President Simon Peres of Israel is known in his blind support as socialistic liberal of Obama and hatred of PM Netanyahu is concerned about the bad relations between Pm Netanyahu and Obama that could lead to Israel going alone against the Iranian nukes. After being successful in turning the entire Middle East to Mozlem Brotherhood fort surrounding Israel from all sides with terrorists organizations well equipped with Libyan and Iranian long range missiles, nukes and WMDs, Mozlem Brother organizer Obama realized that Israel and especially PM Netanyahu who is back as PM does not trust him and will not tell him about its plans against Syria's WMDs and Iranian nukes. Obama realized that Israel going alone to save its existence in desperate military moves could bring major damage to the national security of American people and to America influence in the Middle East that could diminish to zero. Obama's visit is an effort of Obama to prevent major all out war of Israel against the Mozlem brother regimes that he supports behind the scenes that could bring to their major defeat and to the strengthening of Israel.