The Mozlem Brother ruled Egyptian Parliament is pressuring the Military rulers of Egypt to fight the Mubarak regime and Mubarak's sons because they support Shafiq who is fighting the Mozlem Brother candidate Morsi. Nevertheless, every American that trusted Obama during the recent four years already know that Mozlem Brothers are allowed to lie in bold face and fool their people in order to gain political power by all means. The Mozlem Brother candidate Morsi is emboldened by Imams to fool the Egyptian women and Coptic Christians to gain power first and then do what the primitive nomad tribe caves originated primitive Shariya laws demand. More than forty two million Egyptian women will curse the day that they agree to the bringing back of the barbaric Shariya laws that treat them as sex slaves and property of men. Obama and Jim Carter supports the Mozlem Brother revolution together with the socialistic Democratic Party of America as communism go hand in hand with the Mozlem Brotherhood led by the Iranian regime under Ayatollah Khamenei that aim at controlling the oil fields of the Middle east and beyond. Obama who never baptized to become Christian as told by Jeremiah Wright while he kept his Mozlem Brother religion that he was as Quran scholar in Indonesia and with his Kenyan Mozlem Father. Obama kept telling the Mozlem Brothers that he is one of them and that he never betrayed Mozlem Brothers by converting to Christianity. Now the eight million Coptic Christians of Egypt would lose their basic human rights according to the Shariya laws and become sub human pigs as they will lose their Churches and be expelled from Egypt according to the Shariya laws.