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Sherwood, AR

#64102 Mar 26, 2014
The decision was made before all the quakes began,,,now I will worry about Cushing

Sherwood, AR

#64103 Mar 26, 2014
Emails Show Republican Governor Used State Budget To Boost Profits For Family Member

On March 24, 2014, the Michigan Democratic Party released emails that show Michigan’s Republican governor, Rick Snyder, along with his former budget director and current adviser, colluded to give a massive taxpayer funded subsidy to a member of the governor’s family.

Cousin George’s furniture business got a big boost in Rick Snyder’s budget.
Governor Rick Snyder’s CEO cousin, George Snyder’s business partners received more than $19 million dollars, after jotting off a quick email to cousin Rick, on April 29th, 2011. Since 2011, the share of the taxpayer budget going to George Snyder’s industry has ballooned to $41 million. What is George Snyder’s industry? Office furniture.

Amid steep budget cuts that directly impacted Michigan’s struggling citizens, Rick Snyder’s administration wrote a multimillion dollar subsidy into the state’s budget, for cousin George’s office furniture business.

George Snyder is the owner of DBI Business Interiors, a firm with direct ties to Hayworth Inc. The emails show that Rick Snyder’s cousin directly lobbied the Governor’s office, in order to protect the company’s lucrative contract with the state, while other budget items were being ruthlessly slashed.

In 2011, the Michigan budget for office furniture was set at $1 million. Cousin George was not happy. He fired off an email to Governor Rick Snyder that read in part:

“We are very upset and nervous about the language in the Senate budget bill on furniture.”

Governor Rick Snyder sent a copy of the email to his current adviser, Richard Baird, who responded:

“John Nixon’s people are on this. Sit tight.”

John Nixon is Governor Snyder’s former budget director, who was in charge of the state’s budget in 2011. Less than two hours later, Nixon replied:

“We are on it.”

Rick Snyder’s cousin got preferential treatment, because he is the governor’s cousin.
According to Politico, another email between Baird and Nixon shows that Baird made a point of identifying George Snyder as a cousin of Governor Rick Snyder, when asking for changes to the budget.

Shortly after this, the state’s budget for office furniture was increased to $19.5 million dollars. The amount allocated for such spending has increased yearly, since 2011, the year that Rick Snyder first became governor of the state. Currently the state’s office furniture budget is set at $41 million.

What was that about wasteful spending?
The rise in office furniture funding that directly benefited the Governor’s cousin, coincides with deep cuts to other budget items, like education, infrastructure, revenue sharing for struggling cities like Detroit and Flint, as well as cuts in other areas which would have helped to strengthen Michigan’s communities.

The emails were released by the Michigan Democratic party at a press conference in Detroit, on Tuesday, March 25.

Michigan Democratic Party chair, Lon Johnson, released the following statement, along with the emails.

“While parents and seniors were being told by the governor they must sacrifice to balance the state’s billion-dollar deficit budget, Rick Snyder’s family and political friends were being taken care of. This scandal reveals hypocrisy reaching directly into the governor’s office and is a serious and disturbing breach of public trust.”

Sherwood, AR

#64104 Mar 26, 2014
To all you haters who were talking bad about Detroit and putting the city of Detroit down as well as Flint, Now the real truth and facts come out and everybody can see how this Governor help to cause the downfall of several Michigan cities by design by taking much needed funds away and giving to his relatives. This Governor and his thugs should be investigated by the DOJ (and the request will be made). They need to be convicted and sent to prison. IT is hard to hold the anger!!!! But we must give the law a chance to work for us. In the meantime we need to start firing these republicans in our Government and once corruption like this sets in it grows bigger and bigger. Thus causing the birth of a Police State that's why this must be dealt with right now!

Sherwood, AR

#64105 Mar 26, 2014
Repubs and their corrupt cronyism keeps ripping off the American taxpayer and not just in Michigan. First it was charter schools siphoning off state and federal money into for profit schools*, then we got the horrors of the for profit prisons, next up drug testing money going to relatives companies, now office furniture contracts to relatives what next?*It's also one of the ways Republican states are trying to get around the ban on religion in public schools.

Sherwood, AR

#64106 Mar 26, 2014
as an educator in this state, I just took a 2.7% paycut effective immediately because of the education budget he cut! Where is his paycut? Oh no, that will never happen to them and $41 million dollars for chairs could have went a long way to help people who need it. I made more when I started teaching than I do now. I am encouraging my kids to chose a different career and move out of this state that has no respect for its citizens.

Sherwood, AR

#64107 Mar 26, 2014
No surprise the rehtugs are a party of felons and haters. All with Low IQ'S

Sherwood, AR

#64108 Mar 26, 2014
Republican politicians are terrorists and criminals. Every single one of them and should be arrested and jailed.

Cushing, OK

#64109 Mar 26, 2014
“FBI agents are currently raiding the Capitol office of State Sen. Leland Yee, who was arrested on bribery and corruption charges Wednesday morning,” kcra.com reports.

"The FBI confirmed that it conducted raids at homes and businesses in the Bay Area and Sacramento Wednesday morning, where multiple search warrants were issued and arrests were made. California Highway Patrol officers and the sergeant at arms are currently stationed outside Yee’s office at the state Capitol.” It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Mind you, the Golden State antis are like drug lords. Drop one and another one takes his place. Better the devil you know? Among Yee’s accomplishments, he advocated for ...

All of the standard Californian gun control laws (50 cal ban, bullet button ban, magazine limits, handgun ban) and was also the first politician to propose requiring the registration of 3D printers when Cody Wilson printed his first gun. And that’s just the Greatest Hits version. Leland Yee was possibly the most outspoken gun control advocate in California after Dianne Feinstein, and now it seems that his campaign against the constitutionally protected rights of his constituents might be at an end.

It what would surely place his likeness prominently on the Mt. Rushmore of hypocrisy if the allegations are proven in a court of law, famously anti-gun California state Senator Leland Yee has been charged with, in addition to bribery and public corruption…yes…gun running. Specifically conspiring with known organized crime lord Kwok Cheung “Shrimp Boy” Chow to illegally import firearms and sell them without a license ...

The affidavit charges that the $2 million worth of weapons to have been secreted into the country from the Philippines included rocket launchers and machine guns, some of which Yee himself had fired while on Mindanao. A portion of the weapons Yee conspired to bring into the U.S. through New Jersey were to have been forwarded on to North Africa via Sicily.

Cushing, OK

#64110 Mar 26, 2014
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO)-- Shockwaves radiated from the Bay Area to Sacramento Wednesday as State Senator Leland Yee was arrested for bribery, corruption, and gun trafficking. The FBI sweep also snared a reputed Chinatown gangster.

Most of the 26 people charged in the federal complaint appeared at the courthouse Wednesday, including Yee. A judge imposed a $500,000 bond.

At an evening news conference, Yee's attorney said, "All we can say is that we were trying to secure his release today and we accomplished that."

He went on to confirm that Yee has turned his passport over to authorities, saying that is a typical procedure.
In the early morning hours the FBI hit the Chinatown headquarters of the Chi Kung Tong, the Chinese Freemasons. They were looking for evidence linked to the arrest of notorious former gangster Raymond Chow, who is known as "Shrimp Boy."

Chow serves as the chairman of the freemasons. He was arrested at his home on Hyde Street. Chow is charged with money laundering and dealing in stolen property.

Chow was the enforcer of Chinatown's most notorious street gang in the 1980's. He spent 22 years in prison and now admits that he ran prostitution rings, smuggled drugs, and extorted thousands from business owners.

Once released, he became active in Chinatown politics. Our cameras caught up with him in May of 2012 as he worked with at-risk kids, telling them the importance of staying in school.

During an interview, Chow told ABC7 News reporter Alan Wang that he had put his criminal past behind him.

"I want to do something for the kids," Chow said. "I want to do something for the community. I want to do something for myself. I just don't want to sit at home, be useless. I know I can do something with my life."

In that same report, however, we learned from police sources that Chow was still being followed by authorities who weren't convinced that he had changed his ways.

The big arrest on Wednesday wasn't Chow, it was Yee.

"I can also confirm that State Senator Leland Yee is also a part of the ongoing investigation that's taking place at this time," said Greg Wuthrich with the FBI.

Yee, who represents half of San Francisco and most of San Mateo County, was arrested at his home in the Sunset District Wednesday morning while agents searched his house for evidence. He was driven to the federal building where he was booked on public corruption charges.

Yee is charged with six counts of depriving the public of honest services and one count of conspiracy to traffic in guns without a license.

Court documents say Yee or one of his campaign staffers accepted at least $42,800 in cash or campaign contributions from undercover FBI agents in exchange for carrying out agents' requests. He is also accused of trying to help an undercover agent obtain weapons from a Muslim rebel group.

Cushing, OK

#64111 Mar 26, 2014
Yee looked downcast as he appeared in court Wednesday. He told the judge he understands the charges against him.

In the meantime, the FBI in Sacramento secured Yee's office in the state Capitol while a CHP officer stood guard at the entrance. Yee is also a candidate for secretary of state, one of California's highest offices.

The predawn multi-agency raids involved the FBI, other federal agencies, and local police.

Hundreds of agents and police hit homes and buildings mostly in San Francisco. The raids included a building in the Bayview, where federal agents and police carted off boxes of evidence.

One of the targets was a home on 42nd Avenue in San Mateo. Federal agents seized marijuana plants and other evidence from the house. One source says that it was the site of an indoor pot grow.

Those arrested appeared in federal court Wednesday to be arraigned.

One of those arrested is Keith Jackson, a well-known political consultant and former school board member. His most serious charge is murder for hire.

The complaint accuses Jackson of conspiring with Chow to import and sell weapons. It also says Jackson, a close friend of Yee's, brought the senator into the deals and that they bribed people into giving political donations. All this was caught by an undercover FBI agent.

Cushing, OK

#64112 Mar 26, 2014
Gun trafficking while working to ban guns, Chinese Freemasons, Muslim gang gun trading, murder for hire. It reads like a bad gangster movie.

Both sides are seriously corrupt. It's not the parties, it's the corrupt individuals that can't handle the power handed to them. Stop with the bizarre gibberish.

Rowlett, TX

#64114 Mar 27, 2014
Packing Heat wrote:
Simple question for you Karen Janbaz!
A person wants to f*ck.
Needs another person to f*ck.
Chooses f*cker.
F*ck can commence between the F*cker and F*ckee.
Now the question is...
why should either the F*ckee or the F*cker have any right to demand a third party to pay for their Birth Control?
This is what passes for wisdom in Afton OK.
Great minds they're not.
Packing Heat

Claremore, OK

#64115 Mar 27, 2014
WarForOil wrote:
<quoted text>
This is what passes for wisdom in Afton OK.
Great minds they're not.

Your impotent whining is very amusing.

You seem quite angry...
maybe your reliance on government to fix your problems in life is the problem.

Cushing, OK

#64116 Mar 27, 2014
A continued economic upswing in the state has fueled population increases in the Oklahoma City metro and has turned two western Oklahoma towns into some of the fastest-growing in the country.

According to U.S. Census Bureau data released Thursday, Woodward and Weatherford are among the top 10 fastest-growing small towns in the United States.

Both towns saw population increases of more than 3 percent from July 2012 to July 2013, continuing a trend that began four years ago. Since 2010, the populations of Woodward and Weatherford have increased each year, according to census data.

The towns joined several other Great Plains cities on the list, a fact census researchers attribute to the boom of oil and natural gas drilling in the area.

“Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction industries were the most rapidly growing part of our nation’s economy over the last several years,” Census Bureau Director John H. Thompson said in a news release.“A major reason was the energy boom on the Plains, which attracted job seekers from around the country.”

Central Oklahoma saw population increases, as well, with the Oklahoma City metro gaining more than 22,000 people from 2012 to 2013.

The metro area, which census data counts as Oklahoma, Lincoln, Canadian, Logan, Cleveland, Grady and McClain counties, saw an overall population increase of 1.6 percent.

Eric Long, research economist for the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, said the increases are following the larger pattern of Oklahoma City’s continued economic improvements.

Expansion in metro

However, unlike in western Oklahoma, oil and gas growth may not be the driving factor in population increases for the Oklahoma City area during the past two years.

Long said though the oil and gas industry has fueled a lot of economic growth in past years, it has flattened out recently in the metro area.

Other industries, like tourism, retail and construction, are the fastest growing right now, he said.

But Long said the biggest factor in population growth is jobs.

“Migration patterns show people are relocating from out of state but also moving into Oklahoma City because there are more jobs here,” Long said.“Where jobs go, population goes.”

Cushing, OK

#64117 Mar 27, 2014
Dem Mayor Resigns After Being Arrested for Allegedly Taking Bribes From Undercover FBI Agents


Cushing, OK

#64118 Mar 27, 2014
With just five days left of open enrollment for Obamacare, 61% of uninsured people are unaware of the March 31 deadline to sign up for health care coverage, according to a Kaiser Health Tracking Poll. When those uninsured people are reminded of the March 31 deadline, 50% say they will still not obtain coverage.

Another key finding to the poll was that only 10% of Americans believe that Obamacare will make health care more affordable and control costs. What’s more, just 7% of those polled think that Obamacare will be good for the country.
Here are other findings of the March 2014 Kaiser Health Tracking Poll:

A Whopping 67% of those uninsured between the ages of 18 and 64 say they have not tried to obtain healthcare insurance in the last six months

Unfavorable views of the law continue to outpace favorable ones, the gap between negative and positive views now stands at eight percentage points

A third of those who lack coverage as of mid-March are unaware that the law requires nearly all Americans to have health insurance or pay a fine

Greenbrier, AR

#64119 Mar 27, 2014
We'uns in Arkanstone are covered. Tis the ignorant okies that are led with a sting by rephugthugs are the one who will suffer economically.

Pay your fines. Suck it up. Get a job. Get off welfare.
Packing Heat

Claremore, OK

#64120 Mar 27, 2014
Governor Chris Christie cleared of any wrong doing and Liberals and Arkanstoners have been declared sh!t eaters and lying dirtbags.

Now we return to watching Obamacare collapse into the greatest failure in American History...
Packing Heat

Claremore, OK

#64121 Mar 27, 2014
Madaline wrote:
We'uns in Arkanstone are covered. Tis the ignorant okies that are led with a sting by rephugthugs are the one who will suffer economically.
Pay your fines. Suck it up. Get a job. Get off welfare.

Obamacare is dead!
Just say it is a hardship, check the blue box and no penalty. It's over.

Obama and the Demtards will try like hell to keep the illusion alive until November 2014 ...
and fail miserably.
So What

Newalla, OK

#64122 Mar 27, 2014
Packing Heat wrote:
<quoted text>
Keep showing us your ignorance while we laugh at your dumbass.
LOL! WE might be an exaggeration YOU.

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