Who do you support for Governor in Ca...

Santa Ana, CA

#1381 Oct 19, 2010
He is a great person who gets the job done.
Rick Rios

Castaic, CA

#1382 Oct 19, 2010
Someone who actually wants to SERVE the poeple. Strong values and 'street level' view of the issues we face, not second hand by some teen who looked at the local paper to get a position. Go Chelene!

Covina, CA

#1383 Oct 19, 2010
Jerry Brown had his chance. Time for new blood and new ideas
Keith Hardine

San Jose, CA

#1385 Oct 19, 2010
Having the qualifications for  selection.
Keith Hardine | 1 min ago
Chelene Nightingale is the onl y real Constitutional Conserva tive in this race for Californ ia Governor. We need a candida te who will follow through wit h the oath to uphold our Const itution-limiting Government re gulation over our lives. This  will then foster an environmen t where small businesses can i nvest and produce jobs again.

I believe that Chelene Nightin gale will fulfil that mandate  better than any of the other C andidates.

Inglewood, CA

#1387 Oct 19, 2010
Voted for Chelene Nightingale ~ our last best hope for California!

If ever the Time should come, when vain & aspiring Men shall possess the highest Seats in Government, our Country will stand in Need of its experienced Patriots to prevent its Ruin.~ Samuel Adams
Robert Gipson

Shingle Springs, CA

#1388 Oct 19, 2010
Whitman/Brown is no "chice." Beneath the fluff their real agenda is the same: Continued, deliberate dismantling of California's economy; siphoning of California's wealth and resources into the coffers of international megabanks.

Fresno, CA

#1389 Oct 19, 2010
Maybe the people of California are starting to see just how toxic Meg and Jerry are for California. Both of them are sure to be devastating to the state and the hard working tax payers leaving them once again carrying what is sure to be an even heavier load.
Yvonne Baker

Long Beach, CA

#1390 Oct 19, 2010
I know we love our kids too much to elect Jerry Brown.
s. alpert

United States

#1391 Oct 19, 2010
Jerry Brown should retire after 40 years of trying to achieve something positive. He has no plans, just political ambitions.
We need a fresh thinker with business experience and success, like Meg Whitman.
Yvonne Baker

Long Beach, CA

#1392 Oct 19, 2010
Andree wrote:
He is a great person who gets the job done.
No NO NO.........We can't sell our children into tax slavery for Brown's union masters!
Constitutionalis t

United States

#1393 Oct 19, 2010
The RIGHT candidate for the RIGHT time for the RIGHT office for the RIGHT state for all the RIGHT reasons.

“I do believe in Fairies...”

Since: May 08

Laramie WY

#1394 Oct 19, 2010
sunshine on my shoulder wrote:
I am passionate because, I know someone that is close to her, I know all about her..trust me, it goes beyond politcs its about whats right. I seriously don't want innocent voter falling for her lies. Just look it up I beg you. Chelene Nightingale/shawna forde" just look please if you still want to vote for her then the blood is on your hands too. thanks
Chelene had nothing to do with the Shawna Forde nonsense and you know it. Neither did Save our State. Shawna Forde was involved with Jim "I'm using your donations to fund my lavish lifestyle" Gilchrist, who, by the way, still supports the murdering nutjob. So, if I were you, I'd take anything that Jim Gilchrist has to say with a grain of salt. He and his right hand man, Marvin, were embezzling from the Minutemen. No credibility issues there at all, are there?

Additionally, the fact that the Church of Morris Dees (SPLC) has labled SOS a "racist" organization doesn't mean squat. It is merely another sordid little organization that profits from finding bigots under every little rock, whether they exist or not. Don't believe me? Just Google Morris Dees. You'll understand why anyone with half the intelligence that God gave a corn cob doesn't take them seriously. But then again, your posts don't exactly scream "higher education."

Chelene Nightingale is one of the few Christians I know who actually lives her faith. That is quite an endorsement coming from a Pagan. Yes, she and her husband, like so many people in this country, were driven to bankruptcy by an economy and a state that has become totally small business hostile. That does not make her incapable of fiscal responsibility. That makes her human. She is not alone. Millions of Americans, even Americans who once boasted incomes of $100,000 a year plus have had to resort to bankruptcy, even though it has become increasingly difficult to file. For the vast majority, it is a matter of the economic down turn and loss of employment in this country, NOT irresponsibility. http://www.mybudget360.com/141-million-americ...

It would behoove you (as well as all of the other irresponsible nonsense spouting posters) to do some actual research rather than regurgitating sound bites from Chelene hating whack jobs.

“I do believe in Fairies...”

Since: May 08

Laramie WY

#1395 Oct 19, 2010
Keith Hardine wrote:
Having the qualifications for  selection.
Keith Hardine | 1 min ago
Chelene Nightingale is the onl y real Constitutional Conserva tive in this race for Californ ia Governor. We need a candida te who will follow through wit h the oath to uphold our Const itution limiting Government regulation  over our lives. This will the n foster an environment where  small businesses can invest an d produce jobs again.
I believe that Chelene Nightin gale will fulfil that mandate  better than any of the other C andidates.
If this is the same Keith I know, send me a message. I'm back in California and I was just asking Kim D. and Ted if they had heard from you.
D Jacoboni

Paradise, CA

#1396 Oct 19, 2010
I can trust her

Berkeley, CA

#1397 Oct 19, 2010
Why stay with two proven loser parties? They are both more interested in "Politics as usual" let's give someone else a try!
Sky Painter

Valencia, CA

#1398 Oct 19, 2010
Stephanie wrote:
Jerry Brown had his chance. Time for new blood and new ideas
Excuseme, but if you had done your homework and/or due diligence on all six qualified candidates you would have already come to the conclusion that Meg Whitman has no new blood nor ideas. Once you peer behind the veil of deceits she is propagandizing out there you will find that there is no difference between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman.

Here, I offer you evidence to the fact. See the following video please.

1. What was witman doing at a "Climate Change" cruise in the Arctic? That's a cruise by invitation only. Jimmy Carter was there and Van Jones, the avowed communist czar that Obama appointed in his administration and then had to let go once American figured out how dangerous this communist is. NO Constitutional Conservative would ever attend such a shin dig. Meg was there.

2. Meg is a huge fan of Van Jones and his policies. Listen to the video carefully, her words not mine. This is a person that just did not happen to have dinner once with him. There is allot more here that the MSM does not want to cover. Listen carefully please.

I offer you the next piece of evidence. Meg whitman is opposing Prop 23 and if elected into office, will allow AB32 to take effect after a year. What conservative would knowingly allow a law that will kill over 1.1 million jobs in California. Look at the following link please.

Meg Whitman joins Jerry Brown against prop 23!!!!!

Here is the next piece of facts and evidence for you.
While claiming to be tough as nails on immigration, Whitman turns around and posts the following video on the Spanish channels. Again, listen carefully.


Whitman opposes prop 187 and oposses Arizona's tough immigration law. Now, which one is it Meg? Two faced, does not mean what she says. If anything it shows a lack of integrity. As a matter of fact, Nightingale is the only one to be endorsed by both Seriff Richad Mack and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Here, read it for yourself.


I have more to keep me going for several more pages here, however, I will leave it up to you to do your homework and due diligence.

In conclusion, based on the above, there is no doubt in my mind that Meg Whitman is a liberal progressive with the same agenda as Brown, except that Whitman is disguising hereself as a conservative. The wolf in sheeps clothing.

This is why I support Chelene Nightingale for governor 100%. Nightingale is the only constitutional conservative running for California Governor. She means what she says. Nightingale talks the talk, but most importantly, she walks the walk.

I challenge anyone, anywhere, anytime, to prove me wrong. Go ahead, I promise you I will have a calm and rational consersation with you based of facts and evidence.

maya subh

Amman, Jordan

#1399 Oct 19, 2010
pleas dime com to jordane and talk with you in the entirnet pleas
Bill Clinton

Burbank, CA

#1400 Oct 19, 2010
We dont need anymore liberal idiots ruining our country. 4 years is too much.

Vacaville, CA

#1401 Oct 19, 2010
OReilly wrote:
<quoted text>There You Go Again! Bush Bush Bush Bush Bush. That's all You People Ever Say. Oh i Take That Back There's The Always Favorite Other Line The Party of NO This $hit is Getting Really Old. JUST LIKE YOUR Candidates Brown and Boxer REALLY REALLY OLD.
regardless of what you want us to believe... it's bushes fault. i can't believe you idiots actually voted for him, what did you expect? the apple doesn't fall far from the tree
Flush Brown Down

Sacramento, CA

#1402 Oct 19, 2010
All these idiots whining about Whitman yet, the polls still show her with a solid lead against the Brown toilet floater.
Better watch out Brown supporters, you are about to lose your government handout.
Then what? You going to try to riot like France?
Please do. Many of us would love an excuse.....

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