Oil spill: How bad it could get

Oil spill: How bad it could get

There are 163 comments on the CNN story from Jun 4, 2010, titled Oil spill: How bad it could get. In it, CNN reports that:

The bad news is: Things in the Gulf of Mexico could get a whole lot worse. So far, the leaking BP well has spewed out as much as 630,000 barrels, making it the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

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Since: Jan 07

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#1 Jun 4, 2010
WE did this to ourselves... we cried for cheap energy for decades .. no one wants small cars or to conserve .... too many years of "who cares about the environment, give me cheap gas!" ....

We reap what we sow.


#2 Jun 4, 2010
The Gulf oil contamination has little to do with public demand for oil. IT DOES HAVE A LOT TO DO WITH CORPORATE CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE (BP)! Along with bureaucrats in supposedly overseeing federal agencies (like Minerals Management) that have corruption as their S.O.P.!

Add substantially, an indecisive, incompetent corporate puppet president--and a mostly clueless dumbed-down, entertainment-focused American population.

I look at this site (as an example) and see mostly an emphasis on local-yokel crime, meaningless entertainment sports, or minor local events--while the Gulf oil contamination management GETS DRAGGED OUT!!!

There are MANY effective techniques which are being intentionally ignored. The longer that massive environmental damage is allowed to continue--the farther it's global reach and land/air/ocean/farming impact.

What do you locals think about forced evacuations of several million people, due to carcinogenic V.O.C.s pollution? Or, of NO AVAILABILITY of edible sea food worldwide?


#3 Jun 4, 2010
Another thing.

That Gulf of Mexico environmental catastrophe IS NOT AN "OIL SPILL"--it is gush from hell at 20,000 to 70,000 PSI!!!

Treating it as an "oil spill" is simply repetitive media-spin propaganda!

Also, the crude oil already contaminating the Gulf is much greater than mainstream media (like CNN) is ALLOWED to report!

Port Jefferson, NY

#4 Jun 4, 2010
BP had no intention and never did have any intention of capping that oil..lol
Who are we kidding?
BP admitted that that pipe hole makes them 69 millions dollars a day!!
What BP wanted to do was, to figure out how to cap the pipe, and siphon that Oil coming out of it!

“Crusty & Buttery Like Bread”

Since: Oct 08

Yarmouth Port, MA

#5 Jun 4, 2010
We are killing this planet. I cry every time I see an oil soaked bird dying. This is a disaster.
Waste and more waste

Jacksonville, FL

#6 Jun 4, 2010
Coolmind wrote:
WE did this to ourselves... we cried for cheap energy for decades .. no one wants small cars or to conserve .... too many years of "who cares about the environment, give me cheap gas!" ....
We reap what we sow.
Meanwhile, you continue to waste energy with your coal powered computer like the hypocrite you are!
obama the liar

Jacksonville, FL

#7 Jun 4, 2010
Idiot obama has failed to protect the environment, has failed to recover the economy, has failed to improve unemployment, has let the American people down. The November elections will be a bloodbath for the Democrats.
obama promised that the federal government was in charge of BP and of the cleanup. He lied then and he's quiet now.

Winters, CA

#8 Jun 4, 2010
This is Obama's Katrina.

“Tea Parties Work”

Since: Nov 09

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#9 Jun 4, 2010
Its not blame time its time to clean this up an stop it

Winters, CA

#10 Jun 4, 2010
Palin Fan Forever wrote:
Its not blame time its time to clean this up an stop it
It's both.

Corona, CA

#11 Jun 4, 2010
I wonder by them cutting the pipe and increasing the flow (by est 20 percent) if that is the 20 percent there capturing. Maybe they think well better 20 percent then nothing? But still the same amount of oil is leaking in the Gulf. I wonder....

Since: Feb 10

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#12 Jun 5, 2010
The Air Car~~~~ Folks~

Air Car (2 of 2) from Australia

Now the geothermal pressures in the earth are 'free' to tap for more pressurized air. Those and Solar panels. Air stations across America rather then Gas stations.

Tata` The made in India Air Car


Beaver Falls, PA

#13 Jun 5, 2010
Nic wrote:
BP had no intention and never did have any intention of capping that oil..lol
Who are we kidding?
BP admitted that that pipe hole makes them 69 millions dollars a day!!
What BP wanted to do was, to figure out how to cap the pipe, and siphon that Oil coming out of it!
I agree with this post and think it is time for america to wake up and see what is going on with our country.BP doesn't care about our beaches and the people that are loosing everything that they have worked so hard for their whole lives.I would also like to know who is going to pay for all the damage that the public has been hit with and all the jobs that will be lost because of this disaster.I am thinking about starting a web page so people can try and recover what we have lost and get their lives back before we loose everything so if anyone knows a good lawfirm that would be interested in joining with me I already own the domain WWW.BPOILSPILLRECOVERY.COM


#14 Jun 5, 2010
Unfortunately, it won't be just local businesses and individual jobs lost, along with huge ocean dead-zones, and thousands of dead land animals.

There will also be dramatic rises in serious respiratory problems first(especially for the affected Gulf coast inhabitants)--followed by rises in cancers and birth defects.

Right now, those oil-contamination emergency responders (many of which are local fishermen)are already rightly complaining of health problems and inadequate protective equipment. Eventually expect to see chronic health problems similar to those of the 911 WTC first responders.

Neither the federal government or mainstream media appears to be making public the air samplings for the areas suffering the greatest oil damage.

Volatile Organic Compounds (crude oil byproducts) like Benzene, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Methylene Chloride (especially when combined) in high concentrations--are toxic, carcinogenic, flammable, and corrosive.

Cherry Hill, NJ

#15 Jun 6, 2010
I wrote to president Obama. Whether he understands the entire mess and what to do about it, who knows? Previous posts give good info on the disaster, but I would like to illustrate the reasons for it......

The global economy depends on cheap fuel. Business operates on getting things done the cheapest way possible. Oil is what runs engines and pollutes. This stream of crude is what you get when you drill down deep into what lived here millions of years ago, and live off the fat of those creatures. That is what the black, ugly, disgusting stuff is. Pathetic to think we all are guilty of using derivatives from that ugly stuff, and each day we opt to drive our vehicles rather than get good exercize from walking. I see parents driving their kids to school, never getting good education but rather all driving as a reflex action, where in times before kids walked to school and were heathier for it.

I say +hitcan everything we do wrong, starting now, and start revamping our way of living.

Don't sit your fat +ss in that vehicle...rather think about walking more.

Let BP and Exxon go down the drain, rather than being big, polluting conglomerates!!!

The action begins with the masses of dumb people now complaining, but doing nothing to alter their lives and adjust to a healthier way of living sans oil.
Government sucks

Sebastian, FL

#16 Jun 6, 2010
We don't need oil to run our vehicles, we never did. The first cars were designed operate on alcohol and they still could today. Oil companies convinced us oil based fuels were better, better for them.


#17 Jun 6, 2010
There TWO MAIN SOURCES OF POLLUTION TO THIS PLANET--are WAR actions(most being contrived) and unrestrained GREEDY CORPORATIONS. What controls both the polluting wars, and polluting corporations are the bought-and-paid-for sociopath politicians (like Bush or now Obama)--ALL of which in turn are ultimately controlled by MONEY OLIGARCHS (like Soros, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, etc.). To lay blame for global pollution on the average public is stupid, dis-informing or disingenuous!

What lived here millions of years ago (dinosaurs, prehistoric aquatic and vegetation, etc.) did not live 20,000 to 30,000 or more feet deep below the surface earth layers--that is not how these vast pools of crude oil are formed!! Do some simple research before posting! THERE IS MORE OIL AND METHANE ON TITAN (Saturn moon) THAN ALL ESTABLISHED EARTH RESERVES!!!

In actuality oil companies want imposed limitations (sabotage and criminal negligence included)--because it insures their profits and oligarch system control.

What do you all see eugenicists like Bill Gates, Ted turner, George Soros, doing to force BP to actually stop the Gulf disaster? These types of "green" personalities have demand power that equals large population numbers.

What about their controlled propaganda "green" groups like World Wildlife Fund, Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club?? Do you see these "green guilt trip" propaganda groups getting visibly down-and-dirty forcing correction of the BP criminal negligence???

Atlantic, VA

#18 Jun 6, 2010
You aren't wondering why Obama is not active
and showing more responsibility for this oil spill?
You mean you can't get it?

No wonder we are failing as a country and have
dummied down until we actually are the fools
we look like.

The longer it goes, the more it proves we need
to stop drilling forever. Its all falling
into place for him. Hes doing NOTHING, is
HE?// How else would you explain not even
helping with the clean up? Have you even
felt the pain of the wildllife as they struggle
to live and alas, THEY DIE??? Watch them
take their last breath and praise your hero.
What has he said about these defencless critters?
Seeing them smother in oil is not the time for
vacations or parties? Do you think he was eating
duck, oysters, fish or shrimp and laying that
big smile on you while he was eating. OH, let
him off scot free of everthing he dismisses

Since: May 09

Newport Ky

#19 Jun 7, 2010
The effort to cap the spill is just a scam. Read about it here; http://kickmehard.com
Oh My Lord

Saint Johnsbury, VT

#22 Jun 8, 2010

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