Will the pro-Iranian agenda Barack Obama support with food the Syrian people that are dying under the Iranian-Syrian-Russian air strikes, tanks and artillery attacks as he promised to the American people and the world? Will Panetta who visits the new Mozlem Brother regime do anything to stop the genocide in Syria and the potential use of Chemical WMD by Hezbollah terrorists against Israel while spreading empty promises to Israel? Why is Obama standing on the side line like third world countries such as Zimbabwe when tens of thousands of innocent people are murdered in genocide attack of the Iranian axis of evil and the evil regime of Putin that seek extending their role in the Middle east including attacking Israel with chemical WMDs? Evidently, Obama lost his allies in the Middle East and the huge aircraft carriers that are commanded by Obama were sent far away from Syria not to interfere with more than half dozen Russian war ships that are supporting the murderous dictator Assad from the Syrian port of Tartous.