Let's see...who is it that mandates miles of complicated wires and mountains of pollution control gizmo and gadgets be stacked upon a piston engine? Government Jackasses.
Any hot rodder knows it only takes one wire to run a piston engine. And most anyone can look under the hood of an automobile built today and see nothing but spaghetti. Each vehicle’s pile of pollution control gizmos and fuel distribution gadgets require a facility, raw materials, machinery and personnel to manufacturer. To operate the aforementioned daily the process consumes more resources and fuel than the end product is purported to “save.” In other words trying to prevent pollution causes just as much pollution if not more. So while a Pirus is saving the planet you must factor in the manufacturing process plus the thousands of employees burning fuel going to and from work everyday. It accomplishes nothing but paychecks.
And as we all know many of those gizmos and gadgets are made of plastic, their days are numbered and when one of the many fails it means burning fuel going to a repair center with a fuel burning compadre following for the ride home, etc.
Very few vehicles made today will be around in twenty years or so. Instead of just wasting everyone’s time, money, energy and resources manufacturers should strive to produce vehicles that will survive the test of time like a Model T ,‘55 Chevrolet, etc. When that happens I’ll stop calling their current products, disposable junk.