In the first time in US history, the 50 States of the Unions are scared of the dictator in the White House who was able to reduce the sovereignty of the 50 states to nothing by taking over the Governments of 50 States by his IRS, EPA and NSA communist henchmen by spying, more and more tens of thousands of new regulations on a daily basis that take away the sovereignty of the Governors of the States. Yet, 50 States keep silence about losing the independence of each State to the foreign agenda of the Big Iranian Brother in the White House. Governors realized that they lose control over their State but they go on keeping their silence and obedience to the dictator Obama who vowed to push America to bankruptcy, cut its military power to the weakest in the century, make the US nukes obsolete, throw US allies under the bus and give full recognition to the Iranian regime and its suicide bomber Jihadist including their nukes and WMDs that threaten America and the world. The Governors of 50 states feel humiliated in the White House where they are not welcomed other than to send more money to the corrupt dictator Obama who needs to buy votes of illegals and Mozlem Brothers terrorists in order to stay in power by all means.