Hey white boys look here…
Dat Tay Vao

Oakland, CA

#2 Jun 4, 2013
As you can see everyone is attacking you and the fewer you become , the more you will be attacked.
The sad thing [for you] is you don’t even make it to the news anymore.
I live in a very diverse neighborhood that includes everyone from Asians , Mexicans, S. Americans, middle easterners to blacks. To be honest, in general the only whites that I see are white women with blacks. And as of lately, I have been seeing a whole lot of them and many of those white women live here with their black mates and, to add, a lot of them have anywhere from one to three black children. I will tell you, those white women I see with the blacks are definitely not from around here; their body language and speech tells me that they are from the suburbs. Weird don’t you think? I mean they are from the suburbs and give that up to live in the inner city with their black men. Why is the overall majority of the white women that I see with blacks blonds? What is it with the blonds? I rarely see any black haired or brown haired white women around here. I do see hundreds of blond white women with blacks though. The odd thing of it is , none of of their black children are blond. I am not trying to funny or anything, just speaking what I see.

Now I know you white boys don’t like black women because most of them are uglier than boar hogs and just as nasty, but if I do say so myself, Mexican women are damn hot looking, but it seems they don’t want you. I think it has something to do with the pride within the Mexican race or something.
So do tell, what’s wrong with you white boys, why are all of your women leaving you?
I don’t know , but it seems that damn near half your race is gay . I mean every time a homosexual subject comes up on the T.V , it’s white people. Could that be it? All the white men are taking it up the hoo-hoo so the white women have decided to turn your race black ? Hell, it even appears that the black children the whites create don’t even want to breed with you. Something is terribly wrong within your race, white boys.
The irony of it is you white people used to destroy everything in your path and now since you have nothing left to destroy, you are destroying yourselves. You are not only destroying yourselves in the U.S, but in Europe , Britain and Australia too. Well, You aren’t exactly destroying yourselves in those other countries exactly, you are just destroying your countries.
In another few years, those countries will be not be European anymore. You will be pushed right out of your own homeland countries by your own doings. White people, can you name one non-white country doing to themselves like what you are doing to yourselves? No, you can’t. Like I say , your nature is destruction and that destructive nature has turned inward on yourselves.
Anyways , the reason I am curious as to why so many of your white women are choosing to breed outside of your race is because I don’t see any other races doing it in such great numbers like yours is. Maybe that is the operative word -or non-operative-“doing it”? I mean with so many of you being homosexual and all.
Dat Tay Vao

Oakland, CA

#3 Jun 4, 2013
So did you white boys see the Cheerios commercial? I mean the one with the couple consisting of the Caucasian mother with her black baby and black husband ? Boy, you whites (and blacks) sure did go crazy over that one! I mean you were sending all kinds of vile emails (racial genocide and so forth) to Cheerios . In fact, you were sending so many of them they had to pull the commercial. You must remember if it wasn’t for a white woman making a black child, we would not have Barack Hussein Obama! I mean you do like Obama care don’t you? I mean you should, after all you voted for it. He’s about to go on another family trip , you know. Oh yes more millions of tax payers money he is going to waste. Something yuou probably don’t know, there will be a number of planes each costing $180,000 an hour to keep in the air. If he refrained from just one hour of flight that would pay to keep the White House tours for kids going for a couple of days. Then again, maybe he might have shut those tours down to budget his vacations. Whatever the case, you won’t dare say a word. Now about the 30%-40% that want or think a revolution will happen, white people , I wouldn’t try that! A race war would definitely be set-off and you wouldn‘t have a chance. To add to that, if it was a big enough revolution, Obama would call martial law and with martial law I hope you know obama will stay in office for an an indefinite period of time and those two billion hollow point bullets, thousands of M4 rifles, thousands of light armor tanks retrofitted with tires, etc. that Janet and the DHS have been stockpiling will roll out onto the streets.
I will tell you, the Los Angeles riots will be like sand box play to what would come forth from a revolution these days. If one does jump off, you will wish for the mild blood shed of the civil war. I am telling you, every single white person will be targeted. You will be on your own and many white people will be against whites until a nonwhite takes them out. You thinnk I am mistaken? You try it and see what happens to you.
It only makes sense, we have a black president and if white people start a revolution, it will be looked at as a racial thing from everyone else- including white people in the left coast. White people, do you think that the millions of white women that are making black babies are going to be on your side or even help you? How about the grown blacks that the Caucasians created? White boys, you best chill.
White people, if you set something off like that, you wont know which white will take you out or which will help you. To be honest here, you have to be one the most facked up races of people on this earth.
Now don’t go kidding yourselves by telling yourselves that blacks are more screwed up than you are because they kill each other in huge numbers. They WILL rally together if something like that happened and they will team up with every other race to get you. La raza and Farrakhan has openly talked about a race war against you numerous times. If a revolution jumps off, you think they will simply sit down and watch from the side lines? The Mexican cartels will also be down on you, the Asian Gangsters(I am not talking punk street gangs) and so forth will also target you.
Dat Tay Vao

Oakland, CA

#4 Jun 4, 2013
Here is Asians attacking you...

Dat Tay Vao

Oakland, CA

#5 Jun 4, 2013
Now let me tell you what else would happen: while you white people are going at it against every other race in the country and DHS is trying to bring order to you being slaughtered, the Muslim jihadists will see that as an opening to plant bombs all over the place.
If that ricin letter would have made it to Obama and it “got him”, you can bet arses that you would be facing many, many racial attacks , white people.
You’re dumb as rocks , I tell you.
Oh well, no skin off my hide.
Dat Tay Vao

Oakland, CA

#6 Jun 4, 2013
I urge you white folk to read this book....


Oakland, CA

#7 Jun 11, 2013

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#9 Jul 14, 2013
Dat Tay Vao

Oakland, CA

#10 Jul 18, 2013
Well, White people, where are you?YOu cannot run fuheva. DO you know how many white people have been killed over this Zimmerman/trayon case? You could be next. It is not over, not by a long shot.

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