government they truly deserve at that moment. To that effect, the good people of Oklahoma -- and Texas, too, for that matter -- need to first ask themselves if the humping they're getting from their elected state officials is really worth the humping they're getting, and then decide over the course of these next few election cycles whether or not they deserve better.

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#74377 Jul 20, 2014
Failin should be impeached.

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#74378 Jul 20, 2014
By whom? You're assuming that there's a demonstrable level of competence in the Oklahoma state legislature which in fact may not be there right now, given that some of its members wanted instead to impeach members of the state supreme court over this issue of capital punishment.

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#74379 Jul 20, 2014
She, like the rest of the Oklahoma government, is a JOKE.

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#74380 Jul 20, 2014
It seem we found a way that Republicans are not good at killing people, who would have thought that was a possibility.

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#74381 Jul 20, 2014
Religious fundamentalists, pro-war, pro-torture, pro-death penalty, anti-gay rights, anti-evolution, on and on. With each passing year Republican Regressives increasingly resemble an American Taliban.
Packing Heat

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#74382 Jul 20, 2014
Fallin presides over a state whose roads are in rubble, whose education ranks near the bottom of the 50 states, a state that has a rampant obesity problem. Even its capital building is in an advanced state of disrepair. So what does Fallin do? She wants to lower income taxes (thereby putting more burden on the sky high sales tax). She also (naturally) rejected Obamacare in spite of the millions in need. But hey, apparently the Sooners are going to be ranked #1 next year, so what the heck? And if we screw up a few executions along the way, well, shudda used a firing squad anyway.(After all, Oklahoma is due to get the nation's first shooting range with its own bar this year). Oklahoma is about as far from the real world as you can get, geographically and philosophically. Senator Inhofe writes books saying that global warming is a lie.(Now why would anyone do that, other than the fact that Oklahoma and its politicians pay the mortgage thanks to the oil and gas industry?). And two tea party candidates are currently trying to eviscerate each other over who hates Obama and Washington the most. But I guess gruesome deaths make the governor nervous, especially after she steam rolled the Supreme Court on the topic. She'll get over it.

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#74383 Jul 20, 2014
As an Oklahoman I would welcome the federal government to come in and take over my state. We are the worst and last in everything.

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#74384 Jul 20, 2014
Fallin and the state officials knew full well that this mixture would inflict maximum pain and torture on this horror of human being which is why they ignored a federal ruling and kept the formula to themselves. Are they really any better than the condemned?

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#74385 Jul 20, 2014
Lockett committed a heinous act on his victim and he should have been put to the death. Because of Mary Fallin, we're not focusing on what he did to the victim. It's now about poor him and the debate about the DP. Thanks Fallin. You've done more for the anti-DP crowd than any group has ever done. Can Oklahoma do anything right?

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#74386 Jul 20, 2014
I could give a r*** a** about the predator in this situation. His crime was apalling beyond any social measure, and has no justification.

That said, when we kill someone as an act of justice on the part of the state, and that act becomes barbaric, then we have done nothing less, or nothing more, than reduce ourselves to the level of the adjudged predator... he was killed in an act almost as barbaric as the one he committed.. No act of dispassionate justice, no act of meticulous precision, but an act of sloppy, pathetic, botched medical protocols, exec

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#74387 Jul 20, 2014
The seditious adulterous ho ramp should resign

Not fit to rule.

United States

#74388 Jul 20, 2014
What a feckless Republican idiot. How do these baggers make it to high school, let alone the governor's office?
The Artist

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#74389 Jul 20, 2014
It seems that those who carry a copy of The Constitution in their pocket and rant about the First and Second Amendment to The Constitution, seem to overlook the Eighth Amendment regarding Cruel and Unusual Punishment. No matter how heinous his crimes, experimenting on prisoners with an unproven method such as this flies in the face of The Constitution. We are no better than those who chose to break our laws if we chose not to uphold the tenants of our Founding document and it's Amendments.
Old Fart

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#74390 Jul 20, 2014
If you're going to assume the right to inflict the ultimate punishment upon someone for their crime, then you need to take full responsibility when something goes horribly wrong in the process, and not blame the person you're punishing for your own failures of due diligence.
Dr Jones

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#74391 Jul 20, 2014
Sam Brownback’s Kansas Catastrophe

The Kansas Governor should be cruising to re-election and fending off 2016 rumors. Instead, he’s behind in the polls as “Brownbackistan” falls apart.
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback should be coasting to re-election this fall. The soft-spoken son of a Kansas pig farmer is the conservative governor of a deep red state, and he’s running in a year when Republicans will likely have a national advantage over Democrats. Instead, Brownback is now fighting for political survival in what his detractors call the theocratic dictatorship of “Brownbackistan.”

If Brownbackistan were running surpluses with essential services humming along, the governor would probably be fending off rumors of a 2016 presidential run. Instead, he is locked in a tight race with the House Minority Leader Paul Davis, who led Brownback by 6 points in a recent SurveyUSA poll and has been endorsed by more than 100 current and former Republican officials. Last week, the Cook Political Report moved the November contest from a likely Republican win to a pure toss-up.

Wint Winter, a former state senator who has known Brownback since he was 14, is one of the Republicans backing Davis.

“I had hoped that it wouldn’t be as extreme as it’s been,” Winter told The Daily Beast of Brownback’s tenure.“I knew from Sam’s time in the Senate that he had a passionate affection for social issues, but what we didn't know was that Sam would use this state as crash test dummies for his own fiscal experiments. We have people in our group who are moved by different issues, but all of them come back to the fact that Sam did not have the right to use Kansas as an experiment.”

The experiment that Winter referred to is a sweeping income tax cut plan that Brownback enacted in 2011, which eliminated income taxes for small businesses, cut the highest income tax rates by 25 percent, and made smaller cuts for people with lower rates. Brownback has also signed bills cutting state budgets, declared that life begins “at fertilization,” and created an “Office of the Repealer” to eliminate state laws, regulations and agencies. He’s also ended guaranteed teacher tenure, and narrowed eligibility for welfare and Medicaid.

“There are three parties in Kansas—the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and the Brownback Party.”
The tax cuts have come at a particularly steep price. The Wall Street Journal reported that tax collections fell by $685 million in the first 11 months of the fiscal year, putting Kansas on track to blow through its $700 million reserve fund by the middle of next year.

Brownback has insisted that he’ll make up future shortfalls with economic growth, but with 40 percent of state revenue traditionally coming from those taxes and no specific plan to make up the shortfall, Moody’s Investor Service recently downgraded the state’s debt rating. In their decision, Moody’s cited both the tax cuts and a state Supreme Court decision that found that Brownback and the legislature had cut funding for schools unfairly and too deeply in 2011, and would have to find budget savings elsewhere.

In 2011, Jim Yonally, another former Republican state legislator backing Davis, started Traditional Republicans for Common Sense, a group of more than 70 current and former GOP officials, when he said he saw Brownback taking the state in what Yonelly thought was the wrong direction.
Dr Jones

United States

#74392 Jul 20, 2014
“I'm really disturbed by continued reduction in funding for education in Kansas,” he said.“I was a poor boy who grew up on a farm in Kansas but was able to scrape enough together to get a college degree. Today if a kid has enough money to go to college, he almost has enough money to start a business and do without school. I don’t think that’s good for our state.”

Polling shows that the education question is hurting Brownback the most. For the plurality of voters who list education as their top issue in the SurveyUSA poll, Brownback loses to Davis 73 percent to 19 percent. That same poll showed one in four registered Republicans defecting to Davis.

While Brownback has technically increased money spent on education, the increases have gone to legally required obligations to shore up the state’s teacher retirement system. Per-pupil funding has fallen and cuts in local schools have alarmed teachers and parents. The Wichita Eagle reported that individual schools have eliminated everything from high school librarians to kindergarten activity funding to janitor positions, leaving some teachers to vacuum their classrooms after recess.

Despite the cuts and complaints, Brownback told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd he has no regrets over the tax cuts and promised to “hit the accelerator” on more of the same kinds of policies in a second term.“It's really starting to work the way we hoped it would,” Brownback said.

Above and beyond his policies, a final piece of Brownback’s tenure that could come back to haunt him in November was a decision to campaign against moderate Republican legislators in 2012. The result has been what local politicians call a “cleansing” of the existing Republican ranks, and an all-out battle within the state among Tea Party Republicans and the older school moderates.

“To say the there's a split in the Republican Party is to give the banana split a bad name,” said Winter.“There are three parties in Kansas- the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and the Brownback Party. He has in effect created his own party.”

Between the looming budget shortfall, the education cuts, the Republican family feud, and an ongoing FBI investigation into former Brownback loyalists, the Cook Political Report’s Jennifer Duffy says that Brownback is weighed down in a year that he should be winning easily.

“Kansas is probably the last state I thought I’d put in the toss-up column,” Duffy told the Beast.“It's not about the political environment, it's not about the political landscape, it's about Brownback and the actions he took.”

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#74393 Jul 20, 2014
Failin's idol

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#74394 Jul 20, 2014
“There are three parties in Kansas—the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and the Brownback Party.”

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