Gulf oil spill: Hands reach across th...

Gulf oil spill: Hands reach across the sand in protest

There are 18 comments on the Los Angeles Times story from Jun 26, 2010, titled Gulf oil spill: Hands reach across the sand in protest. In it, Los Angeles Times reports that:

From Santa Monica to Pensacola Beach, Fla., to Washington, D.C., and even as far as London, protesters worried about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico gathered to hold hands, in hundreds of Hands Across the Sand rallies.

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Gilbert, AZ

#1 Jun 26, 2010
people..... we will always be dependent upon crude.. go save some whales or something.

Henderson, NV

#2 Jun 26, 2010

Henderson, NV

#4 Jun 26, 2010

Henderson, NV

#5 Jun 26, 2010 #!v=9DkrRit7wEM&feature=re lated

Henderson, NV

#6 Jun 26, 2010
So sex will be saved?

Henderson, NV

#7 Jun 26, 2010
Who is sex?

Henderson, NV

#8 Jun 26, 2010
A Water pipe with true tobacco?

Henderson, NV

#9 Jun 26, 2010
When a red Woman gets her rights then what happens?

Henderson, NV

#10 Jun 26, 2010

“quotelawrence needs Justice”

Since: Apr 07

Sacramento to San Jose

#11 Jun 26, 2010
this is obviously a very odd segment of the people that believe that this crisis is getting better it is not, and the damage is irreversible the animal life will not return because we are seeing the species eliminated by this the Worse British environmental disaster in american history they keep calling this an american disaster but no we did not do this this was and is being run by British Petroleum not american petroleum wake up this is not our disaster and be cause this is a foreign company with limited resources there needs to be an assurance by the British government that no matter if this takes down BP, the British will continue to finance recovery efforts


#12 Jun 27, 2010
The article looks/reads like fill-in content in a corporate-controlled Newspaper.

The LA Times article photo image presents a nice mix of stereotypical "green" corporate-foundation funded useful boobs, and Al Gore Carbon-Tax stealth promoters.

If that Pensacola Beach water is being "tested daily" (now), it's only because there local mayor took the initiative early on (and to protect his family)--AFTER SEEING THAT BP AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WERE NOT DOING ANYTHING PRACTICAL!!!!!! He has actually stated that he "fears the Federal government"!

Those deflection/distraction green rent-a-protesters should actually be publicly recognizing the heroic early efforts of the local Pensacola Beach Mayor!!!

Most or all the pro-green/environmentalist groups listed in the LA Times article get heavy funding from globalist, corporatist, population-control promoting oligarch foundations.

How much REAL "in your face" PUBLIC CRITICISM of the U.S. Federal Government and British Petroleum has actually occurred from disaster start to present, from most foundation-funded environmentalist groups!?????

Elk Grove Village, IL

#14 Jun 27, 2010
Trans America and BP spilled the oil, but the Obama let it reach the pristine shores of the gulf. He is no leader, unless your a lemming going over the cliff and into the muck! He is just a Jesse Jackson style extortionist of the highest degree. Throw the bum out.

“quotelawrence needs Justice”

Since: Apr 07

Sacramento to San Jose

#15 Jun 27, 2010
Truthfully wrote:
Trans America and BP spilled the oil, but the Obama let it reach the pristine shores of the gulf. He is no leader, unless your a lemming going over the cliff and into the muck! He is just a Jesse Jackson style extortionist of the highest degree. Throw the bum out.

good example remember who endorsed him and please remember this is a black thing, they have the steering wheel and they are in control, I have noticed where I live Black's are actually more in your face with criminal and rude, obnoxious behavior, but it will take time before the liberal mom's get tired of every rapper wantabe grabbing his yang and pulling his pants down those mom's that have tried to give their daughters good principles are finding that the Black agenda is to turn out all white girls and the Momma's have been watching but in time they will be saying pull your pants up and quit grabbing your rod in front of my daughters. but until that happens Mom's are just acting like everything is okay. political correctness
Dr Tom Termotto BPGOSRC

Tallahassee, FL

#16 Jul 7, 2010
Dear Governor Crist:
We are writing this letter out of deep concern and apprehension about the “ginormous oil volcano” gushing in the Gulf of Mexico. None of us, and we represent environmental health advocacy groups from Florida and the USA, have ever seen anything like this catastrophe in terms of geographical size and environmental impact. We have been in contact with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable in this realm, as well as insiders within the oil spill control industry, and it is now apparent that we are in uncharted waters.
Our purpose here is not to delineate the causes or attribute responsibility, as those are quite obvious, and have been identified in previous correspondence to you. Our explicit intention is to voice our support for those initiatives that have been undertaken by the State toward remediation, mitigation and cleanup of this oil spill. We stand behind you, Governor Crist.
We request that a statewide conference, with global participation, be scheduled immediately to bring together the best and brightest, in order to resolve the unabated flow of oil into our precious Gulf and to consider contingency plans. Our discussions with those who faced the most challenging problems and repercussions pertaining to health, environment and daily living in the wake of the Exxon Valdez disaster clearly indicate a need for well thought out action plans, focused coordination and deliberate follow-through.
If the State of Florida does not respond to this request in a substantive, compelling and expeditious manner, We, The People, are ready to take action. It is obvious that this is the Big One for our neck of the woods, as Haiti, Chile and Iceland have experienced theirs this year. We will not wait for the federal government to act this time, as the consequences of inaction are too great, and will have far-reaching ramifications for the oceans of the world.
Surprisingly, it really does not take that much oil to pollute a cubic mile of sea water, and according to BP’s own estimate published today, the flow at the wellhead could be producing well over 2.5 million gallons per day into the Gulf. The oil field that is now spilling was estimated to contain between fifty and one hundred million barrels, and potentially much more. Only a fraction of this would contaminate the entire Gulf of Mexico.
All of the recent computer modeling of ocean current flow has clearly demonstrated that it would not take very long for this oil to then contaminate the Atlantic Ocean after being carried by the Loop Current around the peninsula and captured by the Gulf Stream. It would then be just a matter of time before the Seven Seas are compromised by the slow motion pollution of this gushing well.
Tourism is the #1 industry in Florida and responsible for a significant amount of tax revenue. We wonder out loud what might happen to the State economy after our beautiful and cherished beaches are all covered with oil slicks, and the coral reefs are completely destroyed. The wetlands, marshes, estuaries, bayous and intra-coastal waterways will likewise suffer irreversible damage.
We are also concerned about the vulnerability of the Florida aquifer. And, especially about the entry of oil, methane and dispersant chemicals into the groundwater and infiltration of the water table. What will happen to Florida agriculture, the #2 industry in this State, when the water becomes contaminated by this soup of petrochemicals in the Gulf after the summer storms push them toward the shorelines and into the estuaries.
Of course, these very same chemicals will also be falling from above, as the rains carry much of this toxicity inland and across the entire peninsula of Florida. So, as you can plainly see, we have a very serious set of problems here. And only a deliberate, purposeful and well coordinated response will see us through this crisis in a successful and healthful way.
Very sincerely,
Dr. Tom Termotto, Co-Founder
Concerned Citizens of Florida
Dr Tom Termotto BPGOSRC

Tallahassee, FL

#17 Jul 10, 2010
Co-Founder Tom Termotto states aim:
Who are we and What is our purpose?
RE: The BP Oil Volcano and its effects on the Gulf of Mexico and the Coastal State Residents
We are very concerned citizens in the State of Florida who feel that we must take whatever initiative we can to address what may very well be the greatest environmental catastrophe of North America in modern history. We know that the government cannot be relied upon to impart all the information that we need to make informed and necessary decisions. We know that they will not respond quickly enough to this unfolding disaster or perform to the standard that is required to meet it head on.
We understand that the mainstream media can often act as a mouthpiece for both government and industry. And that they will, and do, frequently disseminate information that is untrue, inaccurate, misleading or worse. Many of the articles posted on this blog clearly demonstrate this fact of life. All of them provide valuable information, whether they were written today or years ago.
We aim to provide our own internet news site, video & audio archive, and information gathering & dissemination platform, most of which will be drawn from the very best that the alternative media has to offer. This platform will include a smorgasbord of social networking tools to better serve your communication needs and goals, as well as to accommodate your new lifestyle during these rapidly changing times.
Unfortunately, we will be compelled to take a good, hard look at the underbelly of the beast that has allowed this very manmade calamity to happen. This was not an accident. It is very much the result of explicit government policy, industry standard operating principles, and company protocols and practice. This accident waiting to happen was the product of a highly conducive environment which every insider wondered when, and not if, an oil rig would catch fire, sink and an active well would gush untold amounts of oil into the Gulf. In other words this PERFECT STORM was much more a conspiracy of circumstances created by man, than the act of God they would like us to believe. We will also seriously consider what we can do to change this status quo for the benefit of all future generations.
The real good news is that, by the grace of God, we shall rise to the occasion together. But only by being informed, realistic and initiative-oriented wherever and whenever possible. By forming this virtual online community of like-minded souls, we can all dip into the well of much collective wisdom. And share vital knowledge and information that may very well end up being life-saving or contributing to the protection of our property.
This is meant to be a proactive, forward-thinking and interactive site accessible to folks from all over Florida, and beyond, in order that we may SHARE. Toward that end we greatly encourage feedback and input which will serve our highest purpose. We do reserve the right to keep the conversation on track, so we ask that you keep your comments and criticisms constructive and respectful. Above all, everyone is welcomed. Even the execs from British Petroleum, as they will learn much from hearing our stories and listening to the many adversities that are visiting coastal land, sea, air and its precious life.
We will also function as an online support group to help and encourage and console each other in our moments of need. Many will be processing different emotions and thoughts throughout this devastating event, and going through extremely difficult periods. Hopefully, we will all be there for each other, as we face these challenges together and overcome the formidable obstacles ahead.
May the light of awareness be shed on those areas of our life and being that allow us to make the best possible decisions and to perform the actions that serve the highest for everyone.
With Every Good Wish,
Concerned Citizens of Florida
P.S.”God helps those who help themselves, and others.”

Dunnellon, FL

#18 Jul 10, 2010
Hand joining in hand is supposed to put out the oil spill? That is plain stupid.

Return ye Backsliding Children is number nine today on sermon audio..

Will you download and then take a stand for Christ and send this to your email list of friends if it is indeed a blessing to your soul?

remember.. darkness comes in where light does not enter

United States

#19 Aug 15, 2010
What do they think it will change? I like this article that talks about how the whole thing was blown out of proportion. It also has forward looking optimism. ...
Derk Gibbons

Bangor, UK

#20 Aug 25, 2010
Remarkably, Ian has named the same individual, described as a '32 year old punk' by Matthew Simmons, founder of the Ocean Energy Institute, via an interview with Bloomberg TV on 21 July 2010 (see note 3 for YouTube clip details).This was just a few days before Simmons was found dead in his hot tub on 8 August (as reported by Emma Brown in the Washington Post on 9 August).
This individual, Robert Kaluza (background from Brett Clanton at the Newswatch Energy website – see note 3), has so far failed to offer testimony at any of the hearings convened to establish what occurred in the period leading up to the explosion. Kaluza elected instead to plead the Fifth Amendment – in other words, any evidence he may offer would be self-incriminating.
Ian R Crane noted:“This disaster bear all the hallmarks of a contrived ‘false flag’ event. It will also have long-lasting and far-reaching impacts on the lives of tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people.” There is also evidence that increasing numbers of people are becoming sick in the Gulf Coast region.
Mr Crane elaborated:“People only need to read the testimony from Dr Susan Shaw, founder and director of the Marine Environmental Research Institute, concerning heart trouble, organ damage, and rectal bleeding as she described to . Other general effects of benzene and Corexit poisoning are outlined by Deborah Dupré at the website (see note 4). There are reports of 'crop damage' throughout the USA, as reported by Irene North at . After all this, the British and European mainstream media leads the general public to believe that the oil has all but disappeared from the Gulf of Mexico and the whole event has been exaggerated by the American media, generating mass hysteria in a bid to demonise BP - as an example, the David Jones piece in the Daily Mail on 6 August 2010 (see note 5). However, it is imperative to consider the implications of the toxic oil/Corexit mix entering the Gulf Stream, as detailed by Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecast Service (see note 6), and thus being transported around the Globe."
Mr Crane says:“The data and background to this disaster is being suppressed in a way which will come back and bite us all. The long term impact upon Florida and the Gulf Coast makes Chernobyl look like an attractive vacation resort!”
Allegedly, If Crane's prognosis of a contaminated Gulf Stream impacting negatively upon future growing seasons in Western Europe is correct, and no experts have challenged it, then the long term implications are potentially catastrophic. It is certainly beyond the level of any commentary currently being offered either in the mainstream media or by political leaders. Crane concluded “It is time witnesses are dragged kicking and screaming to give evidence. Only then will the truth have a chance of being revealed.”
In previous DVD presentations, Crane has correctly predicted the global economic collapse (‘Fool me once...’- 2007) and the Swine Flu vaccine scam (‘The Truth Injection’- 2009). Consequently, his new DVD,‘BP - Population Reduction and the End of an Age’, also available on the Alternative View label (see note 7), may prove to be a very sound investment ... as our future well-being may depend upon it!

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