Mozlem Brother scholar of Indonesia Madrassa Barack Obama proved that he plans to play the 'pacifist' role in the world by choosing pacifist Chuck Hagel who will not care about the major budget cut and diminishing of US military power and minimizing its influence all over the world. Pacifist and anti-Semitic Chuck Hagel is great news for the Mozlem Brother terrorists of the Iran-Syria-Russian axis, and for al Qaida, Hamas, and Hezbollah as he will let them rush to the WMDs and nukes while doing nothing to stop it and allow them keep killing or oppressing their people. In the meantime, Assad is emboldened to keep fighting his people with airstrikes after already killing 60,000 Syrians when the massive 17 Russian Navy Amphibian Ships with Russian infantry making military exercises near Syrian ports while Obama is busy far away with the financial 'cliff'. While Obama continues playing golf in Hawaii, Israel was left alone to take all means to protect the security of Israeli women and children from the Jihadist Mozlem Brother terrorists of the Iranian-Syrian regime and the Mozlem Brother terrorists of al Qaida with strong border fence. Obama is pulling out and away US Military from any influence in Syria and his choice of pacifist Ministry of Defense Chuck Hagel who suggested to allow the Iranian regime nukes and refused to call Hezbollah ‘terrorists’ prove that Obama sold out Syria to the Russian-Iranian-Syrian axis of evil and their WMDs that threatens the security of Israel. Israel found that US and the European regimes support the worst enemies of Israel which means that Israel will be forced to attack the Syrian WMDs and nukes whenever it will become major danger to Israel.