Kerry Concedes Iran Is Closer to...

Kerry Concedes Iran Is Closer to...

There are 53 comments on the ABC News story from Mar 5, 2013, titled Kerry Concedes Iran Is Closer to.... In it, ABC News reports that:

John Kerry spoke to Martha Raddatz on the state of Iranian nuke talks and the Syrian civil war, in Doha, Qatar, March 5, 2013, At the end of his first overseas trip as Secretary of State, John Kerry acknowledged that despite the continued diplomacy and tough sanctions being leveled against Iran , the regime continues to get closer to possessing a ... (more)

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wakeup call

United States

#25 Mar 6, 2013
Old Jew wrote:
We should always stick to the truth, trying to use nukes as the smoking gun to attack Iran and killed ppl is wicked and immoral. Iran will never have nukes it is against the Koran but the very fact they want to kill every Jew is enough for the USA to attack and occupy Iran just as we did with Iraq.
Also it is dishonest.
Even the NYT is starting to read the decades old writing on the wall.

"U.N. Finds Israeli Military Abuses Young Palestinians"

"Palestinian children detained by the Israeli military are subject to widespread, systematic ill-treatment that violates international law, a report by the United Nations Children’s Fund said."

Maybe the 'Old Jew' will finally get a clue.
wakeup call

United States

#26 Mar 6, 2013

'The Israeli Foreign Ministry said it had cooperated with the Unicef investigation and would study the report closely, then throw it in the trash with all the other UN reports it's received.'

High time to break out a new deck.

United States

#28 Mar 6, 2013
wakeup call wrote:
<quoted text>
So, the comments from 'The Old Jew' were not childish?
If America attacked every country that had a hard on for one of their allies, the world would self-destruct.
Let Israel solve the Palestinian problem. So far its all empty rhetoric from them to buy time for more lebensraum. They've gotten too much of a free ride already. The victim cards have worn themselves out and anyway, have already been passed to the Palestinians. Time for a new deck on the table.
"Let Israel solve the Palestinian problem"
If Israel is left to solve the problem, there would be many more dead. They have been way too nice and have held back way too much.

Kellyville, Australia

#29 Mar 6, 2013
Chris wrote:
<quoted text>
American war mentality is not new. They plainly do not allow equalitarian systems to get hold. Whether they use economic and financial pressures; coup d’état; assassinations; wars by proxy, invasions, or drones; it is just a matter of technicality. The goal is always the same: to prevent history from going forward, and opening up the opportunities for masses. If we take that as imprecation, than we might consider greed a curse. But Americans keep claiming that greed is a good thing.
I am not quite up to date about recent products of Hollywood.

No point splitting hairs; they split by themselves anyway when they get to a designated intersection.
Syria is a religious war and it will do the same. Sunni are used to having no respect for Shi'ia.
Now Sunni march with the infidel pushing them forward it's turning around.

New London, CT

#30 Mar 7, 2013
Iran doesn't have to build a bomb, they can buy them from North Korea.

Sydney, Australia

#31 Mar 7, 2013
The Worlds Biggest Lie wrote:
<quoted text>
Our govt has schemed the people of this nation blissfully having been tied to a sliver of land in a far off desert not long after the utterly unconstitutional opening of the federal reserve bank followed by income tax to fund our military industrial complex that allowed us to leverage everything in our favor for decades.
From the man that prints the dough, to aipax, lawyers, senators and congressman and women, our domestic and foreign policies are heavily influenced by they. The Middle East, the world, and Putin are sick of it, and sometimes I just can't blame them.
We one The Battle with Britain long ago. So what did they do? Schemed and opened the federal reserve bank in 1913 and then it was off to Palestine. Hooked like the suckers that we have become.
Now they wish to portray homosexuals as some sort of cutting edge messiah and go as far to provide them with children. This government has allowed us to corrupt one another for a long long year and we are now at what the Native Americans refer to as "The great either or in time"
Goodbye Rome

What are you suggesting. We go back to the old way before the Central Bank was legislated to be the one and only printer of currency?
If we didn't pay taxes the welfare system would not be able to re-articulate money.
With money making money in the end one person would own everything and everyone would be his personal slave.
Please explain what you mean the forum is in a quandary with anxiety.
The Avenged is about to snap

New London, CT

#34 Mar 8, 2013
The Worlds Biggest Lie wrote:
This nation needs to slow down significantly in virtually every aspect of our lives. We have for some time represented 5% of the worlds population and yet consume 30% of the available resources annually.
America cannot save the world until America saves itself.
Tell that to Obama and the Congress! Over 7,000 young American lives and over a Trillion dollars in taxpayer's money have been wasted on these Middle Eastern conflicts, with little to show for it. Let's not even mention the VietNam fiasco, where over 50,000 young American lives were wasted.

Sydney, Australia

#36 Mar 8, 2013
The Worlds Biggest Lie wrote:
<quoted text>
Did the federal reserve and tax code lead us into the great depression of 1933? Is it not true the dollar has lost 95% of its purchasing power it had in 1913? And are we not near the scenario of one person owning everything since most of the wealth and resources is in fact owned and monopolized by the few? The avenged has not snapped because of the feds ability to print more dough so the bubble is bigger and bigger.
Take your time and watch a very informative documentary, it can be seen on youtube or just order it through redbox, called "The End of the Road." "How Money Became Worthless."
Your own input thereafter would be well received here.
Thank you and good luck.
We're gonna need it.
Please do also read some of the famous quotes by Jefferson and Henry Ford about central banks as well.
Good video there is another one to watch on UTube I couldn't find it on redbox.
You shouldn't take it too much to heart
They give themselves away when they present the Central Bank as only producing bank notes and not the edits on the computer screen which is correctly pointed out to be the vast majority of currency.
Technically they are correct and everybody has to have a barrow to push.
I'm not against them. They are creating interest by explanation.
But all banks have to hand over a variable % of their collateral they hold to ensure viability.
Also the Central Banks have been bying vast amounts of equity to keep the system functioning. It never did that before.
So the wealthy countries have to pay more tax.
Or it will collapse. Developing countries are not going to go on supplying the West with everything in exchange for edits on a computer screen indefinitely.
That's the point there making.
But to say as they do they Monetary Policy is the department of the provincial banks is going overboard. Might even be counter productive.
There is not enough gold or silver in the World to go back to that standard.
GDP is now 65 trillion a year in 71 it was 26 . That's why Nixon left it.

Sydney, Australia

#38 Mar 8, 2013
The Worlds Biggest Lie wrote:
<quoted text>
Thank you for your reply. Do you know off hand how much of our debt is in 'interest'
Usury is and has smothered many Americans for a ong time. I'm not sure what the real answer is entirely here, I wish I continued on in college past my two year business degree but I firmly believe the fed "should" be audited and I believe their are serious wrongdoings that have been going on for a long long time. I personally believe Bernie "Madoff" was a fall guy.
Go back to youtube and watch Rep. Grayson of Florida grill the inspector general of the fed if she knew 'offhand' where 9 TRILLION dollars was. After that vid there will be many of other vids with Bernanke on the side tab to keep you going for quite awhile. A true headshaker.
What are your thoughts on 2.3 trillion dollars going missing from I believe it was the defense budget on "Sept 10, 2001 ?"
Thanks again, all the best.

I am going to watch Bernanke videos on UTube.
You must be typing trillions instead of billions.
My records show largest ever Defence budget for US that is army navy and air force all added together was $ 546 billion in 2010.. There is a big difference between
a bill and a trill. A bill is the appendage of a duck and a trill is is an opera soprano sitting on a broken bottle.

New London, CT

#39 Mar 9, 2013
The Worlds Biggest Lie wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, Vietnam, another war we were lied into. All these creeps wish to speak about so called gay marriage. I wonder how much that issue has cost the taxpayers just by the courts squabbling over the fact whether buggery should rise to the level of ANY relationship married or not between a man and a woman.
Yep! Their "priorities" are almost as absurd at their foreign policy!

United States

#40 Mar 9, 2013
Henry wrote:
<quoted text>
"Let Israel solve the Palestinian problem"
If Israel is left to solve the problem, there would be many more dead. They have been way too nice and have held back way too much.
In other words, they have genocide in their hearts but understand that transporting the Palestinians from their ghetto to the gas chambers as a final solution would be one step too far?

Thanks for the clarification.

United States

#41 Mar 9, 2013
"The abused becoming the abuser."

I suggest that this well-documented social dysfunction be studied in detail.

New London, CT

#43 Mar 10, 2013
The Worlds Biggest Lie wrote:
<quoted text>
Seventeen trillion reasons to audit the fed. =C8dwhZZAFwQXX

Sydney, Australia

#47 Mar 10, 2013
The Worlds Biggest Lie wrote:
<quoted text>
Seventeen trillion reasons to audit the fed. =C8dwhZZAFwQXX

I might have to watch it again .I took some notes yesterday because I can't watch a u tube and then come straight back to the thread my smart phone doesn't allow it.
From what I gather there is a 2trillion portfolio with 1trillion out on loan without collateral.
The Inspector General is not authorized to make an audit so I no one really knows.
Apparently there is a 9 trillion figure mentioned in the video very specifically coming from a Bloomburg article.
The inspector General is yet to study or even see this article.
I suspect she has trouble with technology like me. So we shouldn't be too critical.
As well as looking at US $ reserves in all Countries we got to consider the US foreign reserves. What is the real state of equity I suppose that's what the video is asking.
I would like to see this article.

New London, CT

#48 Mar 10, 2013
The Worlds Biggest Lie wrote:
As Alan Greenspan and others suggest. The fed IS above the law.
"Who owns and runs this country anyway?"
It really is crazy!

Stoney Creek, Canada

#49 Mar 10, 2013
Time to bomb Iran is nearing.

Winston Hills, Australia

#50 Mar 10, 2013
well wrote:
Time to bomb Iran is nearing.

Well your a flight from being bombed yourself. Your house has been pin pointed by informers working for the times magazine.
You live in a house with Azerbaijan painted on the roof top.
The secrets you sold have been missed which is why Time is on your case.
Its not that your collogues want them back what's gone is gone so it can't be found out actually the secrets are safer than they were before.

New London, CT

#52 Mar 11, 2013
The Worlds Biggest Lie wrote:
Let us not forget the many expensive lawyers running up the tab against the taxpayers.
Or the ridiculous costs in the courts incurred the last decade becuase of queerty or the future debt for their 'special rights'
Very good point.

Paris, France

#56 Mar 11, 2013
The Worlds Biggest Lie wrote:
Build them a chrome city in the land of lightning.
Banky Bernanke
The debt machine.
Jihad Watch

United States

#58 Mar 11, 2013
Jeff Brightone wrote:
Secretary of State John Kerry tells the truth about the danger to the American people from the Iranian nuke superpower and its terrorist organizations of al Qaida and Hezbollah
Are you a total sea sponge? al Qaida and Hezbollah are arch enemies.

How much actual news of the past decade has managed to filter through to you?

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