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San Antonio, TX

#35922 Mar 6, 2013
And who says the United State of America isn't a third-world country?

As a matter of fact, most of us ARE aware of Chavez' program..does that outweigh his blatant power grabs and attempts to rig elections? If Chavez had been born in the U.S., he would have been Romney's running mate last year..

San Antonio, TX

#35923 Mar 6, 2013
What about the Bush power grab and rigging?

San Antonio, TX

#35924 Mar 6, 2013
Well, to the teabagging Greedy Old Party mind, freeze, die and we save on medical insurance … f**king GENIUS.

They certainly won’t get it from American Big Oil. All the more reason why their corporate welfare should end … NOW.

San Antonio, TX

#35925 Mar 6, 2013
Repigs---Disturbing very distrubing.

San Antonio, TX

#35926 Mar 6, 2013
Retardpublicans---Disturbing very distrubing.

San Antonio, TX

#35927 Mar 6, 2013
Returds--Disturbing very distrubing.

San Antonio, TX

#35928 Mar 6, 2013
GOP===Disturbing very distrubing.

San Antonio, TX

#35929 Mar 6, 2013
Grand Old Puds---Disturbing very distrubing.

San Antonio, TX

#35930 Mar 6, 2013
Grab Our Privates==Disturbing very distrubing.

San Antonio, TX

#35931 Mar 6, 2013
God or Pandering--Disturbing very distrubing.

San Antonio, TX

#35932 Mar 6, 2013
Golf, Oil and Prostitutes--Disturbing very distrubing.

"me likey money. me join GOP like diddy. me go bye now. okay bye. me bye now." -W

San Antonio, TX

#35933 Mar 6, 2013
GOP--Another term for Republi-cons--Disturbing very distrubing.

San Antonio, TX

#35934 Mar 6, 2013
Greed Oil Pollution-- Disturbing very distrubing.

San Antonio, TX

#35935 Mar 6, 2013
Gluttons Of Power-- Disturbing very distrubing.

San Antonio, TX

#35936 Mar 6, 2013
Greedy Old People-- Disturbing very distrubing.

San Antonio, TX

#35937 Mar 6, 2013
Good Oklahoma Pigs--Disturbing very distrurbing.

United States

#35938 Mar 6, 2013
Maddy wrote:
Justaminute don't you realize how unhealthy your behavior is and you've taken it beyond excessive. Your opinions have been posted and people have responded to you. But to continue to flood the thread pretending you are other people it's bizarre. Please consider you actions.
This woman has no conscience. She terminated her own unborn child because she felt inconvenience by the pregnancy. I'm sure she's among many who have made such a sick selfish choice but she seems proud of her actions. Posts on and on about abortion and NO RESTRICTIONS INCLUDING LATE TERM ABORTION/PARTIAL BIRTH abortion.

It was nice of you to try and reach her but Bluebird did the same and she just responds with nastiness and then she does what she did today and tonight. The woman doesn't have any life other than spreading proproganda leftist views. Did you read all that crap about how wonderful Hugo Chavez was? The man stole from his own people over 2 billion dollars according to some estimates and he was a dictator, no way to get around those facts.

United States

#35939 Mar 6, 2013
Maddy wrote:
First lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry will be giving the International Women of Courage Award to 10 recipients.
Award ceremony will be held this Friday at the State Department, with one of the recipients named as Samira Ibrahim. This recipient has been widely accepted as a courageous "model" for the world to recognize and acknowledge, for women to emulate.
But, there are other more concerning attributes this woman holds dear to her heart. She supports suicide bombings against Israel and openly used her twitter account to express joy and pleasure when 9/11 happened in America. She continues to support violence against America and against jews who according to her all negative things that happen in the world have jews involved.
Just who is responsible for vetting these people?
Ben Shapiro
I'm going to make a point to watch and see how the press plays this out in the news cycle should be interesting.

Oklahoma City, OK

#35940 Mar 6, 2013
Doug wrote:
Good Oklahoma Pigs--Disturbing very distrurbing.
You know Doug dear, there's only one person whose witty enough to jerk these jokers around that already loved to tie Okies and pigs together, that's good ole Dusty!

They are so invested in thinking it's me. Oh well. Even Gingrich made the statement that the derpie wingnuts have so invested in talk radio, FOX and Fox Nation that they have left reality and the oxygen in the bubble is depleting.

I say leave them there a while longer they might actually nominate Donald Trump for President in 2016 and we will confirm to the rest of the world that we have a large percent of our population with the political acuity and awareness of a ....well the regression of our population into it's earlier life forms. I mean surely we did evolve but can we de-evolve? We left the Neanderthals behind a millennial ago, maybe there will be another breaking off of the human population.....

United States

#35941 Mar 6, 2013
I won't try to help again. Appreciate your kind words.

Glen Kessler,Washington Post reporter filed a report concerning claims coming out of the White House regarding individuals who would be negatively effected by the sequestor. Remember the story widely spread about the capitol janitor who could possibly lose their job or have hours cut back because of the sequestor? Mr. Kessler did something rarely found in today's media enviroment he "fact checked" the claim.

The claim is 100% false.

Wonder who will show the courage to ask in the next White House briefing why such a fabrication was deliberately hand fed to the American People? And this is just one of many examples of fabrications by this White House and this President and his administration regarding the sequestor. We now know of a internal email sent on Monday of this week instructing departments to make cuts AS PAINFUL AS POSSIBLE as to not contradict the offical version coming out of the White House.

Will anyone ask that particular question of Carney?

Hope and change and total transparency...yes fabrications are nothing new to this administration.

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