Texas gay marriage ban latest to be s...

Texas gay marriage ban latest to be struck down

There are 44 comments on the WFLX-TV West Palm Beach story from Feb 26, 2014, titled Texas gay marriage ban latest to be struck down. In it, WFLX-TV West Palm Beach reports that:

A federal judge declared a same-sex marriage ban in deeply conservative Texas unconstitutional on Wednesday, but will allow the nation's second-most populous state to enforce the law pending an appeal that will likely go to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Is Mainstream Media Gay

Covina, CA

#1 Feb 26, 2014

Obama had 4 years to change the country for the better.

Seriously, can anyone name one good thing this guy's done for America?

I need not explain how he and his corrupt guttertrash Chicago mafia handlers have made everything worse. Simply look around with your own lying eyes for proof.

In some aspects Obama is right when he says ((("you didn't build/create that, government did.")))

Let's look at what this administration has created in 4 short years:

-Socialist eugenics based health care (((Obamacare)))

-NDAA (((National Defense Authorization Act))) where Americans can be disappeared without a jury

-Out of control (((Crony Capitalism)))-government picks winners and losers based on payouts -not free market eg. Solyndra, GM, GE, MF Global, Numerous Bank Bailouts, Cancelling Keystone Pipleline, No Prosecution of criminal Banksters

-(((Skyrocketing Unemployment and Outsourcing)))-The idea that welfare checks/EBT cards are paychecks

-(((Fast and Furious))) and other suspected domestic false flags like Aurora CO to argue for abolishing the 2nd ammendmant

-Massive (((TSA expansion))) onto America's streets and armed (((survellance drones/now blimps))) operating over US territory.

-(((UN control of U.S. military troops to invade))) Egypt, Syria, parts of Africa, etc. for offshore bankers aka Nazism

-(((Trickle Down Government))) The idea that nothing can be built without (((more government bureaucrats and global warming regulations/taxes))) getting in the way

-(((Throwing Israel -an important ally- under the bus))) by destabalizing all the county's around it but not offering them any assurances of protection

-A(((continuation of Bush's failed policies))), like not getting out of Iraq, Afghanastan, and no closing of Guantanamo torture camps

-(((Polaraized race relations))) eg. Disrespectful hadling of the Treyvon Martin family after his murder -opportunistic my son would have looked like Treyvon soundbite- and media staged racial infighting between Americans

-(((No Proof Obama supposedly got Osama)))) America was never really allowed to see the body/proof ; -)

-(((Defunding of NASA))) No exploration of the stars for the U.S., leave that to countries that are exceptional

-(((No Plan/ or Budget to Fix Anything if he is re-elected )))-always says what you want to hear, then does the exact opposite hoping you''ll forget by the next speech -(((Sociopathic Liar)))

-(((Obamaphone)))-Massive expansion of this program for his dependant voting base

-(((Unlimited QE3 leading to hyperinflation/ monopoly money))) Dollar is rapidly losing purchasing power resulting in skyrocketing food and GAS PRICES (especially for "green gas" in CA)

-(((Needed a tainted Creepy Crawley moderator to hold his hand during the 2nd debate))) weak affirmative action President

- My favorite (((Legalizing the illegals))) temporarily until the election is over but not offering true immigration reform

Obama's 2nd Term

(((BenghaziGate))) Obama lied, our troops died -bigger than Watergate, this is outright treason -funny how Obama threw Clinton under the bus

(((IRS Gate))) Uses IRS storm troopers to go after political enemies by targeting foes for audits and leaking classified tax information -both felonies

(((Mediagate-Boston CIA Gate))) Trying to chill journalists by tapping their phone conversations -even spying on Associated Press and other old liberal allies

(((NSA/PRISM Spy Gate))) Persecuting whistleblowers like Snowden and now bumping off journalists who expose illegal phone/net wiretapping on public

(((Holdergate))) Is Holder is supposed to supervise all these hearings? He should be in jail over Oklahoma city, Fast and Furious, and Wall Street corruption. Laws without enforcement are useless.

What the hell does it take to get impeached or is Obama now a bonafide dictator?

Now For Some Real News

Covina, CA

#2 Feb 26, 2014
"We Want Your Soul"

Warning -highly addictive (and creepy).

This is tyrany -high tech style.



So, you don't mind domestic spying yet? Wait till the government starts using your stollen private info to blackmail YOU into comitting crimes on their behalf. Welcome to modern day tyranny -high tech style.

Merger of state and corporation always = fascism/tyranny. Remember, we Americans will only recieve what we are willing put up with. They are testing us right now. Let's push back.

Mainstream media leaves you depressed, dumbed down, empty and hopeless. What kind of crap will they focus on next to distract us from what's really important?

Truth based media gives you a heads up and broadens your horizons. It protects your family, health, and life savings. It's your decision...


Once you have a taste of truthful reporting you never go back to mainstream contrived corporate media.

These hosts bash Republicans and Democrats equally because they know both sides are illuminati bought puppets out to screw us.

Give alternative news sources a chance before you knock them. Download these shows to your MP3 players and listen on your way to work or whatever. All you need from mainstream media is breaking news and traffic/weather. You can listen to all these shows on your smart phone as well.

Exposes US Gov Corruption and Global Wide Illuminati Plots


https://www.youtube.com/watch... (Skip around, you'll learn something useful)

Exposes Wallstreet and absolutely teaches you how to protect your money from the crooked banksters


Exposes Secret/Ancient Knowledge Suppressed In Modern History Books and suppressed medical cures/prevention for diseases like cancer, etc. This guy is a medical doctor.


Often Exposes NASA Disinformation and Possible Offworld Intelligence -Search "Coast to Coast 2012 Shows" on Youtube and listen or use downloader -This is one way /Or get a CC Witness radio and record AM from your local affiliate. There is CIA disinfo injected from some of the guests but you learn how to identify it after a while by researching the guests' backgrounds. The hosts are simply great.


Connects Bible Predictions/Prophecy to Modern Day Events -How Illuminati uses bible prophecy to plan false flag disasters eg. earthquakes, etc. There could also be some CIA brainwashing here as well from some of the guest lecturers but they give a heads up of what to look out for/predict down the road. The host does a good job of teaching about the bible and does not fear political correctness.


These radio hosts should do a show together or at least make guest appearences on each others shows. They all value truth and liberty in their own way.

Here's my take on it. Don't be afraid to speak out as we are all on some type of list by now:


You have to understand that free speech on the net is about to be clamped down on in America.
Is Mainstream Media Gay

Covina, CA

#3 Feb 26, 2014

Important -Search "They Live moment of revelation" on Youtube if the above clip stops working.

If this was real what would you do? If there were really aliens that saw us as dumb expendable animals would you just sit back and take their abuse. Would it make any difference if "they" were a small group of people known as the illuminati?

The movie "They Live" made in the 1980's predicted everything that has happened and will probably come to pass in terms of citizen surveillance, drones, and psychological warfare in America. Watch the whole movie.

The same thing that happened to Nazi Germany when the citizenry embraced Nazism is happening to us. The populace was dumbed down and manipuated by the illuminati and their bought out politicians and media into being a prideful yet mindless war machine. When the illuminati were done with Germany they were left a defeated, bankrupt and villified nation. No one gives a crap today when the German people say they were lead astray by their bought out politicians. The world is simply glad that in the end they got what they deserved.

America is heading down the same path. We used to be the beacon of freedom to the world but now our country has become a modern day Nazi Germany war machine starting unprovoked wars across the globe. Many people now spit at us when we visit their countries like we are villains.

If and when we are weakened internally/financially to the point that we leave ourselves open to military attack by countries like Russia and China people will cheer our demise. We have become the bad guys because we presently ALLOW a psychopathic offshore banking cartel to run our country through bought off politicians.


That Three Stooges episode "You Nazty Spy" sums up the illuminati's mindset very well -our last few Presidents have acted just like dictators.

Occupy Wall Street was started by the illuminati to weaken America and take the focus off them when the global economic collapse occurs. It then got out of control because people started focusing in on the private Federal Reserve. Now the illuminati is trying to clamp down on this movement because citizens are focusing on them and they are extremely nervous.

Wallstreet and the banks are a symptom of a greater problem. There is nothing wrong with capitalism or corporations however what we now have is crony capitalism, not true capitalism. We must swarm Washington DC and the 12 Federal Reserve Bank locations in the U.S. with massive demonstrations if we are going to take our country back. Any Occupy Wallstreet movement outside of Washington DC or the 12 Federal Reserve Bank locations is a distraction designed to keep the movement fractionalized. We must occupy the main problem, not the symptoms.

Never take freedom for granted. If you love America defend it today by getting informed and taking this country back for Americans. We WILL prevail because Americans aren't going to put up with this shit any longer. The time is now. This one show explains everything going on. It will change your life when you see how the mainstream media is manipulating us like cattle using the political Left Vs Right paradigm. Download the podcasts and listen.



This is our reality:



Here's my take on it. Don't be afraid to speak out as we are all on a list by now:


Understand that free speech on the net is about to be clamped down on in America. Get the sunglasses and spread the word before it's too late. Learn to spot/ignore government paid trolls.
Is Mainstream Media Gay

Covina, CA

#4 Feb 26, 2014
Of course Obama is not as bad as Hitler ...yet. But give this moronic textbook puppet dictator and his Nazi handlers some more time and power and they won't disappoint.

America is being soft killed/genocided with cancerous GMO's and vaccines as well as chemicals being spayed on us you read this. It's a sneaky new low for even these creatures ...WAKE UP!!!

History will prove how insidious this soft kill of America was when everyone here suddenly ends up with cancer for "unknown" reasons. This is a silent genocide -of course we didn't expect it but at least we should know about it by now! We are being murdered slowly without any violence being necessary.

People assume Nazis were right wing conservatives. The media bashes Libertarians every day with this kind of stuff.

Not true, the Nazi party -National Socialist German Workers' Party- were radical leftist socialists engaging in eugenics like the corrupt criminals we have running the foreign banker owned federal government today.



They believed anyone that was not genetic perfection should be terminated. If you were old, had medical problems, or were a little slow at childhood you were not fit to live or get any medical help when needed. And yes,they had end of life death pannels for elderly and many others.

That sounds like Obamacare to me.

Ask Canadians or Brits how they like their radical socialist health care. That's why they often came to the US for medical treatments.

States need to opt out. Looking now how broad it is, Obamacare was a covert dismantling and re-write of our constitution.

It opens the door to pure tyranny.


Nazis are like poison mushrooms. They always seem to pop back up somehow when you least expect them and then need to be stomped on.
Is Mainstream Media Gay

Covina, CA

#5 Feb 26, 2014
Why is Obama on a future 50 dollar British Federation Bill in the remake of Total Recall? He could have objected to it and had them remove it.

Take a good long look at that currency note.


That tells you who will be running the New World Order -namely London Banks with an enslaved China under their control. And guess who undermines and destroys America to make it all possible?

Obama is the George Washington of a global Nazi banking New World Order in the movie -and possibly real life if Americans don't wake up and defend America right away.

The man is just a disgusting manchurian candidate/traitor for offshore London/EU banks who is being directed to sell off all of America's assets to China. The man needs to be impeached -the smug bastard enjoys wrecking this country every way he can you can tell.

And he probably will get his face on that new NWO currency if we citizens allow America to be destroyed.


Impeach Obama through the courts (the right way)-there are plenty of impeachable offenses his administration has commited.


Is Mainstream Media Gay

Covina, CA

#6 Feb 26, 2014

That was Howard Stern on modern day Democrats and the FCC.

So Obama couldn't ban the 2nd ammendmant? No problem.

Now Obama goes after the 1st ammendmant by sending in free speech monitors to radio and tv stations in America -luckily even the FCC is not going along with this:



It's time for congress to step up and impeach this guy.

Notice the only military technology being developed in America today is to suppress it's own citizens domestically whie countries like Russia and China are developing weapons to attack the U.S.

Think about it America.

We have a UN Red Coat in the White House who was put there to undermine America.

Somebody in congress needs to start impeachment procedings right away.

That person will be elected President soon after for having some courage amongst all the cowards in politics.

Anyone that goes along with anything Obama does by now is toast next election.

Obama to Democratic Congress/House members:

"If you like your congressional seat, you can keep your congressional seat under obamacare."

One everyday middle class person's opinion here:


If you disagree you must that's racist.
Is Mainstream Media Gay

Covina, CA

#7 Feb 26, 2014
I meant that's racist -and sexist too. ;^ )

“Headed toward the cliff”

Since: Nov 07

Tawas City, Michigan

#8 Feb 26, 2014
Is Mainstream Media Gay wrote:
http://www.infowars.com/overpa sses-for-obamas-impeachment-na tion-wide-protests/
Obama had 4 years to change the country for the better.
Seriously, can anyone name one good thing this guy's done for America?
Helping get all these unconstitutional bans overturned for starters.

“ reality, what a concept”

Since: Nov 07

this one

#9 Feb 26, 2014
Somebody has way too much free time on their hands and little intellectual filter to distinguish between facts and fantasy.
Bob Orwel

Nha Trang, Vietnam

#10 Feb 26, 2014
Rick in Kansas wrote:
Somebody has way too much free time on their hands and little intellectual filter to distinguish between facts and fantasy.
so, if U got the kidneed filter problamaps then it's ok for using the cell-cepts or better of searching for concepts!! then procept is in the fine making?!! OR Concept is measurement Amendment pain from John Lemon?

Bob Orwel

Nha Trang, Vietnam

#11 Feb 26, 2014
WeTheSheeple wrote:
<quoted text>
Helping get all these unconstitutional bans overturned for starters.
do U think GAY & GOD Constitution Concept Can Be AmariAGE? or Gay & God is the Concept to Measuremandate Amendment for Pain!!


Winnemucca, NV

#12 Feb 26, 2014
Is Justitia Flat? Too many Mamograms?
To Rick In Kansas

Covina, CA

#13 Feb 26, 2014
Rick in Kansas wrote:
Somebody has way too much free time on their hands and little intellectual filter to distinguish between facts and fantasy.
Where is the fantasy part? Lets hear it...

BTW, where do you get your news from MSNBC or Fox News?

Winnemucca, NV

#14 Feb 26, 2014
Where's Winnewizi? And Anita Byants...Save the Children? Still sweepig down the plains of Oklahoma/

Winnemucca, NV

#15 Feb 26, 2014
What's BS 1062....?
Whats Obama Done For Gays

Covina, CA

#16 Feb 26, 2014
WeTheSheeple wrote:
<quoted text>
Helping get all these unconstitutional bans overturned for starters.
What does that mean? Are you saying Obama overtuned the gay marriage ban? If it officialy overturned why are states still debating it?

Winnemucca, NV

#17 Feb 26, 2014
What's Inter-rim Government?

Winnemucca, NV

#18 Feb 26, 2014
Why was the Grand Canyon named Louisa?

Winnemucca, NV

#19 Feb 26, 2014
On June 1977....equal rights to housing.......What was the Clayton Act?

Winnemucca, NV

#20 Feb 26, 2014
Crawdad fishing?

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