my take on the situation (not a happy...

my take on the situation (not a happy read)


Umeå, Sweden

#1 Jul 15, 2010
Matt Simmons and others claim that 40% of the Gulf is now covered in oil at the bottom. Not high quality grade oil but highly toxic heavy crude oil that the BP folks drilled up from 30.000 feet from sea level. In the Gulf area, that depth is right at the earth's crust. And the geology is highly unstable. All who think it's wise to risk penetrating the earth's crust raise hands... If magma penetrates the crust then get ready for the biggest man made island ever in the Mexican Gulf. Unlikely scenario but not impossible.

Another problem is the high amounts of methane gas gushing out in the ocean. That stuff is still liquid or frozen in the ocean (and is completely starving the Gulf of oxygen). And if the methane gas reach the surface and become airborne by a hurricane, then we're f*****. The chemicals in the oil can also be transported by a hurricane. The chemicals in the heavy crude oil is more toxic than mustard gas.

I wonder when the evacuation of the Gulf states starts.

I never understood why the dispersant Corexit 9500 was authorized. That s*** is banned in the EU, it's just too toxic. It kills all life, it breaks up oil as it breaks up cells (or something) in all living things. I hear they got a nice big stock cheap from an abandoned warehouse somewhere. The Corexit is what is causing damages to the plants when it rains in the US right now. As north as Ohio. Corexit can slowly eat through metal. A lot of the boats in the Gulf are reporting small damages to their hulls. Corexit is transported with clouds coming from the ocean and falls with the rain. They are still using it right now.

It seems BP has been deceiving the US government from the start. I think it was only about 2-3 weeks ago the US gov. realized BP had been lying and hiding the facts from day 1 and that they have no clue how to nor the technology to stop this geyser of oil and gas. The pressure is just too high and it's too deep in the ocean. Remember the real blowout has not been shown in television yet. There’s a huge inferno of fire burning there (the methane gas).

The Russians have drilled deeper than the Deepwater Horizon (or maybe Event Horizon is a better name) but they did it on land. They were never so stupid that they would attempt it in water 5000 feet deep.
The only solution to fix this is a nuclear bomb. Forget about relieve wells – The pressure is estimated to be 40.000 – 70.000 PSI. But there’s no guarantees it will work. It could make it worse to a point where nothing can be done. The Russians have done it 4 times successfully but circumstances were different.
I would imagine that the entire world would start sending assistance to the Gulf within the next month or two. Because if it is not stopped then the entire world is at risk.

All life on the planet will be gone before this leak stops by itself. It could go on for 30-40 years. If it stops at all.*

It’s 251 million years since the last time nearly all life on the planet was wiped out by methane gas. Maybe it can happen again. I wonder how long it will take for life to arise again. And will humans be created again? I kind of hope not.

*I believe in the theory that says oil does not just come from biological material but that it is also produced in the earth’s core though chemical reactions. That’s why dried out oil wells become useful again after some time, and oil has been found on Saturn’s moon Titan. Think about the deepest oil wells out – How did all the organic life get down there? Below layers of salt, rock and mud? The Earth’s shape changes over time but the elevation hasn’t changed like 30.000 feet since the first life forms were on this planet. I believe that the real benefit with ultra deep wells are that the oil replenish much faster since it’s closer to the earths core area.


Umeå, Sweden

#2 Jul 15, 2010
The sad thing is that it will take 3-5 months before they will be ready to make the nuclear blast. They need to drill a yet another new hole for that.


Umeå, Sweden

#3 Jul 15, 2010
ok, seems like a should withdraw the doomsday predictions. according to the news the leak is stopped at the moment. can this be true and will it hold?

very happy right now!


#4 Jul 15, 2010
kristian wrote:
ok, seems like a should withdraw the doomsday predictions. according to the news the leak is stopped at the moment. can this be true and will it hold?
very happy right now!
Just recently I thought the amount of Corexit was at 2 million gallons--they (BP/CG&&USAF) may have managed to dump/spray close to 30-40 millions of gallons! Which better explains why most (98-97%) of the pre-crude/crude is not surface visible. Also helps explain why the "A Whale" is only processing about 1,000 barrels per day.

There is a "wrap-around" pipe re-enforcing method which would help more reliably deliver crude from BOP to the collecting ship (reducing pipe pressure leaks)--but BP and the Feds have ignored the technique's designer.

The two relief borings will likely fail. The cased well-bore may be "sand-blasted" away by the time the slant relief drillings reach their destination. Also, there may be approximately 20-odd leaking cracks (not just a more "manageable" few)--in that very brittle strata area.

Finally, It probably will be a specially-designed PNE low-yeald device--which in nano-seconds, converts initial x-ray radiation into an ultra-dense electro-magnetic controlled (or "shaped") pulse. Enough intense concentrated energy to cauterize the fractured strata area.

When this actually gets accomplished (hopefully safely)--may depend on hidden agenda satisfaction of the U.S. Federal Government (like Cap'n Trade passage, increased centralized government or increasing population-reduction curve)--along with BP's unmitigated production greed.

Umeå, Sweden

#5 Jul 15, 2010
In the last couple of days I have been pretty convinced that the oil leak we see in the underwater camera is not the actual blowout. The real blowout should supposedly be 10 miles from there. The flow of oil seen in tv does not have the pressure to leak the amount of oil that is out there and the US gov saw the real blowout about 2-3 weeks ago for the first time (BP hided it).

Ok, it turns whats they fixed was the minor leak shown to the public all along. BP is still hiding the fact that the real blowout is still going at full force.

I just found this statement from Matt Simmons on MSNBC. I respect Matt Simmons a lot and I know his book "Peak Oil". This is an impartial guy with great knowledge and very good connections that I think you can trust:

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