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Sherwood, AR

#64165 Mar 27, 2014
Why are they in the news?

The owners, who are more Jesus-y than Jesus, have a small problem with the part of the Affordable Care Act that says that their employees should get a full array of contraceptive choices in their company insurance plan. Specifically, they have a real hard-on for the ‘Morning After Pill’ which they regard as ‘abortion in a pill’ because a truly righteous women would already be on the pill, and anyone who needs Plan B is obviously a impulsive cock-monster whore who can’t control her libido after a pitcher or two of mango sangria at Applebees. Presumably Hobby Lobby doesn’t want their mainly female workforce to be coming in late to work every morning because they had to stop at the drugstore for an abortion pill and a Twix bar. Anyway, the owners of Hobby Lobby took their complaint to the Supreme Court to get them to make the government stop compelling them to shove abortion pills down their employee’s throats.

Sherwood, AR

#64166 Mar 27, 2014
Is Plan B really an abortion pill?

No. However Chief Justice John Roberts said that the belief that something is an abortion is enough to allow an religious exemption to federal law. So, if you believe it, it is true. This is what is known in legal circles as “The Orly Taitz Rationale.”

Why is the Supreme Court involved?

It’s a Freedom of Speech/Religion thing and the Hobby Lobby people point to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which says that the federal government cannot burden their religious liberty to keep their employees from being sluts.

Sherwood, AR

#64167 Mar 27, 2014
Do any other companies feel this way?

Conestoga Wood Specialties is in court too, but nobody pays attention to them because their name doesn’t rhyme. If they were ‘Conestoga Yoga,’ they would probably get a lot more play because people would wonder what positions our plucky pioneering ancestors used when opening up this great country of ours. Instead, they make kitchen cabinets. That is so boring.

So this is all about religion, right?

Ostensibly, yes. Christian fundamentalists believe that the Bible tell them that Jesus thinks that birth control and abortion are ‘non-starters’ although He never says that in so many words. There are hard and fast rules about mixing fabrics and eating shrimp, but not so much about slut pills and IUD’s. Calls from the Supreme Court to Jesus to discuss ‘original intent’ are not being returned. As usual…

Sherwood, AR

#64168 Mar 27, 2014
What is Hobby Lobby’s argument?

People who support Hobby Lobby generally believe that the government should not be in the business of compelling anyone, including insurance companies, to provide contraceptive care to women. They don’t believe that sexual health is a medical issue and what this is really all about is women wanting to have no-consequence sex. Therefore, their argument boils down to: I don’t want to pay for your birth control pills either through my tax dollars or as part of the pool of money through which all insurance companies cover costs. Also: you are a whore and isn’t it enough that I have to pay for your STD treatments, you disease-ridden skank?

Sometimes they’re not even that nice…

Sherwood, AR

#64169 Mar 27, 2014
Do they also feel this way about Viagra?

According to Twitchy, we are not allowed to talk about Viagra coverage, so let’s the leave the four-hour boners out of it.

That doesn’t seem fair.

It’s not, but you’re probably thinking with your dick.

Are there any other reasons people don’t like the contraceptive mandate?

Yeah. The president is a black guy.

Is there anything else I should know about the case against the mandate?

What is also at stake here, in light of Citizens United, would be a far-reaching decision whether corporations are not only a person, but are also a religious person whose personal religious beliefs trump those of their employees.

That doesn’t sound good.

It’s not.

Sherwood, AR

#64170 Mar 27, 2014
So, how’d it go in court?

Well the lady justices – Kagan, Sotomayor and Ginsburg – are pretty hard core in the ‘your religion does not trump my physical health’ camp, but they’ll probably be accused of thinking with their lady-parts and not their lady smarts’ because, you know….women. Stephen Breyer is kind of waffling around and trying to not offend anyone as usual. Thomas and Strip Search Sammy Alito are always predicable pro-Jesus, anti-women votes. Scalia is still the Honey Badger of Constitutional law: he doesn’t give a shit, he’ll trample and shred precedent, even if it is his own. Chief Justice John Roberts is doing his constipated face again, trying to straddle the line between law and his personal beliefs, and hopefully suggesting a delineation between “closely held corporations and public-traded ones” when it comes to the religious personhood of companies.

As the Dahlia Lithwick put it:

The rights of millions of women to preventive health care and workplace equality elicit almost no sign of sympathy or solicitude from the right wing of the bench today. Nor does the possibility that religious conscience objections may soon swallow up the civil rights laws protecting gay workers, women, and other minorities. Religious freedom trumps because we’re “only” talking about birth control.

Sherwood, AR

#64171 Mar 27, 2014
Shit. It’s going to come down to Anthony Kennedy again, isn’t it?

Of course. Keep in mind that Kennedy is a 77-year-old Catholic. When he was in his sexual prime, the female orgasm and homosexuality hadn’t even been invented yet. Kennedy, is forever called the ‘swing vote’ which is stupid since he’s pretty much a conservative straight down the line. So, not looking good.

Sherwood, AR

#64172 Mar 27, 2014
So, what does this mean for women?

They’re scre8wed. And not in the fun non-procreational hot ‘n sweaty laughing-after-simultaneous-or gasm way.

That su*cks.


Sherwood, AR

#64173 Mar 27, 2014
if you're going to be so Christian that you are blocking woman from contraception then you need to be at LEAST Christian enough to accept the single mother and the conservative community doesn't strike me as particularly welcoming to the single mother. Far as I'm concerned that's even more hypocritical than the viagra and the viagra paradox is extremely hypocritical.

Sherwood, AR

#64174 Mar 27, 2014
I believe this is a classic example of circumventing the First Amendment. It isn't enough for these people to bully their employees unofficially but now they want legal protection. The court should not decide medical services ever!! Why should they be able to decide whats covered? I wonder will the H.L.s next suit ask if it will cover excorsisms?

Sherwood, AR

#64175 Mar 27, 2014
why do they have so much power, it's a fairly small company, with over priced, out dated products, run by a women that thinks like the rest of those that fall to their knees whenever the wind blows in a different direction.

Sherwood, AR

#64176 Mar 27, 2014
Never even considered the std issue before. Yup, that's next on the block, no coverage for anything resulting from (a woman's) sinful lifestyles. Better prove your aids is from a legitimate transfusion and only if you belong to a church that allows transfusions. Cervical cancer? Prove it wasn't caused by your slut lifestyle and we're not going to pay for the vaccine that can prevent this because sluts, too. Any treatment, psychological or medical, for rape? Better be able to prove you were legitimately raped. Also going to see an upswing in businesses who are suddenly religious once they see how much the bottom line can be affected by what you don't have to pay.
What I want to know is where can I find the next article on a conservative site that lets me know how Democrats are destroying the fabric of or country's democracy.

Sherwood, AR

#64177 Mar 27, 2014
Real corporations, not Hobby Lobby's "closely held" corporation, are also already abiding by ACA, at least to the degree that they're forced to by law. I imagine that these companies aren't wild about SCOTUS carving out regulatory exceptions for closely held corporations to the detriment of publicly traded corporations. If Starbucks (as just one example) is playing by the rules, why shouldn't Hobby Lobby?

Sherwood, AR

#64178 Mar 27, 2014
Rabbi Jesus was a Jew. Jews are decidedly pro-choice. Jewish women have and have always had abortions if they choose. The woman decides. And the morning after pill is not an abortion anyway, you ignorant Mein Kampf thumpers.

Sherwood, AR

#64179 Mar 27, 2014
Pulease. If Jesus showed up on the church's steps this morning and told the bible thumpers they were wrong they'd have it spun to where Jesus descended to give them the okey dokey personally, probably before noon.

Sherwood, AR

#64180 Mar 27, 2014
Frankly, considering where Jesus was born and what he'd have looked like, I think the outcome of Jesus showing up on their church steps would be their calling homeland security and demanding he be send to Gitmo and waterboarded.

Sherwood, AR

#64181 Mar 27, 2014
I worship my cats - actually it was supposed to be the other way around, but they got the upper hand, just like Hobby Lobby is going to.

Sherwood, AR

#64182 Mar 27, 2014
They claim that they pay their employees double the pathetic minimum wage. I don't know if that's true, but this is so fucking stupid. Do these fools realize we drop bombs and spray bullets on all kinds of men, women, and children all around the world - both when we go to war and when our massive "defense" industry sells arms to other countries - many who do not treat their people very well. You'd think these "Christians" might want to take a political stand against the financial institutions (Bible says not to charge interest on the poor), for raising the minimum wage (Jesus tried to help the poor), or stop voting GOP (abortion rate always rises with an increase in poverty/ unemployment) if they really were Christian. These assholes just want to stop ACA. I say, stop Hobby Lobby.

Sherwood, AR

#64184 Mar 27, 2014
If you're an employer that provides health insurance, you don't get to pick and choose which medicines or procedures you want to "pay for." Particularly not on the grounds of some bogus "religious belief."

Sherwood, AR

#64185 Mar 27, 2014
Well, just think of the healthcare of countries like France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Denmark, Australia, Canada, and the UK. All of them have better healthcare than we do so I'm afraid it damn sure would be better. Investors don't need to make profits off the sick and dying. Not only is it morally repugnant, it's a terrible idea that only makes the system a bad one. The only people who should profit off the sick/ dying are those who actually give the care. Only in America is the population subjected to such vultures who literally skim massive profits out of the pockets of the ill. We do not have for -profit policing, fire fighting. Military people and the elderly get socialized healthcare because it is looked at as a humane thing to do. Why not the rest of us? For profit systems just do not work. We've tried it. Disastrous.

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