Susan Rice: Libya Attack Not Premedit...

Susan Rice: Libya Attack Not Premeditated

There are 40 comments on the ABC News story from Sep 16, 2012, titled Susan Rice: Libya Attack Not Premeditated. In it, ABC News reports that:

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi last week was not premeditated, directly contradicting top Libyan officials who say the attack was planned in advance.

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Deer Lodge, TN

#1 Sep 16, 2012
The truth ain't in these democrats.
Osama Obama

Greencastle, PA

#2 Sep 16, 2012
Pretty bad when you have to see them as truth tellers and her as a dam big liar.

Since: Sep 07

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#3 Sep 16, 2012
listening to her talk makes me realize how many stupid people we have on capitol hill. anyone with half a brain knows that people don't go around carrying rocket launchers everywhere they go. right?


definitely premeditated.

obama is scared of going to war over this obvious ACT OF WAR. so, he is trying to deny the obvious.

Card Carrying Zionist

Twentynine Palms, CA

#4 Sep 16, 2012
Wow! Rice can make such a determinatgion in just a few days, and all from the East Manhattan. Imagine what she could do if she investigated Jimmy Hoffa case, or even Judge Crater.
Oliver Cromwell

Preston, UK

#5 Sep 16, 2012
Its quite simple some US trained War dogs went rabid on them,and not for the first time.


Since: May 11

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#6 Sep 16, 2012
Oliver Cromwell wrote:
Its quite simple some US trained War dogs went rabid on them,and not for the first time.
Britian had a stronger influence in Africa then the US. Are you enjoying your new oil deals?

Since: Feb 10

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#7 Sep 16, 2012
In an attack designed to coincide with the protests, a Libyan death squad has assassinated the US ambassador to Libya and three of his associates. The US State Department has set up a crisis management center to monitor developments 24 hours a day.

The film in question was obviously designed as a provocation and nothing else. But was this film, as the US media claim, the work of the isolated Cerrito, California resident and Egyptian-American Nakoula Bassely Nakoula. aka Abanob Bassely aka Israeli citizen Sam Bacile, an ex-convict with a drug problem, and a few actors he hired? Persuasive evidence suggests that this is not the case.

Instead, we are dealing with an ambitious international intelligence operation aimed at creating an October Surprise (a few weeks early) to shock world and US public opinion for the purpose of discrediting and “Carterizing” the current tenant of the White House, and installing Netanyahu’s friend Mitt Romney in his place. Since the US public identifies Obama as the patron of the color revolutions and military interventions of the “Arab Spring,” attacks on US diplomats, assassinations, and possible hostage taking can be expected to weaken his case for reelection. If Romney prevails, control over US foreign policy would pass to the group of incorrigible warmonger neocons who are the Romney’s handlers for international affairs. The current crisis is a sign that the neocons and their friends are attempting a comeback.

Since: Jan 11

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#8 Sep 16, 2012
There was a group that took credit that said it was pre-planned. Is she that delusional?

Plus how does she know one way or the other when the investigation is pending?

Since: Feb 10

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#9 Sep 16, 2012
The networks involved in this operation appear to be these:

The CIA Mormon Mafia, featuring top officials across the US intelligence community who are members of Romney’s tightly-knit sect. This group can also be referred to as the Brent Scowcroft faction. Scowcroft, Henry Kissinger’s right-hand man, used his entrenched bureaucratic position over decades to help promote many of his co-religionists. This group wants Romney in the White House because Romney and his transition team boss Mike Leavitt, also a Mormon, are visibly embarked on a policy of favoring Mormons for top positions.

On Sept. 14, Google rejected an appeal by the Obama White House to remove the controversial film worldwide. As Wired magazine noted on May 11, 2012,“former National Security Agency chief Mike McConnell told the Washington Post that collaboration between the NSA and private companies like Google was ‘inevitable,’” and has been widely reported since January 2010. So Google’s refusal to cooperate with Obama tells us about the views of the NSA, and speaks volumes about which presidential candidate the intelligence community is backing.

e Netanyahu Likud

During the past week, the reactionary Israeli Prime Minister has intervened blatantly and outrageously in US election-year politics in the attempt to secure the election of Mitt Romney, with whom he has been joined at the hip since the two worked together at the Boston Consulting Group in 1976.

About a week ago, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the United States has no “red lines” in regard to the Iranian nuclear program. Netanyahu replied with an angry outburst, raving that those who have no red lines have “no moral right” to give Israel a red light when it comes to starting a catastrophic aggressive war against Iran. This was interpreted in Washington as a call to vote for Romney. To underline the message, the deputy speaker of the Israeli Knesset appeared on MSNBC cable news one morning to demand immediate US war with Iran. Republican candidates are using this material for their campaigns.

Some observers have pointed out that, while Netanyahu demands that the US specify some future set of circumstances under which war must begin, the Israeli government has never specified any red lines of its own, meaning that Bibi wants Washington to be more Israeli than the Israelis. These brazen actions by Netanyahu have evoked a wave of American resentment and hostility, even in circles which are usually prepared to go along with the Israelis.

Some have also speculated that, since Romney has shown repeatedly that he has no knowledge of world affairs, Netanyahu believes that he would be able to dictate US foreign policy through his friendship with Romney. During the Republican presidential debates, Romney promised to get Netanyahu’s approval for every US action in the Middle East.

Since: Feb 10

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#10 Sep 16, 2012
CIA MORMON MAFIA the mormons send young men overseas learning the language then they come back and go straight to work for the CIA>

Scrowcroft was a MORMON

merged with them are the Neocons...old stiff necks from Bush Cheny...Dan Senoir...Robert Cagen...John Bolton<<interesting divorce papers...

seperate is the Likud and

the Boston Consultant Group Mitt Romney and Netanyahu were both on the board shaking hands under the Table.

Mormons Worship at the Altar of the Old Testament translation the TORAH

Since: Feb 10

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#11 Sep 16, 2012
US Neocons

The pro-Israeli neocons of the Bush-Cheney era have attached themselves to Romney as their main hope of getting back into power. This group includes John Bolton (the likely Secretary of State if Romney wins), Eliot Cohen, Robert Kagan, Robert Joseph, and Dan Senor (who now tells vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan what to say about foreign policy).

Prince Bandar bin Sultan and the Saudi Arabian royal family would likely prefer Romney to Obama. Since the Saudi royals are the paymasters for the majority of the death squads now operating in the Middle East, including Libya and Syria, their support would be valuable in organizing operations like the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

The French imperialist ideologue Bernard-Henri Lévy, who had strongly advised President Sarkozy to start bombing Libya, is praising Stevens as a “secret craftsman of [Libyan] liberation.”

BHL says Stevens had accompanied Hillary Clinton to a meeting with Libyan rebel chief Mahmoud Jebril on March 14, 2011, and had later helped convince Hillary to call Obama and recommend that he order an immediate start to the bombing.(Le Monde, Sept. 12) Given the Arabic and French language skills of Stevens, he was then well qualified to serve as contact man with the pro-al-Qaeda militant groups of the Benghazi-Derna-Tobruk extremist axis which did much of the fighting against Qaddafi. Many of these armed groups have been transferred by NATO into Syria to fight against President Assad, raising the question of Ambassador Stevens’ role in these currently ongoing operations. Less clear is why he should be singled out at this time. Perhaps he was a witness whose testimony could have proved embarrassing later.

On Tuesday evening, Stevens had left the US consular compound and taken refuge in a secret safe house nearby. Somehow, the well-trained attackers knew of the existence of this safe house and directed professionally accurate mortar fire against these premises. How did they know where Ambassador Stevens was hiding? We would need to ask the CIA and the Saudis.

Nakoula/Bacile served almost two years in jail after conviction for identity theft and bank fraud involving credit cards. He is currently out on parole, and one of the conditions is that he not use a computer. If authorities can prove he posted the incendiary video, they can immediately revoke his parole and send him back to prison for four years. Nakoula/Bacile looks like a patsy – specifically a drug informant.(Peliske and Daly, Daily Beast, Sept. 14)

Since: Feb 10

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#12 Sep 16, 2012
THe key guy who created this film the Coptic Christian his trail leads directly to Pamela Keller ..Stop Islmazation of America now...Wilders from Holland

who is in the middle of all these Stop Islamazation groups? John Bolton!!!!

The Puppet Masters behind the scene are trying to handle Obama like they did Carter.

The film is a direct Mormon production.

THe Ambassador was NOT at the Consolate he was at a SAFEHOUSE which NO ONE should have known the location of...except those who contracted KUMU a guy trained at Guantonomo.. so KUMO is a CIA asset.

Guantonimo is a training base for furture Islamic terrorists on the CIA leash set loose.

Since: Feb 10

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#13 Sep 16, 2012
Obama is a feckless puppet creation of Wallstreet creation. He knows they want him replaced.

This is headed for a seizure of power by the Romney Neocons, an unlimited flow of blood seen under Bush/Cheny.

Since: Feb 10

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#14 Sep 16, 2012
And the Ambassador was NOT killed in the first attack on the Consolate...he was taken alive from the Safehouse.....?

9 hrs of ...

Since: Jan 11

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#15 Sep 16, 2012
Do you have any links to that regard?
StellarKnight wrote:
And the Ambassador was NOT killed in the first attack on the Consolate...he was taken alive from the Safehouse.....?
9 hrs of ...

Since: Sep 07

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#16 Sep 17, 2012
J_a_n wrote:
Do you have any links to that regard?
<quoted text>
muslims are taught by the koran to confuse the enemy when at war. lies and deceit are their tools. divide and conquer.

when you see a few muslims holding these signs up saying that muslims in general do not side with the extremists, this is just one of their tactics to confuse the enemy.

you see, by using such a simple tactic, they hope to lessen the whiplash from the enemy.

kill a non-muslim and not get any punishment for doing so. this is their intent.

so far, it is working very well for them. look at carter. totally brainwashed to believing the muslims even when they are killing us. carter is brain dead. the second worst president in the history of the united states.

Since: Feb 10

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#17 Sep 17, 2012
Time to channel some more Webster Tarpley

Since: Feb 10

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#18 Sep 17, 2012
J_a_n wrote:
Do you have any links to that regard?
<quoted text>
CIA Mormon Mafia, Neocons, Netanyahu Seek October Suprise to Carterize Obama

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
September 15, 2012

Albuquerque, NM

#19 Sep 17, 2012
Ms rice, an administration parrot, just repeats what's said regardless what the obvious truth is.
But that's this administration, the truth is inconvenient politically, so they develop their own.

Since: Feb 10

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#20 Sep 17, 2012
Kumu ordered his trained killer fighters to kill Stevens in the Safe house connected almost to the consolate.

Kumu was at Gitmo for 5 years. They don't get out of Getmo (Guantonimo) unless they swear for life to work for the CIA>

The Romney campain is behind all the violence in the mideast in a complex array of forces at work in the intellgence community who want Romney in and Obama out.

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