The Supreme Court lost much of the trust that the American people in three unbelievable anti-American decisions that blew the minds of American people. It was a delusional John Roberts who suffer from seizure and who takes much medications thought that he must save the communist dictator Obama taking the liberty and freedom from the American people and trashing their constitution by all means including offering unlimited government control over the American people by calling the healthcare bill "tax". few days ago out of control Roberts was throwing the people of Arizona under the bus and make them hostages of the terrorists, criminals, drug dealers and gangster that ruin their lives on a daily basis by going all the way to support the dictator Obama who demand opening the borders to all and leave the criminals and terrorists alone. Furthermore, it was Roberts of the Supreme Court that proved his out of mind drug condition by giving prize to liars who use military hero's of war medals that they did not deserve. Roberts pushed the rating of the Supreme court to its lowest in US history and his explanation to his ruling was stupid to say the least and did not make sense as Roberts gave the Obama regime unlimited control on the lives of American by calling a penalty a tax which is unheard off. However, the good news is that Roberts was able to wake up in horror the conservatives and independents who vowed not to let Roberts make Obama the dictator of America with his sickening under medication rulings. Roberts who was ready to sacrifice the American constitution for the Obama regime only united the American people to stand up and protect their constitution from anti-American dictator and from delusional Roberts and to defeat Obama and the liberal Dems in the coming elections.